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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/25/11


Written by Eva
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(Hospital) Scott tells Jake that he's made a list of ideas that would help the hospital run more smoothly. Jake offers to pass the ideas on to Angie when she returns from San Francisco, but now he needs Scott to move a computer from one location to another, and hook it up at its new location. Jake tells Cara that the Winslowís, the parents of the little girl with cancer, have filed a complaint against her for losing her temper with them. He explains that the board would like her to explain her behavior, and he'd also like an explanation, so that he can prepare her for the meeting. She tells Jake he can fire or suspend her, if he wants to do so, since he's her temporary boss. He thinks Cara just doesnít like having to explain herself, just like she's never explained why she'd left him. She wonders why he always has to keep dwelling on the past. Amanda arrives to pick Jake up for Damonís party and invites Cara to go but she tells Amanda she's busy.

(Lizaís place) Colby tells Liza that she's going to Damonís party to persuade him to stay, because she still loves him. Liza tries to persuade her to let Damon go, but Colby hopes that they can work things out and be married one day. She puts on a beautiful dress that she bought to wear for Valentineís Day. She feels positive that Damon will realize that despite the mistakes they've both made, they can get past this because they love each other. Colby asks Liza to go with her to the party and at first she says no, but when Colby tells her how important her support is, she agrees to go.

(Chandler mansion) Damon stops by to drop off some things that Colby left at his place, but since she's not home, he leaves them with Asher. He asks Asher if he loves Colby and he tells him that the kiss between them was a mistake because she doesnít love him they're just friends. Asher tells him that he shouldnít leave his family and Damon tells him that he'll keep in touch with them, but not's not a good idea. Damon says he knows that he's in love with Colby by the way he looks at her. Damon advises him not to hurt her. She may look tough, but she's been hurt so much in her life and he doesn't want her to suffer any more.

(Krystalís) Annie startles Marissa and hides the scissors behind her back. Marissa sees the scissors and thanks her for bringing them to her, because she was just going to go get and them. Annie tells her she came to help, but Marissa wants to know why she really came.

(Fusion) Tad figures out that J.R. and Annie are together and warns him to be careful, because he doesnít want the only son he has left in Pine Valley to make a big mistake. Tad wonders if J.R. loves her, but he canít look Tad in the eyes and tell him he does. J.R. tells him he's been so busy that he hasnít had time to figure out if he loves Annie or not, but he understands her, and they're good together. Tad also figures out that he hasnít told Marissa that he and Annie are together.

(Hospital) Scott finds out that all the things that he had in storage are gone because J.R. stopped paying the rental fee, so they sold all of his things.

(Krystalís) Annie tells Marissa she knows that she wants J.R. back. Marissa says that she doesnít want him back, but she tells Annie that she thinks she poses a threat to A.J. Annie gets offended, and tells her that she canít speak to her in that manner. Annie tells Marissa that she just wants to get rid of her because she wants J.R. for herself. She tells her that she heard her tell J.R. to leave her. Marissa tells Annie that she'd never said anything to him. Krystal and Opal arrive with the girls. Annie leaves and Marissa tells Krystal that they'd had a long overdue conversation. Marissa leaves to talk to J.R., and Jake, Amanda, Tad, and Damon arrive. Colby and Liza arrive for the party as well.

(Hospital) Scott speaks to Cara and tells her that he's lost his things that were in storage, but at least he has a job so that is something to be hopeful about. Cara asks if she can borrow his hope and he tells her that she can have as much of it as she needs. She leaves a message for Jake telling him she intends to make things right with the Winslowís. She looks at a hospital bed and remembers being in one as a child.

(Yacht Club) Annie's very upset as J.R. wonít call her back and wonít answer the mail box full of messages. She imagines seeing him and Marissa in her bed making love and she tears the room apart. She even calls A.J. to ask him to let his father know that she really needs to talk to him. She leaves another message for J.R. to call her before she does something they'll both regret. Scott shows up as the hospital had asked him to drop off something for someone at the yacht club, and he sees how Annie destroyed the room. He supposes that J.R. has upset her.

(Chandler mansion) Scott's angry with J.R. because he didnít pay the storage facility and they sold all of his things. He got a box of his motherís things from the carriage house and he has his fatherís painting, so he has all that matters to him. Scott feels sorry for J.R. because he has all this money but he lives in a huge, empty house. Marissa arrives and tells J.R. about what happened with Annie at the restaurant, and tells her that Annie wants him back and he's better keep A.J. safe because Annie's not well. J.R. looks at the list of phone messages and sees how many she's left for him.

(Krystalís) Colby pleads for Damon to stay in Pine Valley, but he tells her about the opportunity that comes with an internship and that it's not good that he stay. He tells her that he loves her, but there are times that love just isnít enough and maybe the fact that they were both seeking other people proves that they were never good for one another. Liza canít stand the pain that Colby's going through and starts to cry as she watches her. Tad tells her it's best that she go home before Colby sees her crying, so he takes her to the door. Jake sees Cara outside and he goes out to talk to her. She tells him that she reacted so strongly to the parents of the child, because she had cancer as a child. Tad and Liza are still inside, and Colby wonders why Liza's crying. She apologizes to Colby for hurting her so much. Tad and Damon look at each other and wonder if Liza's going to tell Colby the truth.

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