AMC Update Thursday 1/13/11

All My Children Update Thursday 1/13/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Scott is sitting with a chess table at the Prison. A guard comes up and knocks the pieces over. Scott asks what his deal is. The guard says he doesn't like brats that use expensive trust funds to get early parole. Scott says he doesn't have a trust fund but jokes that the guard will miss him. He tells Scott to clean up the mess and leaves. Once he's gone, Scott pulls a cell phone out of his sock and looks at Madison's number that Greenlee gave him.

Greenlee and Ryan are kissing at Fusion. Jake and Amanda walk up and they kiss as well. Ryan and Greenlee greet them. Greenlee gets a text from Scott that says things are changing fast so she steps away and texts Scott that she's busy and will come another time. Scott responds not a good idea.

Frankie and Randi are eating at Krystal's with Natalia and Brot. They joke about having late night work shifts and all night stake outs. Randi asks what Brot and Natalia talk about all night. They look at each other and Natalia says this was their first one together. Brot is sure they'll find something to talk about. Randi says to excuse her for a second and she gets up and arrives at Madison's table. She asks what letter Madison is reading. Madison says someone is interested and wants to see her. Randi wants to know more and asks why he sent a letter. Madison tells her probably because the guy is in prison.

Annie knocks open the door which hits Marissa and knocks her down. Annie freaks out and thinks she killed her. Annie checks on her and sees she's still breathing. Annie looks around and tries to drag her but can't. Her phone rings and it's JR. Annie answers. JR says he's been looking for her and asks if she's ok. She says she's good and asks how JR is. JR asks where she is. Annie hesitates and pretends that there is static and she can't hear him. JR asks again where she is. Annie says she's running a few errands. JR asks if she's staying out of trouble. She says she's doing her best. JR asks if she got his voicemail. She says she didn't because her phone was off. JR tells her everything's changed and now he wants to be with her. Annie tells him no because she has some things to do. Marissa begins to regain consciousness and JR asks what the noise was. Annie pretends there's static and says she will call him back. Annie looks around for what to do next as Marissa is still down. Annie breaks a glass fixture on the floor to use to blame.

Jesse and Angie are at the hospital when Mayor Blanco comes up. Mayor wants Jesse to be back at work. Jesse doesn't agree but Angie tells him he doesn't have to hover over her. Angie tells her they will discuss it as she leaves. Angie tells him that the Mayor was just trying to bait him and was looking for a reason to fire him.

Randi is surprised Madison is talking about Scott Chandler. Madison explains that she thinks Scott's not really a criminal and was just caught between the Cortlandts and Chandlers battle. Randi agrees she doesn't know what really happened and invites Madison to join them. They go over and Brot and Natalia say they are on the clock and have to leave. Randi asks Madison about working and Madison tells them that Kendall re-hired her. Frankie worries that she'll be back in the middle with Ryan. Madison assures them she can stay away from Ryan.

Greenlee and Scott continue to text. Scott tells her to come tonight if she wants him to get Madison away from Ryan or forget the whole thing. Greenlee comes back to Ryan with Jake and Amanda and asks what she missed. Jake says they were talking about babies as they're looking to have another one. Ryan asks Greenlee why it looks like she's about to take off. She says she needs to go into work for a supplier. Amanda asks if someone else can do it. Greenlee says they can do it another night. Ryan offers to go with her but she says he doesn't need to. Greenlee gets up and leaves as Jake tells her they'll hang out again another night.

Annie throws pillows onto the floor to continue creating a scene. She opens the back door and breaks a vase against the door knocking out one of the glass windows in the door. Annie says it will look like a burglar broke in. Annie takes Marissa's purse and her bracelet that JR got her to make it look like she got robbed and sneaks out of the room. Annie notices the alarm before she exits and thinks that's even better.

Randi asks Madison what she does when Kendall goes back to the office. Madison says she will deal. Frankie notes that Ryan is around Spike a lot. Madison says she can't avoid him 100% of the time. Frankie wonders if she doesn't want to avoid him. Madison says she isn't going to tell him about the baby. Madison assures them that it's all good and she's doing what's best for her baby.

Ryan returns home and notices an envelope at the door. He takes it in and opens it. Inside are papers about the investigation on Zach's plane. It says the case is closed.

Greenlee arrives at the prison. Scott comes out and Greenlee tells him he screwed up her night so he should make it quick. They sit down. Scott says his parole hearing has been moved up to tomorrow. Greenlee asks if that's it. Scott says she needs to know because she will be there to testify on his behalf.

Annie sets off the alarm and opens the door but sees JR drive up. She quickly shuts the door and runs. JR runs in and shouts for AJ. The nanny comes down and JR tells her to go check on AJ. JR goes in to the living room and checks on Marissa. JR asks Marissa who did this and what happened. Annie peeks in and quickly sneaks away.

Greenlee tells Scott that getting him a job is one thing but can't risk putting her reputation on the line. Scott tells her she's going to do it anyways. Greenlee asks when he got so cocky. Scott says he sees it in her eyes that she's worried about Madison and he can get her away from Ryan as long as he gets help from her tomorrow. Scott tells her he can make her life so much easier if he's a free man.

Ryan comes back to Fusion and runs into Madison. Ryan asks how she is. Madison says she's fine and working for Kendall. Ryan asks how Kendall is. Madison says she's good and asks Ryan how long she's supposed to be in on the investigation of Zach's death. Madison wonders if there's still danger if Zach was murdered.

Natalia and Brot arrive at the Chandlers calling in the burglary. JR tells them what happened as he just got home and found Marissa. Marissa wakes up and asks JR what happened. JR says it look like she walked in on a burglar. JR wants to get Marissa to the hospital. Annie walks into the Chandlers and acts shocked asking what happened. Natalia asks if Marissa thinks she knows who attacked her. Marissa thinks she was hit from behind. Annie asks what she can do. Brot says nothing else looks to be disturbed. AJ comes down with the nanny and runs to Marissa. Marissa tells JR she just feels dizzy and doesn't need to go to the hospital. JR doesn't want her to go and she tells her she's not going anywhere.

Jesse and Angie continue to talk. Angie tells him that Mayor Blanco is out to get him but he's smarter than she is. They hug and Jesse's phone rings. Jesse gets word about the break-in at the Chandlers. Angie tells him to go get them and show Iris that he's the best chief of police in the country.

Natalia says they called for an ambulance but they had engine trouble so she called for another. Marissa doesn't think she needs to go to the hospital. JR says she needs to be checked out and tells Brot he wants fingerprints to catch the person who did it. Natalia asks Annie if she knows anything. Annie says she just got here and knows nothing. Natalia asks if she wasn't here at all earlier. Annie imagines JR and Marissa talking about getting back together. Natalia asks if she's ok. Annie says she can't believe this would happen and has to help. Annie suggests she can call Amanda to send Jake over instead of a hospital. JR thinks it's a good idea and tells Annie to make the call. Annie calls Amanda and says she needs her help now.

Ryan tells Madison that he's just being careful by investigating them and doesn't think they want anything else. Madison asks what if they want more. Ryan tells her he will protect her, Kendall and the boys. Ryan tells her he's going to California to get some answers and he'll reopen the case to dig himself. Ryan doesn't want Madison to feel unsafe. Madison says he amazes her the way he takes care of Kendall. Ryan says he will always take care of Kendall because they have a connection in Spike.

Greenlee tells Scott that nothing about Madison threatens her. She says her and Ryan are solid but she just wants to give Ryan some freedom. Scott asks what Madison has over Ryan. Greenlee says Ryan just goes out of his way for a friend and wants Madison to know she can be happy on her own. Greenlee tells Scott he's wasted enough of her time and goes to leave. Scott asks if she's going to be there tomorrow to tell the board what a stand up guy he is and she exits.

Amanda and Jake arrive at the Chandler's. Jake checks on Marissa and the EMT tells him there's no laceration. JR asks what that means and Jake thinks she's just dizzy. Brot and Natalia leave after telling them to make sure Marissa is ok. Annie says they will make sure she gets better. Amanda asks to talk to Annie outside the room. Annie tells her she will never believe what happened. Amanda asks Annie why she called to get Jake when there was already an EMT. Amanda thinks Annie is relying on her too much lately. Annie tells her that's what friends do. Amanda says her and Jake were having a great night together. Amanda says she might be wrong about Cara being a threat and Annie could be wrong about Marissa. Amanda suggests they were fueling their paranoia and suggest they lay off their friendship a little. Annie is shocked that Amanda is ending their friendship. Amanda asks why she has to be so dramatic and Annie can't believe she thinks she's dramatic.

Marissa says she doesn't want to upset AJ anymore and just wants to go home. JR says Marissa will stay there tonight so he and AJ can take care of her. Annie walks back in to hear that Marissa will be staying there tonight and looks upset. Annie tells Marissa she thinks it's a good idea. Marissa says she's fine. Jake suggests a CAT Scan but she can go tomorrow as long as someone stays with her. JR says he will take good care of her. Jake says he will call in the morning as he and Amanda leave. Annie motions to JR to talk outside the room. They go out and Annie tells JR what Jake said, Marissa needs to go to the hospital. JR says he wants to keep an eye on her because she was attacked in his house. JR says the reason he called Annie over was because he wanted to tell her something about them.

Brot and Natalia arrive back at the hotel and they ask what happened with the stakeout. Louis tells them that the guy already made his move and got downtown. They inform him that they had to tend to a break-in. He jokes with them that the room is paid for so they can hang out. He leaves and Brot suggests they take advantage of it.

Greenlee returns home and comes in as Ryan was sitting with the envelope. Ryan jumps up and hugs her and tells her he missed her. Greenlee said she wanted to make a night of it earlier. Ryan says they still can and they kiss. They both say they want to tell each other something at the same time. Greenlee goes first and tells him that she didn't go to Fusion but to see Scott.

Scott comes out for one more visit and it's Madison. Scott says it's a surprise and hopes he didn't freak Madison out. Madison says there was no offense but she doesn't usually get flattering letters from guys behind bars. Scott tells her he's getting out tomorrow. Madison thinks he sounds sure about that. Madison says she's unsure why she came because she knows they say all the good guys are dead, married or in jail. Scott doesn't care what people think. Madison is a bit nervous. Scott wonders how she feels about him. Scott says he didn't mean to make her uncomfortable but felt like they made a connection. Scott says he is about to start a new chapter in his life and she struck him as someone who is a survivor. Madison thinks that's better than thinking she's desperate. Scott adds it's better than a convict too. Scott says he knows Madison hasn't had an easy life. Madison doesn't know what they have in common. Scott jokes that he was married to Annie and she was shot so that's similar. Scott thinks Madison knows about starting over and can give some tips. Madison doesn't think he really knows anything about her. Scott says he would like to and doubts she could tell him anything that would make him think less of her. Madison thinks he'd be surprised. Scott tells her to surprise him because all he sees is someone who is beautiful and smart. Madison informs him that she is pregnant.

Brot tells Natalia that this is fate smacking them in the face, a room that's paid for with two people that like each other who never get enough alone time. Brot tells her to seize the moment. Brot thinks this room is a gift and Natalia is his gift. They kiss but Natalia stops him. Natalia says she can't and has to go and she runs out of the room.

Madison tells Scott that she doesn't know why he said that because she was nervous. He asks if it's true. Madison thinks she shouldn't have come. Scott says he really wants to get to know her better. Madison asks him not to tell anyone because a lot of people don't know. Scott asks who does know. Madison leaves and Scott says to himself he figures one person who knows.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she wanted to help Scott after Ryan brought him up. Greenlee says he's a great guy and then thought about Stuart so she offered him a job and agreed to testify at his parole hearing. Ryan thinks that's great and asks why she'd keep it a secret. Greenlee says she wanted to see Scott first and didn't want to make it sound like she was all doing good. Greenlee thinks helping Scott would be like paying things forward. Ryan thinks she's amazing and they kiss. Greenlee asks what he wanted to tell her. Ryan tells her he has to go to California for some last minute business but doesn't have to leave until tomorrow night so he offers to go to the hearing with her. Greenlee says she would like that and they kiss.

Amanda and Jake return to Fusion. Amanda says she can't imagine how scary it must have been for Marissa. Jake thinks it was odd because she got hit square in the forehead and doesn't remember anything. Amanda asks if that happens with concussions. Jake thinks it could be the work of someone desperate. Amanda thinks he's right.

Annie asks JR what he was going to tell her. JR says what happened changes things because he had a surprise trip planned for her to go to the alps but now they can't go. Annie asks JR if he was really going to take her to Switzerland. JR says yeah because she always wanted to go skiing there. JR apologizes for not being able to take her but says he can't leave Marissa or AJ alone right now. JR hopes she understands and kisses her before heading back to the living room. JR sits down with Marissa as Annie watches on with a sad look on her face.

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