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All My Children Update Thursday 1/27/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

David is in his hospital bed, struggling to move. Jake comes in. David says he was wondering when he'd come in. David asks him how Amanda is. Jake says she's excellent and better without David in her life. David says it must be exhausting holding on to a grudge this long. He asks Jake what he can do for him. Jake tells him to make a speedy recovery so he can check him out of the hospital. David says he doesn't have the authority. Jake informs him that Angie is on bed rest so he is chief of staff and does have the authority. Jake thinks David looks well enough to go to prison.

Greenlee asks Ryan what he wants for a wedding present. Ryan tells her he already has what he wants and then suggests he'd like to see David going to prison. Ryan asks her what she wants. Greenlee tells him what she'd really like is the perfect Valentine's Day wedding with no interruptions or drama, just them saying I Do. Ryan says he can arrange that. Greenlee sees Madison and Ryan turns around and sees her as well.

Colby tells Liza that she kept thinking her and Damon had a chance and she wouldn't give up. Liza asks if there's anything she can do and Asher walks in saying that he thinks Liza has done enough.

Scott tells JR it's funny that JR believes Annie. Scott walks into the room. JR tells him they work here. Scott says all they need was a bed and if he found out about their love making, Marissa might next.

Marissa tells Annie she heard every pathetic word on the voicemail messages to JR. Annie says she's an emotional person. Marissa thinks Annie is out to get JR and that affects AJ. Marissa tells her that she thinks it's time JR finds out how crazy she really is.

JR tells Scott that all this is, is him giving Annie a place to stay. JR tells him there's no friendly benefits and asks Scott where he needs to be. JR says Scott should be emptying bedpans at the hospital. Scott says at least it's honest work. JR says it's a good thing that Greenlee threw him a bone or else he'd still be rotting in jail. Scott tells JR that he keeps doing the same thing over and over. JR tells him the score shows he has everything and Scott has nothing. JR tells Scott that nothing is out of his control. JR asks Scott what his plan is now and if he's going to tell Marissa for a pat on the head. Scott says he's out of this and believes JR is capable of blowing up his life on his own or maybe Annie will. JR asks if that's a warning. Scott tells him it's free advice.

Annie thinks Marissa is jealous and overreacting. Marissa offers to play the messages again. Annie tells her she was being followed by Scott. Marissa thinks Annie just wants to delete the messages so JR doesn't hear them. Annie tries to take the phone from her. Marissa thinks Annie is terrified of losing JR if she finds out how she really is. Annie tells her to give her the phone or else she will..

Asher tells Liza that he lives here as Liza is offended by him. Asher tells her that she did her whole mom thing for Colby at the party and he'll take care of her now. Colby says she doesn't need anyone to take care of her and exits the room. Asher tells Liza to let her go. Liza asks what his problem is. Asher shuts the door and tells Liza that he knows about her and Damon. Liza claims not to know what he's talking about. Asher informs her that he heard them talking and knows she's the one Damon slept with.

Jake tells David that he'll have an examination just not from his friend, Griffin. David says he knows he wouldn't want one of the best doctors working on him. Jake thinks Griffin is a little nice with him and doesn't know David like he does. Jake says he knows never to turn his back on a snake and if David appears weak, he wants people to lower his guard. Jake is confident that the tests will show he's ready to go. David reminds him that he's co-owner of the hospital. Jake says he can run his half from the prison. Jake tells David that this is not the hospital that David tried to run into the ground. David makes fun of Jake. Jake tells him he jokes about everything and nobody cares about him. Jake thinks the odds are against David because there's no more surprises. David asks if he thinks a man who survived all this and faked his own death will go down like this.

Ryan asks if its' cool if he goes to talk to Madison for a second. Greenlee says she's gotta hear it sometime. Ryan gets up and goes to Madison. They greet each other and Madison asks if everything's okay. Ryan says it is but he just wanted her to hear from him that he and Greenlee are getting married in a couple of weeks. Ryan tells her he just thought she should know. Madison thanks him but says he didn't have to tell her. Ryan thinks he owes her. Madison doesn't want him to feel like he owes her.

Scott comes up to Greenlee and sits down. He tells her that she looks like she could use a stronger drink. Scott offers to buy her one but says his boss doesn't pay him enough.

Liza asks what Asher wants. He says nothing. Liza thinks he does or else he wouldn't have brought it up and wonders how much it will cost her. Asher says she doesn't get it. Liza thinks none of this would have happened if he stayed away from Colby. Asher tells her she can't hang it on him. Liza asks what she can do to stop him from destroying Colby. Asher mocks her for sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend and then trying to pay him off. Asher wonders if anyone can be a good parent around here and thinks Colby deserves better than Liza. Asher tells her to relax because he's not going to say anything. Liza thanks him but Asher tells her he's not doing it for her and swears if she hurts Colby one more time, he will tell her everything no matter how much it destroys her just so Liza can't hurt her again. Liza exits.

Madison tells Ryan not to worry about her being alone on Valentine's Day. Ryan asks if it's because of Scott. Madison says they aren't there yet. Ryan didn't mean to jump to conclusions. Madison says she does like Scott but can't turn off her feelings that quickly not that she has any for Ryan anymore.

Scott thinks Ryan & Madison look pretty intense and asks Greenlee if it makes her nervous. She says she has nothing to be nervous about. Greenlee thinks Scott got a new sense of humor in prison. Scott says he is Madison's friend but it's up to her if she wants to tell Ryan about their baby.

Marissa asks if Annie is threatening her because it sounds like it. Annie says Marissa is jealous of their close working relationship. Marissa says she's the last person she would ever be jealous of. Annie imagines Marissa in a wedding gown and envisions Marissa and JR renewing their vows. Annie shouts that JR doesn't love Marissa. Marissa lets her know that she never said that. Annie exclaims that her and JR are together and JR would never leave her for Marissa. As she finishes spilling, JR walks up behind her.

Colby comes down the stairs and Asher asks how she's doing. She says she can't sleep or be in her room anymore and doesn't know what to do with herself but other than that she's great. Colby sits on the steps. Asher asks if she wants to watch a movie but Colby declines. Asher heads up the stairs and looks back at Colby.

Liza arrives in David's hospital room. David asks if she had a bad day and offers to help. Liza says she got his message and asks what he needs. David says he has a confession that he may have been exaggerating when he said he remembered everything she said while he was in a coma. David says he wishes he did remember because of the look on Liza's face when he was bluffing. She hopes he's being honest. David says he remembers some scattered things like voices and sounds and does remember hearing her a few times. David says it helped to have someone there and thanks her. Liza tells him he's welcome and asks if that's it. David says he just wanted her to know that. Liza says she's going to go then but David stops her. Liza tells him she's had the longest day of her life and she wants to go home and forget this day ever happened. David notes she's clearly upset and wants to help. Liza tells him he can't help because this has to do with emotions and feelings and guilt. Liza doesn't think David has any of those. David thinks that's a pretty harsh judgment considering where he's been and might be going. Liza says she can't do this right now. David grabs her hand and tells her everyone needs a friend and they don't have a lot so she should let him be a friend now and tell him what's bothering her.

Scott tells Greenlee the longer she keeps running, the worse it's going to be. Greenlee says she's not keeping a secret, Madison is. Greenlee tells him they both lose if Madison spills. Scott knows they have a deal and thinks Madison is very nice and he doesn't like playing her. Greenlee tells him it's not forever because Ryan's going to find out about the baby anyways but doesn't want him to until after the wedding. Greenlee says her and Ryan have been through hell to be together and they deserve a day of happiness. Scott tells her to hold that thought and he goes over to Madison and Ryan. Scott asks if Madison forgot about their date. Madison figures the time got away from her. Madison congratulates Ryan and she leaves with Scott. Greenlee comes up and thinks Madison and Scott make a nice looking couple. Greenlee says she's no longer hungry and wants to go home.

Marissa is glad JR is here to see this because Annie thinks she wants JR back and she doesn't. Marissa tells him that Annie thinks they are together. Annie says they are together and in love. Marissa asks if their working relationship is a lie. Annie wants him to tell her. JR says he warned Annie to keep their meetings business but now he's letting her go because she's become too involved in his personal life. Annie can't believe he's firing her. JR tells her they will talk about it at the office and apologizes. Annie walks off and Marissa tells JR that this is going to get very ugly.

Marissa and JR go to Krystal's. JR apologizes for Annie. Marissa thinks she's been a little insane and tells him to listen to the messages because she's obsessed with him and starting to get dangerous. JR asks what she means. Marissa tells him about Annie cornering her with scissors. Marissa thinks she is disturbed and has a fantasy that she's conspiring against her to win JR back. JR says he'll try to calm her down. Marissa thinks it's too late for that and wants to take AJ for the next couple of days because of it. JR understands and tells her to watch their son while he takes care of Annie.

Asher comes into the living room and tells Colby he found cards in the library and offers to play cards. Colby says he doesn't quit. Asher jokes that he also has yoga and dance up his sleeve. Colby agrees to play cards. Asher tells her that the holidays weren't much fun at home so he'd stick around at the boarding school after the kids left and he played poker. Asher offers to teach her how to play Texas Hold 'Em. It turns out Colby already knows how to play.

Madison asks Scott where the special restaurant they are going to is. They sit on the bench outside and Scott says he has to tell her something. He pulls out a ten dollar bill. Madison asks about it. Scott informs her that's pretty much all he has but will have a paycheck at the end of the week. Madison says it's okay. Scott thinks he shouldn't have asked her out with an empty wallet. Madison understands and talks to him about her gambling situation in the past. Madison offers to buy dinner. Scott declines and says he's not going to let her buy dinner. Madison thinks they have to eat. Scott is sure that her and the baby are hungry. Scott mentions a hot dog stand. Madison says she loves hot dogs and thinks it sounds perfect. Scott promises to make it up to her with a real dinner. Madison says he doesn't have to because this is exactly what she wants. Scott goes to get hot dogs and Madison thanks him for rescuing her.

Ryan and Greenlee return home and find a gift at their doorstep. They wonder what it is and take it inside. Greenlee thinks it's from her dad. She opens it up and is a card from David, stating that he always wanted the best for her.

JR arrives at the hotel room and Annie wants to explain but JR shouts at her to stop. JR asks if she realizes what she's done. Annie says Marissa was being so vicious. JR asks if she was following Marissa and if she cornered her with scissors. Annie claims she just wanted to help decorate. Annie says she's lying to get JR back. JR says if Marissa doesn't believe them then he'll lose his son. Annie thinks every day he's slipping further away from her. JR realizes it's been hard but she has to be more patient. Annie yells that he always says that but nothing's changing and Marissa gets in her face and making her look like a stalker. Annie shouts that if he didn't show up she would've. JR asks what she would've done and tells her now things are going to be more difficult since they can't be seen anywhere together after what happened. Annie is shocked that he's really firing her. JR says he's doing it for them and he has to handle it. Annie wonders what other choice she has. JR tells her has to go to do more damage control with Marissa. JR tells her that he will call her when he can and kisses her. JR exits the room.

Colby and Asher play poker. Colby wins with a straight flush and tells Asher that she plays online. Asher asks if this is doing any good. Colby says she's only obsessing over Damon 90% of the time so it's progress. Colby asks what Asher and Liza were talking about when she went upstairs.

David assumes Liza's problem has to do with Colby. Liza says it's never ending so what else is new. David says it's different with your own kid like he and Marissa, it brings it's own kind of pain. Liza tells him that Colby's heart is broken because Damon left her and left town. David asks why. Liza tells him that he had good reason and it wasn't because of Colby. David wonders what it was then. Liza says she can't do this. David asks if she had something to do with them breaking up. David tells her he knows it's not easy and doesn't want to push her but it might be good for her to talk about it and get it out in the open. David tells her to know he's here to listen when she's ready to talk. Liza thanks him. David says maybe he shouldn't promise that since Jake thinks he's ready to go to prison. Liza asks how sick David really is. David tells her he tried to sit up and almost passed out. Liza asks why he's telling her this. David says he's really not well and Jake can probably railroad him to prison. David wonders if Liza could persuade Jake to back off. Liza laughs and David asks what's funny. Liza says she was looking at David as a kind, compassionate man but is glad to know he's still the man he's always been. David tells her she's wrong on several counts. David says he does empathize with her and her situation with Colby and he did mean everything about trusting him. David says he's still not well and that's not a joke or a con but the truth. David tells her that the people in this town wouldn't give a damn if they delivered him as a corpse to the prison. Liza thinks he's being melodramatic. David tells her she didn't see the smile on Jake's face and knows what he's up against. David asks if Liza is going to ignore this and not do a damn thing. Liza tells him that he's caused her enough problems and there's been enough sin going around. David tells her he's not sorry for anything he's done and he's not about to go silently in the night.

Asher tells Colby they didn't talk that much because he pissed her off so he said he was sorry and that was it. Asher says he has a tendency to piss people off. Colby jokes that she's noticed. Asher asks if she wants to win more of his money but Colby declines. Asher asks if she's still thinking about Damon. Colby says she's actually thinking about the other girl that Damon slept with. Colby doesn't understand how someone could actually do something like that. Asher tells her it doesn't matter. Colby says it does to her. Asher tells her to let it go. Colby says she can't, she knows she should but it hurts so much. Colby wonders if it ever stops hurting. Asher tells her it will and she'll win again and win big.

Scott and Madison have hot dogs on the bench. They agree they are good and Scott jokes that next time he'll throw in French fries. Scott asks Madison if she's okay with Ryan's big wedding announcement. Madison says she's still standing so that's a good sign. Madison tells Scott he's a pretty nice guy. Scott jokes that he takes a good mug shot too. Madison tells him not to talk like that. Scott agrees to if she doesn't call him a nice guy because that's the kiss of death. Madison says she'll be clear then, tonight's one of the most fun times she's had in a long time. Madison thanks him and kisses him on the cheek. Scott says that was nice.

Annie tells herself to stay focused because JR will keep his promise and get his divorce. She looks in the mirror and imagines Marissa saying JR will never be with her. Marissa backs away from the mirror and turns on the TV. She imagines Marissa on the TV and screams what do you want. Annie imagines Marissa saying she wants JR and Annie shouts no and unplugs the TV. Annie hears a knock on the door, she opens it and imagines Marissa is room service, ripping up their divorce papers. Annie shouts go away and slams the door shut. Annie repeats to herself that JR loves her.

JR is back at the mansion on the phone. JR is on the phone with a doctor and wants to speak about his former patient, Annie.

Ryan tells Greenlee that David can only get to them if they let him and so he throws away the card. Ryan tells her that he'll make sure David never gets near her again. Greenlee tells Ryan she loves him and they kiss. Ryan's phone rings so Greenlee goes upstairs to get ready for bed. Ryan answers the phone and it's Jake. Jake wanted to give him the heads up on David. Ryan asks what happened. Jake says he's going over these tests and doesn't know if he faked these or what but based on these tests, he's not going to prison anytime soon. Ryan looks down at the card in the trash and says we'll see about that.

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