AMC Update Friday 1/21/11

All My Children Update Friday 1/21/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Scott arrives at the hospital and meets with Jake. Scott talks about hearing Jake is filling in for Angie. Jake welcomes Scott aboard and tells him there is no office. Jake gives Scott a laptop to use.

Kendall says good morning to Cara and asks how she is. Cara says she will tell Griffin that Kendall looks rested. Kendall thanks her and says that's what sleeping in her own bed will do. Cara noticed she was off the couch. Kendall tells her it's the first time since Zach died. Cara tells her it's a positive step. Kendall says she has Griffin to thank because he opened up to her and told her how strong their mom was. Cara is surprised that Griffin told her that. Cara says she has to call the cops because someone must be impersonating her brother.

Griffin comes into David's room. David asks if he knows about picking locks. Griffin says he has experience with handcuffs. David can't believe Griffin ended up in Pine Valley. Griffin says it's a long story but didn't expect his mentor to be here. Griffin tells him about the lessons he learned from him.

Erica arrives at Krystal's and sees Jack. She asks Jack what time he came in last night. Jack says he doesn't know as it was late and asked when Erica came in. She doesn't know. Jack says he doesn't want to fight. Erica doesn't either. Jack says he wants to know why she keeps shutting him out. Erica says she isn't but wonders how she should react when he accuses her of being with Caleb. Jack says he never said that and knows what they have. Greenlee and Ryan arrive and greet them. Erica asks why they called them there and Greenlee announces that she and Ryan are engaged. Jack and Erica congratulate them as Greenlee says there's now going to be two happy weddings around here.

Marissa sees Krystal at the hospital. Krystal says she's visiting a friend and Marissa informs her she's here to be David's lawyer. Krystal is shocked that she wants to help him. Marissa says she's doing it for herself and choosing to deal with David on her own terms by taking control. Krystal says David doesn't respond well to ultimatums. Marissa thinks it's a chance for David to change for the better. Krystal asks what if David doesn't want to change.

David tells Griffin he saw the X-Rays where the bullet was and was a better teacher than he thought. Griffin thinks he was a better student than he thought. Griffin says he took all of David's lessons to heart while David forgot his own to never fall in love with his patients. Griffin tells him when he gets out, he'll buy the first round of beers and David can tell him what happened to him. David tells him that Greenlee Smythe happened to him.

Kendall continues to tell Cara about Griffin opening up to her. Kendall thought it was a trick at first and thinks that Griffin thought their mother's strength would inspire her. Cara says she's amazing and took care of them all. Kendall says she must be to raise two doctors. Cara thinks Kendall is doing fine and is on her way. Kendall says she'll feel that way when she's running her business full time and doesn't feel like screaming or crying. Kendall asks if Cara is glad she agreed to stay with her. Cara says that she is. Kendall tells her the grief doesn't get better, it just changes. Kendall says she was so angry at everybody and everything that she couldn't look at her best friends in the face. Cara understands their happiness was hard to see. Cara asks about now. Kendall says it's like she said, she's on her way.

Greenlee tells Jack & Erica how Ryan brought her back to the castle and it was perfect, romantic, and thoughtful. Greenlee says it was miraculous and never thought this would happen after they lost each other and everything 2 years ago. Ryan says they found each other again and they kiss. Erica says it's wonderful news and Jack agrees. Jack asks if they set a date. Greenlee jokes that they would double with them and Ryan says they hadn't set a date. Greenlee didn't want to interfere with their date. Jack says they haven't set a date either. Greenlee thought they wanted to get married as soon as possible. Erica says there's always an obstacle thrown in their way whenever they think they're in the clear. Greenlee wonders what obstacle could get in the way of Erica Kane marrying the love of her life.

Scott tells Jake there has been a misunderstanding because Greenlee promised him a job. Jake tells him he's a data entry clerk. Scott thinks he's joking. Scott thinks he has the wrong information. Jake says it's all they got because he's not a doctor. Jake explains what he will be doing. Scott asks how he can work without an office. Jake says he'll be everywhere and he has to go to a meeting. Scott reminds him he was a CEO. Jake tells him to stop complaining and that he explained this to Greenlee. Jake exits and Scott walks out of the room. Scott sits down in a chair with his laptop and opens it up. Madison walks up and says hey. Scott greets her. Madison says she has a checkup running late and realizes it's Scott's first day of work. Scott tells her he's a data entry clerk. Scott knows how it sounds. Madison thinks it's pretty cool. Scott asks which part. Madison says he was on top of the world, made a mistake but owned up to it and now he's trying to get his life back on track.

Marissa enters David's room. David greets her and asks what she's doing here. Marissa says she wants to take his case. She says he's going to listen as she speaks. Marissa says David has a very powerful presence and she let that intimidate her and manipulate her but that stops now. Marissa says if he accepts, she will call all the shots and show him an honest way to live. Marissa says if he agrees to it and truly understands why it's important, she will fight for him with everything she has. David asks why. Marissa says it's clear to her that he's not going away and she doesn't know why she cares what happens to him but she does. Marissa knows he could be a better man and her life would be better if he was.

Jack tells Greenlee and Ryan to pick whichever date they would like. Ryan asks if he's sure. Jack says he sees they are in love and not to let anything get in their way. Jack says they belong together as husband and wife. Jack and Greenlee get up to get a drink. Ryan asks Erica if they picked a bad time to spring this on them. Ryan sensed a little tension as Erica says not at all. Erica tells him not to worry about her. Kendall walks in to Krystal's as Jack is looking at Greenlee's ring. Kendall asks if she's getting married and congratulates her.

Cara opens the door and Griffin comes in. She welcomes him. Griffin says he's hungry and offers to go eat. Cara asks if he's not here to finish his story about their parents to Kendall. Cara is surprised he told a personal story to a patient. Griffin says he just wanted to inspire her. Cara thinks Pine Valley has done a number on him. Griffin jokes with her that maybe he should have told old stores about Cara instead. Cara says she'll make him a sandwich. Griffin tells her it's not so funny when it's on her. Cara goes to make the sandwich and Griffin wonders where his phone is.

Marissa says she kept remembering when David asked her if she wanted a relationship. Marissa tells him if he tries to work her even once, she'll make sure he goes to prison. David says he couldn't have asked for a better lawyer or daughter. Marissa says she's going to file the paperwork with the court. She tells him he got his life back so he should think hard about how he wants to use it.

Madison tells Scott how she had to start over her life once. She got a job as a cocktail waitress and lost her money at the casino and then ended up at Fusion. Scott thinks it's like what he's doing now and jokes with her. Scott thinks prison didn't do much for his social skills. Madison thinks the job could be good for Scott and the possibilities might take him somewhere. She asks to see his office but he tells her he's not settled in yet.

Kendall asks Greenlee when the engagement happened because she thought it wasn't on the radar. Greenlee offers to tell her later but Kendall wants to know so she tells her it happened yesterday. Greenlee wants to keep it small but Kendall wants her to go big and extravagant. Kendall tells her not to hold back because of her and have the dream wedding she always wanted. Ryan takes Kendall aside and asks if she's okay. Kendall says she's not freaking out over the engagement and she's fine. Ryan tells her the last thing they'd want to do is be insensitive to her feelings. Kendall assures him she's alright and knew this was coming. Ryan wonders if it might have took her by surprise. Kendall goes back to Greenlee to get her another drink. Erica's phone rings and it's David. David says it's nice to hear her voice again. Erica asks why he's calling her. David says he's sitting here thinking about Kendall shooting him and thought of Erica. Erica asks what he wants. David says just a little favor, he wants to see Greenlee alone at the hospital and wants Erica to make it happen now. Erica agrees to his blackmail and hangs up. Erica joins everyone back at the table and asks what everyone is talking about. Kendall says she was just discussing Greenlee's divorce with David because she can't get married until it happens. Greenlee wants to get it over with. Erica wants Greenlee to go see David now and get on it. Jack disagrees and doesn't want her anywhere near David. Greenlee thinks Erica's right and says she just needs David to sign the papers. Jack doesn't want her to go and Greenlee gets up to go. Ryan offers to go with her but Greenlee thinks that might upset David and she tells him to stay with Kendall. Ryan doesn't want her alone with him for too long. Greenlee reminds him that he's handcuffed and she knows how to handle David. Ryan tells her he'll be behind her. Greenlee kisses him and exits. Ryan sits with Kendall and Kendall tells him he got a package with the final information on Zach's crash but couldn't open it. Kendall says she isn't ready and was kind of shocked getting it. She thinks Ryan doesn't seem surprised. Ryan knew it was coming. Kendall asks how. Ryan tells her he went to California to check on the crash because he had some questions about it. Ryan thought that maybe the crash might not have been an accident. Ryan brings up his partners and the threats. Kendall says that Ryan never said anything. Ryan says he didn't know anything. Kendall can't believe Ryan didn't tell her. Ryan didn't want her to worry about nothing. Kendall asks if now she should worry and if Zach was murdered. Ryan says they confirmed it was an accident. Kendall asks if he's sure. Ryan tells her they said it was a faulty fuel valve and nothing could have stopped it. Ryan hopes in some way that it helps. Kendall guesses it does since she at least knows so it helps.

Erica comes down the stairs at home now and opens the door and Caleb comes in. She thanks him for coming. Caleb asks where Jack is. Erica tells him about David's phone call and what he wanted. Caleb had a feeling this was coming. Erica thinks this will only be David's first blackmail request. Caleb asks what Erica did. She says she tried to appeal to David's compassion but it's all gone. Caleb thinks she should be talking to her fiancée instead.

Cara and Griffin get ready to go eat and Kendall comes back home looking sad. Cara thinks she looks exhausted. Griffin thinks she should have been home resting and asks if anything is wrong with her pneumonia. Kendall says she doesn't feel sick physically. Griffin says she won't be dragged to the hospital and goes to leave. Cara tells her they're just going to get a quick bite to eat. They open the door to leave and Reverend Ricky Torres comes in. Kendall introduces him to Cara. Ricky asks if Griffin is a doctor that makes house calls. Griffin says he's just picking up his sister. Griffin glares at Ricky as he and Cara exit. Ricky asks how Kendall is doing. Ricky thinks he has something that might lift her spirits. He says the non profit organization he works for is looking for volunteers to help build homes for the homeless. Kendall doesn't know but Ricky thinks it could be a great stress release.

Scott tells Madison he's glad she stopped by. Madison says she will be late and he should do some work. Madison tells him she will see him and walks off. Scott turns around and Greenlee comes up. Scott asks her about his job. Greenlee tells him it's the best she could do and asks about him and Madison. Scott says it's totally awkward but he'll do everything he can because they have a deal. Greenlee tells him to make it work and they'll talk later cause she has to go. Greenlee walks away as Scott remarks that she can promote him any time.

Greenlee walks on to David's room. David says he thought he'd never see her again.

Jack notices Krystal at ConFusion and asks her what's going on. Krystal tells him about Marissa becoming David's lawyer. They sit down and Krystal says she knows what Marissa is trying to do to be in control. Krystal tried to change her mind but Marissa isn't listening. Jack knows Marissa is full of fight like Krystal is. Jack tells Krystal to have some faith and maybe she'll surprise her.

Erica says Caleb is her lawyer and Jack can't know about Kendall. Erica says she's not choosing him over Jack but in this instance, she needs an ally. Caleb says maybe she needs to tell Kendall. Erica says she cannot do that. Caleb thinks she's giving all the power to David. Erica says she has no choice because he'll send Kendall to prison. Caleb thinks Erica shouldn't let anyone push her around and put David in his place.

Kendall tells Ricky that Ryan & Greenlee got engaged and she wants to be happy for them while she is but a part of her still wishes. She asks if it makes her a horrible person. Ricky says he could give her a speech about rising above but honestly when in pain and people close are having everything go their way, it can be tough. Kendall asks if its selfish. Ricky thinks when she's ready, things will change and her friends will understand. Kendall says there's something else, Ryan went to California to investigate Zach's death. Ricky asks what he found out. Kendall tells him nothing and it was an accident. Ricky thinks that should be a relief. Kendall says it should because Ryan's intentions were good to give her closure but it wasn't unavoidable. Kendall says she pushed Zach to go help them and put him on that plane. Ricky thought she stopped blaming herself. Kendal says she's trying but it isn't working because she's ready to face the world and it's great but then she goes and sees how perfect Ryan & Greenlee's life is.

Cara asks Griffin why he did that to Kendall. Griffin says she's just his patient. Cara says she obviously wanted to talk but he rushed out. Cara thinks it bothers Griffin to see Kendall in pain. Griffin tells Cara about how Zach always talked about Kendall being full of life and now she's sad and he's seen that grief up close. Griffin says he got her out of the hospital and now she has Cara in the house so he's done her job.

Scott asks Jake to give him a break. Jake tells him that's all they got. Madison returns and Scott greets her. Scott asks how her appointment went and she says it was all good. They joke about Madison leaving and Ryan walks up. Ryan asks if they know each other. Scott puts his arm around her and says they sure do.

Greenlee talks to David about how a year ago she was in his position, in the hospital with him standing over her. Greenlee tells him that a lot has changed. David says she's right but a lot has also stayed the same.

Cara tells Griffin he always does this when things gets real, he looks for the exit. Cara says it's because of her. She tells him she loves him and can't thank him enough for everything but she's right here. Griffin says she's still a pain in the ass. Cara says they were having a moment. Griffin realizes he dropped his keys between here and Kendall's. Griffin goes back to look and Jake walks up to Cara. Jake asks how she's doing. Cara says she's good and tells Jake to not ever let Tad to become a doctor and get the surgeon's complex. Jake asks how it's going at Kendall's. Cara says she's physically good. Jake tells her the girl with leukemia is doing very well. Cara hopes their parents will get the message this time. Jake isn't sure why it upset Cara so much. Cara says Griffin doesn't go the extra step with patients but she does. Jake says he's going to meet Amanda and Cara says she'll see him at the hospital.

Kendall apologizes to Ricky for getting emotional. Ricky tells her not to because come basketball season when the 76ers are out of the playoffs he'll be crying. They laugh and Ricky says he's there anytime she needs to talk. Kendall thanks him and Griffin walks by. He looks in the window and sees Ricky and Kendall sitting close.

Caleb tells Erica that she needs to tell Kendall what's going on. Erica refuses and says it would put Kendall behind bars. Erica doesn't want to debate this anymore. Caleb says he'll do anything to help but she's making a mistake by not telling Kendall or trusting Jack. Erica assures him she does trust Jack completely.

Krystal tells Jack she'll be there for Marissa if she falls but she isn't sure if that will be enough. Jack says he would be there to help too and they could do it together.

Scott informs Ryan of how he met Madison at the prison and they got to talking and have a lot in common. Scott calls Madison cool, easy to talk to and laid back. Scott is glad he met her. Ryan says he's happy for them and has to go find Greenlee. Ryan walks off. Scott laughs and Madison tells him he didn't have to do that. Scott says he knows but he kind of liked it.

Greenlee tells David that one thing that has changed in the last year is them and their relationship so that's why she came to talk to him. David notices her ring and says it's new. David says he didn't give that to her.

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