AMC Update Wednesday 1/5/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/5/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JR and Ryan walk into the living room of the Chandler Mansion and JR thinks it's ridiculous they haven't talked about an alliance until now. JR says they need to act fast. Ryan doesn't think he understands why he's here. Ryan says they aren't working together. JR doesn't understand. Ryan asks if he has any idea what he's doing to Annie.

Annie is knocking on Amanda's door. Amanda says it's not a good time, she's sick and could be contagious. Annie says it's important so she'll risk it.

Scott and Marissa are talking at the prison. Marissa says if things go like she thinks, he could be out very soon. Scott jokes that he'll miss these guys. Marissa asks if he's ready. Scott says he has been since he came and wonders if the world is ready for him.

Greenlee is at the hospital to see Kendall and Frankie is giving her a shot. Greenlee and Frankie talk as she asks him about Madison and how she's feeling. Frankie says she's fine. Greenlee says he and Madison are close and wonders how close they are. Frankie asks if Greenlee is thinking Madison's baby is his.

Madison visits Kendall in her hospital room. Kendall asks if she talked to Bianca and Erica. Madison tells her how serious pneumonia can be. Kendall says she's feeling good and everything's under control so she needs to get home to the boys. Madison tells her she's there if she needs anything. Kendall thinks she could lie in bed the same at home. Griffin walks in and says if she thinks she's getting out, she'll have to get through him first. Kendall asks Madison if she's met Griffin. Madison says she hasn't and it's nice to meet him. Griffin asks what he hears about her wanting to leave and if its' the food. Kendall says it's him and his macho doctor routine. Griffin says he's just saving lives. Kendall says it may work in the jungle but if someone wants to leave the hospital, they can leave. Griffin says ok if she thinks she can leave, get up and go but knows she won't make it to the elevator. Griffin checks her breathing and says she's sounding better. Kendall explains to Madison that Zach had hired Griffin to expand the Miranda Center. Kendall suggests Madison tell Griffin to work on the Miranda Center instead of hovering over her. Griffin jokes with her. Madison asks if Kendall will be okay. Griffin thinks she will but could still be at risk. Kendall says she's at risk of losing her mind. Griffin jokes that could've happened before she came here.

Greenlee doesn't think Madison's carrying Frankie's baby but wants to know how close they are. Frankie says they are good friends and his wife is her good friend too. Greenlee says she's concerned about her. Frankie says he heard about what happened between them and the last thing Madison needs is Greenlee's' concern. Greenlee says Madison needs friends in her corner. Frankie thinks she means as long as it's not Ryan. Greenlee says she thought Madison moving away would be the best thing for her. Frankie says she means good for her. Frankie asks if Greenlee's going to offer him big money to say he's carrying Madison's baby. Greenlee tells him no and that she and Ryan are good.

Scott and Marissa continue talking about JR. Scott thinks JR would hate seeing her with him. Scott tells her about JR coming to visit him last week and tried to feel him out about his attorneys and such. They laugh together and Marissa tells him once he gets out, they can worry about JR. Marissa says it won't be easy getting him a job and all but they will do it. Scott knows a corporate thief isn't high on the list. Marissa tells him to forget about JR. Scott writes down a number and tells Marissa he wants her to call this person. Marissa is surprised and asks really.

JR tells Ryan that he and Annie work together, that's it. Ryan knows what's going on because he saw Annie on New Year's Eve and she was a wreck. JR knows. Ryan says it was because JR was with Marissa and JR needs to explain it to him. Ryan says Annie is fragile and when that happens she can spin out of control. Ryan asks if he understands that he's sending her messages of being with Marissa or being with Annie. JR says he's working on his divorce. Ryan asks if after that they will go public. JR says Annie is fine and they're working on things. Ryan tells him he thought that once too but she tried to kill people like Erica and Greenlee. Ryan's phone rings and he answers. Ryan says if you think it's important he'll be right there. Ryan hangs up and tells JR to straighten things out with Annie because if he doesn't, he will.

Annie comes in to Amanda's and tells her she looks fine to her. Amanda says she looks like crap and feels worse. Amanda says she has to get medicine and Opal's dropping off Trevor. Annie says this is important and she needs her to set up a double date with her and Jake and Annie and JR. Amanda asks if that's the emergency. Annie says it would make her feel like she and JR were real. Amanda reminds her of their double date with Scott and asks if that would help because they aren't public yet. Annie says she's right and wasn't thinking about it. Annie says Marissa has become so manipulative and trying to reel JR back in. Amanda tells her not to do this to herself. Annie says it's all happening again like with Ryan and Greenlee. Annie says it's bringing back memories of Ryan and Greenlee and then Adam and Brooke. She says she won't let it happen again. Annie needs to come up with a way for JR to spend more time with her and less with Marissa. Amanda coughs and tells her to stop obsessing over JR. Amanda is glad that Jake got someone to cover for him for the afternoon because she couldn't spend the whole day alone. Annie gets an idea and asks Amanda what her symptoms are.

Kendall tells Griffin that part of being a good doctor is treating the whole patient. Griffin jokes asking if she has an ingrown toenail or hurt her funny bone. Kendall says she's bored here. Griffin warns her of potential problems she could get by leaving the hospital. Griffin jokes with Madison as Greenlee walks in. Greenlee greets everyone and says Kendall is looking so much better. She says to tell Griffin. Griffin says she's improved but not going home and exits. Greenlee asks Madison how she's doing. She says good, really good as her gunshot wound is healing but has to go now. She says she'll check on Kendall later. Kendall thanks her for everything and she exits. Griffin pops back in to tell Greenlee not to let Kendall break out. Greenlee is happy Kendall is doing better. Kendall heard she spent the night with Spike and Ian and she appreciates that. Greenlee tells her if there's anything else she can do to help, she will. Kendall thanks her. Greenlee says she knows it might take awhile to get back to where they were. Kendall tells her she could actually use some gossip cause something must be going on.

Madison and Griffin talk in the hall. Griffin explains that he just happened to be there for Kendall and walks on. Frankie comes out of a room and Madison stops him. Frankie tells her he had an interesting conversation with Greenlee. Madison is afraid to ask. Frankie tells her to watch her back whenever she's with Greenlee.

Marissa arrives at the Chandlers and tells JR she wants to go over the papers. JR asks what's wrong because it's like an arctic chill. Marissa asks why JR went to go see Scott and talked about her. JR asks if she wants the truth, because he was concerned about her. JR doesn't think Scott is a good first client for her law career. JR reminds her that Scott is a convicted felon. Marissa thinks she'll win and that would make her a good lawyer. JR thinks it could put her on the bad side of some big players. Marissa thinks Scott deserves a second chance and a good lawyer to get him one. JR reminds her she gives second chances and has given him about 10. The phone rings and JR answers. It's Annie and she's pretending to be sick. She's coughing and says she needs him to come to the hotel because she feels like she's dying.

Ryan arrives at the prison to see Scott. Scott didn't think he'd get there so quickly. Ryan says Marissa said it was urgent about a takeover of a Cambias industry. Ryan asks about it and Scott tells him that JR is making the move. Ryan thinks it's confusing because JR was just talking about a merger. Scott says it's bogus because JR doesn't want to partner with anyone. Ryan asks how he knows. Scott says he still has some people giving him the word and the business isn't doing good. Scott tells Ryan that Cambias is JR's first target. Ryan says he'll check it out. Scott tells him not to wait too long. Ryan asks what Scott gets out of this. Scott says payback for one thing and he wants to be on Ryan's team. Ryan asks if he wants a job. Scott says he'll never find a loyal employee than him. Ryan thinks he has a little baggage. Scott thinks that means he has a lot to prove so he'll work twice as hard. Ryan reminds him he has to get out of here first. Scott tells him that Marissa thinks he could get out fast. Scott thinks he can be an asset to him. Ryan's not doubting his confidence but he can't possibly hire him. Scott asks if the baggage is still too heavy. Ryan says the board would string him up if he tried to take him on. Scott's sure serving time doesn't help either and if he was Ryan, he probably wouldn't hire him either. Ryan thinks it will be a tough road with not too many people looking to help him out. Scott says he'll have to get up on his own.

JR arrives at the hotel and calls for Annie. He asks what's wrong. Annie apologizes and says she shouldn't have called but hasn't felt this bad in her life. JR says she's burning up. Annie tells him she tried to take something but her whole body is aching and it just came on. JR says he'll take care of her and picks her up.

Madison tells Frankie she agrees to not tell Ryan. Frankie points out that Madison wants to keep the baby but Greenlee doesn't want her to. Frankie thinks there's more and that Greenlee wants to make sure Madison doesn't get involved in her life.

Kendall thinks it's weird that Greenlee doesn't have any gossip and wants her to spill. Kendall says she's desperate and wants to know if anything's going on with her and Ryan. Greenlee says there isn't other than them living together. Kendall knows that but asks how its' going. Greenlee says great. Kendall doesn't like one word answers. Greenlee says that's it, they are happy and everything's going well with no complications. Kendall coughs and Greenlee asks if she's okay. She says she's fine and Griffin runs in saying it doesn't sound fine to her. Griffin gives her a drink of water. Greenlee tells her she's leaving and Kendall wants her to come back with better stories. Greenlee and Griffin exit and Greenlee says Kendall hasn't lost her humor. She thanks him for taking care of Kendall. She asks how Griffin likes it here. He says it's good and getting used to things. Greenlee asks what he does for fun. Griffin asks if she's hitting on him. Greenlee says no but he is perfect for her friend and she saw the way they were connecting. Griffin thinks she's trying to hook him up with Kendall and asks what the hell is wrong with her. Griffin tells her Kendall's husband passed away and wants to know if she wants him to just jump in her hospital bed. Greenlee tells him that she does have more than one friend and she meant Madison. Griffin asks if she thinks they were soulmates or something. Greenlee says she just thought they'd be good together. Griffin says he can get his own dates. Greenlee tells him he better stay away from beautiful women like Madison then. Griffin thinks she's still pissed off because he's working on David. Greenlee doesn't want to talk about David. Griffin thinks she's too busy playing matchmaker.

Griffin goes back to Kendall's room and tells her she's been given a second chance but it doesn't mean she's indestructible. Kendall tells him she feels like she's falling apart here. Griffin says it's safe to fall apart here before she goes home to the kids because she's going to have to stop neglecting her heart and seeing a shrink might not be a bad idea. Kendall tells him to stop lecturing her because she's doing the best she can. Griffin thinks she can do better so that her kids don't lose another parent.

Amanda arrives at Krystal's and Madison is there. Amanda tells her she doesn't want to get her contagious. Madison asks if she should be out. Amanda says moms don't get a day off and she is picking up medicine and soup. Madison offers to do anything if she needs to. Amanda is thankful for Jake and doesn't know how single moms do it. Madison thinks it's good to have nannies.

Ryan apologizes to Scott. Scott says it was worth a shot. Ryan says he can make some phone calls but Scott doesn't want him to. Ryan says it's not personal. Scott tells him when he does get somewhere, he should look out. Ryan looks forward to the competition and they shake hands. Scott asks about Emma and Ryan says she's good. Ryan asks if Scott has heard from Annie. He hasn't but thinks Ryan sounds concerned. Scott says it sounds like JR is still in the mix and tells Ryan just to make sure Emma is good.

JR puts Annie in the bed and thinks someone should take a look at her. Annie says she just needs him. JR brings up her asthma and Annie tells him she's fine. Annie asks him to get her a glass of water. JR goes to get it so Amanda pulls out her heating pad to put on her forehead and puts it back. JR brings her the water and she thanks him for coming knowing how busy he is. JR says it's okay and Annie says she doesn't know what she'd do without him. JR's phone rings and it's Marissa. Marissa asks if he's okay since he left in such a hurry. Annie tells him to tell the office to leave him alone. Marissa hears it and notices he's with Annie. JR tells her she got sick at the office with the flu. Marissa tells him that he can't be around Annie with his remission he could catch the flu. JR tells her not to worry. Marissa says she'll always worry because he's AJ's father and tells him to just leave Annie now. Annie apologizes for Marissa hearing her. JR says he handled it. Annie notes that she didn't know it was her. JR says Marissa thinks he should leave so he doesn't get sick. Annie thinks that's not Marissa's business anymore. JR says he's immune system isn't strong enough and he can't risk getting sick. Annie thinks she's not contagious anymore. Annie says they can wear masks. JR says he'll bring someone else. Annie doesn't want anyone else and for him to please stay. Annie shouts that she's not sick. JR says she's burning up. Annie shows him she was faking it.

Greenlee has returned home and Ryan comes home as well. Greenlee greets him and is so happy to see him. Ryan asks if it's one of those days too. Greenlee tells him she visited Kendall and she's doing better. Ryan says his day was interesting as he saw JR and then went to prison to see Scott. Ryan tells her about Scott wanting a job but it was hard to turn him down. Greenlee says she always liked Scott. Ryan thinks he's a decent guy but just got mixed up in the wrong people. Ryan says he's glad he doesn't have that problem. Greenlee tells him he finally found the right woman and they'll be together forever as they kiss.

Kendall asks Griffin to leave. Griffin asks why because she can't handle the truth. Kendall says he's implying that she's trying to kill herself and make her kids orphans. Griffin admits it might have been a hard sell but he's just trying to take care of her. Kendall wants him to try and feel what his patients are going through. Griffin says he has to make sure she gets better because doctors take their oaths seriously so she has to get better or he'll pull out a magic trick. Griffin smiles and exits as Madison returns. Madison comes to get her phone that she left but Kendall says Griffin tried to take it away from her. Madison says she likes Griffin and Kendall tells her she can have him. Madison goes to leave but Kendall asks her if a tidal wave is hovering over her heard or a hurricane or monsoon. Madison says no and asks if that's how it feels. Kendall asks Madison if she ever feels that way like life is spinning and a tidal wave is over her head with nothing to cling to. Madison tells her she actually knows the feeling very well. Kendall asks how to know what to do next when you feel like you can't even take a breath. Madison sits down and suggests trying to catch every breath you can. Madison says she knows it's not like what Kendall is going through but when she lost Ryan she had the breath knocked out of her but she's still standing and the tidal wave hasn't knocked her down yet. Kendall says Madison actually can do something for her, something that might help her catch her breath again.

Annie tells JR that she knows it was stupid. JR asks if she knows how worried he was. Annie says maybe she wanted him to take care of her for a change and just wanted some alone time. Annie says she knows it was too much and is sorry, she asks him to forgive her because she just needed to be with him. JR thinks back to what Ryan told him earlier about Annie.

Ryan arrives at the hospital to visit Kendall with Spike and Ian. Kendall is overjoyed to see the boys. Ryan tells her happy new year and Kendall says it is now. Kendall says a hug from the boys is what she needed to catch her breath. She tells Madison that she'll know this one day that kids make everything better. Greenlee walks by and looks in the doorway at them as Ryan and Kendall joke with the kids and Madison. Griffin walks up to Greenlee and says it suddenly all makes sense of why she wanted to hook him up with Madison, because she's Ryan's ex. Greenlee asks if he thinks she's worried about her.

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