AMC Update Wednesday 1/12/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/12/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jake and Amanda have seen Cara with Trevor. Trevor starts crying and Amanda takes him. Cara says she's going back to the hotel to get her stuff packed. Amanda offers to call a cab.

Tad arrives at Krystal's to meet Damon. He says he saw Liza and Colby. Damon didn't think he needed to see Colby but Tad explains that she called him. Tad tells Damon he's in a hell of a mess but nothing's more important than him. Tad thinks in a weird way this is his fault. Tad says it's hard to explain but thinks it's karma for him being with Liza's mother. Damon tells him this was his mess up. Tad says sometimes how you do the right thing is more important than doing the right thing. Tad tells him that Colby is a wreck but still loves him and wants to work through this. Damon reminds him that it's only because she doesn't know he slept with her mother. Damon's phone rings and it's Colby. Tad goes to leave but Damon says he's not answering it. Tad thought he was going to call her. Damon says he was going to tell her goodbye because he's leaving town.

Colby is leaving a message for Damon and wants him to call her back so they can work it out. She gets up and goes to leave Fusion but Asher walks up. Asher says he saw her looking upset. She asks if he was eavesdropping. Asher asks if Damon is avoiding her. Colby says if he is, it's all Asher's fault.

JR's on the phone at the mansion and says he's looking for an afternoon departure. He says to double check with lawyers and to make sure that Annie doesn't find out as Annie walks in. Annie asks who was on the phone. JR claims it was a telemarketer and asks how it's possible that Annie gets more beautiful every day. Annie hugs JR. Annie tells JR what she's found out more about the Cortlandt case. She asks JR what the telemarketer was trying to sell him. He says it was extended insurance but didn't let it get that far. Annie thought they were on the do not call list. JR tells her he has a bunch of errands to run and it's getting late. Annie suggests going with him but JR tells her it's probably not good to be seen together at night. Annie hopes he can come tomorrow to the hotel. JR tells her he'll check his schedule cause it's booked up tomorrow but he promises to make time. JR kisses Annie and exits. Annie sits down and begins to panic saying to herself that JR is slipping away.

Jake mentions that Cara staying at Kendall's gets her to save money on a hotel room. Cara says she can leave as planned when the government situation clears up. Jake says it's good for Kendall and Cara leaves. Jake suggests taking Trevor home. Amanda asks if he saw how Cara was looking at Jake. Jake thinks everyone looks at him that way. Amanda thinks it was something else and her phone ring. She gives Trevor to Jake and answers her phone. It's Annie and she's freaking out saying she needs to talk to Amanda in person now. Amanda is sure everything will be fine and tells her to calm down. Amanda agrees to meet her at Fusion.

Tad asks Damon where he would go. Damon says anywhere but here. Tad says he doesn't even have a destination. Damon tells him he messed everything up with Colby, Liza and there's nothing for him there. He knows Tad is there but he's not a kid so he can't make a huge mistake and run to dad. Damon says Tad can't make things better because he complicates them more. Tad agrees he's not a kid so he shouldn't be running away because he has no idea how this could play out. Damon says they know this won't have a happy ending. Tad thinks they don't know that because Colby wants to work this through. Tad asks if it's not facing the problem that bothers him but facing Colby.

Asher tells Colby he crossed the line more than once but isn't here to make her life miserable. Asher tells her he likes her too much. Colby sighs and says Asher is trying to charm her and play her again. Asher says he just likes her and it is what it is. Colby reminds him that he liked Damon and he was nothing but a friend to him but kissed his girlfriend. Asher sarcastically remarks that Damon's not perfect because he's not calling her back. Asher thinks Colby is pissed off at Damon and dumping it on him. Colby says she never said he was perfect and he isn't. Asher thinks that's new and asks what Damon did. Colby says nothing. Asher thinks she just doesn't want to talk about it. Colby suggests he leave it alone. Asher tells her he meant what he said, he wishes he could help her. Colby tells him there's nothing he can do because she and Damon have a lot to figure out and work out and it doesn't involve her and Asher kissing.

Amanda arrives at Fusion and is telling Annie to calm down and take a breath. Annie tells her she heard JR talking to Marissa saying he doesn't have feelings for her and will take care of her. Annie tells her earlier about hearing JR on the phone but he said it was a telemarketer and when she suggested going with him, he shot her down. Annie tells Amanda it has something to do with Marissa and she wants him back. Amanda tells her she's being paranoid. Marissa walks in and JR is seen watching her enter. Marissa tells JR she's sorry she's late and JR suggests they get a table.

Jake brings Trevor home and is asking him about meeting Cara. Jake says he used to love Cara but now loves Amanda more than anything in the world.

Cara is at the hotel calling herself stupid for looking at Trevor like that. Cara is folding up her clothes and stops to have a flashback to her time with Jake in Doctors Without Borders. The flashback shows Cara telling Jake that there's no baby. Jake tells her it's a major life change averted and jokes with her about it. Jake tells her it's okay because it might just not be time yet. Jake tells her their lives are perfect right now with excitement and each other. Cara asks if Jake doesn't want a family. Jake says he does and Cara says she's ready. They kiss and agree they are ready.

Jake continues talking to Trevor, saying it's funny how things work out because sometimes you can have your heart break but realize it happened for a reason with something else just down the road that's even better. Jake asks Trevor how he'd feel about a little brother or sister.

Colby goes to leave but Asher stops her. Asher says she can't drop a bomb like that and just leave. Asher says they are talking about Damon who was turning his life around and asks what he did wrong. Asher jokes it was something small and then asks if maybe he cheated on her. Colby tells him to get out of her way. Asher asks why she's getting pissed at him if Damon cheated on her. Colby says if he doesn't move, she'll start screaming. Asher thinks she's pushing him away for a reason. Colby says she's going to fix things with Damon and exits.

Damon tells Tad he's right, he doesn't want to face Colby but not because he doesn't want to face what he's done, he doesn't want Colby to have to face it because it would kill her and he's already hurt her enough. Tad asks if disappearing will make it that much better. Damon says better than finding out who he slept with. Tad tells him to make sure she doesn't find out and tells him about Colby trying to get him to find out who Damon slept with. Damon asks Tad if he wants him to lie to her for the rest of their lives. Tad tells him not to hang her out to dry. Damon says if he leaves, Tad and Liza will be the only ones that know the truth and maybe it will just go away. Damon gets up to leave and Tad asks if he's going to be a quitter. Damon walks out upset. Tad sits back down and Cara walks in as Tad knocks a glass off the table in anger. Cara suggests next time he yell incoming.

Colby is outside looking at her phone as she sits on the bench. Damon watches her from around the corner. Colby thinks about making a phone call. As Damon begins to step forward, Colby gets up and leaves without seeing he was there.

Cara points out that Tad is bleeding again on the same hand she fixed before. She jokes with him about it and he tells her he's a bonehead. She wants to take a look at it and they sit back down.

Amanda explains to Annie that JR is still having to work Marissa. Amanda's phone rings and Jake asks how it's going with Annie. She says they are still talking. Jake tells her to run if she starts talking in tongue and hopes she comes home soon. Amanda hangs up and tells Annie she wants her to be happy. Annie thanks her and says she's a good friend and probably her first friend ever. Amanda says she's here for there but has to get home to her boys. Amanda says they will talk tomorrow and hug.

JR and Marissa talk about the divorce settlement. JR brings up the custody agreement and says it has to be signed tonight to be messaged to the judge. Marissa tells him it's already signed and just send her a copy. JR says by this time tomorrow it will all be done. Marissa thinks it's so simple, sign a paper and the marriage is ended. JR apologizes for hurting her and grabs her hand. JR tells Marissa that she deserves so much better as Annie walks around the corner and stops in her tracks when she sees JR and Marissa holding hands. Annie gets a worried look on her face and turns around holding her stomach as she starts breathing heavily. Annie imagines hearing that Marissa is telling JR she wants him back, saying Annie just has infatuation. Annie imagines Marissa is telling JR about her past marriages and that Annie just schemes, lies and destroy. Annie hears in her head that JR says she's right. Annie shakes her head and closes her eyes. Marissa tells JR that the important thing is AJ. JR tells her he's going out of town after this is over so AJ can stay with her a few days to see they are still family. She asks what the trip is for and JR says business. Marissa goes to leave and JR thanks her for being there. Marissa tells him she loved him and JR thinks sometimes that he didn't show his appreciation all the time. They get up and hug as Annie continues to panic and watches Marissa leave. Annie's phone rings and it's JR calling. Annie doesn't answer and instead runs out of Fusion. JR leaves her a message apologizing for running out so quickly. JR says he's done and wants to see her tonight.

Cara asks Tad what happened and he tells her its' complicated. Cara asks if he caught the wildcard NFL games and asks who he thinks is going to the Super Bowl. Tad acknowledges she was changing the subject. Tad tells her he wasn't telling her it wasn't her business but it's really complicated. Tad tells her that his son wants to leave. Tad says he realized he never had a handle on being a father and now Damon wants to say goodbye and he can't figure out what's best for them. Tad says it might just be that he's said goodbye to too many people he loves and doesn't want to have to do it again. Cara can't disagree and continues wrapping his hand. Tad says he can't believe he's bothering her with this. Cara reminds him she's a doctor so she's a great listener.

Amanda comes home and asks Jake what's going on. Jake asks if he tells her enough that he appreciates her and would be lost without her and Trevor. Jake gets up from the couch and says he's really glad she is home. She asks if he's okay and needs a doctor talk. Jake says he had a little epiphany and realized that a lot of people make demands on their lives and time with nothing left for them. Jake doesn't want to let that happen and Amanda agrees. She wonders why she had to rush home so fast. Jake reveals champagne and wants to make a toast. Jake toasts to focusing on them. Amanda adds that tonight could be the perfect night to try and make another baby. They drink to that. Jake says he brought a few things that might make that process a little more fun and uncovers hot fudge and strawberries. Jake thinks it could get a little messy and Amanda says she's counting on it.

Asher approaches JR and sits down with him. Asher asks what was so urgent. JR says it's about the project he put Asher and Colby on. Asher doesn't think it's good because Colby is mad at him. JR thinks she'll get over it and wants to make sure he can get Annie to the airport without her knowing why for a surprise trip. JR tells him that his divorce will be over and he wants to surprise Annie. Asher tells him that he'll need to convince Colby as he looks on at them.

Marissa arrives at the Chandlers and looks around, asking if JR is home. She says she picked up some of his copies by mistake and puts them down in the living room. Annie comes in behind her as Marissa is signing papers. Annie stops in the doorway and watches her.

Jake and Amanda are in bed drinking wine and eating their strawberries with candles around. They kiss and begin to make love.

Tad asks what he owes Cara. Cara tells him the bandaging is on the house. Tad thinks it's confusing because he should dislike her more than he does. She takes it as a compliment. She knows he's Jake's brother and she was a big unwanted surprise that just showed up and understands if he wants her gone. Tad says sure she can leave but hopes she'd wait until after dinner and offers to buy her dinner. Cara says she did come here for a distraction and do some thinking but Tad is a really nice alternative. Cara tells him she hopes that things work out with Damon. Damon comes back in and Cara tells him it's his chance and to take care. Cara exits and Tad gets up. Damon apologizes for things getting heated earlier. Tad hopes for a do over. Damon says he saw Colby in the park but she didn't see him. Damon agrees that he owes Colby a face to face. Tad asks what changed his mind and Damon tells him he did.

JR asks Colby what the problem is with Asher because he thought they were buds. JR asks if it has to do with Damon. Colby explains that Damon walked in on her and Asher kissing and it's complicated but that's all he needs to know. She says if she wants to make things work with Damon, she can't do projects with Asher. JR is sorry she's having problems but he really needs her. JR asks her to please co-exist with Asher for him.

Marissa picks up a picture of JR and AJ and looks at it. Annie watches her through the doorway and then imagines in her head seeing Marissa in a nightgown lighting candles. Annie closes her eyes and shakes her head trying to get the thought out of her head.

Damon tells Tad he has screwed up a lot in his life and never took responsibility for anything he did. Damon says he always tried to blame someone else but Tad doesn't let him do that. Damon says Tad does it like a friend and he hasn't had many friends in his life. Damon tells Tad he makes him feel better about himself and only one other person has ever done that and now it looks like Colby is out of the picture. Damon thinks he'd be pretty stupid to walk away from Tad. Tad asks if this means he's not leaving. Damon says he doesn't know because he doesn't want to hurt Colby but he has Tad and a family now. Tad says they will figure something out. Damon doesn't know how because if Colby finds out, it will destroy her and that would kill him. Tad tells him one thing at a time but for right now he thinks Damon knows what he has to do. Damon says pick up the phone.

JR hugs Colby and thanks her, telling her he has to leave. JR tells Asher he has to leave and shakes hands with him. JR leaves and Colby sits down with Asher. Colby tells him that worked out really well for him. Asher tells her he tried to get out of the project. Colby tells him he should've tried harder. Colby's phone rings and it's Damon. Music plays as Damon and Colby talk. Colby smiles and laughs which makes Asher look disappointed. Tad looks proud as he watches Damon.

Jake and Amanda finish making love and Jake asks if she thinks they made a baby tonight. Amanda says maybe. Jake suggests to make sure they should go again. Jake says they are perfection and they start to make love again.

Cara comes back to Kendall's. She puts her purse down and sits on the couch. Cara takes off her necklace and looks at her ring attached to it.

Marissa puts the picture of JR and AJ down. Annie finally slams the door open and Marissa gets hit in the face by the door, knocking her down. Annie freaks out and worries to herself that she just killed her.

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