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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/11/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(State Prison) Greenlee offers Scott a job at the hospital but he wants to know Greenlee’s real motive for the job offer. Greenlee tells Scott she is just trying to give a friend a second chance but after some coaxing from Scott, Greenlee admits that she wants him to date Madison because she has had a hard time since she and Ryan broke up. Scott figures out that Greenlee wants to keep Madison busy so that she will stay away from Ryan. Greenlee tells Scott that if he doesn’t call Madison within the hour he can forget about their deal.

(Hospital) Madison overhears Ryan talking to Zach’s lawyer telling him to find out more information about Zach’s plane crash because he suspects Zach could have been murdered by his Casino business partners. Ryan asks Madison not to tell Kendall about his suspicions until he has more information. Griffin tells Kendall that he won’t let her go home unless she allows Cara to move in with her so that she can take care of her. Kendall and Cara are not happy about this and Cara takes Griffin into the hallway to talk to him. Griffin tells Cara that Kendall needs help to recuperate and it would also help her not to spend so much time around Jake. Griffin also points out that her travel paperwork still hasn’t been fixed yet. Cara tells Griffin that she won’t take the job helping Kendall. Jake arrives and wonders why Cara is thinking about leaving and Griffin explains that Cara isn’t leaving she just might be taking care of Kendall for a while. Kendall asks Cara to take the job because she needs to go home and be with her boys who have just lost their father. Cara tells Griffin she will take the job because she and Kendall have a lot in common but she tells Griffin that he has to let her do the job her way. Amanda gets a call about Cara’s paperwork but can’t get information since she can’t confirm that she is Cara Finn.

(Liza’s place) Tad forces Liza to talk to him even though she doesn’t feel like talking to him right now. Tad wonders why Liza slept with Damon when she knew the pain it could cause Colby because she experienced the same pain twenty-five years ago. Liza cries and tells Tad that she promised herself she would never put her needs before Colby’s needs and she hates herself for becoming her mother. Tad tells Liza that Damon is a better man then he was at that age because he feels horrible about what happened between them. Tad tells Liza that they can’t tell Colby the truth and she must do whatever she has to do to make this right and fix things for their children. Tad watches Liza crying and finally understands how deeply he hurt her by sleeping with her mother.

(Park) Colby apologizes to Damon for kissing Asher and tells him that she still loves him and will do anything to fix their relationship. Damon tells her it won’t be so easy because he slept with someone else. Colby cries and tells Damon to leave her alone so Damon leaves her crying.

(Hospital) Ryan asks Madison to keep an eye on Kendall and make sure she doesn’t find out that he is investigating the plane crash. Madison cries a little because she is touched by how much Ryan cares about his friends. Ryan apologizes for making Madison cry again and Madison asks him to stay away from her because it hurts too much to see him. Ryan touches Madison’s shoulder and thanks her for helping Kendall. Greenlee sees the gesture and quickly interrupts them to ask what they were talking about and Ryan tells Greenlee he and Madison were talking about Kendall. Madison tells Ryan and Greenlee that she will be working for Kendall at Kendall’s house until Kendall is well enough to work at the office. Madison leaves and Greenlee says goodbye to Ryan and heads to the prison to talk to Scott.

(Kendall’s place) Amanda calls the hospital and pretends to be doing a credit check on Cara, so that she can get her social security number, driver’s license number and mother’s maiden name that she needs to check on Cara’s travel papers, but she's unsuccessful. Kendall arrives home and tells Amanda that Cara will be staying with her until she recovers because it was the only way Griffin would release her from the hospital. Amanda goes to the kitchen to get Trevor’s blanket and Kendall spends time with the boys. Cara tells the boys that its time they let their mom rest because she is tired so Kendal takes the boys to their room and she asks Cara to watch Trevor. Cara looks at Trevor who has the same color eyes as Jake and remembers when she and Jake made plans when they thought she was pregnant. Jake arrives to pick up Amanda and Trevor and is a little shocked to see Cara with Trevor. Amanda comes out of the kitchen and notices the look exchanged by Cara and Jake.

(Liza’s place) Damon arrives to tell Liza that he told Colby that he slept with someone but didn’t mention her name. Liza wonders how Colby is doing and Damon tells Liza that Colby is devastated and he doesn’t know if he or Colby will get past this situation Damon cries and tells Liza he must quit his job and she apologizes for what happened between them before Damon leaves her house.

(Krystal’s) Colby asks Tad to find out the woman with whom Damon slept but Tad says that she should try to figure out why this happened instead of with whom it happened. Colby tells Tad that she loves Damon and wants to get passed this but she needs to know with whom Damon slept.

(Prison) Greenlee is upset that Scott didn’t honor their deal and Scott tells Greenlee that he likes Madison and he will do this his way.

(Hospital) Griffin calls to find out the progress of Cara’s paperwork and is surprised when the man on the phone tells him Cara spoke with them today.

(Krystal’s) Tad tells Colby that although he is very happy that she and Damon were dating maybe she should consider that they are too different to have a lasting relationship. Colby tells Tad that she loves Damon very much and will do anything to fix their relationship.

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