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All My Children Update Thursday 2/10/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Jack is walking outside and comes across Erica. Erica noticed that he left out early. Jack said he wanted some time alone. Erica mentions it's a big day for Greenlee and tells him he looks very handsome. He tells her she looks gorgeous as always but not dressed for a wedding. Erica tells him that she isn't going.

Greenlee calls Ryan and asks if he's awake. Ryan says he hardly slept. Greenlee wonders if talking to the bride before the wedding is bad luck. Ryan says there's no such thing as bad luck with them. Greenlee reminds him of the last time he saw her before the wedding. Ryan says every day from now on will get better and better. Greenlee says their wedding day is finally here.


Madison arrives at Fusion and compliments flowers that Randi got from Frankie. Randi asks if she's sure she wants to be there. Madison says she wants to work and will deal with forgetting about the wedding. Randi offers her a chocolate but Madison doesn't want any due to her pregnancy. Randi thinks they should go clothes shopping. Scott arrives and says he got Madison's message and asks if she's really going to choose work over a fun-filled day with him. Madison says she has tons to do. Scott thought the whole idea was to be far away from the wedding. Madison says she needs to be a grown up. Scott wonders if this is the answer to be just a few floors above the wedding. Scott asks her how it's working out for her. Madison tells him that it isn't.


Jake joins Amanda at the hospital. They say they are both ready for the wedding and Jake makes sure he has the ring. He shows them to Amanda and has a flashback to Cara telling him about still wearing her ring and her saying she still loves him. Jake tells Amanda she's gorgeous and mentions he likes weddings. Amanda asks what Jake's wedding to Cara was like. Jake doesn't want to bring that up. He says he was great and quick and that was it. Jake kisses Amanda and they both go to get ready.

At the Chandlers, Annie comes down the stairs and kisses JR. She tells JR that she is so excited for their Valentine's dinner. JR has something to tell her but Annie wants to get dressed first. She says tonight's going to be the best night ever and kisses him then goes back up the stairs. The doorbell rings and it's Tad. Tad asks if JR took care of Annie yet. JR says it's not that easy to get someone committed. Tad brings up what she has done to Kendall and Colby. Tad reminds him that she's dangerous. JR wants to be there for her and not just throw her away. JR tells him that he promised her a valentine's dinner and he will tell her after that. Tad is surprised and calls JR crazier than Annie is.

Erica tells Jack that Ryan and Greenlee want a small ceremony with just immediate family. Jack thought she was family. Erica tells him that Greenlee isn't inviting her closest friends and she's certainly not one of them. Jack reminds her that Greenlee did invite her. Erica says it was only because of him and doesn't think she's the top of his list either. Erica thinks it would be better for everyone if she doesn't go. Jack realizes she isn't going to change her mind. Erica thinks that Greenlee would appreciate it if she didn't go and look at it as a wedding present.

Scott promises to show Madison a good time anywhere but here. Madison thinks she needs to be here. Scott thinks Fusion could do without her for half of a day. Madison says she needs Fusion and her job because she's pregnant and single. Madison thinks she has to accept Ryan and Greenlee. Scott offers to take her out after work. Madison calls a rain check. Scott accepts it and leaves.

Amanda arrives at Ryan's to help prepare Greenlee for the wedding. Amanda brings something old, borrowed, and blue from Kendall.

Ryan dresses Spike up for the wedding. He says they'll take pictures for Kendall. Spike wishes Kendall could come when the doorbell rings. It's Jake and he comes in and Ryan asks what he can do for him. Jake tells him he picked up the rings and he's at Ryan's service.

Tad tells JR that Annie is over the edge so he wonders what JR is going to do. JR doesn't want to turn his back on her and throw her away. Tad thinks Annie never had her hands on reality. JR wants Tad to let him do this. Tad respects what he's trying to do but if things don't go his way, he's going to need a plan B.

Annie opens a box of Dixie's earrings. Annie looks at them and thinks they were made for her to wear. She imagines Marissa coming in and mocking her. Annie tells her that JR loves her. Annie imagines Marissa asking what happens when JR finds out about everything she's done. Annie says she doesn't need the earrings because after tonight she'll have her engagement ring because JR is going to propose to her.

Amanda gives Greenlee the first lipstick made for Fusion as something old. They laugh about the memories of it. Ryan and Jake tell Spike that his job is to carry the rings. Spike takes a picture of them. Amanda gives Ryan a moonstone bracelet as something new, from Ryan. Jake and Ryan finish putting Spike in his suit. Amanda gives Greenlee earrings for something borrowed and Greenlee realizes that Zach gave those to Kendall. Emma joins Ryan, Jake and Spike and hugs Ryan. She says she can't wait to see Greenlee be the most beautiful bride ever. Amanda gives Ryan a blue gumball as something blue from Spike. Greenlee remembers she has to take care of something and hurries out.

The doorbell rings at the Chandlers and Tad returns. JR asks what he's doing since Annie will be coming down. Tad has something to give him to help commit Annie. JR appreciates his concern but thinks he has everything under control. Tad wants to stick around. JR tells him it's between him and Annie and no one else. Tad tells him not to be too proud to ask for help. gives him the paper and leaves as Annie asks if JR is down stairs. JR puts the paper in a drawer and Annie comes down to join JR in the living room. JR tells her she looks gorgeous and amazing in her red dress. Annie is glad they are finally alone. Annie wants to know what JR had to tell her.

Randi tells Madison it's her time to punch out since they have to clear the room before the wedding. She asks Madison if she'll be okay. Madison says she'll survive with great friends, great job and a baby to get ready for. Randi invites her to join her and Frankie for dinner. Madison reminds her it's Valentine's Day and she'd kill the romance. Randi asks what else she's going to do. Madison says she will come up with something and Randi leaves.

Bianca gets a coffee at Krystal's as Caleb enters. Bianca says she ordered Reese's favorite to celebrate their anniversary. Bianca says after all these months of skype and e-mails, she can't believe Reese's plane is actually landing and she will really be here. Bianca can't wait to see her, hold her, and watch her play with the girls. She says she can't wait for Reese to meet Caleb which is why she's having a big family dinner and wants Caleb to be there.

Erica gives Jack a wedding present for Greenlee and Ryan. Jack says he'll make sure they get it and has to get going. Erica says to give them her best. Jack says he will and starts to leave but Ricky arrives. Ricky tells Jack that he wanted to talk to him about his part in the ceremony. He asks if Jack and Erica have set a date yet. Jack tells him it's one wedding at a time and they will soon. Ricky says he'll see them at the wedding and leaves.

Madison goes downstairs and sees flowers at the bar of Fusion. Madison picks up the flowers and smells them. Greenlee walks in and sees Madison. Madison looks over and notices Greenlee watching her. Madison apologizes. Greenlee asks what she's doing and why she's here. Madison says she was just passing through. Greenlee asks if she's feeling okay. She says she is and tells her to have a great wedding and then rushes off but leaves her phone on the bar.

Erica thinks this is just a bump and they've survived them before because they love each other. Erica tells Jack to have a good time at the wedding. Jack nods and goes on his way.

Ryan arrives at Fusion with Spike and Emma. Ryan thinks they're the first ones here. Spike starts taking pictures. Emma can't wait for the wedding. Scott comes in behind them and hugs Emma. Scott tells Spike he's looking good. Ryan compliments Scott on doing good with the kids and calls him a dad in the making. Scott says he was just babysitting with Madison and asks if she was here. Ryan says he hasn't seen her. Scott congratulates him on the wedding.

Caleb appreciates the invitation but isn't in to big family dinners. Caleb orders a coffee while Bianca tries to convince him that it will be fun with Kendall, the kids, Erica and Jack. She wants him to get to know Reese and offers to invite Asher. Caleb tells her she doesn't have to because he's not part of her family. Erica walks in and Caleb looks at her.

JR tells Annie he remembers the first time that he saw her for real when they were on their way to Washington and she was so passionate. He says before she was just the person married to his father and then he realized how incredible she is. JR says the more he got to know her the more he realized they were alike, they both don't stop until they get what they want. JR says Annie saved his life, made it better and now he feels like it's his turn to help her. Annie asks what he means by help her. JR says when she told him what she did to Marissa, he was thrown but didn't let anyone find out. Annie quickly says it was an accident. JR brings up that Annie hit an ambulance when she was driving. Annie denies it. JR says she has a cut on her cheek and Annie asks why he is bringing this up. JR says there was a witness and the car was tracked. Annie wants to not talk about it now and put some music on. JR thinks she is leading a double life. Annie tells him she loves him. JR says she's been under a lot of pressure lately and promises her that he won't let anything bad happen to her. A knock on the door is heard and it's the police. Annie asks if he called the police. JR says no and Annie asks why they are here. JR knows it's because of the accident. Annie worries and JR goes to handle it. JR opens the door and greets them. Brot says he hates to ruin his evening but has to bring him in for questioning. JR asks if it can wait but JR has to go with them. JR tells Annie he'll be back before she knows it. JR goes out and calls Tad to meet him at the police station. Annie wonders now what and thinks if there's going to be a proposal there has to be a ring. Annie starts looking around the house for a ring. She looks under pillows, cushions and in drawers. She opens the drawer where JR put what Tad gave him in. Annie takes the paper and opens it up. Annie reads it and reads involuntary commitment, she then imagines that Marissa's name is signed on it and calls her a bitch.

Erica joins Bianca and asks if she's going to pickup Reese. Bianca says she is and wonders why Erica isn't at the wedding. Erica informs her that she isn't going and it's the best thing for Greenlee. Bianca asks about Jack and Erica says he understands. Erica tells Bianca to give Reese her best and she exits. Caleb walks on but Erica stops him. Erica says the last time she saw him, she didn't get to thank him properly for protecting Kendall. Erica thinks there's something she can do to show him how grateful she is. Caleb says she's thanked him enough but Erica says she hasn't.

Ryan asks Emma and Spike what they think about the wedding. Emma thinks it looks like a fairy land and thinks they will live happily ever after now.

Madison returns to Fusion after losing her phone. Scott offers to help. Madison says he already tried. Scott offers to call the phone and see if anyone picks it up. She says she's tried. Scott calls it and Madison answers and Emma answers her phone. Madison realizes Emma is right over there where she left her phone.

Annie tries to call JR and slams the phone down. Annie screams that Marissa will not ruin her engagement night. Annie yells at the paper and the doorbell rings. Annie stuffs the paper under a pillow and goes to answer the door. It's Marissa and she asks what Annie is doing there. Annie says it's business. Marissa asks why she's dressed like that and says she needs to talk to JR. Annie tells her that JR is in the attic looking through old papers. She says she can go see him if she wants. Marissa goes up the stairs to do that and Annie follows behind her.

Jake and Amanda walk outside. Amanda talks about kind of wanting to go to the wedding but now that they didn't, she has him all to herself. She kisses Jake and gives him a photo album from weddings, parties, and of Trevor. They look through it and Jake says he loves it. Jake has something for her too and gives her the key to the honeymoon suite at the yacht club. He asks Amanda to be his valentine. Amanda says forever and ever and they kiss.

Brot tells JR that he is the owner of the car in the accident and has a hit and run record. JR gets upset and says he hasn't had a drink in years. JR has a situation to deal with. Brot thinks Annie can wait. Tad arrives and JR wants him to get him the hell out of here.

Marissa goes to the attic looking for JR. Annie enters behind her and slams the door shut.

Erica thanks Caleb again. Caleb says she made it clear she wanted nothing more with him. Erica thinks that's harsh and doesn't want any tension with them. Caleb asks if she knows what she really wants. Caleb tells her to go get married and live a happy life.

Jack sits at Ryan's as Greenlee comes down the stairs and asks if he's ready. Jack tells her she's breathtaking in her dress. Jack wants her to know how much it means to her. She asks if Erica is meeting them there. Jack says Erica isn't coming. She says she's sorry for him because she wants him to be as happy as she is. Jack says he will be perfectly happy seeing his daughter get married to the man she loves. Jack says no one deserves it more than her.

Madison struggles with going over there to get her phone. Scott offers to get it for her but Madison goes. Ricky is walking Ryan and Spike through the ceremony as Madison comes around the corner and calls Emma over. Emma asks if she's coming for the wedding. Madison says no but needed her phone. She thanks Emma for the phone and then gets a pain in her stomach which causes her to yell. Ryan notices her and is surprised to see her. Ryan asks if she's okay.

Erica tells Caleb she hasn't handled things very well and it's been a really hard day so she needed a friend. Erica says Jack and I but Caleb cuts her off. Caleb says they all have bad days but he's not going to be her girlfriend to listen to her problems. Caleb says if she really wants to talk about what's going on she knows exactly what he's talking about. Caleb says he thought so and walks away.

Greenlee tells Jack this is really happening after all the dreaming and everything she had to do to make the day not spoiled. Jack wonders what she did. Greenlee tells him not to worry and her phone rings. She answers and then tells Jack the caterer has food poisoning. Jack says he will take care of it and that he will see her at the wedding with takeout or something. Jack exits.

Marissa asks Annie if she's going to do something like handcuff her like Colby. She tells Annie that she needs help. Annie tells her not to say that. Marissa says she's not normal. Annie shouts that Marissa is trying to ruin her life. Marissa wants her to think about Emma. Annie shouts that Marissa isn't AJ's real mom or JR's wife. Annie says JR divorced her because he wants to be with her. Marissa wants to go downstairs and waits for JR. Annie doesn't want her to fill JR's head with more lies and tells her they aren't going anywhere. Marissa tries to run but Annie stops her and throws her back into the wall. Marissa goes down and is knocked out.

Tad tells JR to cooperate. JR says he can't leave Annie alone. Tad offers to go but JR says she only trusts him. JR says he needs to talk her down. JR yells that the idiot cops don't understand. He struggles with the cops and Brot arrests JR.

Ryan tries to help Madison. She says she just needs to breathe. Ryan thinks she shouldn't be even standing. Madison claims it was just her lunch. Scott watches as Madison turns around and gets another pain. Madison says it's too soon and Ryan asks what's going on, what's wrong. Greenlee walks up and tells him that Madison is pregnant.

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