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All My Children Update Monday 1/24/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita
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(Chandler mansion) Annie's upset with J.R. because he hasnít finalized the divorce and he tells her that Marissa was going to do it, but with everything that she's been through, he didnít want to pressure her to reschedule the court date. Annie's frustrated and tired of being kept a secret and she pleads with J.R. to do something to prove that he loves her by rescheduling the court date before she falls apart completely. J.R. assures Annie that he loves and needs her very much and he'll talk to Marissa today about it and asks Annie not to get crazy on him. Annie's hurt by his remark and tells him that he shouldnít have said that to her especially after she's survived a horrible place like Oak Haven. She gets angrier with J.R. when Marissa calls about A.J.ís parent teacher conference and she asks J.R. to talk to her, not Marissa.

(Krystalís) Damon speaks to Tad and tells him that he's decided to move to Washington, D.C., and stay with a friend, while he looks for jobs as a DJ. Tad tells him that he doesnít want him to leave, but he knows it's best. If he stayed in town, he'd end up telling Colby the truth, or she'd figure out that he'd slept with Liza. Tad wants to throw him a going away party even though Damon doesnít want a big fuss. Tad tells him that he's always going to be proud of him, and they'll see each other often because he'll only be two hours away. Damon wants to say good-bye to Angie and thank her for everything she's done for him, but Tad tells him that she's out of town visiting Cassandra and she had a minor problem with the baby, so the doctor put her on bed rest. Tad assures him that the baby will be fine, so Damon decides to drop off the present he bought for Angie. Opal arrives once he's is gone and Tad asks for her help with a going away party. Opal assures him that his relationship with Damon will continue to grow and he'll find a way to be there for his son, even though he'll be living in Washington. She thinks Colby will be sad to see Damon leave and thinks Liza had something to do with Damon and Colbyís break up. Tad avoids Opalís question but she feels Tad knows something he's not telling her.

(Hospital) Ryan thinks that Liza will have a conflict of interest handling Davidís case since she used to be his lawyer. She tells Ryan that he just wants to make sure that she puts David in jail and Ryan thinks that she'd be doing Pine Valley a favor by making sure he goes to jail. David's hurt that Greenlee doesnít care about his health...she just came to visit to make sure that he signed the divorce papers. She asks him to accept the fact that she and Ryan are together, and to let her go. He doesn't think she'd be there if she wasnít worried about her future with Ryan. David senses she's worried about something else, but she just tells him she needs him to sign the papers.

(Chandler mansion) Marissa arrives and J.R. asks Annie to leave for A.J.ís sake. He promises her that he'll get things straightened out about the divorce today. Annie hides in the living room while J.R. goes into the entry to talk to Marissa. Marissa tells him that he'd missed the conference, but the teachers had told her that A.J.ís behavior has improved, and that he hasnít gotten into any more fights. Annie listens at the door as J.R. tells Marissa that A.J.'s behaved well because they've both been civil to each other and he knows that despite his parents being divorced, they still love him. Marissa asks J.R. why he hasnít rescheduled the court date, and he tells her it's only as he's been busy with work, but he'll do it today. J.R. tells Annie he has to leave, and she's angry because he lied to her and told her Marissa was handling the court date and he forgot something that was so important to their relationship. Annie asks him to prove he loves her by setting the court date today and he reminds her that he'd already promised he would. Marissa asks J.R. to help her do something for about thirty minutes, and he's glad to go and help her.

(Hospital) Ryan tells Liza that she can change and do the right thing to make Colby proud of her by making sure David goes to jail for a long time. David reminds Greenlee that he saved her life and devoted himself to taking care of her, and she say's that's not love that's obsession. She wants to handle things in a civilized manner and David tells her that Ryan will never love her as much as he fact he'll probably leave her again. Greenlee thinks David's trying to hurt her, and tells him that she and Ryan are together and she'll do whatever it takes to make sure they stay that way. David thinks that she's acting obsessively with Ryan, and Greenlee asks him to let her go. He agrees to sign the papers, and wishes her happiness as Ryan watches him sign the papers from the hallway. Greenlee tells David to use this second chance at life to be the good man she knows he is inside, and not waste his time on getting revenge against others. Damon runs into Liza who asks him to stay and work things out with Colby, because she still loves him very much. He tells her that he loves Colby also and that's why he doesnít want to cause her any more pain. Liza thinks Damon's leaving because of their one night stand and she apologizes to him and blames herself for what happened. He tells her that he also played a part in what's happened and tells her about his plans to go to Washington to be a DJ. Liza tells him that he has a gift for law, and he shouldnít give it up to be a DJ. Damon asks her to go to his going away party so Colby wonít suspect anything, and she tells him that she'll think about it. She apologizes to Damon once more before he leaves.

Liza sees Tad and tells him that she recommended Damon for a spot in the pre-law program at the University of California at Davis. The program includes an internship and scholarship for Damon. Tad wonders if she's trying to get Damon as far away from Colby as possible, and she tells him that she thinks Damon has a real gift for law, and she's just trying to do what's best for their kids. Liza tells him that if he doesnít think Damon should go, then he doesnít have to tell him about the offer. She also asks him not to tell Damon that she recommended him for the internship. Once Liza is gone, Tad tells Opal about his conversation with her, and wonders what he should do.

(Krystalís) Emma tells Annie about Ryan and Greenleeís engagement. Annie sees J.R. and Marissa arrive laughing and carrying boxes. She imagines Marissa is telling J.R. that he should stop humoring her, because she (Annie) doesnít know what he needs, then Emma tells her J.R. loves Marissa, not her, and she has lost again. Annie begins to cry and Emma takes her out of her thoughts and back to reality by asking her what's wrong.

(Park) Tad tells Damon about the pre-law program and he wonders how he arranged things. Tad tells him that someone who thinks he'd make a good lawyer got him the spot. Damon really doesnít want to go so far away, but Tad tells him if this is what he really wants, he should do it and he has to decide right away because classes start in two weeks. Tad once again tells Damon that he'll be very proud of him whatever he decides to do with his life, and he'll always be behind him one hundred percent. He gives Tad a hug, and tells him he wants to go to California.

(Hospital) David tells Liza that he signed the divorce papers for Greenlee, and now he feels very alone. Liza tells him to focus on Marissa, who hasnít left him and obviously still cares for him or she wouldnít have agreed to be his lawyer. David hopes that both he and Liza can work out their relationships with their daughters. David tells her he knows that she slept with Damon because he heard what she said while he was in the coma. He tells Liza that her secret is safe with him as long as she can see him whenever she needs to talk.

(Krystalís) Marisa thanks J.R. for his help, and tells him she can finish decorating for the party on her own. Annie watches Marissa from outside. While Marissa stands on a stepladder facing the wall, Annie enters Krystal's, grabs a pair of scissors off of the table, and advances menacingly toward her nemesis.

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