AMC Update Wednesday 1/26/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/26/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JR is on the phone listening to his voicemail messages from Annie. JR puts it down and AJ walks in. AJ tells him that Annie needs to talk to him and said it was really important. JR is surprised that he spoke to her.

Annie tells Scott that there's a crisis and she can't get a hold of JR. She wonders what it takes to get his attention. Scott says he thinks she can get his attention just not the kind he wants and makes her look into the mirror.

Amanda tells Krystal about how she and Jake were trying for another baby and Amanda has this feeling. Amanda tells her that Jake is excited as she is and she hugs Krystal.

Jake and Cara sit on the bench outside. Cara opens up to Jake about being kept off from the world before and things weren't normal because she was sick and had cancer.

Colby asks what Liza means by not meaning to hurt her. Colby wonders why Liza and Damon keep looking at each other and asks what's going on and why she's the only one that doesn't know about it.

JR calls Annie and leaves a message. JR says he just spoke with AJ who said that Annie called and said it was urgent. JR said he checked work and everything was fine and asks if it can't wait until after Damon's party unless it's an emergency, she should call again but not AJ. JR promises to be in touch.

Annie thanks Scott for pointing out how horrible she looks. She asks what he's even doing here. Scott informs her of his new job at the hospital and assumes this is where Annie and JR have their business meetings. Annie denies it and tells Scott he can't tell anyone she was there. Scott says Annie and JR is a disaster waiting to happen and they deserve each other. Scott exits and Annie checks her phone and gets JR's message. Annie thinks Marissa will make another move on him if she waits.

Tad tells Colby that Liza is the one that got Damon the internship in California. Damon is surprised and Tad says that she didn't want anyone to know about it. Colby thinks she lied about wanting Damon away. Tad says that Liza knew Colby would think that and left it to him to make the decision on whether or not to tell Damon since California is further than DC. Tad thinks Damon worked too hard to pass this up. Colby asks to talk to Damon alone. They step aside. Colby guesses she didn't realize how big of a deal this was for Damon. Damon thinks this could be a game changer. Colby agrees that he should go to California. Colby asks what if she went with him.

Asher watches them. Amanda talks to Krystal about being hungry. Krystal tells her to get ready because babies change everything and Amanda says she's counting on it.

Cara tells Jake that she had leukemia at age 8 and had a couple relapses through the years. Jake is surprised and realizes why she had a fit at the hospital. Cara says she couldn't let her parents take away her hope. Jake wonders if she was sick when they met. Cara said she was in remission for years and wanted to put it behind her. Jake asks why she would keep that secret while they were married. Cara loved that he didn't know and says she finally met someone who didn't freak out every time she sneezed or treated her like she was breakable. Cara says Jake looked at her and saw her, not a sick person. Cara says she needed that and lived for it. Jake says it would explain why Griffin is so protective. Cara says her father took off and Griffin became the man of the house at 12 years old. She says her mom worked all the time so Griffin was like her gatekeeper. Cara says when there were field trips or when the kids got to hang out at the playground, she was stuck inside staring out the window wondering what it was like to have a normal life. Cara says she never got to experience anything until she met Jake. Cara says her whole life she ached to see the world, take chances, and go on adventures. She tells him that after college, her family wanted her to settle down some place safe and quiet just in case. Jake thinks she showed them. Cara agrees and says when she took Dr. Finn's name she was finally able to live and then she met Jake and found her partner in crime. Jake thinks she should've told him. Cara didn't want him be protective and he made her feel alive. Cara says Jake embraced the world and never ran from it which taught her to do the same. Cara tells him she loved that about him and about them. Cara says to this day, she can't let it go.

Damon asks Colby if she would drop everything and move across the country for him. Colby says yes. Damon tells her he can't let her do that. Colby asks if he can't let her or doesn't want her to. Damon says he told her how it has to be and is sorry. Damon tells her she really is amazing. Colby wonders if she's so amazing, why is he going across the country to get away from her. Damon says things are different now. Colby thinks they can go back to the way it was. Kathy and Jenny run up to Damon and hug him saying they will miss him.

Liza tells Tad she can't handle this and needs to get out of there. Tad tells her she can't go or it will make things worse.

Amanda tells Krystal it was a false alarm and she's not pregnant. She worries that Jake will be disappointed. Krystal assures her he will understand. Amanda thinks she just got ahead of herself.

Cara tells Jake she meant that she can't let go of the feeling of freedom. Jake understands. Cara says she just wants to get out of here and doesn't blame Griffin. Jake says he understands why he had such a problem with him. Jake believes he put her in danger by putting her in the field with people's sickness that could compromise her sickness. Cara assures him that she doesn't have leukemia anymore. Cara said she could either live in fear or go after the life she wanted. Cara tells him she didn't tell DWB about her medical history and she wouldn't trade what she got to see for anything. Jake asks if she remembers the big snowstorm in Afghanistan. Cara smiles and says she does. Jake brings up her smashing him with snowballs being the first time she ever saw snow. Cara says she'll never forget that moment as she felt like the luckiest girl. Cara says she felt that way a lot back then. Jake gets it and says he has to ask himself since she felt like the luckiest girl and the happiest she had ever been, why did she leave them and everything all behind.

Scott arrives at Krystal's and greets Marissa. Marissa tells him it's Damon's going away party and insists that Scott should stay. Scott agrees not to pass up free food. JR arrives with AJ. AJ runs by saying hi to Marissa. JR asks if she invited Scott. Marissa tells him that he arrived by accident. JR doesn't see any reason for him to stay. Annie walks up outside and looks in the window. She imagines Marissa and JR talking bad about her and thinks Marissa is telling JR to get rid of her with JR agreeing. Annie starts breathing heavily and gets upset.

Jake tells Cara that he has a hard time understanding since she said she was happy. Cara says she was happy. Jake asks how she goes for loving life to jumping in a jeep and never looking back. Cara tells him it's complicated. Jake says he has time and all her answers are non-answers. Cara says she was happy and wanted more. Jake asks more what exactly. Cara says more excitement and adventure. Cara says Jake was able to do whatever he wanted his whole life and hers was just beginning and didn't want to give it up. Jake asks if what they had wasn't enough of adventure for her. Jake asks if he was holding her back. Cara thinks things worked out great because he wouldn't have been able to meet Amanda and have his brother and Krystal with nieces and nephews in his whole family. Jake says they aren't talking about his family right now. Cara says that is the difference between them. She says they joined DWB for the rush of saving lives and she thinks that was just a stop for him that he needed to get out of his system before ending up here but for her that rush was her life. Cara says she wasn't on her way to somewhere else but was exactly where she was supposed to be like Jake is now. Cara tells Jake that he gave her that push and she'll always be grateful for that. Jake asks what's next. Cara doesn't know and says she has to get out of the country first but can't wait to find out. Cara asks Jake if he remembers her good luck charm that she carried around. She says when you look at it, it looks like a bird is growing out of the ground with its roots but it's got beautiful wings. She tells Jake that she always felt he had strong roots but for her it's always been about the wings.

Colby tells Asher that he's the reason all this is happening. Damon walks back up and Asher hopes it's okay that he's here. Damon says it's cool because this is about fresh new tracks and not just for him.

Annie comes in to Krystal's but Amanda stops her and asks what she's doing there. Annie says she needs to talk to JR and he's ignoring her phone calls. Amanda reminds her that Marissa is here and this is not a good idea. Annie says she just needs a few minutes to explain things to him. Annie wants Amanda to find JR and tell him she needs to speak with him privately. Amanda doesn't want to get involved. Annie says Amanda is her only friend or at least was. Annie doesn't think it's too much to ask of her to just find JR. Annie tells Amanda that she will just do it herself and rushes past her. Amanda stops her and agrees to talk to JR because she doesn't want her to make a scene. Annie says whatever gets her to talk to JR and says to tell him to meet her outside. Amanda goes and finds JR and asks if she can talk to him. JR gets up from AJ and Amanda informs him that Annie is outside waiting for him and figured this was better than Annie confronting him herself. JR tells her that he will take care of it. JR goes to leave and Marissa asks if something's wrong. JR tells her Annie had a crisis at work and needs to handle it outside. JR goes outside and asks Annie if he got her message. Annie asks if she got hers. JR says he listened to the first one but not the others and asks what was so important that it couldn't wait. Annie kisses JR.

Jake says he's glad Cara told him. Cara says better late than never and asks Jake what's wrong. Jake says nothing but Cara doesn't believe him. Jake says he was going to ask if she was alright but she's always alright. Jake raises a snowball and puts it in Cara's hand. Jake tells her he will see her inside and walks on. Cara starts to cry.

Opal sits down with Amanda and asks if she found Jake. Amanda is sure he'll be back in a minute.

JR tells Annie they can't do this here. Annie apologizes. JR says she has to trust him and if she calls him and leaves a message, he will get back to her eventually. JR asks what the big emergency was. Annie thinks and tells him she was being followed.

Marissa asks AJ what he's doing and he tells her he's playing a game on JR's cell phone. Marissa says he should be playing with his family and friends. AJ says he will give the phone back to JR when he comes back. Marissa convinces him to go play and takes the phone from him. AJ goes to play and Marissa wonders how to turn the phone off. Marissa presses a button and sees the long list of missed calls from Annie.

Damon and Liza are outside. Liza thinks he shouldn't be out there with her. Damon says he doesn't blame her for getting a break because it's intense in there. Damon thanks her for getting him the internship and asks if she thinks he's up for it. Liza says absolutely and thinks he worked so hard and is happy that he's taking this chance. Damon says he can't believe he was doing so good and found a job with a boss who's almost cool and now he's taking off again. Liza says she will miss him. Damon asks if she thinks it will work, if he goes away will Colby let it go. Damon says he knows it's not why but him being across the country can't hurt. Liza agrees. Damon says she's been asking a lot of questions and wants to know who the girl is. Liza says she knows because Colby was asking her too. Damon wonders why Colby would think Liza would know anything. Liza says because Colby is smart and noticed the look on her face. Damon assures that Liza covered. Liza says Colby wouldn't be there if she didn't. Damon emphasizes that no one can ever find out they had sex because it would crush Colby more than ever. Asher hears this from behind the wall.

JR asks what Annie means. Annie says she saw them in the car mirror and saw them following her and when she went to the club, she heard footsteps but didn't see who it was. Annie explains this is why she was freaking out and that's why she left so many voicemails. JR says it's okay but is glad she's alright. JR asks if she still doesn't know who it was. Annie claims she does know that it was Scott.

Scott sits with Marissa. She tells him not to worry about JR. Scott asks where he is anyways. Marissa tells him he had business to take care of and Scott assumes it's Annie.

Cara returns into Krystal's and sits down with Tad. She tells him it's a great party and that he doesn't need to worry because the Martins always come back. Tad says he didn't get Damon anything because he couldn't think of anything appropriate as a going away gift. Cara says she has something she can give him and gives Tad her good luck charm. Tad says it's beautiful and doesn't think he can take it. Cara insists she has a million at home and thinks it would be great for Damon as a kid who had wings but didn't know he had roots until he met Tad.

Jake comes back in and Amanda wonders where he'd been. Jake says he was in the bathroom most recently and Amanda asks about before that. Tad gets everyone's attention and brings up Damon leaving them for everyone to talk.

Opal says she is going to miss Damon and nobody will miss him more than Tad. Opal says Damon has made Tad very happy and not to be a stranger. Opal hugs him.

Krystal toasts to the best playmate Kathy and Jenny had and they are so excited for Damon. Kathy and Jenny say they will miss him as they hold up a sign.

Jake toasts him and tells Damon that he's very proud of him and he will do amazing.

Liza tells Damon that it's been an honor working with him and he's going to do great in California. Colby looks sad.

Tad steps up to say his piece. Tad says the world is a funny place as a year ago he didn't even know Damon existed and now he can't imagine his life without him. Tad tells Damon he's the most wonderful surprise he's ever gotten. Tad says he's the luckiest man alive and tells Damon he loves him and is proud of him. Tad hugs Damon. Damon says he doesn't know what to say and that this is really wow. Damon says he knows he screwed up a lot when he first got here and thanks everyone for giving him a second, third, and fourth chance. Damon says he will never forget it and will never forget any of them.

JR thought Scott was over Annie. Annie did too but Scott said he was there on hospital business but she didn't believe him cause he was asking about JR and them. Annie says that's why she panicked and left all those crazy messages but she knows Scott would never hurt her. JR says he needs to get back in if she's sure she's okay. JR kisses her and says he will see her later. JR goes back in and Annie breathes a sigh of relief.

Marissa sits outside on the bench with JR's phone. She listens to the voicemails that Annie left.

Tad thanks Cara for the patch because Damon loved it.

Colby asks Liza if they can please go and she agrees. Asher watches them leave.

Jake apologizes to Amanda for having to come back to work tonight as they arrive at the hospital. Jake thanks her for riding with him but wonders why she was quiet. Amanda tells him that she's not pregnant. Jake asks if she's sure. Amanda says she is and found out at the party. She says she couldn't find him but didn't' want to ruin the night. Jake apologizes. Amanda says she doesn't even know why she's upset. Jake says she's allowed to be disappointed. Amanda ask if he's disappointed. Jake tells her that he's not because he knows they can try again and again. They kiss and Amanda tells him that he never said where he disappeared to. Jake informs her that Cara needed to talk. Amanda asks if everything's okay. Jake says everything is fine.

Damon tells Tad wow this is it. Tad tells him it's just goodbye for now. Tad blows out the candle as everyone else has left. Tad asks if Damon's bags are in the car and he's sure he got everything. Damon says he thinks so. Tad says he can send him anything else. Damon suggests he could bring them when he visits. They hug one more time. Tad asks wherever he lands, if Damon will still have a man cave. Damon jokes that he will just have to build one if it doesn't as they walk out together.

JR arrives at the hotel and begins to open Annie's room but Scott arrives. Scott notes they sure work late. JR asks what his problem is since he's going after Annie again. JR asks if Scott's surprised that she told him. Scott laughs and is surprised that JR bought her story.

Marissa continues listening to the voicemail messages. Annie walks up asking what she's doing. Marissa wonders if she's following her again. Annie tells her to give her the phone. Marissa tells her it's too late because she's already heard every pathetic word.

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