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All My Children Update Friday 1/14/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JR comes in with food for Marissa. JR says she's supposed to be resting. Marissa says Scott's parole hearing got moved up and she's his attorney. JR reminds her she got hit in the head. Marissa tells him she's fine but then falls into JR's arms. Annie walks in and sees this.

At the hospital, Natalia talks to Angie. Angie asks about the break in at the Chandlers. Angie thinks Natalia and Brot will catch whoever did it. Angie asks if she's ok. Natalia says it depends and Angie figures it has to do with her and Brot. Angie asks if he did something. Natalia says it's more what she didn't do.

Brot comes up to Jesse at Fusion. Jesse is going over their report on the break in. Brot asks if there's a problem. Jesse says he seems like he has a problem. Brot says he didn't get much sleep. Brot thinks he needs to be off the case.

Madison is reading at Krystal's when she gets a voicemail on her phone. She answers and it's Scott. Scott leaves her a message saying he hopes they can get to know each other when he's out.

Ryan and Greenlee greet Scott as he prepares for the hearing. Scott says he hopes to be doing good in an hour. Ryan leaves to let them talk. Scott and Greenlee sit down and he asks how she is. Scott says he wants to get back in the world and out of this place. Greenlee tells him she can only do what she can. Scott knows she doesn't want Ryan to know about her plan. Scott figures that Ryan doesn't know Madison is pregnant with his child and until now he wasn't sure if Greenlee knew. Scott thinks that raises the stakes a lot.

JR walks Marissa to the couch and sits he down. Annie watches and has a flashback to hitting Marissa with the door and setting up the fake break-in scene. JR notices Annie and asks her to come help her. JR tells Annie to look after Marissa while he gets her water. Marissa says he doesn't have to as he leaves. Annie looks at Marissa and imagines Marissa thanking her for getting JR to take care of her. Annie says she knows what Marissa is doing. Marissa is confused and asks what while JR walks back in and says Marissa is not going to the parole hearing. Annie says she'll put out a press release about what happened. JR doesn't think that's necessary and doesn't need any crazies bothering Marissa. Annie asks what he means by that. JR talks about low-lives having to attack defenseless women. Marissa says she's not defenseless. JR says he's going to make sure whomever did it gets put away for a long time. Annie tells him she needs to talk to him and exits.

Natalia tells Angie she doesn't feel comfortable talking about this. Natalia wonders if it would be different if they didn't work so close. Angie thinks that could cause a strong bond. Natalia says they have a strong bond but last night they had to go to a hotel room and got there late so it was the two of them alone, late in a hotel room. Natalia says she really likes Brot but she put on the brakes and thinks he's frustrated. Angie asks why she put on the brakes. Natalia says it's because they are on the force together. Angie notes they were off duty. Natalia says the hotel room was still a part of the case. Natalia thought it was pretty clear that it wasn't the right time again. Angie asks if this has happened before. Angie asks if Natalia is concerned that she's sending the wrong messages to Brot - that she likes him but doesn't find him attractive.

Jesse asks Brot if he thinks they are getting too serious that they shouldn't work together anymore. Brot thinks they are serious but he's in it alone. Brot talks about looking in the mirror and having to do a double take. Brot doesn't know what else it could be with Natalia. Jesse suggests he discuss it with her.

Greenlee tells Scott that she's surprised Madison told him because she didn't want people to know. Scott thinks that ruins the plan. Greenlee says she just wanted someone to be there for Madison and just wanted Ryan to see she was content when he inevitably finds out. Greenlee asks if Scott's going to let this screw up his chance at freedom. Scott asks her if he's pissed off enough to ruin her happily ever after with Ryan.

Randi asks Angie if she's referring to his scars. Randi hopes Brot wouldn't think she's that shallow. Randi says she would never do anything like that to him. Angie believes her. Natalia says she needs to talk to him. She says she know it's not going to be easy but there's no time like the present. Natalia gets up as Brot arrives. She tells Brot that they need to talk because she made a terrible mistake.

Annie is at the hotel waiting for JR. She looks at her phone wondering where he is. She looks in the drawer and sees Marissa's purse that she took as well as her bracelet. There's a knock on the door so she puts it all back and shuts it. Annie opens the door and it's JR. Annie tells him she's happy to see him. JR is glad she understands because he knows how upset she can get especially about Marissa. Annie says she's fine even though she doesn't love the situation. Annie says seeing him care for Marissa made her want him even more. JR kisses her. Annie says she was thinking about the trip he was planning to Switzerland. JR apologizes for postponing it. Annie asks about canceling it for one little mishap. JR doesn't think it's a little mishap that someone broke into his house and could've killed Marissa. Annie keeps talking and JR yells at her to stop.

Scott talks to Greenlee about being married to Annie and tells Greenlee that he wants no more games. Greenlee tells him that she and Ryan are in love but Ryan has a loyal streak. Greenlee says if Ryan finds out about Madison, he will be there for her. Scott knows she thinks if Madison is with someone, Ryan won't bother. Greenlee asks Scott if he's going to tell Ryan that Madison is pregnant. Ryan comes back in and tells Scott the lawyer is here. Scott gets ready. Ryan tells him he deserves a fresh start. Scott hopes he's about to get one thanks to Greenlee

Jesse comes to the hospital and meets Angie. They kiss and Jesse asks if Brot showed up. Angie says Natalia just went to talk to him.

Natalia apologizes to Brot because this isn't the first time a night ended like that. Natalia tells him she really likes him. She asks him if they can go to the scene of the crime.

Annie apologizes to JR because she just wants this so badly. JR does too and tells her his divorce was supposed to be finalized. Annie asks what he means by supposed to. JR says after Marissa's trauma he called the court and canceled their appearance. JR says he feels too bad and what happened last night changed everything.

Scott talks to the lawyer and they shake hands. He tells Scott that the decision was largely based on his job opportunity. Ryan tells him it's finally over. Scott tells Greenlee he owes her one. Greenlee is sure he'll do a good job. Scott goes to get processed. Ryan tells Greenlee that he will do great. Ryan says he's going to go talk to the parole guy. Greenlee goes to get Ryan's stuff. She grabs his phone and he gets a text from Madison saying Kendall was coming home but she wouldn't say anything about him going to California. Ryan comes back in and Greenlee tells him he got a text from Madison and asks him how she knows he's going to California and why it's a secret from Kendall.

JR tells Annie if she got hit and was lying unconscious, he'd be just as protective. Annie asks if that's supposed to make her feel better. JR tells her it will only be a little while longer and he's doing the right thing. JR kisses her and tells her it's all going to work out. JR leaves and Annie shakes her head looking sad.

Ryan and Greenlee return home. She can't believe Ryan thinks Zach was murdered. Ryan tells her he doesn't buy the case being closed. Greenlee asks if he enlisted Madison to help him. Ryan tells her that Madison overheard and it's why he's going to California. Greenlee asks how he could lie to her. Ryan says he knew she'd want to go and didn't want her to have to go through that again. Greenlee asks when she became another woman he has to protect.

Scott returns to the Chandlers and Marissa welcomes him. She hugs him and Scott asks why she's back in this house. Marissa tells him about the break-in. Scott asks if she's ok. She says she is. Scott says it's even more reason to move away from here. Marissa tells him that JR has been great lately. Scott tells her not to let him pull her back in or make decisions for her. Marissa says she isn't, their marriage is over and she just has to sign the final papers. JR returns home and walks in saying well look who's here. Scott acknowledges him and tells him he sees his things are missing and assumes they are in storage. Scott asks if that's his subtle way of kicking him out. JR says the court may have let him out but he doesn't get back into the family that easy. Scott says he's not moving back in, he just came back to get a painting of Stuart's. Scott tells Marissa to take care of herself and to make sure she moves away. Scott exits and Marissa tells JR that he's still family. JR tells her he's not anymore. Marissa says she just thought now that he's out and then says they should hurry to court. JR says there's no hurry now.

Jesse tells Angie she was really amazing with Natalia. Jesse suggests they go visit Cassandra. Angie says that's a great idea but she knows he can't take a vacation now. Jesse can't let her fly across country alone. Angie would agree if she was flying the plane but she can be a passenger. Angie says she's been thinking about visiting Cassandra ever since she moved. Jesse suggests Frankie can go with her but Angie doesn't think so. Angie says it's another test for her to pass. Jesse says Angie can do anything and their little girl will be so lucky. Angie is surprised to hear that Jesse knows they are having a daughter.

Natalia and Brot return to the hotel room. Brot tells her that she doesn't have to do this if she's nervous. Natalia says she knows she gave him the wrong impression and that he wouldn't feel so good about their relationship. Natalia tells him when she sees him, she sees a very sexy man not just a man who suffered horrible injuries. Brot asks about his face. Natalia tells him she loves his face, it's sweet and handsome. Brot says it did cross his mind. Natalia tells him it's not about that. Brot assumes things aren't clicking between them. Natalia says no and Brot asks what it is because his ego can take it. Natalia says she's never had feelings this strong ever. Brot is confused and asks how she can have those feelings. Natalia says it's hard to explain. Brot begs her to try. Natalia tells him she's not that experienced. Brot says it's alright. Natalia says no, she's really not that experienced. Brot asks if she means what he thinks. Natalia finishes that she hasn't, ever.

Scott is at Krystal's. The waitress asks if he wants anything. Scott says he's free and pretty amazing then looks at the menu. She tells him he can have whatever he likes. Scott orders a New York Steak and baked potato. Scott then tells her he thinks he left his credit card at home and doesn't have enough cash. Scott changes his order to a bowl of soup. Annie walks in to Krystal's and notices Scott. Annie says she didn't know that he was. Scott asks if she was going to say still alive. Annie says he knows what she means. She asks when he got out and where he's staying. He says today and he doesn't know. Annie tells him she hates how they ended things. Scott says he's the one who believed they had something and it was his mistake. Annie says they had some great times and he was really great to her. She's really glad he's out and so is he.

Marissa asks if JR delayed their divorce hearing. JR says it won't make a difference a couple of days and Marissa agrees.

Ryan apologizes for not being upfront with Greenlee. She knows that's his instinct and he couldn't change. He asks if she wants him to change. She says that's why she fell in love with him and sometimes she wishes she could help him too.

Scott says to the painting he got that he really misses his dad. Flashbacks of old times with Scott and Stuart are shown. Scott says Stuart taught him better than to do what Greenlee wants him to do and wishes he was still here to help him. Madison walks in and says she heard about his release. She congratulates him and asks about the picture. Scott tells her it's his dad and he really misses him but he's glad he wasn't able to see him in prison. Madison says they all make mistakes but everyone can make up for them. Scott figures it starts now and thinks it'd be nice if Madison would join him for a cup of coffee.

Jesse tells Angie that when she had the amnio, the file was dropped and he accidentally saw it. Angie notes he didn't say a word so Jesse apologizes. Angie understands and says she just got her surprise early and can't wait to raise a little girl with him. Jesse tells her the girl will be as perfect as she is.

Natalia says she should probably leave because Brot must think something else. Brot says he thinks she's an amazing, beautiful woman with nothing to be embarrassed about. Brot says he will get them some privacy and goes to shut the door. Commissioner Bennett is across the hall and goes into the elevator. He watches Brot close the door and put a do not disturb sign on it. Brot takes her jacket and Natalia apologizes again. Brot says they can't be making assumptions anymore. Natalia says there are reasons it never happened like her first boyfriend being a total jerk and the list goes on. Natalia says she then met Brot and he was sweet, kind, funny, and sexy and she froze. Brot asks why. She says she didn't want to disappoint him. Brot asks if she knows what it means to know that she wanted him to make love to her and touch her. Brot kisses her hand and she starts to undress. They kiss and she starts to unbutton his shirt. They move onto the bed and she assures him she's okay.

Angie and Jesse talk more about having a baby girl. She talks about telling Cassandra. Jesse tells her he will miss her. Jesse tells her not to do much because he needs her back safe and sound. He gets a call and it's from Commissioner Bennett. He says he and Mayor Blanco have some personnel issues to discuss with him about people on the force and it's not a request but an order.

Natalia and Brot made love and now lay in bed. She tells him how happy she is that he's with her. They kiss again.

Scott tells Madison he knows it's strange to have a guy out of prison hitting on her. Madison apologizes for telling him she's pregnant. Scott says the offer still stands. Madison is surprise she hadn't scared him away. Scott says he doesn't scare that easily. Madison thinks he might if he knew her better. Scott wonders what else there could be. Scott jokes with her about if she was a bank robber. Scott says he knows they could walk away but he might not want to so what happens then. Madison agrees to have a cup with him and asks to know more about his dad's painting.

Greenlee massages Ryan's shoulders and they kiss. Ryan's phone rings and he answers as it's on the investigation. The man asks Ryan when his flight is and he says a couple of hours. He asks Ryan if he could move it up because the sooner the better.

Marissa thanks JR for the past few weeks. JR says things have been good between them and AJ runs in and hugs Marissa. AJ asks if she's okay. She says she's getting better by the minute.

Annie looks at a picture of JR, AJ, and Marissa from Marissa's purse. Annie talks to it and can't believe Marissa kept the picture and yells that Marissa is out no matter how much she schemes, she's out. Annie takes scissors and cuts Marissa out of the picture and finishes saying "There, much better."

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