AMC Update Monday 1/31/11

All My Children Update Monday 1/31/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Chandler Mansion) JR calls Dr. Burke and asks him to go talk to Annie and he tells the doctor he will tell Annie he is coming to see her. Marisa comes home with AJ because he was upset at school and he asked to be picked up from school. JR and Marissa ask AJ why he is upset and he says that a kid at school told him that parents who get divorced fight all the time. JR and Marissa tell AJ that they are friends they just don’t love each other enough to be married. JR and Marissa promise AJ they won’t argue and make it clear that even though they will be divorced they will still love him more then anything else in the world.

(Yacht Club) Annie tells herself that Marissa is trying to take JR away from her and she has caused all the problems in her relationship with JR. Annie is surprised when Dr. Burke comes to check on her and she insists to the doctor that she is fine and takes his card in case she ever needs to talk to him. Annie quickly closes the door on Dr. Burke and then takes a knife that she has in a drawer puts it in her purse and heads out the door.

(Krystal’s) Erica tells Caleb that David has been calling her and leaving messages reminding her that he knows about Kendall. Erica doesn’t know what to do but Caleb is sure that she will figure out a plan to protect Kendall because after all she is Erica Kane. Jack walks in and sees Caleb and Erica talking and is disturbed by the sight of them together. Jack tells Erica that he didn’t know that she was in town and Erica tells him that she was going to talk to him but she ran into Caleb and needed to talk to him. Caleb leaves Erica and Jack alone and Erica tells Jack she found a beautiful wedding dress, which she will tell him about later but she has to go some place right now.

(Fusion) Kendall has a memory flash of a gun and Erica calling her name and tells Greenlee she feels a strange connection to David and doesn’t know why. Greenlee thinks Kendall should forget about David and she brings someone to the office so they can have a spa day. The two friends talk about when they started the company together and remember old times. Kendall suggests that Greenlee and Ryan get married at her house and Greenlee accepts the offer.

(Hospital roof) Ryan tells David that he knows he can get out of that chair and stop him from throwing him off the roof. David looks scared and tells Ryan that he isn’t pretending he can’t do anything to fight him so if he wants to throw him off the roof he should go ahead and do it.

(Krystal’s) Annie arrives and wonders why Caleb isn’t at the courthouse and assumes that Marissa postponed the divorce. Caleb tells Annie that Marissa’s divorce is none of her business and leaves. Krystal wonders what Annie wants and Annie tells her that she wants to talk to Marissa. Krystal tells her Marissa isn’t there and asks her to leave Marisa alone. Annie tells Krystal that Marissa isn’t an innocent angel she really wants to take everything away from her. Krystal sees that Annie is acting strangely and tells her that she can’t come to the restaurant anymore. Annie tells her that is fine because there are better places in town to eat.

(Hospital) Jesse tells Erica that David has disappeared but they will find him so Erica leaves to tell Kendall the news. On the roof Ryan tips David’s chair over the side a little then puts him down telling him that he was never going to throw him over. David figure out that Ryan wanted the police to think he had escaped so they would take him back to jail until after his wedding to Greenlee. Ryan smiles and admits to David that that is his plan but the police won’t believe him because he has set him up to well. Ryan tells David good-bye and leaves him up there and tells him there is no way for him to get back down to the hospital unless he finds a way to get off the roof by going over the side.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie looks through the window and imagines that Marissa is telling JR that she called Dr. Burke so that he could put Annie back in Oak Haven and they could finally be rid of her.

(Krystal’s ) Jack struggles to write his appeal to the disciplinary board and tells Krystal that he wonders why Erica rushed to talk to Caleb and didn’t even bother to tell him that she was back in town. Krystal tells him that she has no idea why Erica did that but if she were Erica the f9rst thing she would do when she got back in town was rush home to see him.

(Fusion) Eica and Caleb arrive to tell Kendall that David is missing and Greenlee calls Ryan and he assures her that the police will find David. Erica worries that David will come after Kendal land Kendall can't understand why Erica is worried about her. Kendall wonders why David would come after her and Caleb tells her that David is evil and is capable of coming after anyone.

(Chandler Mansion) Krystal arrives to tell JR and Marissa what happened at the restaurant and that she is afraid that Annie is crazy again. JR gets a call from Dr. Burke who tells him that he is concerned about Annie. JR tells Dr. Burke that he will persuade Annie to talk to him because it would be best for her.

(Krystal’s) Emma tells Annie that AJ was upset because his parents were getting a divorce. Annie tells Emma that AJ will get used to the divorce. Emma sees Ryan and runs to give him a hug. Krystal tells Annie that she isn’t welcome at the restaurant any more but Emma is welcome anytime.

(Fusion) Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee and Ryan will get married at her house and Erica takes Greenlee aside and tells her that Greenlee having the wedding at Kendall’s house will cause her stress.

(Hospital roof) David manages to open the door to get off the roof and Jesse finds him and David tells him that Ryan set him up but Jesse doesn’t believe him.

(Chandler Mansion) Natalia arrives and tells JR and Marissa that they have not made any progress on the robbery investigation. Marissa tells Natalia that the only thing she misses is that she lost the bracelet that JR gave her when she adopted AJ.

(Hospital roof) A pilot arrives and tells David to move so he can land the helicopter and then Brot searches David’s pockets and finds a passport and a card with the name of the pilot. Brot handcuffs David to take him to jail.

(Yacht club) JR goes to Annie’s room and finds a picture of him and Marissa that has been torn and all the jewelry that was stolen from the mansion. JR asks Annie when she arrives what she is doing with all these things.

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