AMC Update Friday 1/28/11

All My Children Update Friday 1/28/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is at home looking for her keys. Cara finds them and gives them to her. She asks Kendall where she's going. Kendall says it's her first day back at Fusion. Cara reminds her of her appointment with Griffin. Kendall says she'll stop at the hospital on her way. Cara asks how she's doing. Kendall says she's good and just wants to get to the office and dive in. Cara reminds her of the checkup and tells her to have fun.

Kendall arrives at Fusion office and slowly steps in, looking at the desks and around the room. Kendall tells herself she can do this and everything will be okay.

Jake is checking on David in his room. David asks if he still thinks he faked the test results. Jake notes it's not impossible. David tells him he's still chained to the bed so the results are legit. Jake wants to take all the tests again. David asks why and if Jake will tamper with them so he can go to prison. Griffin walks in and says Jake wouldn't do that, would he.

Greenlee asks Ryan if the food is for her. Greenlee says she has to get to Fusion. Ryan tells her he thought they could have dinner later. Greenlee asks what is with all the plans. Ryan wants them to have fun. Greenlee thinks he's trying to keep her mind off David. Ryan tells her that David is going to prison no matter what. Ryan tells her to go have a good day at Fusion. Greenlee tells Ryan that she wants to help with whatever he's doing. Greenlee tells him that if he has a way to get David to prison, she wants in. Ryan claims he has no plan, yet. Greenlee knew he wouldn't sit back and do nothing. Greenlee wants to know and says she will get it out of him. Ryan tells her his plan today is to get her the perfect wedding gift.

David tells Griffin he can be the witness to Jake tampering with his test results. Jake welcomes Griffin to watch him take the tests. Griffin tells David that Jake has a great reputation and he believes he'll make the right decision. Jake thanks him. David informs Griffin that Jake hates his guts. Griffin thinks he has good reason. David asks Griffin if he's really siding with him. Griffin tells him their job is to get David better and once he's out of their hands, there is nothing they can do. Jake leaves and David tells Griffin that there is no reason to re-test him. Griffin tells him if he had it his way then he would have David back on staff doing what he does best. Griffin respects him but reminds him what he told him to not get emotionally involved with a patient. Griffin steps out and looks at his phone. Griffin says to himself no Kendall and he's not surprised.

Kendall opens a box at Fusion and takes out a picture of Spike and Ian. She looks next at a picture of her and Zach. Kendall tells herself she can do this because she's the best at this. Greenlee arrives with balloons and is surprised to see Kendall. Kendall tells Greenlee that she's back.

Brot and Natalia lay in bed. Natalia tells him she can't believe she put this off for so long because she was nervous. Natalia says it's so much fun and he's the best. Brot tells her that she inspires him but unfortunately they have to clock in for their shift soon so they need to get moving.

Tad arrives with a bag at the station with Jesse. Tad tells Jesse about a sudoku board and shows the rest of the items that are for Angie including chocolates. Tad asks how Angie is. Jesse tells him that she barely likes to sit down but she knows it's best for the baby so she's doing it. He asks Tad how he's doing. Tad says he's fine, but Jesse knows he misses Damon. Jesse agrees that long distance sucks. Jesse talks about wanting to go see Angie and Tad is glad she has Cassandra at least. The commissioner comes in and Jesse tells Tad he wished he could dropkick him across the room. Tad asks who he is and Jesse informs him that the new commissioner was hired by the mayor. Tad steps away for Jesse to talk to the commissioner. The Commissioner asks if he's aware that his daughter and Brot are once again breaking policy in a hotel room. He tells Jesse he was supposed to handle this. Jesse tells him he will and thinks he should back off his officers. Commissioner tells Jesse that he's going to have to fire Natalia or Brot. Jesse tells him to back off. The Commissioner tells him he has until the end of tomorrow to either fire one of them or he's fired.

Jesse sits down in a room at the station as Brot and Natalia arrive. Jesse tells them to sit down. Natalia asks what Mayor Blanco is doing to him this time. Jesse informs them it's them not him this time. Brot asks if it's about them seeing each other. Jesse asks if they spent the morning in a hotel room. They admit that they did and Jesse tells them that Commissioner Bennett couldn't wait to tell him all about it. Natalia says it was her idea and Jesse tells them about the Commissioner's demand to fire one of them. Natalia shouts that he can't do that and Jesse says it won't happen. Jesse tells them that they finally found each other. Jesse says he supports them 100% so he'll make this work somehow. Jesse tells them to go do something and let him handle it.

Tad arrives at the hospital and meets Jake. Jake tells him he has a problem with drugs going missing at the hospital. Jake says he talked to Angie and she wanted him to deal with it internally so he's hiring Tad to investigate it. Jake shows Tad a picture of the supply manager and thinks it's a good place to start. Tad tells him that he's on it. Tad asks about David. Jake tells him he can't wait till he gets better.

Cara comes to the hospital and meets Griffin. She asks how Kendall's checkup went and Griffin informs her that she never showed. Cara assumes she went straight to the office. Griffin hopes she didn't encourage Kendall. Griffin says he's had women fake heart conditions to be examined by him and now Kendall with a real condition won't come in. Griffin hopes Kendall doesn't have a death wish. Cara thinks Griffin actually cares about Kendall. Griffin says he doesn't like wasting his time. Ryan walks up and asks them if it's true that David is not going to prison due to a health issue. Griffin tells him he'll have to ask Jake. Ryan walks on and walks past David's room. David notices him and asks if he wants to welcome him back.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she didn't want a big deal about being back but Greenlee tells her it is a big deal. Greenlee asks about her doctor's appointment. Kendall said she couldn't wait to get there. Greenlee offers to cover the meetings but Kendall tells her that she's up to it. Greenlee says she will get her the files and get her up to speed. Greenlee says Fusion is not where she'd like it to be after taking hits the last couple of quarters. Kendall tells her that they will bring it back. Kendall says it feels great to be back. Kendall brings up getting coffee but Greenlee insists she get it for her. Kendall tells her that she doesn't have to watch her every move or a sign that something's wrong. Greenlee denies this but then apologizes. Greenlee brings up the last time she came to work being tense. Greenlee is glad she's back since it's their company and she wants them to run it together. Kendall asks her just not to hover over her. Kendall says she needs to know that everyone has complete confidence in her to do her job. Kendall says she knows she can vent to her and she'll understand. Greenlee jokes with Kendall that she can get her own coffee. Randi and Madison arrive and Randi is surprised to see Kendall. Randi has a Welcome Back Kendall sign that she was going to put before she got there. Madison has cupcakes and brings them to Kendall. Greenlee quietly makes a phone call and asks for Griffin.

Natalia and Brot watch Jesse get frustrated on the phone in the room window. Natalia tells Brot that she doesn't think Jesse will fire either one of them and he'll end up fired. Brot says the mayor can't mess them up because he's waited too long for them to be together. They tell each other they love each other. Natalia gets called in to catch a drug dealer.

Greenlee shows Kendall ideas for a new launch. Kendall thinks it looks optimistic and they'll need aggressive marketing. Griffin arrives at Fusion and says there she is. Kendall asks what he's doing there. Griffin reminds her that she's supposed to be at a checkup. Kendall tells him later and goes back to Greenlee. Randi asks who that is and Kendall says it's nobody. Randi says he's a very hot nobody and Madison tells her he's a doctor. Kendall and Greenlee continue talk about their plan and they think they can be inexpensive and go viral. Randi notes that Griffin is still there. Kendall tells her not to look at him. Madison and Randi start to laugh as Griffin is waving. Kendall goes back over to him and tells him that she's trying to do her job. He says he is too so she can either come to the hospital with him or she can take off her clothes and he'll examine her here. Madison tells Greenlee that Kendall really likes the campaign. Greenlee tells Madison to tell Kendall herself. They argue and Randi tells them they are going to have to get over it that Madison is having Ryan's baby.

David asks Ryan if they got his present. Ryan tells him they didn't even open it and the best present he could give is to disappear preferably before the wedding. David asks about the date and Ryan tells him it's Valentine's Day. David thinks it's tempting fate. Ryan says it's setting things right. David wonders if it will last longer than the last time Ryan dragged her down the aisle. Ryan thanks him for signing off on the divorce. David says he's do anything for Greenlee so Ryan tells him to go to prison. Ryan says it's a fresh start for everyone. David tells him it's a fresh start for Ryan to hurt Greenlee all over again. Ryan tells him to never call or write Greenlee when he goes to prison because he's going to become a bad memory. Ryan gets a phone call and steps out of the room. Ryan answers saying "Yes, this is David Hayward." Ryan asks if they are all ready to go.

Kendall asks Griffin what he's doing. He tells her that she plays by his way or she can find a new doctor. Kendall tells him that she's fine. Griffin reminds her she was not to return to work without a medical clearance. He asks Kendall if she thought he would find something if he checked her. Kendall claims she forgot but then realizes he talked to Cara. Kendall tells him that her heart was broken and this is how she fixes it. She says she'll grieve for the rest of her life but needs to be here. Griffin wants her to play by the rules. Kendall thinks everyone is waiting for her to collapse and nothing pisses her off more than being treated that way. Kendall tells him that he's just waiting to drag her back to the hospital. Kendall thinks everyone will think she can't handle it if she goes to the hospitals. Kendall tells Griffin that she wants his respect but being here is the only way to fix what's wrong with her. She says this is step one to a normal life and begs Griffin not to take that away from him. Kendall tells Griffin to leave and give her this morning.

Greenlee tells Randi that she and Madison have an understanding that the baby is not an issue so they are keeping it quiet. She asks Randi if she's satisfied and tells her not to take too long getting satisfied. Greenlee walks away and Randi asks Madison about being a non issue. Randi thinks Greenlee will be bothered by the fact that Ryan is the father. Madison says as long as Ryan doesn't know, it will be fine. Randi thinks she's on a sugar high.

Greenlee calls Ryan and Ryan asks how she is. She says she is thinking about him and he says he's working on that wedding gift. Greenlee hopes it's not too soon for Kendall to be back and asks Ryan if he can come back. Ryan says he'll do his best.

Jake comes back to David's room. Jake tells him his red blood cell count is abnormal which means he's losing cells or not producing enough but either is not good. Jake says he will try to fix him and has a couple of things scheduled for him. Jake asks David how he is with needles. Ryan listens from outside the room and hears that Jake will be giving David drugs during surgeries.

Tad meets the supply manager at Krystal's. Tad wants to get his account to be a part of business at the station. They talk as Tad is looking to get more information and Cara arrives. Cara sits down with Tad and asks if he's worked any good cases lately. The supply manager questions what she means by cases. He asks what kind of cases Tad works. Tad says he used to be a private investigator until he met Cara. He comes up with a story about her firing him. Cara goes along with it as the supply manager looks uncomfortable. They come up with an argument of Cara hiring Tad to investigate her ex boyfriend. They end it saying that Tad is no longer a PI and tells her he's trying to get business here. The supply manager says he needs to get back to the hospital and will talk later. Tad apologizes for the interruption and he leaves. Cara asks if this is about the drug situation. Tad wonders what she knows about it. Cara says she heard rumors and thinks Jake hired him to catch the thief. They joke around about Cara almost blowing his cover but saving him.

Brot tells Jesse that Natalia called and she's bringing in the pusher and that's why Jesse should keep her on the force and fire him.

Kendall hopes Griffin understands how much Fusion means to her. He does and if someone was keeping him from his work, he'd be a huge pain in the ass too. Griffin still thinks she's putting herself at a huge risk. Griffin gets a page and has to go. He tells her to be in his office first thing tomorrow morning or else he's bringing his equipment there. Griffin tells her it's her last chance and he exits. Kendall goes back to the girls and tells Greenlee that she knows she called him and ratted her out. Greenlee admits she did and will put him on speed dial if she has to. Kendall tells her to mind her business. Greenlee says her health is her business so that she doesn't collapse on them because she won't take care of herself. Greenlee tells her to ask for help when she needs it. Greenlee says they help each other and that's why they are a great team even when driving each other crazy. She asks Kendall how she truthfully feels. Kendall says she's really tired and wonders when she will feel like herself again and wants to take her heels off. Greenlee is glad she was honest and Kendall asks how she is. Kendall asks if working with Madison will be a problem. Greenlee says not at all because she's marrying Ryan and David's going to prison. Kendall agrees that their lives will be great once David is gone for good.

Jake has David in a wheel chair and tells him he loves having David sedated. Jake calls an orderly to take David back to his room and his phone rings. Jake walks away. The orderly turns around and it's Ryan dressed up as a hospital worker.

Tad thanks Cara again for not blowing him out of the water. Cara thinks he means helping him. Cara says she always wanted to do a sting and play a character. Tad doesn't think it's all that. Cara wants to join him and Tad thinks she's enjoying this too much. Cara thinks what he does is cool and asks him about it. Tad says he'll see her later and exits.

Natalia brings the pusher into the station. Brot tells Jesse that she's amazing. Jesse says he's not firing either one of them. Brot says Natalia is one of the best detectives and he's just a cop. Brot says he just wants Natalia to be happy and nothing makes her happier than being a cop. Jesse says he's been making her smile too.

Greenlee and Kendall go over their campaign. Kendall comes up with Golden Eye eye shadow for the title as they compare it to Bond girls. Greenlee goes to get something and Kendall looks at the Fusion poster which shows Randi like a Bond Girl holding a gun. Kendall has a flashback after seeing the gun. Greenlee returns with champagne and pops the cork which causes another flashback for Kendall as she slowly starts to remember shooting David. Greenlee asks Kendall if she's alright

Griffin checks on David's room and sees that he isn't there. Griffin asks an orderly if he's seen David. The orderly says he was supposed to pick David up and then he wasn't there.

David remains in his wheelchair and starts to wake up from being sedated and he is seated near the edge of a platform. Ryan comes up behind him and tells him to be careful since it sure is a long way down.

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