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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/18/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita
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(Hospital) Amanda asks Jake if he thinks Annie is okay, because she doesnít think itís a good idea that she and Annie be friends, given her family history. Jake assures Amanda that she's not like her mother or Annie, but a stable, grounded, beautiful woman with a great family. Amanda kisses Jake and then decides to go look at the babies in the nursery. Griffin wonders why Cara had told him that she'd stopped calling the state department about her travel papers, when they told him that she'd called last week. Amanda is walking by and tells Griffin and Cara that she made the call because she wanted to make sure Cara was telling the truth, and not playing games to stay in Pine Valley trying to get Jake back. Amanda tells Griffin and Cara that she's sure that she and Jake love each other and their marriage is wonderful. Amanda apologizes to them for invading Caraís privacy and she tells Amanda that it took guts to tell the truth. David awakens and asks Erica what happened. She tells him that he was shot on Thanksgiving because he was trying to kidnap Greenlee and he tried to throw Ryan off of the roof.

(Krystalís) The police commissioner tells Jesse that Natalia and Brot are having a relationship that's more then just professional, violates the rules, and if he doesnít do something about it, he and the Mayor will step in and handle it.

(Yacht Club) Brot whispers to Natalia that he'll be back soon...she mumbles and then turns around to go back to sleep. Brot gets dressed and quietly leaves the room.

(Kendallís place) Bianca arrives and tells Kendall that Caleb called to tell her that the charges have been dropped against Erica.

(Jack and Ericaís house) Caleb drops by to tell Jack that Erica called to tell him that Liza decided to drop the charges against her. Jack thanks Caleb for the information, and tells him that Erica wonít need his services any longer. Caleb gets a call and leaves right away.

(Kendallís place) Kendall tells Bianca that she hopes now that the charges against Erica have been dropped, that she can stop having nightmares about David. She also thinks that Erica should concentrate on planning her wedding to Jack, but really doesn't think that they should even get married as it doesn't guarantee that it will last. Kendall knows that Bianca is talking about her relationship with Reese, and encourages her to ask Reese to move back to Pine Valley as they shouldnít be apart any longer. Bianca appreciates Kendallís advice, but she isnít sure that their love runs as deep as it did when they were first married.

(Yacht Club) Natalia awakens and starts to cry when Brot isnít there. She gets dressed and leaves the room angry and hurt because she thinks he got what he wanted from her and left.

(Krystalís) Brot arrives to get lunch for Natalia and he tells Jesse that he and Natalia love each other very much. Jesse wants to tell Brot what the commissioner said, but he just tells Brot he's happy for them both. Angie calls Jesse to tell him that she canít travel because she had cramps and the doctor she saw recommended bed rest. Jesse wants to go and be with her, but Angie insists he stay there, because Cassandra will take good care of her. She tells him to please ask Jake to fill in for her at the hospital until she can come home.

(Hospital) Griffin checks on David, and he explains that he was passing through and he performed the surgery that saved his life. Griffin tells David that he's glad that he's out of the coma, and will tell him about the amazing surgery later. Erica worries that David will remember the truth, so she asks Caleb to help her distract Griffin while she makes sure that he only tells the police her version of the story. Griffin tells Jesse that David needs to rest and canít answer questions right now, so Jesse handcuffs David to the bed making sure he canít get away. Caleb distracts Griffin, and Erica tells David once more, that she had to shoot him to keep him from throwing Ryan off the roof. David tells her that they know it's a lie as they both know Kendall shot him. David explains to Erica that when he felt the bullet hit him, he turned and saw Kendall holding the gun. Jake talks to the parents of a child with cancer that are upset that he's not keeping their daughter in isolation. He explains that she's in remission and her fever is down, so there is no need to keep her in isolation. The father tells Jake that his daughter isnít like other kids and he'll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if he has to lock her in the house. Cara is upset and tells the man that he canít because the worst thing he can do for his daughter is kill her spirit and take away her hope. Griffin arrives and pulls Cara aside and tells her that she needs to stay away from this case. Jake wonders what is going on, but Griffin and Cara refuse to tell him why she was so upset. Jake thinks that Griffin is being too hard on Cara, as it's good for doctors to get upset once in a while...because it shows they have feelings.

(Kendallís place ) Jack arrives to tell Bianca and Kendall the good news about Erica but they already know, so Kendall asks Jack to encourage Erica to set a wedding date. Jack leaves to go and look for her and Kendall gets a call from Griffin telling her that David woke up from his coma. Kendall tells Bianca she feels okay about David waking up and that it's time for her to go to her room and try to get some sleep.

(Hospital) Erica tells Caleb that David knows that Kendall shot him and now she doesnít know if he will tell the police. Jack arrives and Erica tells him that she is very worried because David is awake. Jack assumes that Erica is worried David will persuade Liza to press charges against Erica, so he asks Caleb to be her lawyer if she needs him and he agrees to help.

(Yacht Club) Brot arrives and notices the room is empty so he leaves and goes searching for Natalia.

(Krystalís) Brot finds Natalia and she yells for him not to touch her, but he pulls her into a kiss. Brot explains that he'd left the hotel to get her favorite food, because he knew she'd be hungry. Brot says that he'd told her he'd be right back, and she'd mumbled something, so he thought she understood and left. Natalia explained that she mumbles in her sleep, and she was hurt because she thought he left since he got what he wanted. Brot explains that he'd never leave her like that, because she is the woman that makes him want to come back. They then go back to the hotel.

(Yacht Club) Brot and Natalia eat lunch and then make love again.

(Hospital) Erica decides that she should be the one to tell Kendall that David is awake so she heads over to Kendallís house.

(Kendallís house) Bianca tells Erica that Kendall is sleeping in her own bed for the first time since Zach died. Erica decides not to wake her and tells Bianca she wants Kendall to stay away from David.

(Krystalís) Jesse tells Jake that Angie needs him to fill in for her at the hospital because the doctor has ordered bed rest for her. Jake agrees to help and Jesse shares with Jake that he could lose his job as chief of police.

(Hospital) Kendall arrives to visit David and he tells her that he's very glad to see her.

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