AMC Update Wednesday 12/29/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/29/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda and Jake are eating at Krystal's. Amanda tells him how they will pick up Trevor later but Jake gets a call in to work. Amanda suggests he tells them he's unavailable. Jake's phone rings again. He tells her he will go check it out and if he can't do anything, they will reschedule.

Tad and Natalia are at ConFusion. Tad's drinking a coffee trying to stay awake as Natalia says they had an all-night stakeout but produced nothing. Brot joins them and says he founds out why their loan shark wasn't outside the casino last night, he's in jail for a DUI. Brot offers Tad to join them again on their next one. Tad says it's easy to get caught up in the job but its' also important to remember there's something outside the job. Tad says hanging out with people he cares about beats hanging with crooks any day of the week.

Jake comes to the hospital and tells Katie at the desk that it looks deserted and wonders if he's the only one on call. She tells him Cara is too and asks if he knows her. Jake says you could say that.

Scott comes out to the visiting room and sees Marissa again. Scott welcomes her back and jokes with her. Marissa asks how he keeps such a good attitude here. Scott jokes around and Marissa tells him that he's still him. Scott says he's changed a little bit but all he can do is face himself. He tells her to have a seat. Marissa says his handling of it has worked. Scott sits down and asks about her news. Marissa says they won and Caleb got all of Cortlandt back and Chandler got hit with a major fine. Scott thanks her and congratulates her. Scott says now she can use it to get him the hell out of here.

Annie opens up a box at the mansion and it's pink roses. JR walks in and Annie says they are beautiful but she knows she ruined the surprise. JR says he'll put them in water for her and the card falls out. Annie picks it up and reads it to find out that JR got them for Marissa, not her. JR says when he saw Annie with the flowers, he figured he could just buy another for Marissa. Annie suggests he should've just got her flowers instead of his soon to be ex wife. JR says he'll get Annie more than a dozen. Annie asks why he has to get flowers for Marissa. JR says until the papers are signed, it's still a work. Annie has a flashback to seeing JR kiss Marissa on the cheek. Annie says she can't wait for them to be public. JR says soon, very soon and kisses her.

Marissa tells Scott that she's been working on a plan and tells Scott to have a look at it. Marissa says she has a desire to get him out and help him. Scott asks even after everything he did like being a reason that her marriage crashed and burned. Marissa says JR is the reason and what they did was because of JR and Annie. Marissa tells him not to take the blame. Scott says he can take the blame for what he did to Palmer. Marissa believes he had the courage to stand up for what he did and paid the consequences. Marissa says now that everything's right Scott shouldn't stay here any longer. Scott agrees and says he will do anything. Marissa worked very hard to pass the bar and says to leave the lawyer stuff to her. Scott asks about AJ. Marissa says they have come to an understanding on shared custody. Scott is surprised and asks if she's ok with that. Marissa says JR has come around recently and she thinks he can be a good father to keep AJ safe. Marissa asks if Scott doesn't believe it. Scott says he believes her like he believes all the inmates here.

Tad leaves Brot and Natalia. Natalia says she has to go do some paperwork as well. Brot asks her to stay. Brot says Tad has a point that life is too short. He says they may have some work to do but can still have a breakfast date.

Cara tells Jake she knows working here is awkward but as soon as the government works things out, she'll be back to DWB. Jake says its not awkward and is fine because they need good doctors. Cara says they have a patient and Jake tells her he will scrub up and get ready.

JR arrives at Krystal's with the pink roses and sees that some were already there. Krystal asks if he wants breakfast. He says he was looking for Marissa and asks if she's around. Krystal says she's busy at work but might come back later. JR gives the flowers to Krystal to give to Marissa. Krystal says she was dreading the idea of AJ being in a legal battle and wants to know if they can trust him. JR says she knows AJ comes first with him. Krystal will make sure Marissa gets the flowers. JR lets her know to make sure she gets the card too. Krystal tells him to make sure he holds up his end and lets Marissa see AJ whenever she wants or else she'll come find him. JR smiles and asks for a blueberry muffin. JR goes over to see who gave Marissa the other pink roses and reads the card, realizing it was Scott.

Marissa tells Scott about how JR never wanted a custody battle to begin with. She wonders if Scott thinks she's being naive. Scott thinks she's being hopeful and he's glad to see JR didn't squeeze that out of her. She asks if he's hopeful. Scott says seeing her helps. Marissa jokingly asks if he's flirting with her. Scott tells her she brightens up the place. Marissa asks if he thought about what he will do when he gets out. Scott says he thinks about it every day. Marissa tells him he'll need a job and now with his record, it will be tougher plus he has no assets. Marissa wants him to be prepared. Scott says he isn't afraid to start over and is looking forward to the challenge. His new year's resolution is to not back down. Scott tells her he's ready to get out of here. Marissa says her resolution is to get him home.

JR asks Krystal about Marissa's legal stuff with Scott. Krystal asks if she told him about that. JR says he heard she was working with him. Krystal tells him he should ask Marissa about it. JR thinks Scott is lucky to have her on his side. Krystal tells him to not let anything get in between them. Krystal knows JR holds onto a grudge as long and hard as he can. JR says Scott is paying for what he did. Krystal tells him that he is too when he lost Cortlandt. Krystal tells him not to think about taking it out on Marissa for helping Scott. JR tells her that she doesn't know him anymore. JR says last year when he almost died, it changed his life and the way he deals with people. JR assures her he has no grudge with Scott and thanks her for the muffin, then exits.

Cara and Jake work on the patient at the hospital. Jake tells Cara what to do and Cara gives the patient a shot that makes him sleep. Cara thinks back to an old time they had with a spider and laughs about it. She recalls Jake went screaming like a girl when the spider came out. They joke around about it. Jake laughs at her for confusing the word aspirin with laxative one time and taking the wrong thing. Jake finishes up and says the patient is ready for surgery. They exit the room and talk in the hallway. Jake says they had some crazy times together. Cara says it was nice to see him work again and he hasn't lost his touch. Jake tells her the same.

Cara is looking down at her phone at a picture of Jake when he comes back up to her. Jake tells her that two doctors showed up so she can go take care of whatever she needs to take care of. Jake tells Cara she did a good job but probably shouldn't make a habit of working the same shift. Cara exits.

Natalia thanks Brot for breakfast and goes to leave but he stops her. He tells her he thinks he's been kind of lame lately. Natalia asks what he's talking about. Brot thinks he's been following the rules. Natalia agrees the department rules but Brot says he's talking about the dating rules, the ones where you have to wait before asking out again or can't buy a gift too early and all those rules. Natalia laughs it off but says she understands. Brot says because of this, it's kept him from getting what he really wants for Christmas. Natalia laughs and asks what that is. Brot says he wants to spend more time with her and to be able to do this, and kisses her.

Amanda and Annie arrive at ConFusion as Annie is telling Amanda about the flowers incident earlier. Annie tells her that Marissa is working on something and thinks she's trying to get JR back based on the way she looks at him. Amanda questions if she really thinks that. Annie tells her that she saw him kiss her on the cheek but it wasn't an innocent peck as it lingered. Amanda questions this and wonders if Annie is over reacting because JR wants to be with her. Annie says she's worried about Marissa not JR because she's sneaky and has her sights on JR.

Scott has another visitor and this time it's JR. JR greets him and tells him long time no see. Scott asks him what he wants. JR says can't a man just come visit his cousin without an ulterior motive. Scott calls him a walking ulterior motive. JR says he knows he heard Caleb got Cortlandt back and figures he wants to gloat about it. Scott says he couldn't care less about him or Chandler so asks what he's doing here. JR wants to know his angle with Marissa. Scott says JR played and used Marissa to get custody of AJ. JR says he shouldn't worry because he has a life outside. JR says his favorite thing to do is wake up in the morning and take a deep breath of that free fresh air, dress himself in a suit and go to work. JR asks what Scott does living there and how it's working out. Scott says it's funny, he's locked up behind these walls without contact with him in months and hasn't even thought about him but yet JR is still threatened by him.

Amanda says she's the exact opposite as she trusts Jake but with Cara in town and he acts like it's nothing. Jake arrives as Annie says she wishes she could have that. Amanda is surprised to see him so soon and asks how the ER was. Jake tells her it was fine with just him and Cara as the only doctors there and reminds them of their plans earlier. Amanda likes that idea and they kiss. She wishes Annie luck and they leave.

Natalia tells Brot that was nice. Brot says he should've done it on Christmas Eve. Natalia wonders why he didn't. Brot says Tad said it best, sometimes their priorities get shifted. Brot tells her there's more where that came from and asks if Natalia is willing to get her priorities straight and give them a real shot because he knows he is. Natalia says she is and kisses him.

Cara is seated at Krystal's when Tad walks up and startles her. Tad offers her an early lunch, Cara declines. Tad asks if everything is ok. She says yeah she just needs to get out of here. Tad wonders why because the food is awesome. Cara says she meant the town. Tad asks what is going on. Cara tells him nothing. Tad says he'd like to help if he could and it'd be easier if he knew why. Cara says she just needs to get out of here for Jake's sake.

JR tells Scott he isn't a threat and never has been. Scott says he didn't say he was but JR feels threatened. JR says he just doesn't think Scott should be using Marissa. Scott asks why he's acting like she's still his wife. He asks JR if he got Annie out of his system. JR says he still has her perfume on his clothes. Scott tells him he cares less about Chandler than he does about JR and while he's here, he's working on something more productive than him. Scott says he's good to go. JR tells him to enjoy his cell and asks Scott if he has any big plans for New Year's Eve with his inmate pals. Scott sarcastically thanks him for the visit. JR says that's what he's here for and exits.

Tad asks Cara if something happened today. Cara tells him it was great working with Jake as he's an incredible doctor. Tad asks if it brought back memories. Cara nods and says Tad's been divorced so there's reason people drift away. Tad tells her he lives with his ex-wife. Krystal comes over and supports him. Cara says that's not normal. Tad says people do all kinds of amazing things and he and Krystal like each other and have two beautiful children. Cara asks what if they're on a date. Tad laughs and asks if she's serious because it hasn't come up but he'll let her know when it does. Tad jokes with her and mentions he had a relationship a couple months ago that didn't work out. He asks Cara about her because she's a doctor, smart, attractive and there had to be somebody since Jake. Cara says she's been around the world saving lives. Tad says he'll take that as a no. Cara says she would like to have lunch with him.

Jake and Amanda return home and he tells her about work as it felt like he was back overseas. Amanda asks if he means working with Cara. Jake tells her it's just being in the moment and asks what Amanda is thinking. Amanda explains to him about being with Annie and how she was talking about JR and it got her thinking about what could happen if an old relationship pops up. Jake tells her Annie doesn't have relationships but obsessions and Cara is working on leaving anyways. Jake tells Amanda that he will talk to Angie and make sure they are never scheduled to work at the same time again. Amanda agrees and Jake kisses her. Amanda changes her mind saying she's creating something that isn't there. Amanda apologizes and tells him to forget about it because she's just letting Annie get to her.

Annie arrives at her hotel room and finds flowers all over. JR walks in behind her. Annie says he really did it and hugs him. Annie says he's so sweet and it's beautiful here. JR says not as beautiful as her and he's glad she likes it. She kisses him and he removes her jacket. Annie asks if Marissa liked her pink roses. JR says he didn't see her, he dropped it off at Krystal's but did see Scott. Annie asks why. JR says Marissa is helping him get early parole. Annie wonders if he'll get out soon. JR wants to know what he's planning to do. Annie says Scott can't get to him or them and they won't have to hide anymore to show how they feel about each other. JR says they will still take it slow because if Marissa sees them all over each other in public, she'll know they were together. Annie doesn't want to worry about Marissa anymore. JR reminds her it's just until the custody battle is over. JR goes to kiss her but Annie pulls away and says she can't do this hiding anymore.

Brot and Natalia end a kiss and Brot asks what the matter is. Natalia says she's just being practical, logical her. Brot asks if the kiss was practical and logical. Natalia says no, it's just been her experience that usually the guy bails on her so she can't help but weigh risk vs. reward. She tells him reward wins by miles and says Tad was right about carpe diem, seize the day. She tells Brot that she is ready and they kiss again.

Marissa arrives at Krystal's and finds the flowers, saying they are beautiful. Krystal notes that she got flowers from two Chandler's men. Marissa tells her she won't get stuck in that mess again but will help Scott get out of prison because he deserves a second chance.

Scott asks the warden about early parole and says he's getting out of here because he has to.

JR tells Annie it won't be much longer, he promises. JR says he has to play this a little longer with Marissa because she's working with Scott. Annie says it doesn't feel right because she wants to be with him, not hiding out here. JR says it's just until the papers are signed. JR tells Annie to pick out her best dress as they will go out for New Year's just the two of them. JR says he has to go to a meeting but is really glad she likes the flowers. JR kisses her and leaves the room. Annie sighs and smells the flowers around the room. Annie goes to one that is pink roses. She pulls one out and throws it on the floor. She then continues ripping out the pink roses.

Cara thinks Tad should hate her and want her out as soon as possible. Tad says he owes her for helping him with his hand injury. Cara tells him she does her best. Tad knows she does.

Jake talks to Amanda about having another baby. Jake says they should put it into practice. Amanda says it sounds like a lot of fun and they kiss. Jake tells her he has to take a shower but to keep thinking the way she is. Jake says to give him a couple of minutes and he goes off to shower. Amanda reaches over and types something into the computer. She makes a phone call. Amanda talks into the phone that she is Cara, calling to check on the status of her international paperwork.

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