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All My Children Update Friday 2/4/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Annie asks JR if he is really breaking up with her after all of this. JR wants her to listen to herself and asks if she realizes she's being paranoid. Annie complains about Marissa continuing to put off the divorce. JR says that was just because she knocked her out. JR says he's done everything he can to prove that he wants to be with her. Annie wants him to tell her she loves her because he never has.

Asher sees Colby packing up and asks where she's going for a trip. He asks if she's going to see Damon, but she tells him that she's going to Chicago to see her dad and that she's done with Damon. Asher says he's glad.

Brot's at Krystal's and Natalia enters. Brot tells her she's beautiful and they sit together. Natalia says it feels a little different being out in the open without sneaking around. Brot thinks they should be even more public and announces to the restaurant how crazy he is about Natalia. Randi, Frankie, & Jesse arrive and join them. Brot says they're officially out in the open.

Cara comes up to Jake at the hospital. Cara exaggerates about a boy sneezing to Jake. Jake doesn't think it's funny and talks about her leukemia. They argue about it and Cara tells him that she hates being treated like she's sick.

Kendall has the flashback to shooting David and realizes it was her. She starts saying it was me. Griffin walks in asking why her blood pressure is up. Kendall tells him that she shot David. Griffin asks if she's sure and wants her to stay calm for surgery. Kendall says she remembers it all now and that's what's been driving through her head this whole time. Griffin says whatever happens on the roof, she can worry about another time. Kendall knows Griffin knows she's telling the truth. Griffin says she's been through so much loss and grief. Kendall doesn't want excuses and says she shot David because she wanted to kill him. Kendall asks if Griffin still wants to save her life. Griffin tells her he's her doctor, not her judge and he needs her to be his patient. Kendall says it felt good to shoot David because he's the reason Zach is dead. Kendall wonders why she didn't remember shooting him. Griffin starts to prepare for her surgery. Kendall says she isn't ready but thinks it's a relief that she finally remembers. Kendall wonders why Erica took the blame and realizes she's been lying to protect her. Griffin tells her psychological trauma can do strange things to the mind. Griffin thinks the medication could have cleared her head. Kendall says she has to tell Erica to stop lying to protect her. Griffin tells her there will be time to get her answers but now he has to do the surgery.

Cara starts to go see Kendall but Jake stops her and apologizes for being overprotective. Cara doesn't want to be treated like she's fragile since Jake was the one person who treated her as an equal. Jake says he treated her that way because she was the bravest and smartest woman he ever met. Cara asks if he would've treated her differently if he knew she was sick. Jake doesn't know and thinks he could've been overprotective. Cara says that would make him like everybody else she loves.

Jesse, Frankie, and Randi toast to Brot and Natalia. Randi tells Natalia she is going to miss her a lot. Jesse tells her that Angie wants to go shopping for baby clothes when she gets back. Natalia tells them she'll just be an hour away and they will still see her. Jesse agrees this is not goodbye but congratulations. They all toast their drinks again. Jesse tells her how proud he is of her. Natalia thanks him for all his tough love. Brot gives her a gift to take with her, she opens it and it's his medal. Natalia says she can't accept it but Brot insists that it will keep her safe when he's not there. Natalia doesn't know what to say. Brot tells her it symbolizes merit, bravery, and courage and that's her. Brot tells her to keep it close when he can't be there and they kiss.

Asher doesn't think Colby should go see her dad. She asks why. He says he just watched her get hurt by Damon and would hate to see her walk in another crash and burn situation. She says she loves and misses her dad and won't get hurt. Asher thinks she cries every time she brings him up. Colby thinks her dad will be there for her and goes to leave. Asher offers to go with her. Colby declines and thinks she needs to do this on her own. Asher tells her to be careful and brings up the icy roads. Colby thanks him and says she'll see him when she gets back. Asher goes back up the stairs and Colby hears JR and Annie in the living room so she listens behind the door. JR talks to Annie about protecting her in every way possible and how he lied to his family. Colby hears him say that Annie was the one who knocked out Marissa and stole her bracelet. JR thinks he has shown how much he cares about her. Annie says he still won't say he loves her. JR shouts I love you. Annie thinks he's only saying it because she pressured him. JR doesn't know what else to say. Annie tells him she'll make it easier on him and walks out. JR chases after her and she exits the mansion as Colby hides on the side of the stairs watching.

Griffin calls Erica and gets her voice mail. He leaves a message that Kendall wanted her to come see her before she goes in for surgery. Kendall says she has to tell her that she remembers so she'll stop covering. Griffin tells her to relax as her blood pressure goes down. Griffin says he's going to check the operating room and will be back. He tells her not to worry because she'll get to talk to Erica. Kendall lays back and starts to fall asleep as Griffin exits.

Cara tries to tell Jake what she meant but Jake stops her and says he understands. Cara asks if he understands how important this is to her and starts to walk away. Jake brings up their first flight to Africa being Cara's first flight ever. Jake remembers Cara being ready to do anything. Cara says it was all new to her. They joke around about Jake calling her off. Cara says she hates when he frustrates her and then makes her smile. Cara says she won't let him be overprotective and wants him to promise he won't be ever again. Jake can't promise that he won't be concerned. Cara says concerned is okay, she just wants him to know that she's aware that she needs to be careful around infectious diseases. Jake promises not to hover. Cara promises not to give him a hard time.

Kendall sleeps and dreams about shooting David and Erica talking to her in the hospital and the night Erica took a drink and the argument they had afterward. Kendall wakes up and starts removing everything connected to her. Kendall gets out of her bed pulls out her IV.

Annie runs to the beach house and finds candles lit inside. She looks around and imagines Marissa being there saying that this was all set up for her and that JR doesn't love her and that he loves Marissa. Annie screams and throws something through the glass in the door. JR bursts in right after. JR asks what that was. Annie starts to cry and says she thought they were going to be together and happy. She says she's done everything to be patient and thought it would work out. JR says it has worked out and doesn't know what's going on in her head but this is all for her because he cares about her and loves her. Annie asks if he's just saying that. JR says he really means it and she kisses him. She says she wanted him to say that for so long. JR wants to slow down because they have many nights like this and this is just the beginning. Annie wants him to show her. JR tells her to stop. Annie grabs handcuffs and asks if he remembers these and that he liked those. They hear a noise outside and Annie wonders if Marissa followed him as Colby arrives and hides outside.

Jesse tells Natalia that Angie loves her and wants her to come back home as soon as they have their baby sister. They are all excited to hear it will be a daughter and they toast to that. Jesse reminds Natalia that Angie thinks of her as her own daughter and they both want her to be a part of their new daughter's life. Natalia swears she will be close and will call Angie to be there the second she needs anything. Natalia says she can't walk away from the best family ever and a wonderful man. Natalia and Brot kiss.

Griffin returns to Kendall's room to see she is gone. Griffin runs out asking Cara if he's seen her. Jake calls security and Griffin and Cara go looking.

Kendall is outside wandering around calling for her mom. Kendall calls out for her mom saying she needs to tell her. Kendall stops and falls over calling out for her mom and holding her stomach.

Jake tells Cara and Griffin that they are checking all floors and cameras. Griffin calls Kendall. Kendall answers and says help me. Griffin asks where she is. Kendall says outside somewhere trying to find her mom after taking a cab. Kendall cries out that she can't move with a pain. Griffin tells her to look around and say what she sees. Kendall says there's trees. Griffin thinks her rupture is starting to tear. Cara calls the police. Griffin and Jake talk about calling an ambulance. Jake says they don't have any drivers. Griffin will drive and they all three go to find her.

JR tells Annie that no one is outside and certainly not Marissa. Annie thinks Marissa pops up everywhere all the time. JR reminds her they are divorced and their only connection is AJ. JR says all he cares about right now is her and that's why he set all this up which was supposed to be later. JR tells her it was going to be after her meeting with Dr. Burke. Annie doesn't want to see the doctor but JR insists that it's a good idea so they can start a new future. JR wants to make it as strong as possible and begs Annie to come back to the house to talk to the doctor. Annie agrees only if JR will be there. JR promises and kisses her. JR's phone rings he answers and it's Asher. JR says he'll take care of it and hangs up. JR apologizes to Annie and says he has to go for a Chandler presentation. He asks Annie to come with him. Annie says she feels safe her and will meet him later. JR tells her to meet him at the house in an hour and they'll figure out how to make this work like it's supposed to. JR kisses her and tells her to drive carefully because it's nasty outside. JR exits. Annie walks around and Colby walks in. Annie asks what she's doing here. Colby says she came for a little chat but had to wait for her protector to leave. Annie asks what she wants. Colby tells her that she knows what she did to Marissa, assault, robbery, lying to the cops and broke all kinds of laws. Colby tells her this time she's not getting away with it. Annie calls her a little snake for listening. Colby says she might have eavesdropped but Annie did much worse and wonders what the cops will do when they find out. Annie says JR won't let that happen. Colby wants JR free of Annie and won't let her do what she did to Scott and Adam. Annie tells her it was an accident when she knocked out Marissa but knew no one would believe her. Annie knows if she confessed then Marissa would have gotten rid of her. Colby tells her Marissa just wanted AJ to be safe. Annie says she might think she's crazy but neither her or Marissa will keep her and JR apart. Colby recorded their conversation and says the cops will listen to it all now. Annie calls her a bitch and tries to grab her phone away from her. They fall to the floor and wrestle on the ground. Annie grabs the handcuffs and cuffs Colby to the table. Annie tells her it wasn't very smart of her to get involved in what wasn't her business and now she has to figure out how to get rid of her.

JR fixes the problem on the computer at the mansion and thanks Asher for calling him. Asher asks if he knew about Colby going to see her dad. JR didn't know and asks if there was a problem. Asher talks about how she always gets hurt with her dad. JR knows Adam will buy her a gift and make her feel better but he's not always there. JR says he won't ever be that way to his son because he might make messes but he never walks away from them.

Jesse gets a call about Kendall and has to leave. Frankie goes with him and they say bye to Brot and Natalia. Brot and Natalia look through pictures. Natalia wants more pictures of Brot. Brot notes that he doesn't have many of himself. Natalia wants to be able to see his face every time she comes home. Natalia asks if he knows how much he's given her as she was afraid to let anyone in until him. Brot admits he was afraid to because most people would look at him and see the old him when inside he still feels that way. He shows her an old picture of him and she calls it handsome. She shows a picture of them now and says that's the man she fell in love with and the man she wants to come home to every chance she gets. She kisses him and tells him she loves him.

Jake, Cara, and Griffin are in the ambulance. Jake is talking on the phone, Cara wonders why Kendall wanted to see Erica as Griffin drives and Jake points over to Erica's house. They get out and search for Kendall. Griffin finds her on the ground and covers her with his jacket. Griffin tells her they have to get her back to the hospital.

Colby asks Annie what she's going to do to her. Annie doesn't know but says she really screwed things up for her so she'll have to think about it but not now as she has to be somewhere. Colby asks where she's going. Annie throws her a piece of cheese and calls her a rat. Colby shouts she can't leave her like this. Annie says she'll live if that's what she decides is best. Annie exits leaving Colby cuffed.

JR talks to Dr. Burke at the mansion. He asks JR's thoughts on what is going on with Annie. JR doesn't want to talk about her behind her back, he knows she has problems but doesn't want to abandon her, he wants to help her but sometimes thinks it's not possible.

Annie is driving on her way back to the Mansion. She talks to herself that she'll be fine because she has Colby's phone so there's no proof but she has her handcuffed to a table. Annie imagines Marissa being next to her saying that JR will never forgive her for this. Annie shouts for Marissa to get out of her head.

Jake, Cara, & Griffin got Kendall in the ambulance. Jake and Cara work on Kendall in the ambulance as Griffin continues driving. Griffin tells them to keep her talking.

Annie shouts at her imagining Marissa to shut up and says she can handle this. Annie imagines struggling with Marissa over the wheel. Griffin continues driving the ambulance as Annie swerves into the way as Griffin shouts "Lookout!"

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