AMC Update Wednesday 2/2/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/2/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Tad gets drinks at ConFusion and tells the bartender he is having a boys night out so keep them coming. Tad brings the drinks to a table and Cara arrives. She hands Tad a paper with a suspect list of people who could have stolen drugs from the hospital. Cara wants to split the names and buddy up to them. Tad laughs it off but Cara continues saying she'll take the guys and he takes the girls. Cara wants to use walkie talkies. Tad tells her that he works alone but Cara insists she join him.

Still on the roof, Erica tells Jack it's not a question of trusting him but she knows him, he has a moral code of honesty. Jack isn't going to apologize for that. Erica doesn't want to him and loves him for that. She says there's no exceptions with him and thought he might put the truth above Kendall. Jack wonders how she could think he'd do anything to hurt her daughter. Erica says he's done it before.

Madison is at the Fusion office with Bianca. Scott arrives and gives Madison flowers.

Ryan carries Greenlee into their home and puts her on the couch. They joke about ice skating and Greenlee falling. She tells him to go have fun with his boys night out. Ryan jokes that he won't have much fun with Jake and Tad. Greenlee compares to a bachelor party. She tells him Kendall will come over and they'll go over Fusion work. Ryan hugs her and tells her to call him and he exits. Greenlee makes a call and Sandra answers. She asks if Kendall is coming over and is surprised to hear that Kendall went to the jail.

Griffin checks in with the hospital main desk if Kendall checked in and finds out she hasn't. Griffin calls her and leaves a message that she has now missed 3 appointments so she has more going on than he can help her with so he'll see her around.

David is yelling from inside his cell for Kendall, who is still down after fainting. David shouts for a guard to come help or she's going to die.

David tries reaching through the bars to get to Kendall when Greenlee arrives with guards. They check on Kendall and Greenlee asks what David did to her.

Erica brings up Jack putting the truth first when she lost custody of Bianca. Jack asks if she hasn't forgiven him and is still punishing him for that. Erica doesn't mean that but the truth matters to him and sometimes is more important to him than the most important person in his life. Jack doesn't want to hear it. Erica says it's not criticism but the fundamental differences in their lives. Jack asks if she really thinks that he wouldn't fight to get the charges dropped if he knew. Erica brings up his license being suspended. Jack shouts that he would've worked behind the scenes and says all of this can go away but Kendall needs to know the whole story. Erica agrees and thinks keeping it from her is doing more harm than good. Erica tells him that there is no romantic connection between her and Caleb. Jack wonders how many years ago Bianca's custody trial was. He says he really believed they worked through their differences but it shows you how blind a man in love can really be.

Bianca compliments the flowers being pretty and walks off to give them time alone. Madison talks about Scott's delivery and Scott tells her that he noticed her button break and knows she'll be showing her pregnancy soon. Scott reminds her this is supposed to happen. Madison complains about eating so much. Scott offers to go get her mac and cheese. Madison tells him not to but Scott says he's going to fusion anyways so he'll be right back. Madison asks for some pigs in a blanket too and Scott agrees. Scott leaves and walks past Bianca. Bianca goes back to Madison. Madison tells her that she didn't have to run out. Bianca says she's going to pick up donated makeup for the Miranda Center and asks her about Scott. Madison says he's a great guy. Bianca finishes that he's not Ryan and thinks it must be hard that her boss is with her ex. Madison says she's glad it ended when it did and could've been worse. Bianca thinks she's taking it well and Madison notes she doesn't have a choice. Madison says she has to go and hurries out.

Ryan orders a beer at ConFusion.

Cara tells Tad she's not cute but tough. Tad tells her he has to fly solo on this one and considers himself a lone wolf. Cara brings up when they were working that guy earlier and think they play off each other well. Cara thinks she can help him. Tad tells her what she considers fun, he considers a job. Tad thanks her but says he'll take it from here. Cara thinks he's missing out on an excellent partner and leaves as Jake arrives. Jake asks what that was about and Tad tells him it was about the case. Tad lets him know that Cara found out on her own about the missing drugs. Jake knows she loves the adventure and excitement. Jake doesn't want Tad to tell her anymore. Ryan joins them along with Frankie. Jake and Tad toast to Ryan and say that he and Greenlee have been through hell. Frankie says they're not the only ones but Ryan doesn't give a damn. Scott joins in behind Tad and Jake. Frankie tells Ryan they are all relaxed and everything's going great for him. Ryan tells Frankie that if he has something to say, just come out and say it.

Greenlee & Jesse check on Kendall and a guard goes to call an ambulance. Jesse wonders if David caused it. David tells him what happened and tells him to check her breathing. Jesse opens the cell so that David can check on Kendall. David says her pulse is weak and they're losing her. Greenlee tells him to save her. David presses her stomach and Kendall gasps for air. Jesse wants David back in his cell but Greenlee thinks David should ride with them in case something happens on the ride.

Ryan asks Frankie what his problem was. Scott interjects and assures them there's no problem. Frankie claims he forgot to take out the trash. Tad has a toast to marital bliss. Jake toasts to himself and his wife. Ryan toasts to good friends hanging out and they should do it more often. Scott takes Frankie aside and tells him he's still hotheaded like when they were kids. Frankie didn't know Ryan would be here toasting himself. Scott lets him know that he knows about Madison. Madison arrives and sees Ryan. Madison thinks she should take her order to go. Frankie asks how she is and Madison tells him she's good so he can back off.

Ryan tells Tad and Jake that they are having their wedding on Valentine's Day. They joke about the day and testing fate. Ryan's phone rings and then Jake gets a text from Amanda. Ryan answers the phone and Greenlee informs him what happened to Kendall. Ryan has to go and calls a cab. He runs into Madison and informs her Kendall collapsed. Madison tells him she's driving and they rush out.

Erica tells Jack that she knows Kendall shot David to save Ryan but something happened to make her block that. Jack asks if it's coming back to her. Erica thinks now the truth would help her. Jack asks if she's going to try and convince her to keep quiet. Erica informs him that David knows and she wants to keep him quiet because he's using it to blackmail her and threatening her to tell the police what really happened. Jack's phone rings and it's Greenlee. He answers and she tells him what happened to Kendall. Jack says they will be right there and tells Erica that it's Kendall.

Cara arrives at the hospital and joins Griffin. Griffin asks where Kendall is. Cara says it's nice to see him too. Griffin thinks Kendall blew off another appointment and doesn't like wasting his time. Cara thinks Griffin is worried. He says she's a patient with kids and her husband died so he feels like he should bill her for his lost time. Cara brings up one time she was 30 minutes late to take her medicine and Griffin stormed in with the same look. Cara gets why she wants him to back off. Cara walks away and Griffin gets up after her. Griffin comes out as Kendall arrives on the stretcher with David. David tells Griffin what happened. Griffin calls for a nurse and leads them to a room. Jesse asks Greenlee where they are and she tells him they are down the hall. Jesse goes to follow them.

Madison and Ryan are driving to the hospital. Ryan offers her a coffee and Madison says she gave up caffeine because it was keeping her up at night. Ryan assures her Kendall will be okay because she's one of the toughest women he's met. Madison knows because Kendall lost the man she loved and is moving on. Madison calls her an inspiration. Ryan brings up their last time in a car together, they were on a road trip to DC. They joke around about their trip and about Madison singing. Ryan says it was a fun trip and Madison agrees. Madison reiterates that Kendall will be okay. Ryan looks out the window and notes how you can see the stars in the sky as Madison looks sad. Ryan sees a shooting star and asks if Madison if she still wishes on them. She says she doesn't know why she ever did as it was silly. Ryan thinks it was sweet and gets a call from Greenlee. She asks where he is and he tells her he hitched a ride after having a few drinks. Ryan thinks Madison should make a wish on another shooting star but she says she doesn't do that anymore.

Erica, Jack, and Bianca arrive at the hospital and talk to Greenlee. She tells them that she was at the jail visiting David and says it may have been good because David saved her life.

Griffin is treating Kendall with David. David gives Griffin instructions but Griffin tells him he's got this. David thinks he might be weak but can still be of assistance. Griffin tells David he needs to leave now.

Ryan and Madison arrive at the hospital and Greenlee is surprised that Madison gave Ryan a ride. Ryan tells her he didn't want to wait for a cab and Madison goes to leave but Greenlee says wait. Greenlee thanks her for giving Ryan a ride. Madison tells her not to worry about it and goes to get some water. She runs into Bianca. Bianca asks if she's alright. Madison says she is and wishes everyone would stop asking her that. Madison tells her she's got to go.

Ryan tells Greenlee he wasn't trying to hide anything about Madison giving him a ride. Greenlee tells him it doesn't matter because Kendall is fighting for her life.

David reminds Griffin that he owns the hospital. Griffin stands in his way and says he has no license. David argues with him and Griffin says he could end up in prison permanently if someone sees him working on Kendall. Jesse walks in and reminds David he's going back to prison.

Jake walks past the doctor's board and erases all listings of Cara working and replaces her name.

Tad finds Cara at the hospital. Cara asks if he came to thank her for the information. Tad says it did cover a little ground. Cara asks if it means she can help with the case. Tad says he can't and it could put her at risk. Cara wonders if Jake said something to him and tells Tad she's working on some theories. He'd prefer if she didn't but thanks her. Cara calls him partner and leaves.

Scott arrives at the hospital and finds Madison. Scott says he knew it and asks if he can do anything. Madison tells him to get her out of here and go to his place.

Reverend Ricky Torres arrives and asks Bianca how Kendall is. Bianca reminds Jack and Erica who he is and Ricky wants to do anything he can. Bianca and Ricky go to the cafeteria for her to fill him in. Erica wonders to Jack if David confronted Kendall about shooting him and that's why she fainted. Griffin walks by and Erica asks how she is. Griffin says she's stable but they've discovered something more serious, a weakness near her heart that's ballooning outwards. Erica wonders if it will burst. Griffin says they can fix the threat with surgery but they have to move quickly. Erica tells him to do it and not let that happen.

Scott brings Madison to his place and it's a mess so he tells her it's the maid's day off. He clears off a spot for her so sit. Madison says it's nice and likes the lamp. Madison says she's just glad to be far away from Ryan and Greenlee. Scott asks if she wants a beer but Madison reminds him that she can't. He offers her a soda or anything but she says she's fine. Scott tells her she can watch TV and she kisses him.

Cara goes to the doctor board and sees she's not listed as scheduled to work anywhere. She thinks and says Jake.

Jake tells Tad he's sorry he came all this way. Tad talks about the case and Jake tells him he wants Cara to have nothing to do with the case and if Tad needs anything, he'll do it. Jake talks about being short-staffed and walks away from him. Jake finds Cara at the board and Cara can't believe he changed her assignments. Jake says he's the boss and in charge. Cara demands he change it back.

Erica asks what her chances are. Griffin tells her that this is fatal 60% of the time. Erica asks if there's any other problem. Griffin says she's awake and should check if she's up for this. Griffin says she's been missing doctor appointments and they are prepping her for surgery now. Erica wonders to Jack if David told her about the shooting. Jack says she needs to just get through this surgery. Erica talks to him about Kendall's visions recently. Jack's phone rings and Erica rushes off to go see Kendall. Erica stops behind the wall as she hears Griffin telling a nurse that David will not be involved with this. The nurse says David is threatening to fire everyone from the hospital.

Ryan tells Greenlee that Kendall will get through this and will be back to normal. Greenlee thinks something else might happen because she's always looking over her shoulder. Ryan says nothing can hurt them this time.

Griffin comes to Kendall's room and asks if Erica already left. Kendall tells him that she was never there. Griffin thinks that's strange since he told her that Kendall wanted to see her. Griffin tells her that this is what she gets for blowing him off. Kendall jokes with him but Griffin is serious and tells her that she has an aneurysm. Kendall isn't ready for the surgery but Griffin informs her that she could die if she doesn't have the surgery.

Erica finds David and he asks if she's going to thank him for saving Kendall's life. Erica sits next to him and tells him some people are saying that David is the reason she collapsed. David tells her not to believe everything she hears. Erica asks why David wanted Kendall to come see him. David thought it would be a nice reminder to Erica of the stakes. He says he didn't say anything to her but that doesn't mean he won't. Erica says she can't work miracles. David doesn't expect a miracle, he just wants Erica to talk to the governor. David reminds her he is still in cuffs but Kendall is so close.

Cara asks Jake why he's messing with her assignments. Jake says scheduling is part of his business. Cara notices that he took her off every infectious disease. Jake brings up that she had leukemia and thinks he's doing her a favor. Cara doesn't want him to treat him like this and shield her or protect her. Cara says Jake was different from the rest of her family and that's why. But she stops and rushes off.

Madison and Scott continue kissing. Scott asks where this is coming from but Madison doesn't want to talk and they kiss onto the bed.

Greenlee asks Ryan what he and Madison talked about on the way over. She says she wants to distract herself from thinking about Kendall. Ryan says they didn't talk about anything really.

Kendall asks Griffin if she has any time to think about this. Kendall wants to see her kids first. Griffin apologizes but says she can't. She pleads with him. He tells her she will have the time but not until they fix the aneurysm. Griffin knows she's scared of the surgery but says nobody's better than him. Kendall says she's not, she just misses Zach. Kendall says there's a wave that keeps coming over her and tries to pull her under but she's fighting it and doing everything she can but nothing works. She says every night she goes to sleep alone and wakes up alone and that's how it's always going to be. Griffin knows she's grieving but asks if there's something more going on.

David reminds Erica that he was behind bars but still managed to get to Kendall and saved her life. Erica says that's the last time he'll ever see her. David says Kendall needs surgery and would hate her to remember that she shot him on the way to the emergency room and her mother lied to her. David thinks that it would be a shock to a woman with a weakened heart. Erica warns him not to go anywhere near Kendall.

Griffin asks Kendall if she's giving up and doesn't want to live anymore. Kendall says she wants her life back and needs Zach. Kendall says she lost her husband and now these things are floating in her head like parts of a puzzle that she can't put back together. Griffin thinks that's more like it as Zach told him that she never gave up or backed down and was feisty as hell. Griffin tells her to show some fight because that may be the only thing that saves her life.

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