AMC Update Monday 1/10/11

All My Children Update Monday 1/10/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Ryan and Greenlee arrive to visit Kendall and she thanks them for bringing her Chinese food since she can’t stand to eat hospital food anymore. The three friends laugh and joke and Kendall and Greenlee fight over which of them is going to eat the moo shu and Ryan breaks up the verbal argument as Usual and Kendall and Greenlee give each other a knowing look because he always steps in to make peace when the have an argument. The friends toast to being friends again and then Ryan tells Kendall that Zach’s lawyer spoke to him about Zach’s will and Kendall looks it over and tells Ryan to tell Zach’s lawyer she will meet with him after she gets out of the hospital. Kendall thanks Ryan and Greenlee for their support and they tell her that they will do anything to make her life easier. Kendall smiles and tells them that they are both her personal servants now.

(State Prison) Madison arrives to visit her father to try and persuade him to give her what is left of her trust fund but her father refuses to see her. Scott arrives and listens as Madison tells him that her father used to hit her and that is why he is in jail. Madison still can’t understand why her father refuses to see her and she tells Scott she really needs the money. Scott thinks the Chandler family and Madison’s dad are similar they are jerks who only care about what they can control. Scott wishes that he could help Madison with her money problems and even offers to give her three dollars her earned folding laundry. Madison smiles and thanks Scott for listening to her problems and then leaves the prison.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby sees Asher and asks him to leave her alone because she can’t even understand why she kissed him because she loves Damon. Asher tells Colby that both times they kissed she wanted him to kiss her. Colby slaps Asher and tells him that she is tired of his “whatever” attitude toward life because her life is falling apart and he doesn’t care. Colby thinks Asher just told her what she wanted to hear to get him to trust him so that he could get her into bed. Asher tells Colby that what she says isn’t true because he had no intention of hurting her but Colby doesn’t believe him and grabs her things and leaves the house.

(Liza’s place) Liza’s hug turns into a passionate kiss and Damon and Liza are soon making love. Liza and Damon finish making love and they both sit up in bed in shock about what just happened between them. Damon quickly gets out of bed gets dressed and before he leaves Liza cries and tells him she is sorry about what happened between them. Once Damon leaves Liza sobs in bed because she can’t believe she just did this to Colby.

(Hospital) Greenlee realizes she left the dessert in the car and heads to get it once Greenlee is gone Ryan asks Kendall if Madison is okay. Kendall tells Ryan that she and Madison have been through similar situations and he needs to give Madison space to get over him but Madison will be okay. Greenlee runs into Madison in the hallway and pushes her to tell her what she plans to do once she starts to show. Madison tells Greenlee she doesn’t know but she will make sure Ryan doesn’t find out that she is pregnant. Madison tells her that she has talked to everyone even Scott Chandler and she still can’t decide what to do. Madison even jokes that she might find a guy to pretend to be the father of the baby.

(Liza’s place) Colby arrives crying and tells Liza she kissed Asher and wonders if Liza has seen Damon. Liza admits that Damon was there and told her what happened and that he was very hurt. Liza cries and apologizes to Colby and Colby thinks Liza is acting strangely. Liza admits to Colby that the only reason she hired Damon as her assistant was to separate them but she was wrong about Damon he is a good guy. Liza tells Colby she just wanted to control her life because she didn’t want her to grow up and make her own decisions. Colby tells Liza that she understands that she was only trying to protect her. Colby hugs Liza and thanks her for finally being honest with her then Colby leaves to search for Damon because she doesn’t want to lose him.

(Park) Tad finds Damon who is walking around in the cold and asks him what is wrong and Damon tells Tad what Colby did and that he slept with Liza because he was angry with Colby. Damon thinks Tad will hate him but Tad tells Damon that nothing he could ever do could ever make him leave because he is his son and he loves even when he makes mistakes. Damon wants to tell Colby the truth and Tad tells him not to do it because he knows from experience that Colby will be very hurt Damon doesn’t know how he will hide this from Colby but Tad tells him to do anything he has to do and assures Damon that he and Colby can get past this rough patch. Tad tells Damon that he is a better man then he was at his age because when he slept with Liza’s mom he was actually proud of it.

(Hospital) Madison visits Kendall and Kendall offers her a job as her assistant and explains that she will need to work from home for about a month so Madison won’t have to see Greenlee. Kendall tells Madison that hopefully after a moth has passed she (Madison) will be able to work with Greenlee. Madison accepts the job and Thanks Kendall for her help. Ryan talks to Zach’s lawyer and wonders if the deal to sell the casinos was completed. The lawyer tells Ryan that the deal to sell the casinos was never finalized because Zach died before it could be completed. Ryan knows that Zach’s partners didn’t want to sell the casinos and suspects that Zach could have been murdered.

(State Prison) Greenlee arrives to offer Scott a job but Scott suspects Greenlee has a hidden agenda and wants to know what Greenlee wants from him.

(Park) Colby finds Damon and tells him that she has talked to Liza and she knows everything

(Liza’s Place) Liza continues to cry and is surprised to see Tad arrive for a visit.

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