AMC Update Thursday 1/20/11

All My Children Update Thursday 1/20/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Greenlee are kissing in bed. Greenlee says it was amazing and Ryan asks which part. Greenlee tells him coming back here to the castle where they were first married. Ryan asks if that's it. Greenlee jokes that the room service was pretty good too and they kiss some more. Greenlee tells him the lip service is excellent too. Greenlee says she knows there's no such thing as perfect but this is and she thanks him for bringing her back here. Ryan says they have history here, great history. Greenlee reminds him the last time was when she first came back into town with David and wishes she would've listened to him because things would be so different and Zach would still be alive. They kiss again and Ryan tells her all that matters is that they are here now. Ryan kisses her and tells her he did have a reason to bring her back here. Greenlee can't wait to do it again. Ryan says there's something else and reaches under the bed and grabs a ring box. Ryan tells her he's been wanting to ask her something for a long time.

JR comes down the stairs at the Mansion and Marissa is there with AJ. Marissa says she was hoping AJ could spend the night. JR agrees and sends him upstairs. He asks Marissa what's wrong and if she needs to go to the hospital. Marissa informs him that David is out of his coma. Marissa says she should be happy for her father but part of her hoped he would never wake up.

Erica tells Bianca to call her the second Kendall wakes up. Bianca thinks she might sleep through tomorrow and they hug. Erica goes to leave but she opens the door and Jack arrives. Jack asks how Kendall is. Bianca tells him she's sleeping. Jack asks where Erica was going. Erica says she was going back to the hospital to make sure David is still there. Jack tells her he's handcuffed and can't hurt anyone. Erica isn't taking anyone's word on that.

Kendall has arrived in David's room at the hospital and wonders why David is happy to see her. He says they have a lot to talk about. Kendall says she had to see for herself that he was awake. David is sorry to disappoint her but is sure she's happy that he's handcuffed to the bed. Kendall won't be happy until he pays for taking away Zach. Kendall tells him he should be dead and buried for what he's done. Kendall yells at him for the bad things he does as Griffin walks by. David asks if that's why Kendall tried to murder him. Griffin looks down hearing the news.

Bianca goes to check on the boys and Jack doesn't think Erica should go back to the hospital. Jack wants to know why she's so eager to get back to David. Jack reminds her the charges have been dropped. Erica thinks David might say something to convince Liza otherwise. Jack suggests they forget about David, go home and spend the night doing something fun. Erica tells him he doesn't understand and begins to make a call. Jack asks who she's calling and she says Caleb. Jack wonders if Erica thinks he doesn't understand but Caleb would. Jack tells her she's reaching out to Caleb while he's right in front of her. Jack brings up that Erica told Caleb what Kendall did to David before him and called Caleb when the charges were dropped. Erica asks if he's accusing her of something. Jack asks if he should be.

Marissa tells JR she was getting to a place to forget David existed. She says she just wanted to drop off AJ and is going home. JR suggests she stay and they talk about it. Marissa thinks there's nothing to say. JR says he's an expert on father issues. Marissa heads into the living room and says JR loves his father. JR says he hates him too. Marissa doesn't know how she feels about her dad because he always lets her down. JR says David is only safe when he's unconscious. Marissa just wants to write him off for good because she's tired of feeling guilty about him.

David asks if Kendall isn't even going to deny it. Kendall asks how David knew. David says he was there. Griffin walks in and says he was there too and saw Kendall with the pillow. David is confused. Griffin suggests Kendall leave. Griffin tells Kendall that she's his patient recovering from pneumonia. Griffin walks Kendall out of the room and tells her to either go home or go back in there where her heart could give out on her.

Ryan asks Greenlee if she remembers they met at WRCW. He said her name was unusual and she said that she was an unusual woman. Ryan says they've been friends, enemies, lovers, husband & wife, found each other and lost each other multiple times. Ryan says they are here now, this is it, real and they made it. Ryan tells her that every dream that they have ever had comes true and for every time he's hurt her, he will love her a thousand times more. Ryan admits at times he didn't think they'd make it back but they did because of her. Ryan says she taught him what real love is. Ryan opens the box and a ring is inside. Greenlee smiles and Ryan asks if she will marry him. Greenlee jokes that she wants a prenup. They laugh and Ryan asks if she wants the usual, a surprise a day. Greenlee says of course and accepts Ryan's proposal. Ryan places the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Erica tells Jack she has been busy lately with the charges. Jack thinks she's shutting him out. Erica doesn't want to drag him into it all. Jack tells her not to use that to pull away from him. Erica says she isn't but she just has to do things her way. Jack asks why she has to do these things alone. Jack tells he loves her. Erica says she loves him too. Jack says he never felt closer to her than when they came back to Pine Valley but now feels like he's losing her every day. She denies shutting him out. Jack says she does it over and over while he just wants it to be them like it was when they were traveling the world. Bianca comes back down the stairs and announces that Kendall is gone. Erica runs out the door, Jack offers to go but Erica says she can do this.

Marissa talks to JR about being stuck in the past but got unstuck thanks to him. JR asks for what, cheating on her. Marissa tells him about passing the bar and figured things out except for David. Marissa says there was a time she thought she never would stop feeling conflicted about JR but they are friends, parents, and she's cool with that. JR says there's nothing he wouldn't do to keep her safe. Marissa clears her throat and changes the subject asking about the robbery. JR tells her that everything is safe now and suggests Marissa stay the night.

Kendall tells Griffin she didn't check into the hospital. Griffin reminds her she was supposed to be home with her sons. Kendall says she agreed to his terms and Cara has watched her. Griffin suggests locking her in her room. Kendall wonders if she should change doctors. Griffin tells her to go back home before her blood pressure goes up. Kendall can't believe David knows she tried to smother him with the pillow.

Jesse walks into David's room and is glad he's awake because he's done waiting for him to answer his questions. Jesse tells him they're going to start with the night he got shot.

Ryan tells Greenlee the ring is from the stone they found on the beach in California. Greenlee asks if he had it made. Ryan says he wanted her to have a reminder of the vows they made. Greenlee is glad they are finally committed and promises to honor what they have and protect them. Ryan says they are forever and nothing is going to change that and they hug.

Jesse notes that Ryan and David were on the roof and asks why David was there. David says he's really tired and says he's not going to answer anything without a lawyer. David asks where Angie is and if she's still chief. Jesse informs him she's on bed rest. David claims he was going to thank her for her care. Jesse tells him he needs to start talking. David thinks Jesse will just twist his words around. David tells him he needs to rest. Jesse says he's been resting since Thanksgiving and he needs answers. Jesse gets up and leaves.

Griffin thought he had helped Kendall get over her obsession. Kendall admits it's a little bit of obsession because she had to see David when she heard he was awake. Griffin calls David harmless and thinks Kendall is a bigger threat. He tells her to stay away from David. Kendall says she wants to but she can't explain it. Kendall says something about him sets off her alarms. Griffin asks if it's the hallucinations. Kendall wants to figure out why she keeps having these feelings that scare her.

Erica returns to David's room. Erica asks him if Kendall had been there. David says yes and apparently she tried to kill him twice. Erica asks what he said and where she is. He tells her that Dr. Castillo took her away. Erica asks if she's okay. David notes her bad temper. Erica asks what he said to her. David says when he brought up that she tried to kill him, she confessed to using a pillow. David says nobody's ever confused a gun with a pillow and wants Erica to tell him what is going on. Erica tells him that Kendall doesn't remember shooting him and she doesn't want her to.

Ryan asks if Greenlee has a date in mind like tomorrow, next week, or maybe next month. Greenlee says right now. Ryan agrees he will get married naked. Greenlee says she means this moment is all she wants. Greenlee wants to stay a little longer. Ryan offers to hold on to her and not let go.

JR tells Marissa she'll always have a guest room if she needs it. JR tells her he tries to forget about his father sometimes but it didn't work. JR says their dads are in their heads. Marissa says JR figured it out because he faced him and didn't back down. JR says he still thinks about him which means he's learned to manage and control it instead of Adam controlling him.

Jack arrives at Krystal's and asks for a drink. Krystal turns around and apologizes as she was thinking about the wake they had for David. Krystal figures they celebrated too early. Jack realizes she heard the news. Krystal doesn't know what was worse, hearing the news or telling Marissa. Krystal thinks it's so weird that someone comes out of a coma should be good news but her heart sank when she heard this. Jack asks if its' because of Marissa. Krystal says David lied to Marissa and used her so now Marissa is confused. She asks how Erica is taking it. Jack says not well and they toast their drinks. Krystal thinks Erica's probably scared he'll go after her. Jack says Erica has her way of handling things. Krystal reminds him that's why he loves her. Krystal asks if they have set a date yet. Jack says no because it seems to move further away every day. Krystal tells him she's there to listen if he needs. Jack says he will take advantage right now. Jack tells her when he's with Erica it's like she's not there. Jack understands that Erica wants to be with Kendall after Zach died and then of course the shooting and charges as he understood that too. Krystal says you can't really celebrate a new life with all that. Jack says Kendall's doing a lot better and the charges have been dropped but every time he walks into a room, Erica starts looking for the door. Krystal asks if he's talked to her about it. Jack says she thinks it's just his imagination. Krystal asks what he thinks. Jack says in one word, Caleb.

Griffin asks Kendall what she expects to hear from David. She doesn't know but after what he did to Zach, her family and friends. Griffin suggests she don't use a pillow. Kendall tells him Greenlee was completely under David's spell and she was so angry at her and now she's right in the middle of David and she can't get out and doesn't know how to get rid of the hate. Griffin tells her to burn it. Kendall asks what he means. He says maybe not burn it exactly. She asks him to go on. Griffin says when he was 12, his father left and never came home from work one night. Griffin says his mother never cried, she took care of them and put food on the table but they saw her anger grow, fester and turn into hate. He says she would laugh, smile but the light in her eyes was gone. Griffin tells Kendall that kids need to see that light. Kendall asks what happened. Griffin says one night, he grabbed all the stuff that his father left behind and threw it in boxes. They went to a thrift shop and dump it into an overnight bin. Kendall asks if he didn't burn it. Griffin says his mom didn't want him playing with matches. Kendall asks if getting rid of his things helped. Griffin says it did.

David wonders about Kendall remembering trying to suffocate him but not shooting him. Erica tells him that she blocked it from her memory. David reminds her that she almost killed him. Erica reminds him he's alive so she didn't kill him. David asks if he should just let go that she shot him. Erica says Kendall's husband was killed by him and he sabotaged her plane. David says he didn't do anything to Zach's plane and Erica wasn't hurt. Erica says Zach is dead and Kendall's world is upside down all because of him. Erica tells him to make it right because he's been given a second chance in life. Erica tells him that he has a chance to make up for everything he's done in life. David reminds him that she tried to kill him. Erica reminds him that he was trying to kill Ryan. David claims he was defending himself. Erica brings up that he pulled the gun on Ryan. David thinks Kendall shot him because of Zach and now it's her turn to pay. Erica warns David that she will never let him hurt her daughter.

JR sits on the stairs with AJ. AJ asks where mommy is. JR says he's running an errand. AJ asks if it's a good errand. JR says yes and tells him that Marissa is one of the smartest women he knows and she will make them both proud.

Marissa comes to the hospital and runs into Jesse. Jesse asks if she's happy. She asks if he talked to him. Jesse says he did but couldn't get anything out of him. Jesse asks about getting him a lawyer. Marissa says he won't be needing his lawyer.

Kendall asks if Griffin has any other brothers or sisters. Griffin thinks he shouldn't have said anything and just wants her to stay away from David. Kendall says she still wants to burn something. She says Griffin does that thing where he's cool and charming but he cares about his patients. Griffin says he cares about keeping them alive.

Greenlee's phone rings and Ryan thinks she should ignore it for dessert. Greenlee says she's ignored it for hours and it could be important. She gets it and realizes it's her dad that left 3 messages. Ryan gets his phone and it's a message from Jake that David is awake.

Jack tells Krystal that Erica and he got to a great place and it was real. Jack says he got the ring and then she landed in the plane to Caleb's. Krystal brings up Caleb saving her. Jack says he's eternally grateful but he never expected Caleb to come into their lives. Jack appreciates them fulfilling Palmer's last wish and he thinks Caleb & Erica make a good team. Krystal brings up that Caleb is her lawyer. Jack says he trusts him with her defense. Krystal thinks there's no problem them. Jack thinks Erica loves a challenge and that's what Caleb has been. Jack thinks that challenge has become something more.

David tells Erica this is completely out of her hands. Erica says at one time David went to extreme lengths to help her back when they were close, they understood each other well and cared for each other deeply. David says it was the incident in the basement and now she hates him. Erica knows the David she fell in love with is somewhere inside still. David asks if she thinks this is working. Erica reminds him that he's the reason Kendall is alive by doing her heart transplant and he showed the same compassion when he operated on Ian. David says he's a surgeon and that's what they do. Erica tells him he held Kendall's heart in his hands and now holds her life in his hands again. Erica pleads with him to understand Kendall's pain, forgive her and not make her suffer more than she already has.

JR looks at court papers for his divorce when the phone rings. He sees it's Annie and starts to answer it but doesn't. He puts the phone back down with an upset look.

Jesse says he knows Marissa has problems with her father but they can't ban him from legal representation. Marissa didn't intend to and says she is now David's lawyer.

Ryan thinks it's good that David is awake so that he can finally pay for what he's done to her, Erica, Zach, and everyone else. Ryan starts to get up but Greenlee reminds him that David will still be there tomorrow. Greenlee tells him to give her tonight and stay. Ryan agrees and they kiss and start to make love.

Griffin tells Kendall he will call Cara to take her blood pressure. Griffin wants her to come back tomorrow for more tests. Kendall asks if Cara became a doctor because he was one. Griffin tells her to ask Cara. Kendall says before he was talking to her like a real person. Griffin says he's her doctor and that's his job. Kendall says he was helping her deal with the David thing. Griffin says he's a cardiologist and his job is to keep her heart functioning. He says if she wants to deal with her David obsession to go see a shrink.

Erica wants David to tell her he will protect Kendall. David says she makes a strong case. Erica asks if he won't tell anyone what really happened. David says he loves it when Erica needs something from him.

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