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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/8/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

Almost all the scenes in today’s episode take place in the hospital unless otherwise noted.

David wants to be there when Kendall arrives because he wants to bask in the glory of what he helped Griffin do but Jesse tells him he has to take him back to jail. Erica sees Jesse taking David back to jail and asks him to let David stay until Kendall arrives since he was Kendall’s doctor when she needed a heart transplant he should check and see if she is okay now. Jesse agrees to let David stay and Jack can’t believe that Erica is letting David anywhere near Kendall. Erica tells Jack that Kendall deserves the best doctor treating her and David is the best.

(Outside the ambulance) Jake wonders why Cara kept her wedding ring and Cara jokes that he knows how much she loves jewelry and she wouldn’t throw away any jewelry. Jake tells Cara to stop joking and get serious and she tells him that she didn’t know that she had grabbed the necklace with the ring on it when she got dressed this morning. A paramedic arrives and wants to know if the patient is ready for transport and Cara decides to go help him so that she can avoid answering Jake’s question.

(Inside the ambulance) Kendall whispers I love you Zach and Griffin wants to put an oxygen mask on her but Kendall yells for him not to put it on her because Zach will go away. Kendall cries as she realizes that Zach is gone and Griffin gently puts the oxygen mask on Kendall’s face and she tells him thank you. Cara arrives to help Griffin put Kendall in the other ambulance and everyone heads to the hospital.

Caleb tells Erica that he can’t leave her now because she needs him just like she never listened to him when he told her to leave him alone when he lived on the mountain. Bianca wonders if Jack is okay and he insists he is fine and relieved that Kendall will be okay. Bianca asks Caleb to give her a ride to Kendall’s house so that she can try to explain to the boys what is going on with their mommy. Erica thanks David for helping to save Kendall’s life again and he tells her that she may not believe him but he does care about what happens to Kendall. Erica tells David that she does believe him and she wants to know that he will keep what Kendall did to him a secret if she does call the governor and set up a meeting for him. David gives Erica his word that nobody will ever know that Kendall shot him.

Kendall , Griffin, Jake and Cara arrive and Griffin and David put Kendall in a room and David tells Griffin to take a breath because he did it the crisis has passed. Cara tells Jake that she left him to protect him and that she is still in love with him. Amanda arrives and gives Jake a kiss and a hug and then she leaves on an important errand. Cara is sitting on the floor next to an empty nurses station when Griffin arrives and she tells him that she started to tell Jake the truth but she didn’t tell him nearly enough of it. Griffin tells Cara that she doesn’t owe Jake anything and Cara tells Griffin that she is glad that he finally made a connection with a patient. Cara wonders how Griffin got Kendall to trust him and he tells her that he told Kendall a minor secret about himself so that Kendall would trust him. Griffin goes to check on Kendall and Cara decides to finally tell Jake the truth about why she left him.

Cara finds Jake and tells him she needs to talk to him so they go inside an empty exam room to talk. Cara tells Jake that she can’t remember what she told him so Jake reminds her and she tells him that he knew about the different drug cartels that operated where they worked in the Sudan and Jake tells her he remembers and Cara begins telling Jake the reason why she left him. Cara tells him that one day an injured eight year old boy came into the clinic where they worked and she chose to treat him before she treated another young man whom she later found out was the brother of the head of a major drug cartel the young man died before she could treat him and his brother blamed her for his death. The head of the cartel told her that as payback for her killing his brother he was going to kill everyone she loved starting with him. (Jake) Cara explains that although it hurt very much having to write a good-bye letter to him and pretend that she didn’t love him she could live with that but she could never have lived if he had been killed because of her.

Jake wonders why she came to Pine Valley since Griffin had already told her that he was married and had a family. Cara tells Jake she missed him and wanted to see him and also makes it clear that she has no intention of ruining his marriage. Jake doesn’t know how he feels now and wishes that Cara had told him the truth back then so he could have helped her and maybe they would still be together. Jake tells Cara that he loves Amanda and Trevor very much and it took him a long time to get over the pain of losing her but he is finally happy. Erica asks Griffin if it is okay to see Kendall and he says she can go in for a brief visit Kendall tells Erica that she knows that she has been taking the blame for her shooting David. Erica tells Kendall to get that out of her head because the charges against her have been dropped and nobody needs to know the truth. Kendall tells Erica that she saw Zach during the surgery but she doesn’t know what he was trying to tell her. Ricky arrives and tells Kendall that he overheard what she just said to Erica and he thinks that Zach was trying to tell her to be strong and make it through the surgery for her boys.

Jesse gets a call from the Governor telling him not to transfer David because he wants to meet with him tomorrow. Jack looks at Erica and by the expression on her face he knows that she talked to the Governor. Jack is livid with Erica and asks her to say the words that she called the Governor to set up a meeting for David. Erica admits what she did and tells Jack that she had no other choice because that is what David wanted to help Griffin save Kendall’s life. Jack tells Erica that she didn’t bother to think about how much pain David has caused Greenlee and that she finally had a chance to be happy without looking over her shoulder to make sure David wasn’t up to something. Erica thinks Greenlee is lucky to have a chance to be happy because Kendall has lost Zach. Jack tells Erica not to even bring that up because she knows that Greenlee has suffered just as much having to watch Zach die trying to help her. Jack tells Erica that he has always loved and admired the way she can handle things on her own but this time she should have trusted him enough to come to him and told him the situation and he would have helped her figure out what to do.

Jack thinks this time Erica has crossed the line and put other people’s lives in danger and he knows now that she clearly doesn’t need him so he is done with her. Erica is sobbing the entire time Jack is saying these things to her and she begs him to stay with her tonight because she does need him. Jack sees Caleb Bianca standing nearby listening and watching the end of the argument and tells Erica that she can cry on Caleb’s shoulder because she trusts Caleb a whole lot more then him. Jack leaves and Caleb tries to put his hand on Erica’s shoulder but she scrams for him not to touch her and runs outside to cry some more. Caleb wants to go after her but Bianca advises him to let her go because she needs to be alone.

Cara cries in one part of the hospital and Jake sits at the nurses station thinking about everything Cara told him Amanda arrives with Trevor and tells Jake that they both needed to tell him that he is a hero and a wonderful husband and father.

(Police station) Jesse puts David back in his cell and David smiles because after tomorrow he could be a free man

(Hospital) Griffin sits by Kendall’s bedside and holds her hand and a drowsy Kendall tells Griffin that she knows his secret she knows that he cares about people.

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