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All My Children Update Thursday 2/3/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JR is sitting in the living room of the Chandler Mansion reading when Annie walks in. Annie hopes the divorce is over. JR tells her the divorce is final. Annie is excited but JR tells her Marissa is on her way over. Annie wants no more hiding. JR can't take the risk of Marissa finding out that Annie robbed her. Annie doesn't want Marissa to control everything. JR tells her it's over and wants her to trust him.

Scott and Madison kiss onto the bed as she starts to remove his shirt.

Tad arrives at Kendall's to see Cara. Cara puts some bags away and assures Tad that she's not busy. Cara talks fast about how she was watching the kids. Tad just wanted to say thanks for the list she gave him. She asks if she can have a deputy PI badge now. Tad wants Cara to find out what bar female doctors go to. Cara says she has an idea to buy him a round of drinks to get him in under the radar and after a few margaritas, the drug thief will spill their guts. Tad says no. Cara asks if Jake told him to keep her away from this. Tad looks away and Cara says she can't live like she's sick.

Kendall says she lost her husband and now these things are floating in her head like parts of a puzzle that she can't put back together. Griffin thinks that's more like it as Zach told him that she never gave up or backed down and was feisty as hell. Griffin tells her to show some fight because that may be the only thing that saves her life.

Erica asks a guard why David is still here. He tells her the roads are icy. Erica talks about how dangerous David is. David asks if she's worried he will tell their secret. Erica claims to not know what he's talking about. David thinks Kendall would and wants to see her. Erica tells the guard to keep David away from her daughter. Erica walks around the corner and runs into Griffin. She asks how Kendall is. Griffin is worried about her mindset and asks Erica if there's anything else he should know about her state of mind. He wonders if Erica has any idea what Kendall means by the pieces of a puzzle floating in her mind.

Tad asks Cara why Jake would think she's sick. Cara tells him she had leukemia when she was young and it was horrible. Cara says she hadn't really told anyone for years and didn't tell Jake until recently. Cara says she barely knows Tad but let it out in the open. Tad says people tell him things all the time. They joke about people telling everything to Tad. Tad says he never would've guessed after knowing her this long. Cara says that's the way she likes it. Cara thinks Tad is a good friend.

JR asks Annie about her meeting with Dr. Burke. Annie says it went very positive, so helpful it allowed her to talk about her feelings. JR says he wants to hear all about it after the custody arrangements with Marissa. Annie suggests she be a part of it. JR doesn't want to mess anything up and sends Annie to the back then he'll call her when they finish. She leaves and Marissa arrives. JR tells her he felt they could handle it here instead of the courthouse. Marissa thinks it's strange as they feel broken up forever but also feels like they were just married. JR apologizes for everything he did and Marissa says they both know someone else shares the blame.

Scott and Madison stop and Madison asks why he stopped. Madison thinks it's because she's pregnant and fat. Scott tells her she's not fat but beautiful. Scott brings up being hurt by Annie and ending up sleeping with someone else. Scott thinks it was just both of them trying to feel better but it was a huge mistake in the end. Madison says neither of them are married or involved with anyone else. Scott asks if she's completely done with Ryan. Madison says she wasn't kissing Ryan just now, but him. Scott brings up that it was after a run-in with Ryan and Greenlee. Madison admits she was hurt. Scott thinks going crazy on the sheets won't make it go away. Madison thanks him for reminding her the mess she's in. Scott says he's not doing that because he is loving this right now. Scott jokes about just coming out of prison to this. Scott thinks the timing just isn't right. Scott says under any circumstances, he'd be all over her. Madison guesses she's pretty bad at seduction. Scott thinks she's spectacular. Madison's phone rings and it's from Kendall's house. It's Sandra and Madison says she'll be right over. Madison tells Scott that the nanny has to leave and she's on the emergency list. Scott offers her a ride.

Annie arrives at Krystal's with Emma. Annie apologizes for making her wait long and promises to tell her some exciting things later when she's done with her dad. Ryan comes in and greets Emma. Annie tries to leave but Ryan tells her he was wondering if they could switch nights. Annie asks what's more important than spending the night with her daughter. Ryan tells her Kendall is in the hospital. Annie thinks it's amazing how Ryan cares so much about all his ex's except her.

Erica goes to see Kendall. Erica thinks she'll feel better after the surgery. Kendall says she keeps thinking about the what-if's, her boys, friends, her sister and her mother. Erica knows she still misses Zach. Erica says Zach would want her to fight like hell. Kendall says she's trying so hard. Erica tells her to try harder and promises to be with her every step of the way. Kendall wishes she could shake what's going on in her head. Erica tells her not to let anything hold her back. Kendall has another flashback to the shooting. She tells Erica it was just more images. Erica thinks it's a result of the medication. Kendall wants to postpone the surgery because these things are swirling in her head. Erica tells her to push them away but Kendall doesn't think she has the strength. Kendall wants Erica to tell Griffin she needs more time. Erica reminds her who she is and tells her to drown out everything with her confidence.

Cara arrives at the hospital and brings Griffin food. Cara tells Griffin that Kendall will be fine. Griffin says she's a patient and Cara wants him to admit he's spent a lot of time on her case.

Ryan wants Annie to calm down. Annie says she won't let him look like the bad guy again. Ryan tells Emma that he and Annie have to go talk. They step aside and he asks what's wrong with her. Annie says she's not the one dropping her responsibilities to take care of a sick friend. Ryan asks why it's such a big deal and assumes it's JR. Annie tells him it's not his business and she has a lot riding on tonight. Ryan asks what's going on. Annie says she knows she's been a mess and after tonight everything will get better. Emma comes back up to them, Ryan tells her they will hang out together after all. Ryan hugs her and gets her ready to go. He tells Annie to take care of herself and they exit. Annie tells herself that after tonight she'll have a whole new fresh start.

Marissa tells JR about how when she first saw the Mansion she never saw anything liek it she fell in love with it and then hated it. JR asks about now. Marissa says so much has happened here. JR reminds her it was their home and it's AJ's home. Marisa brings up it's also where she was attacked and robbed. JR notes that the case was closed. Marissa pulls a paper out of her purse that is a police report. Marissa says after JR found the things at a pawn shop, she went to a detective to see if they could get any new leads. JR wonders what they found and looks at the report. JR looks back at Marissa with a surprised expression.

Kendall tells Erica it's so hard. Erica insists she can do it so she can live for her boys. Kendall says she wants to live but every time she makes progress, something slams her back. Kendall wonders why she keeps thinking about David and can't get him out of her head. Erica wants her to think just positive thoughts and goes to check how her surgery is going. Erica leaves and Griffin finds her. He asks if she's prepared for the surgery. Erica wishes she was and wonders what she can do to get her ready. Griffin says there's no guarantees here as the aneurysm could burst during surgery. He says he's the best there is but can't promise anything. Erica walks on into Jack and she updates him on Kendall wanting to postpone the surgery.

Griffin goes back to Kendall's room and says she can't postpone the procedure. Griffin says they know how serious this is. Kendall knows she could die on the operating table. Griffin says with him doing the surgery, the odds are in her favor. Kendall says she's tired of arguing. Griffin sits down and thinks maybe he can talk to the voice in her head. He asks what it's saying to her. Kendall looks tt him.

Scott brings Madison to Kendall's and Scott is playing with Spike and Ian with toy guns. Madison suggests a pizza/popcorn movie night. Scott and the boys like the idea and the doorbell rings. Madison opens the door and she's surprised to see it's Ryan with Emma. Emma excitedly hugs Madison.

Marissa tells JR she thinks there would've been fingerprints on the items. JR figures that the thief wiped the prints before pawning them. Marissa says she honestly thought Annie had something to do with this but figures she's wrong. JR says he likes that she can admit she's wrong and wishes some of her good qualities rubbed off on him. Marissa tells JR he has some good qualities or else she wouldn't have fallen in love with him. She says AJ is the important thing here. JR thanks her and hugs her. Annie walks by with a knife in her hand and stares through the window at them hugging.

Madison tells Emma she's so happy to see her. She tells them Scott's inside if they want to say hi. Ryan comes in and says he had no idea Scott and Madison were here. Madison says they are emergency babysitters. Ryan asks Scott how he is, Scott says he can't complain. Ryan says he just came so Sandra could watch Emma but doesn't want to overload them. Scott and Madison insist Emma stay. Ryan agrees and Emma is excited. Ryan thanks them. Scott tells him to let them know about Kendall. Ryan exits.

Kendall wishes she could tell Griffin what he wants to know and open up her brain to let everything come out but she can't reach them. Griffin says he can't cut them out either and it must be frustrating. Kendall says it's all too much. Griffin thinks maybe for some people but not her. Kendall says he doesn't know her. Griffin insists he knows what he sees and what he heard from Zach.

Erica tells Jack she should've told Kendall the truth in the beginning. Jack says she didn't and can't go back. Erica thanks him for being there with her. Jack wants to concentrate on getting David in prison and Kendall well. Erica hugs him.

Griffin asks Kendall if she wants him to get Erica, Bianca, or the whole town in here. Griffin says he's not her shrink or her pep squad but he needs her to go into the OR with the eye of the tiger. Kendall knows he needs to operate. Griffin needs her to trust him. Cara watches from the doorway. Kendall says she can't trust him and doesn't know if she can trust anyone. Kendall tells him it took her so long to trust Zach and he promised her he wouldn't leave her but now broke her trust. Kendall notices Cara and she comes in. Cara apologizes for interrupting and says she just brought Kendall stuff from home like a robe, slippers, and art from the boys. Kendall thanks her. Cara tells her that she's in excellent hands with Griffin. Cara tells her that she will see her when she wakes up. Cara asks Griffin to talk and they step outside. Cara says Kendall is clearly not in a great place but he's no better. Griffin says sometimes patients just don't cooperate. Cara tells him to make her trust him. Cara gets that he's not comfortable being questioned but she needs this. Cara tells him to do what he does to make her trust him. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Griffin heads back into Kendall's room and tells her that if trust is their issue, they have to start somewhere.

Erica is shocked to find that David is not gone yet and wonders why he's still there.

JR is glad that he and Marissa have gotten to this point. JR notices Annie outside and makes up something about a branch not being cut when Marissa realizes he's looking outside. JR brings up getting Marissa home thinking it's late. Marissa warns him to be careful with Annie. JR asks if she's still worried. Marissa brings up the scissors and her crazy voicemails. JR says they resolved it and there's nothing to worry about. Marissa tells him to be careful and she leaves. JR shuts the doors and goes back to let Annie in. Annie says she knows she's not supposed to be here but she was so excited about him being free that she couldn't wait. JR grabs her and tells her "don't, just don't." Annie hopes that Marissa didn't stop the divorce. Annie says Marissa will do anything to keep him and wonders what excuse she had. JR shouts that they are divorced. Annie calms down and stumbles over her words. She says she thought Marissa would ruin this for them. JR says she didn't but Annie just did.

Tad is seated at Krystal's. He turns around and sees Cara sitting at a table. He wonders about her always tracking him down. Cara says she's just passing the time while Kendall's in surgery. Tad says he's doing the same thing and offers to pass the time with her.

Jack joins Erica and wonders why David is still there. David asks what he's going to do since killing him hasn't worked yet.

Griffin closes the curtain to Kendall's room. Kendall asks if it's a test about trust. Griffin says he's asking her to trust him with her life so to be fair he has to trust her with his. Kendall asks what he's talking about. Griffin says what he's going to tell her could ruin his life, end his career, and send him to jail. Griffin tells Kendall that he has been stealing drugs from the hospital.

Jack gets a call, he answers and says they've got his attention.

The guard says the van is fixed finally and they are going to get David out of here. David complains that he's not going anywhere until he sees Kendall because he has to see her. Ryan walks up and says "Like hell you are"

Madison and Scott are enjoying the movie with the kids. Madison asks Scott if he's thought about having kids of his own. Scott mentions getting close to Emma when he was with Annie. Scott thinks Madison will be a great mother and thinks she's turned out better than okay.

JR yells that Annie took a big risk again. Annie says she thought something would go wrong and saw them in each other's arms. JR asks if she thought they'd fall in bed and tells her it was a goodbye hug. Annie wants to forget it. JR says they can't pretend anymore and he can't constantly keep re-assuring her since he's already put his job and family on the line to prove he wants to be with her. Annie understands but JR thinks she'll never understand. Annie says she learned her lesson and wants to drop it. JR shouts that's it and he's had enough. Annie asks what he's saying and if he's breaking up with her.

Tad tells Cara that she's great but having leukemia she must have thought about death a lot and it must have been hard. Cara says all she knows is enjoy every fry and they continue to eat french fries.

Kendall asks about stealing drugs. Griffin says he's sending them to places in the world that desperately need them but can't afford it. He says he was going to fund this with the deal with Zach and it's not affecting the hospital as he will pay it all back but that's what he's done. He says he trusts Kendall that she won't tell anyone his secret. She says she wont and now he wants her to trust him since he trusts her. Griffin calls it life for life. Kendall tells him to schedule the procedure. Griffin says it's done and tells her he's serious that she has to keep up her part of the bargain or he could end up a cell mate of David's. Kendall has a flashback to Erica talking to David and Griffin walks out to get prepared.

Ryan asks what David is still doing there. David wants to see Kendall. Ryan says she's not his patient and asks what David's going to do since he doesn't have a gun to shoot him. Kendall listens from her bed to their argument and has a flashback to shooting David. The flashback finally shows fully clear that Kendall shot David and Kendall starts saying "I did it, not her, I'm the one who shot David!"

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