AMC Update Friday 1/7/11

All My Children Update Friday 1/7/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Asher and Colby turn around to see Damon. Colby tells him to wait. Damon angrily pulls back. Asher tells him to be pissed at him not Colby. Damon tells him to stop talking. Colby tells Asher to go. Asher leaves and Damon glares at Colby.

At ConFusion, Jack approaches Liza. Liza says you have to be kidding. Jack says hello to her and asks how her day is. Liza says clearly. Jack is here to talk about Erica. Liza tells him to team up with Caleb to be more effective. Jack asks why she says that. Liza tells him about Caleb's deal offer. She tells Jack that he offered Caleb a deal weeks ago and he laughed at her and asks if they know something she doesn't.

JR tells Annie that he was with Marissa at the hospital. Annie says she was in his arms. JR tells her he's in remission still and his big checkup went all good. Annie says that's incredible and hugs him. JR says it is. Annie asks why he didn't tell her because she would've gone with him. JR says he didn't want to worry about her. Annie asks if he wanted to worry Marissa. JR tells her that she's the one that reminded him and the hug was just relief. Annie reminds him that she saved his life not Marissa. JR says he knows it's been hard on her and brings up what Ryan said to him. Annie is surprised that he talked to Ryan about her.

Erica asks what is going on in David's room with Kendall and Griffin. Kendall tells her she needed to be there. Erica doesn't think so and asks Griffin about it. Ryan comes in and asks why everyone's there. Erica asks Griffin what he's doing bringing Kendall here. Griffin explains that Kendall can't get David out of her head and can't figure out why.

Liza orders another drink and Jack says to make it two. He asks if Liza's alright. She says not really because the case that was supposed to make her career turned out a complete farce and while it was good for him and Greenlee it wasn't for her. She says if she loses to Caleb she can kiss being a DA goodbye. Jack says he's sorry but Liza knows he just wants Erica free. Jack says that doesn't mean he wants Liza to lose her job. Jack tells her he's been reminded of what it is like to be on the sidelines and it's no fun to feel like they have no use. Jack tells her they both live for their jobs and there's a lot more to life like friends and family. Liza tells him not to talk to her about family.

Colby begins crying and apologizes to Damon. He asks if she means lying to him then or now. Colby says she wasn't lying. Damon tells her to save it because he already kissed her once and asks how long its' been going on. Colby swears there's nothing going on. Damon yells that she was kissing Asher back. Colby denies it but Damon reminds her he was standing right there. Colby says she didn't want anything to do with it. Damon yells that she wanted it to happen. Colby screams that it's because everything is messed up with them. Damon thinks Colby was looking for a fight before. Colby denies this and Damon asks if Asher is just that good at making her feel better. Colby says she was just upset and Asher was there. Damon screams that everything he's done, getting his GED and his job was all for her to prove to her that he was good enough and that them dating wasn't a mistake. Colby cries that she never thought they were a mistake. Damon says he didn't either until now. Damon storms out and Colby cries.

JR and Annie sit at Krystal's. JR says he wouldn't have talked to Ryan if he didn't know about them. Annie says it slipped out on new year's and asked what he said. JR tells her that he knows how she can end up. Annie thinks Ryan thinks she's a wackjob now. JR brings up her faking the flu. Annie shouts that she just wanted to see him and be with him but she knows it's unrealistic and that AJ comes first. She says she gets it but just gets overwhelmed because it's hard with secrets and sneaking around. JR promises it won't be for much longer and that it's worth it. Annie asks if he really believes that. JR says of course because he knows what they can be together and how he feels around her. Annie wishes he would've brought her to the appointment. JR apologizes as Annie says she had no idea he was going through that. Annie tells him if he ever needed another donation, she'd do it in a heartbeat. JR tells her he knows and will never forget what she's done for him. JR tells her he wishes they were in private so he could kiss her. JR says he's got to get going and offers to walk her out. Annie declines and thinks they should leave separately. JR gets up and asks if they're good. Annie tells him they are great.

Kendall tells Erica she woke up and saw David. Ryan asks how that's possible. Griffin tells them it was a hallucination. Ryan thinks it can't be good for Kendall's condition to be here. Erica suggests going back to Kendall's room. Griffin thinks she should know why she's feeling what she is. Erica asks if he's a cardiac surgeon. Griffin gets paged and Kendall urges him to leave. Griffin exits and Kendall tells Erica that Griffin was right to bring her because she's been thinking about David every time she closes her eyes and doesn't know why but it's not good. Ryan asks if it's dreams or nightmares or what. Erica reminds her that David is the whole reason for all of this and that's why. Erica thinks Griffin is overmedicating Kendall. Liza arrives and asks what is going on here. She sarcastically states that David is surrounded by all the people who love him. Liza asks Erica and Kendall if they were there to finish him off.

Everyone exits David's room and Erica tells Liza that Kendall's heart is fragile. Liza asks what that was all about and asks Kendall if she still blames David for Zach's death. Erica tells Liza to leave. Liza tells her she's his advocate so she says who goes and stays. Liza suggests they all leave. Ryan says he is going to bring Kendall back to her room. Kendall suggests Erica come with them but she says she needs a word with Liza. Erica tells Liza that Kendall just lost her husband and has a very serious heart condition so she shouldn't add more stress for her. Liza thanks her for the memo. Erica says it's not a memo but a warning. Erica tells her if she mentions Zach or David once more. Liza brings up the fact that Kendall tried to kill David with the pillow. Erica tells her she thinks she knows what Kendall was going to but she might not have been trying to kill him. Liza talks about Erica's fame and popularity. Erica calls Liza jealous and says she has no case. Liza brushes it off. Erica tells her that she wants what she has, success both professional and personal. Erica calls Liza a failure at both.

Kendall wants Ryan to go check on Erica. Ryan gets her back in the bed and asks if she feels better. Kendall tells him she got to say things to David to get off her chest. Ryan asks if he can do anything. Kendall tells him he can go home because he doesn't need to babysit her. Kendall says she's tired and will get some rest. Ryan asks if she's sure. Kendall thanks him for coming and Ryan tells her if she needs anything to call him. Ryan kisses her on the forehead and exits.

JR returns home and asks what's wrong with Colby. JR asks if she wants to talk. Colby says no and tells him things just blew up with her and Damon. JR asks if he did something to her. Colby tells him he didn't, everything is just really messed up between them. Colby asks what if this it and they're done. JR guesses that's it. Colby thanks him for the sympathy sarcastically. JR says he knows it sounds harsh and that breakups can be hard but they happen every day especially at her age. Colby says she's not 12 years old. JR thinks she's not ready to settle down. JR asks if she really thinks she was going to marry Damon. She says maybe. JR tells her to think about school, her friends and meeting new people. Colby doesn't want to meet new people, she just wants Damon. JR tells her he never thought Damon was good enough for her. Colby thinks it's good she never asked.

Annie arrives at Ryan's and says she cannot believe him. She asks why he filled JR's head with lies. Ryan says he didn't lie but is concerned for her. Annie says there is nothing to be concerned about but he made her look insane. Annie tells him for the last and final time, she's fine and soon will be even better when she's the next Mrs. JR Chandler. Ryan jokes with her that she'd actually be the next Adam Chandler Jr. Ryan tells her to stop thinking that JR is going to make her life perfect. Annie tells him to spare her the lectures because he almost went to jail for the woman he loves and she exits.

Marissa arrives at the Chandler mansion and tells JR that AJ left his coat and she brought it back. She asks him if it sunk in yet that he has no sign of cancer. JR admits it feels good. Marissa thinks it should and he deserves it. JR says he didn't realize how the not knowing was getting to him as he was trying to hide it. Marissa tells him he has 6 months of no worrying and he can focus. JR asks if she means his family legacy falling apart. Annie comes in and hides behind the wall listening to them. JR thanks Marissa for forcing him to go to the appointment. Marissa asks if she can ask him something about Annie. Annie peeks around the corner.

Erica returns to Kendall's room and asks if she can get her anything. Kendall tells her she hates it here and just wants to leave. Erica thinks Griffin put her through too much. Kendall says he was just trying to help. Erica asks if there is something more than the nightmares. Kendall says it mostly happens at night but this time she was awake and she saw him standing there staring and pointing at her. Erica notes that she's on so much medication and probably thought she was awake. Kendall wants to know what it means because it's like she's remembering something. Erica has a flashback to taking the gun from Kendall and asks what Kendall could be remembering.

Liza is walking outside and comes across Damon on a bench. Liza asks why he hasn't called her back and he says he's been busy. Liza asks what is wrong and Damon says nothing. Damon says he's not up for a shrink session. Liza says she's not a shrink but could use one. Damon tells her that he left her alone when she didn't want to talk so she should leave him alone. Liza says she would but she has a ton of work to do on Erica's case and needs him. She thinks he could use a distraction. Damon agrees and tells her to put him to work. They stand and Liza tells him sometimes work is all they got.

Marissa says she knows it's probably none of her business but asks what's going on with JR and Annie. JR doesn't know what she means. Marissa says earlier she saw Annie here and was upset knowing she had the flu and what could happen if JR got sick but according to Annie she had a miraculous recovery and felt fine. JR is glad she's feeling better to get back to work. Marissa asks about before when she was feeling awful. JR says it was no big deal. Marissa asks why JR is always the one to take care of her and asks if he still has feelings for Annie. JR says no and Annie has a disappointed look on her face as she listens in. Marissa says she could be wrong but thinks Annie faked having the flu. JR doesn't think so and tries to blow it off. Marissa says she wouldn't put it past her. She thinks he might be done with Annie but she's not done with him. JR says it doesn't matter because he has zero interest in her. Marissa suggests letting her go from Chandler then. JR says he doesn't see any need to fire her and tells her to trust him. Marissa says she's trying. JR tells her that Annie is not an issue.

Kendall tells Erica she keeps remembering what she almost did to David with the pillow. Erica wants her to put it out of her mind. Kendall says she can't. Erica tells her there's nothing for her to worry about but her health. Kendall says she worries about Erica after losing her sobriety. Erica says that's over and done and has been to several meetings since. Kendall brings up the attempted murder charges. Erica says Jack and Caleb have it under control. Jack comes in and says Erica speaks the truth. He asks how Kendall is and she tells him she can't wait to go home. Jack asks to talk to Erica outside real quick. They step out and Jack tells her he just talked to Liza. Erica said she did too. Jack asks if she knew about Caleb's deal offer. Erica doesn't know and asks about it. Jack says it involved a guilty plea to a lesser charge, no jail time with community service and a fine which Caleb volunteered to pay himself. Erica says oh and thinks Caleb is doing everything he can to get her off and should be grateful.

Marissa has left the mansion so Annie enters the living room. She tells him that Marissa didn't see her and asks what she was doing here. JR says she just was talking about AJ and scheduling stuff. Annie says she knows she's not supposed to be there but wanted to show him her work. JR says it is great and everything is as he has a clean bill of health and about to be divorced. Annie says they are about to have everything they ever wanted. JR tells her there's nothing to worry about and kisses her. JR says he's been waiting for that all day and Annie tells him to do it again so they kiss.

Liza tells Damon about Caleb trying to scare her and calling himself the DA Killer. Liza says she researched and he was right so she could be next. Liza suggests Damon go talk to Asher and find out what Caleb is doing. Damon says no and assures her they are not friends. Liza asks if whatever's happening with him has to do with Asher. Damon says good guess. Liza says she knows she said she wasn't going to pry but sometimes it helps to talk it out. Damon asks if talking about it will make it magically better and make it so that Asher never kissed Colby. Liza asks how he knows and Damon tells her he walked in on them. He asks Liza if she has any idea how that feels. Liza says she unfortunately does. Damon tells her that Colby tried to talk her way out of it but there's nothing to explain. Damon says he and Colby are done.

Colby arrives at Krystal's. Marissa approaches her and asks what's wrong. She tells Colby she can still talk to her even though things are different. Annie comes up and asks Marissa if she can talk to her. Marissa says it's not a good time. Colby says it is and she has to get going. Colby leaves and Marissa asks Annie if she couldn't see how upset Colby was. Marissa asks Annie what she wants. Annie says she saw her with JR and knows she tried to get her fired. Marissa tells her to take it up with JR but Annie says she's taking it up with her. Marissa tells her to get her hands off of her. Annie apologizes but thinks they need to talk about her and JR. Annie says there's nothing going on between them as she was devastated when she lost Scott. Marissa says so devastated that she cried to JR's bed. Annie admits she deserved that but is turning things around especially with her job. Marissa says it's JR's decision not her. Annie says they both know he respects her opinion. Marissa asks if she wants her to talk to JR. Annie says she just wants them to find some common ground mostly for their kids. Annie thinks they can get along for Emma and AJ's sake, at least be civil. Marissa is unsure and Annie says she's not working an angle and is not a threat to her or JR.

JR tells Asher he is going out of town and wants him to take care of something important. Asher says to sign him up. JR asks if he's sure he's up for this big deal. Asher says he will figure it out. JR says on second thought, he'll assign Colby to it as well, not because he doesn't trust him but to help Colby through her hard time. JR is hoping this project could help. Asher thinks its' cool that he's looking out for her. JR tells Asher to keep an eye on her and keep her distracted.

Damon tells Liza he knew something was up for a while now. Damon says a lot of people, Liza included, think he's not good enough for Colby. Liza says she doesn't think that anymore. Liza points out he's a high school dropout and now a lawyer in the making. She tells Damon that he's worked so hard to turn his life around and he has. Liza says Damon has proved himself to everyone that he was worthy enough for Colby. Damon says he wasn't enough. Liza says maybe he lost Colby but maybe not but Damon is still a smart, capable, hard worker that any girl would be lucky to have. Damon says he doesn't want any girl. Damon says he has to go and leave town. Damon says he knows she's in the middle of this case but he can't stay here anymore. Liza stops him and asks him to please not go.

Ryan comes to ConFusion and tells JR he got a rather mellow visit from Annie. JR asks if she was unhappy about their conversation. JR thinks Ryan is overreacting. Ryan hopes JR is right for Emma's sake. JR says he has a plan to end all Annie's stress. Ryan says it better be a good one. JR tells him he has everything under control.

Marissa tells Annie she can deal with civil but won't trust her. Annie is fine with that as long as they don't have to be hostile. Marissa says she'll do her best. Annie thanks her and Marissa reminds her she's not doing it for her. Marissa exits and Annie wonders out loud what civil will look like when she becomes AJ's stepmom.

Griffin returns to Kendall's room and jokes about Erica's attitude towards him. Kendall tells him she's a little overprotective. Kendall tells him his methods are out there but they work. Griffin says he has good news that her blood pressure is down. Kendall excitingly asks if she gets to go home but Griffin says it was down not where he wants it. Kendall tells him he has 24 hours to get her out or she's leaving no matter what her blood pressure is.

Erica and Jack stand outside of David's room. Erica wishes that this would all just be over with David. Erica tells Jack she just cares about Kendall and they walk away from David's room. After they exit, David whispers "Kendall"

Colby comes to the living room and asks Asher what he's doing here. He says he's doing work. Colby tells him she didn't think he would be back here after what happened. Asher tells her that he's not going anywhere.

Damon tells Liza he doesn't want to leave but has no choice. Damon fights back tears and Liza hugs him. Liza wishes it could be different and that she could do something. They end their hug and then kiss.

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