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All My Children Update Monday 2/7/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Inside JR’s car) Annie imagines Marissa telling her that JR won’t be happy once he finds out that she is holding Colby hostage at the cottage. Annie keeps telling the imaginary Marissa to get out of her head and crashes the car hitting the ambulance with Griffin, Jake, Cara, and Kendall inside which is headed to the hospital.

(Ambulance) Everyone inside the ambulance is fine except for Kendall who continues to get weaker since the aneurysm is beginning to rupture and it takes Griffin a few minutes to get her conscious again Cara calls the hospital to tell them about the crash and that they need help and Jake informs Griffin that he can’t open the ambulance doors so they will need for the fire department to arrive with the jaws of life to rescue them. Griffin tells Jake that they don’t have time to wait he has to operate now or Kendall could die.

(Cottage) Colby struggles to get free from the handcuffs but as hard as she tries she can’t get free of them. Colby notices Annie’s phone on the table and she struggles to get to it so that she can get some help.

(Chandler Mansion) JR talks to Dr. Burke and tells him that having to keep their relationship a secret has put a lot of stress on Annie. JR admits to Dr. Burke that he is worried that Annie could break and he tells the doctor that he is committed to helping Annie. Once JR explains the situation to Dr. Burke he accuses JR of manipulating both Annie and Marissa to get what he wanted which was joint custody of AJ. JR tells the doctor that is something Adam would do and he isn’t like his father because his father drove Dixie crazy and left her in Oak Haven and he will never leave Annie alone.

(Hospital) Jesse tells Erica about the accident and she gets frantic and says she must be with Kendall Bianca tries to stop her and can’t calm her down at all. Caleb manages to calm Erica and persuade her that she won’t be any help to Kendall if she gets in another accident trying to get to the ambulance.

(Ambulance) The fire Department arrives and tells Jake they have to clean up the huge gas leak before the can get the ambulance out. Griffin asks Jake to assist with the operation because he doesn’t want Cara to help because he thinks that she has an injury. Cara tells Griffin that she is fine and Jake tells Griffin to let Cara assist him with the operation. Griffin agrees and they get all the equipment they need from the second ambulance but one of the monitors Griffin needs to see what he is doing doesn’t have power. Jake tells them they can link to a hospital monitor using a telephone and another doctor would have to be looking at the monitor at the hospital and tell him what to do. Griffin tells Jake that the only doctor he wants to help him with the operation is David. Jake calls Jesse and tells him and Jesse tells Erica he needs a court order to delay David’s transfer to prison. Erica asks Caleb to help but Caleb tells her Jack has his license back so he can help her. Jack tells Erica he meant to tell her but with everything going on he didn’t have time. Jack thanks Caleb for putting in a good word for him with the disciplinary board and asks Caleb not to do him any more favors. Jack leaves to get the court order while Erica pleads with David to help her and she promises to talk to the Governor on his behalf. David wonders why he should help Kendall after what she did to him. Erica thinks David is a doctor and he will d o the right thing. David agrees to help and Jack returns with permission from a judge and Jesse calls Jake to tell him everything is ready for David to help with the operation.

(Ambulance) Griffin explains to Kendall how he is going to perform surgery on her in the ambulance and she gives him consent because she trusts him. Kendall makes Griffin promise that if she dies he will tell Erica that she remembered shooting David and he will make sure that Erica doesn’t go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Griffin doesn’t make that promise instead he promises Kendall that he won’t let her die.

(Cottage) Colby is still trying to get to Annie phone to get help but no matter how hard she tries she can’t reach the cell phone.

(Inside JR’s car) Annie continues to imagine Marissa who tells her that she shouldn’t have left the accident without finding out if the people in the ambulance were okay. Annie gets more nervous and scared about how JR will react once he finds out that she hit an ambulance while driving his car.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie arrives late to her appointment with the doctor and when JR wonders how she got a cut on the side of her forehead she tells them she got the cut because she slipped on some ice. Dr. Burke asks Annie how she feels about her relationship with JR and she tells him that she loves JR very much and she believes in their relationship. Annie gets distracted as she recalls the accident and then she stands up and yells that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Dr. Burke wonders whom Annie hurt and she tells him that she meant to say that she never wants to hurt JR. Annie tells JR that she doesn’t think she needs to talk to the doctor anymore so JR tells the doctor the visit is over and they will call him if they need him. Annie tells JR that she needs to be alone and leaves the mansion quickly. JR tells Asher he will be spending some time at the cottage with Annie for a few days so the office should only contact him in an emergency. Asher is worried because Colby hasn’t called to say that she arrived in Chicago.

(Cottage) Colby manages to send a text to JR saying that she is handcuffed at the cottager but since she is using Annie’s phone JR recalls the time that Annie handcuffed herself to him to keep him from going to work so he thinks Annie is playing one of her games with him. Annie arrives and takes the phone away from Colby and Colby tells at Annie to let her go since she was going to Chicago to see Adam anyway. Annie smiles because nobody will miss Colby or come looking for her since she is on vacation.

(Ambulance) Griffin operates on Kendall with David guiding him from the hospital and he is halfway through the operation when Kendall’s blood pressure falls drastically low but he manages to finish the operation is a success. Griffin let’s a few tears fall and his voice breaks as he tells Kendall that she did just fine and it’s all over now. Griffin stays with Kendall while Jake and Cara leave to get in the ambulance. Cara is getting out of the ambulance when her necklace that has the wedding ring Jake gave her on it falls to the ground and Jake sees it. Jake comments that Cara still has the wedding ring he gave to her.

(Hospital) David is on his way to prison since the operation is over and he isn’t happy about it since nobody has congratulated him on helping to save Kendall’s life. Erica thanks Caleb for helping get Jack reinstated and calls him a good man. Jack sees the closeness between Caleb and Erica and decides to leave since he told the judge that helped him with the court order how Kendall was doing after the operation. Bianca chases after him to see if he is okay and he tells her that he is fine and that she should take care of Erica. Erica tells Caleb he should leave since he is causing problems between her and Jack. Caleb tells Erica that he only wanted to help and leaving is easier said then done.

(Ambulance) Griffin sees that Kendall is trying to tell him something and he can’t hear her so he leans down and asks her to say it again and she says, “I love you”.

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