AMC Update Monday 1/17/11

All My Children Update Monday 1/17/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita
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(Kendallís house) Kendall wants Erica to start making wedding plans, but Bianca points out she canít plan anything until the charges against her for shooting David are settled. Erica gets upset because she doesnít want to talk about David in Kendallís house in fact she wants Kendall to forget about David and not give him another thought. Kendall changes the subject and wants to talk about what is going on between Erica and Caleb. Opal is also interested in this topic since she thinks that Erica has been keeping something from her. Erica assures Kendall and Opal that there is nothing going on other then a business relationship with Caleb. Kendall goes to check on the boys and Opal goes with her and Bianca advises Erica that if she wants people to stop asking questions about her and Caleb, then she should stop getting nervous at the mention of his name. Opal comes back downstairs and tells Bianca that her girls request her presence upstairs to play princess. Once Bianca is gone, Opal wants to know what's is going on with Caleb and the two friends head to Krystal's restaurant to have lunch and some gal pal talk.

(Hospital) Liza checks on David and is surprised when Dr. Castillo tells her that David is being transferred to another facility, because there is nothing more that the hospital can do for him. Liza feels sad because she feels like the only person who needed her is leaving.

(Krystalís) Tad tries to persuade Damon to work things out with Colby and not leave Pine Valley. Damon tells Tad he doesnít want to leave town because Pine Valley is the first real home he has ever had, and he wanted to continue to get to know his family. Damon feels he has to break up with Colby and leave town because if he doesnít, he'll cause Colby more pain and he couldnít bear that. Tad tells Damon he doesnít want him to leave, but he respects his decision and will always be there whenever he needs him, because he loves him very much.

(Ryanís place) Ryan packs for California and Greenlee wishes she could go with him, but she wants to be there for Kendall in case she needs her. Greenlee kisses Ryan and tells him to be careful and call her if he finds out any information about the plane crash. Ryan tells Greenlee he owes it to Zach and Kendall to find out the truth about Zachís death.

(Hospital) Colby tells Liza that she is going to make things right with Damon because she loves him and wants to get past this rough patch. Liza still thinks that Colby should give Damon some time, but wishes her good luck anyway.

(Krystalís) Erica tells Opal that Caleb is more attracted to her then she is towards him, because she's in love with Jack. Erica tells Opal she kissed Caleb on New Yearís Eve as she was vulnerable, because Kendall was in the hospital. Erica assures Opal that it will never happen again and orders a salad for lunch.

(Kendallís place) Kendall tells Greenlee it hurts a bit to see them together, but she's happy for them and wants to be her maid of honor. Greenlee tells her that she has to get divorced before she can marry Ryan, but she's glad that Kendall is happy for them.

(California) Ryan talks to an NTSB official and the man tells him that the crash was ruled an accident because a faulty fuel valve caused the crash. Ryan calls Greenlee to tell her the information and to tell her he will be home tomorrow.

(Kendallís place) Greenlee hangs up the phone and tells Kendall that Ryan will be home from a business trip tomorrow. Kendall tells Greenlee she appreciates that she didnít go with Ryan to be with her, but that she shouldnít spend any time apart from the man she loves. Greenlee gives Kendall a hug and then quickly goes home to pack and heads to California.

(California) Ryan sits on the beach remembering the crash and takes a walk where he sees Greenlee and they kiss. Ryan tells Greenlee he needed to find out the truth about the crash, because he felt that he hadnít tried hard enough to save Zach. Greenlee tells Ryan that the crash wasnít their fault and they should move on with their lives. Ryan and Greenlee leave the beach and the NTSB official calls someone to tell them that the Slater case is closed and that he doesnít think anyone will be asking any more questions.

(ConFusion) Erica asks Liza to move up the trial date because she wants to get this over with, so she can concentrate on Kendall. She also tells Liza that she acted on instinct to protect Ryan, and wonders if Liza has ever done anything implosively that she later regretted. Tad arrives and agrees with Erica that everyone makes impulsive mistakes that they wish they could take back, and he doesnít think Erica should pay for her mistake. Liza wants to spend time with Colby, and tells Erica she'll think about moving up the trial date. Erica leaves Liza and Tad alone to talk and he asks Liza to act like the woman he fell in love with, and do the right thing. Liza tells Erica that she'll drop the charges against her, because she has more important things to do then this case.

(Chandler mansion) Colby tells Damon that she's willing to do whatever it takes for them to get back to the place where they were in their relationship, and that she's even willing to move in with him. He tells her that he doesnít want to go back, so Colby tells him they should put their cards on the table. She tells him that she's kissed Asher twice and she's sorry that she'd caused him pain. Colby wants to know who Damon slept with, but he says that wouldnít do any good for either of them. He tells her he still loves her and she holds him while they both cry a bit, then he gently takes her hands off his neck and tells her good-bye as she cries.

(Hospital) Griffin tells Kendall that she's doing okay physically, but Kendall admits that although she's eating, she canít sleep because she canít get used to the silence at night. Griffin tells her that Cara had told him that she's been sleeping on the couch, and he thinks that Zach would want her to get a good nightís sleep, so she should try sleeping in her bedroom. Eating a lollipop, he tells Kendall that he just canít get used to treating the emotional needs of patients, and surgery is a lot easier. Griffin tells her that he loves his job, and then as she asks him to give her a lollipop, which he does, saying she's demanding. She tells him that a lot of people have told her that in the past.

(Kendallís place) Kendall decides that Griffin could be right, so she heads upstairs to try and sleep in her own room.

(Hospital) Erica tells David that the ordeal is over and he canít hurt anyone else that she loves anymore. As she heads toward the door, David opens his eyes and calls out her name.

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