AMC Update Tuesday 2/1/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/1/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Yacht Club) JR wants Annie to tell him what the things that were taken from the mansion the night of the robbery are doing in her room. Annie tells JR she took them because she accidentally hit Marissa with the door when she came into the parlor and she got scared when Marissa lost conciseness. Annie explains to JR that she was afraid that he wouldn’t believe her so she made it look like a robbery.

(Confusion) Jack sees Caleb and Erica talking again and isn’t happy but when Erica sees Jack she tells him David escaped but was caught and is on his way to jail. Jack wants to go see Jesse to make sure David stays in jail this time and Caleb and Erica want to go with him.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall still remembers a gun and Erica calling her name and wonders why she is remembering this and thinking about David.

(Police Station) David demands that Jesse call Marissa because he won’t answer any questions without his lawyer present. Brot keeps asking Jesse to allow him to quit so the Mayor won’t go after him. Jesse refuses and tells Brot to do his job and book Hayward. Caleb, Erica, and jack arrive and David tells Erica that if she knows what is good for her and Kendall she will stop his arrest right now.

(Kendall’s place) Ricky arrives and tells Kendall that he was nearby on church business and wanted to check and see how she was doing. Kendall asks what church business and Ricky doesn’t answer Kendall knows he is lying to her. Ricky admits he knew it was her first day at the office and wanted to check on how she was doing. Kendall thinks that is very sweet and tells him that she had a good day. Kendall admits that it was hard but now she knows she can handle it. Kendall is surprised when Ricky asks her out to eat and asks him if he is asking her on a date. Ricky tells her that he knows it’s too soon for that and he just wants to go out as friends. Kendall agrees and they decide to go out for a meal next week.

(Police station) David yells that Ryan set him up and it’s not fair that criminals go free while innocent people are in jail. David looks at Erica while giving this speech and he knows that he is talking about Kendall.

(Yacht club) Annie apologizes to JR and he tells her that her extreme behavior could cause Marissa to seek sole custody of AJ. Annie is angry that everything is always her fault and nobody ever blames Marissa for anything. Annie tells JR that Marissa sent Dr. Burke to talk to her and JR admits to Annie that he called Dr. Burke. Annie is hurt that JR thinks that she is crazy but JR tells Annie he only did it so that Marisa would feel better and not want to change AJ’s custody arrangement. Annie is upset that Marissa controls her relationship with JR but JR assures her that isn’t the case. JR tells Annie that she needs to talk to someone about her feelings so that the pressure of the situation won’t cause her to get out of control. JR gets frustrated and yells at Annie that if she doesn’t talk to Dr. Burke they won’t have a relationship. Annie thinks JR is giving her an ultimatum and she doesn’t like it. JR pleads with Annie with tears in his eyes that if she won’t see Dr. Burke for her sake she does it for the sake of their relationship. Annie agrees to see Dr. Burke and JR thanks her and tells her he is very proud of her.

(Krystal's) Erica tells Caleb that she knows David is trying to force her to help him get out of jail or he will tell the police Kendall shot him. Erica only cares about one thing keeping Kendall safe and Caleb holds her. Jack comes in and says he is tired of this and Erica should admit to herself that she has feelings for Caleb. Erica runs after jack hoping to talk and Caleb calls the disciplinary bard asking them to do the right thing and give Jack the chance to practice law again.

(Confusion) Natalia tells Brot she has a new job as Chief of detectives at the South Philadelphia police Department. Brot tells Natalia not to go because he has already quit the force. Natalia tells Brot this is a great opportunity for her and it is nearby so they can see each other on weekends and holidays. Natalia tells Brot this is also a chance for her to do something for the two men she cares about most. JR arrives to meet with Tad who tells him that from what Krystal and Marisa have told her it looks like any is going crazy again. Tad advises JR to break up with Annie before things get worse but JR refuses to do that because he won’t leave Annie when she needs him the most. JR remind Tad that Adam drove Dixie crazy and dropped her at Oak Haven like she was trash and he won’t be like his father. JR tells Tad that he understands Annie because he is a lot like her since they both do extreme things when they feel pressured by a situation. JR tells Tad that he has the situation under control and everything will be fine. Marissa arrives just as Tad is leaving and JR gives her back the things Annie took from her but he tells Marisa that he searched local pawnshops until he found everything.

(Yacht club) Annie tells Dr. Burke that everything is fine she just needed someone to talk to get her feelings out. Annie gets a strange look in her eyes when Dr. Burke asks her to tell him about her relationship with JR.

(Police station) David tells Marisa the details of how Ryan set him up and she doesn’t believe him at first but he tells her that he has been playing fair and hasn’t broken his promise to her. Jesse arrives and tells David that he will soon be transferred to the state penitentiary. Marisa warns Jesse that she will sue the department if anything happens to David. Natalia arrives to tell Jesse about her new job and even though he is proud of her he will miss her very much. Natalia remembers her first day at work and is proud of how far she has come and tells Brot she will come back often to see her family. Natalia is happy Jesse stopped his resignation from going through so he could keep his job.

(Park) Jack tells Erica he is done being a fool even though he loves her he can’t do this anymore. Erica explains that she was trying to protect Kendall. Jack wonders why but Erica won’t tell him and to keep from losing Jack she tells him Kendall shot David. Jack is hurt that she trusted Caleb and not him to help her. Erica explains that she knew that he was an officer of the court and didn’t want him to put his job in jeopardy Jack points out that Caleb is also an officer of the court and the reason that she doesn’t trust him like she trusts Caleb.

(Police Station) David calls Kendall to come see him and when she arrives Kendall tells him that she won’t help him get out of jail. David tells Kendall he is sure that she will help him get out of jail. Kendall tells David that he can’t prove what she did to him (of course she is talking about almost suffocated him with a pillow) David tells her not to be so sure he can’t prove what she did to him. David tells Kendall that Erica will get him out of jail but Kendall tells David Erica hates him and would never help him. Kendall turns to leave and she remembers that she shot David the shock of the memory causes her to squat down and then she faints and David calls her name several times.

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