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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/9/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Colby continues struggling with the handcuffs at the beach house. Annie comes out and asks if she had a good night. Colby wants her to let her free. Annie says she can't let her blab to JR. Colby says JR will wonder about her. Annie tells her she sent texts from her phone so everyone thinks she's with her dad and Adam thinks she canceled. Annie says all she wanted was Colby's friendship but she never gave her a chance. Colby says she'll be her friend and begs her to let her go. Annie calls her a liar.

JR gives Asher a list of things to take care of while he's gone. JR hopes to get he and Annie back on track and exits. Asher walks into the living room and calls Colby but gets her voicemail. He leaves a messgae that he just got her text that she's in New York, he thought she was in Chicago and wonders if something's wrong and says to call him back. As JR opens the door to leave, he runs into Tad. Tad asks if he's going somewhere. JR says for a couple of days. Tad assumes he's heard about Kendall's emergency surgery. JR heard and asks if she'll be okay. Tad says it's touch and go but she'll be okay although the police have questions for JR about the accident. JR asks why. Tad says the police tracked the car as one of his.

Jake runs into Cara at the hospital. Cara stumbles over her words and they both say they're going to see Kendall. Cara says this is weird and Jake tells her not as weird as finding out your whole past is a lie.

Kendall wakes up and Griffin is at her side. Griffin says she's repsonding to the meds well. Kendall tells him she's on to him pretending to be all business with no personal involvement with patients but it's all a lie. Kendall says he did everything he could to keep her alive. Griffin tells her that's what doctors do. Kendall says they don't make promises like he did. Griffin says he was just playing the odds. Kendall tells him that he no longer fools her.

Ryan and Greenlee are at home and they are preparing to leave. Greenlee stops him and says she needs to ask him something. She says with Kendall not well enough to attend their wedding, she was hoping they could postpone it. Ryan agrees that it wouldn't be perfect without Kendall. Greenlee thanks him. Ryan says if he has to move heaven and earth he will put a ring on her finger and they kiss. Greenlee's phone rings and it's David. David wishes her luck on her wedding. Greenlee asks where he is. He said he's in Pine Valley and informs her that the governor has granted him a full pardon. Greenlee and Ryan are shocked as David tells Greenlee to come visit him at the station and they will talk all about it.

Tad tells JR he isn't going anywhere and tells him to go to the cops so they don't come looking for him. JR tells him that he wasn't driving and is sure she didn't mean it. Tad questions she and asks if Annie was driving the car. JR doesn't want to jump to any conclusions. Tad wants him to stop this because he can't protect her anymore and it's gone on for too long.

Colby continues to struggle and admits to trying to escape. Annie says she made some tea but Colby doesn't want any. Colby thinks Annie would put something in it. Annie tells her she has to drink something so Colby asks for the bottled water. Annie hands it to her and says she doesn't know why Colby never liked her as they are not so different. Annie says she's come so far and was so close to having everything she ever wanted and now is so close to losing it because of Colby. Annie shouts that Colby would never listen because she loves Marissa too much and that is a real big problem. Colby cries.

Cara tells Jake she didn't want him to be uncomfortable. Jake says he isn't and his life is fantastic. Cara thinks nothing will change and says the choices she made are done. Jake says he has to learn how to process that and be her boss and let things go all over again. Cara tells him to let her know when he figures it out and leaves.

Scott looks through papers at the hospital when Madison walks up and offers help. Scott says he found a flaw in the billing system. Madison tells him his job won't be forever. Scott thanks her for saying that as he's grateful to be out of prison but needs another way to make money. Jake comes in and says he hopes his way isn't the easy way. Jake asks Scott if he knows anything about the stolen drugs.

Greenlee and Ryan arrive at the station and see David. David hands her a paper, he says he's offering to sell her his half of the hospital. Greenlee asks what else he wants. David wants her to put a good word in for him to get his medical license back because he helped save Kendall's life. David says helping with the surgery made him realize how much he missed being a doctor and that's all he wants.

Griffin tells Kendall that she won't be talking like this when her meds wear off. Kendall thinks he should accept that he made it personal and is the reason she's still alive. She says he made her feel safe. Griffin thinks she's alive because of his talent. Kendall agrees to leave it at that and thanks him. Reverend Ricky Torres arrives with flowers and asks how Kendall is. Griffin says she's much better and exits the room. He stops and looks back but then slowly continues.

Ryan asks if this is the new and improved David because he's not buying it. David says he'll always love Greenlee and cherish their time together but can't do it anymore. David wonders if the bullet is what it took to wake him up and realize what he 's been doing so he had to put a stop to it. David doesn't want to end up in jail or dead so he has to let her go. Greenlee congratulates him on his freedom. Ryan is confused. Greenlee doesn't want to spend their lives wondering if he's going to prison because David's just a reminder of how happy she is now with Ryan. She thanks him for the wonderful wedding gift. David says he just wanted her to be happy. She says she now is with the man she loves. David exits the room. Ryan thinks he's still trouble. Greenlee says it's only because she felt like she owed him and now the debt's been paid.

Scott wonders what he has to do with the stolen drugs. Jake says he's questioning everyone and the last shipment was 3 nights ago. Scott jokes off the questioning and Jake asks if he was working 3 nights ago. Madison speaks up and says Scott was with her and tells Jake everything they did together. Jake exits and Scott asks why she did that. Madison says she didn't like Jake hassling him and knows he didn't steal drugs. Scott asks how she can be sure since he was a thief.

Cara tells Griffin that Kendall is looking pretty good. Jake walks up and Griffin says he heard that Jake knows everything. Griffin asks if they're good. Jake nods. Cara talks about being doctors to save people's lives.

Kendall thanks Ricky for the flowers and for making her smile. Ricky tells her as soon as she's out, they're going to have that dinner and it's a date. Griffin hears this from the hallway and gets an uneasy look on his face. Griffin walks in and says he needs to take more tests so Ricky leaves.

Tad tells JR that enough is enough because Annie could've killed Kendall and Jake. JR says he will handle it because it's his fault. JR says Annie is like she is because of him so he can't leave her stranded. Tad brings up all the other times Annie went off the rails. JR says he cares about her and begs Tad not to do anything until he talks to her. Tad tells him not to make him regret it. JR thanks him. Tad tells him to be careful because he has no idea what Annie is capable of. Tad exits and JR reaches into his jacket.

Annie tells Colby that JR loves her but every time they get close to being a real family someone gets in the way like Colby or Marissa. Annie says JR accepted her and didn't judge her. Annie asks if Colby has any idea how rare that is. Colby thinks she does. Colby trips Annie and grabs her cell phone. It rings and Annie covers Colby's mouth and answers it. JR tells Annie that he needs to talk to her and he's coming to see her. Annie worries and tells JR that he can't right now. Colby bites Annie's hand and screams. JR wonders what is going on. JR calls out for Annie and asks if she's still there. JR asks what that noise was. Annie claims she spilled coffee on her hands and says she needs to clean so he can't come there. Annie says they can talk but she'll come to him. Asher looks in on JR as he hangs up. Colby asks Annie what she's going to do with her. Annie says she'll deal with her when she comes back. Colby asks for how long. Annie says she's going to spend some quality time with JR for maybe a week. Annie tells Colby that she should've had the tea because she put sleeping pills in the bottled water. Annie leaves as Colby screams.

Griffin arrives at Krystal's where Ricky is seated. Griffin asks what he's drinking and he says a beer and asks if he wants one. Griffin declines since he's on duty. Ricky says he can have a beer as long as he doesn't abuse it. Ricky asks what he can do for him. Griffin notes that Ricky has gotten close with Kendall. Ricky calls her an amazing person. Griffin says she's been through hell these past few months and doesn't think God would want him using his office to hit on his patient. Ricky claims he wasn't hitting on her but if he was, what's it to Griffin. Griffin says she almost died yesterday and he's her doctor so he should understand why he's sensitive about her condition. Ricky says Kendall's in a bad place and needs someone to look after her. Ricky wonders if Griffin is taking that job and exits. As Ricky leaves, Cara is standing by the door and waves at Griffin.

Madison tells Scott that he can't be a bad guy since he's nice to her and if he was a drug dealer, he wouldn't be living in his awful apartment. Scott thanks her for backing him up. She thanks him as well and wonders how he got roped into her mess. Scott says it's not a mess and he didn't get roped in. Scott asks Madison if she's thinking about telling Ryan. Madison wants it to be hers for awhile and thinks Ryan can find out later. Scott brings up that Ryan and Greenlee are getting married tomorrow and wonders if that changes anything.

Ryan and Greenlee visit Kendall. They talk about being glad to see each other. Kendall asks if they're excited about their big day tomorrow. Greenlee informs her that it's postponed until Kendall can attend. Kendall doesn't want that and reminds Greenlee that there might not always be a tomorrow and doesn't want her to be the reason they prolong being together. Kendall tells them that they have her and Zach's blessing to get married tomorrow as planned. Kendall says this time nobody will stop them from getting married as Madison walks up to the doorway and Ryan notices her. Madison walks in and Greenlee says if it's about business it can wait. Madison agrees and apologizes, then quickly exits. Ryan wonders if everything's okay. Greenlee thinks it's about Fusion and goes to talk to her. Greenlee exits and runs into Scott. She asks if he's seen Madison. Scott asks what happened and quickly understands. Greenlee says she doesn't get pleasure in seeing her hurt. Scott mocks her plan and wonders if Greenlee thinks Madison is going to break up their wedding. Greenlee tells him to take her somewhere nice tomorrow since she has the day off. Greenlee thinks she deserves a special wedding after everything she's been through. Scott says he will keep her occupied as Greenlee walks on. Greenlee goes back to Kendall's room. Kendall tells them that she wants them to be happily ever after and will throw them a post-wedding bash when she is out of here. They hug Kendall and tell her they love her before leaving.

Liza arrives at the station and tells David his papers from the governor should be arriving soon. Liza thought he'd be celebrating being free soon. David wonders if he'll ever be free.

Scott finds Madison at Fusion and brings up running into people you don't want to see. Madison says she always sees Ryan and Greenlee and thinks it's fine that they're going to be married. She says she knows Ryan will be a married man tomorrow while she's hormonal, pregnant, and not thinking clearly. Scott asks her to spend the day with her tomorrow since she's not working tomorrow. Madison asks how he knew she wasn't working tomorrow and if he talked to Greenlee.

Tad sits with Jake at the hospital and tries to make sense of the Cara leaving him situation. They both say they get it and Tad wonders if it means anything to Jake.

Colby continues to struggle with the handcuffs and eventually falls asleep. Asher walks in and finds Colby on the ground.

Annie comes to the Mansion and says she got here as fast as she could. JR brings up the other day with Doctor Burke and he gets a phone call and it's Asher. Asher tells JR that Annie has handcuffed Colby and tells him what all happened between them. Colby screams into the phone that Annie is crazy. JR says he understands everything now. Asher asks if Annie is with him. JR tells him he will take care of this while Asher says he will stay with Colby. JR hangs up and looks back to Annie. She asks if everything's alright. JR says it's nothing he can't handle.

Jake tells Tad that Cara is his past just not the past he thought it was. Jake says he has a job to do and tells Tad to cross Scott off the list in the drug case. Jake leaves and Cara comes in. Tad thanks her for looking after Jake. Cara says she'd do it again. Tad knows she would and he exits.

Scott tells Madison that Greenlee saw she was upset and knows they are friends. Madison thinks she convinced him to spend time with the poor pregnant girl. Scott says no one has to convince him. Madison hopes he knows that this means it's a Valentine's day commitment. Scott tells her he is commiting himself to having a great time with a beautiful girl.

Ryan and Greenlee return home and she says she's getting excited. She asks if Ryan has written his vows yet. Ryan tells her that he's a man of action while Greenlee suggests Shakespeare poetry. They kiss and Greenlee reminds him he can't spend the night. Ryan knows and gets up. Ryan tells her parting is such sweet sorrow as he exits.

Kendall is crying as Griffin walks back in. He asks if she's okay. She says she's fine just her best friends are getting married and she's happy for them but they have their whole lives ahead of them and will get to do all the things that she and Zach couldn't do so that makes her a little sad. Griffin offers to call Bianca for her but Kendall asks him to stay.

David tells Liza that he offered to sell his half of the hospital to Greenlee and wished her well in her wedding. Liza knows he didn't mean it. David says he hates that they are getting married and hopes she ends up miserable without him. David says he has pride and has finally learned he's beat.

Asher notices Colby is bleeding while she asks how he found her. He says he had a feeling. Colby says Asher saved her life. Colby wants to go but Asher tells her that JR will take care of Annie so he can take care of her.

JR asks Annie if he can get her anything. Annie thinks something isn't right. JR grabs her hand and wants to spend the day together to make her feel secure and happy. Annie smiles and says that sounds wonderful. Annie hugs JR.

Ryan and Ricky enter Krystal's together. Ryan is asking him for help on putting his vows down to words. Ricky asks what he wants to say. Ryan wants to say everything and that's the problem. Ricky tells him to think about their journey and the words will come to him. Ryan's spoken words are the background to the next scenes.

Griffin gives Kendall a tissue to wipe her tears.

Asher wipes Colby's blood from her wrist. Colby says she made a mistake thinking going to Chicago to see her dad would fix things but she realized her dad, JR, and Asher can't fix her life, she has to do it herself. Asher says he used to believe that too but he was wrong. He says we all need a friend or someone they can count on.

Annie hugs a picture and says to herself that JR will propose to her and ask her to be his wife. JR makes a phone call outside the living room and sits on the stairs. He calls Tad and tells him that he was right, Annie needs help in the form of medical care.

Scottt is at his apartment with a Valentine's Day card.

Madison makes a phone call and cancels her day off, saying she will be at work tomorrow.

Greenlee sits on the couch looking happy as she hugs a pillow. Greenlee sits up and looks at her wedding dress with a smile.

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