AMC Update Friday 12/17/10

All My Children Update Friday 12/17/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is on the phone saying she knows it's short notice and can't reschedule her meeting but will figure something out. Madison walks up and asks if there's anything she can do. Kendall tells her she's trying to honor Zach at the Miranda Center but her babysitter won't show up. Madison suggests she could watch the boys. Kendall asks why she'd do that. Madison says she knows what it's like when you can't catch a break. Kendall tells her they barely know each other. Madison says she thinks she needs something to go right for a change so she should let her help. Kendall says she would like that very much.

Greenlee tells Ryan that Kendall is cutting herself off from everyone who care about her and that will make the holidays harder. Ryan says he guesses they should wait until she's ready. Greenlee thinks that will take a long time. Ryan knows that she misses them as much as they miss her. Greenlee tells him she feels guilty and has never felt more grateful to have him. Ryan feels the same way and they hug.

Amanda and Jake sit at Krystal's. Amanda wants him to tell her what's going on because he's been wound up since they left the hospital. Jake tells her he found something out that he thought was true but it turns out is not. Amanda feels like this something involves Cara.

Cara is on the phone at her room, saying that she filled out the paperwork and it's insane how long this could take. They hang up and Griffin tries to calm her down. Griffin asks what they said about the paperwork. She said they told her there's a glitch in the system so she can't get on the plane until it's cleared up. She says it's out of DWB's jurisdiction. Griffin asks how long she'll be stuck there and she tells him they told her they can't be too sure. Cara says she'll just drive to New York. Griffin tells her she will stay there with him instead. Cara says that's the last thing she should do.

Jake tells Amanda that all this time he thought Griffin broke up their marriage. Amanda says he did as Jake saw them. Jake tells her that Tad did some digging and found out they were never lovers but brother and sister. Amanda is shocked to hear this. Jake says it's right. Amanda guesses she didn't come here to reunite with Griffin. Jake tells her that Cara pitched him really hard to rejoin doctors without borders but he let her know that nothing could take him away from his life. Jake and Amanda kiss. Amanda asks if Cara's gone. Jake thinks she's probably on a plane right now.

Griffin asks Cara if she wants to spend Christmas in a random city alone. Cara says she's used to being alone. Griffin says she doesn't have to be. Cara asks if he really wants her to stay with Jake around. Griffin doesn't care about Jake but wants to spend Christmas with his little sister. Cara says she'd love to but can't stay here. Cara says Jake's family is over the entire town and can't imagine having a happy Christmas running into Jake and his gorgeous model wife every time she turns the corner. Griffin asks if maybe she's happy. Cara denies coming here to get back with Jake. Cara admits maybe she did arrive and think that they could pick up right where they left off but she knows now there's no chance of that happening. Griffin says he didn't mean to rub it in. Cara asks if he's glad that Jake's not available. Griffin tells her Jake is not good for her but Christmas with her brother is. Griffin hugs her and tells her he has to go see a patient. Cara doesn't want him to leave and asks if she can tag along. Griffin asks if she's sure. Cara says if she's stuck here, she wants to do something to fill the hours. They leave together.

Ryan comes to Bianca's and she tells him she was wondering when he'd stop by. Ryan says he's looking for some help on Kendall and Greenlee. Bianca thinks it's impossible. Ryan tells her that they need each other. Bianca tells him they'll have to figure it out themselves.

Kendall comes back home and Madison is surprised she's back so soon and asks how the meeting went. She says good and asks how the boys are. Madison tells her they're good and napping. Madison says she knows they've been having a hard time lately but they're ok. Kendall thanks her for watching them and hopes she can return the favor one day when Madison has kids. Madison gets a phone call and it's Randi. Randi is at ConFusion and asks where Madison is. Madison wonders if they were supposed to meet. Randi tells her she was supposed to be there hours ago for Greenlee's big full scale review. Randi asks if Madison is avoiding Greenlee. Madison informs her that she quit Fusion. Randi says she's got to go and will try to connect later. Kendall asks if everything's okay. Madison tells her that Randi was just worrying that she'd catch Greenlee's wrath. Kendall tells her that Greenlee better worry about her wrath since she didn't include Kendall in the meeting.

Greenlee asks Randi if she was dealing with something personal. Randi says she just called Frankie as it was a busy day at the hospital. Randi asks if Kendall is coming. Greenlee says no because she has enough to deal with at home.

Madison wonders if it must not be a big deal or if it could've been an oversight. Kendall thinks it is and says Greenlee doesn't make oversights. Kendall gets ready to leave and go to the meeting. Kendall asks Madison to watch the boys a little longer and exits to go to Fusion.

Greenlee begins the meeting and thanks Randi for arranging it. She says Randi is keeping things in order behind the scenes and continues to shine as the face of Fusion. Greenlee says she kept the group small today because she's leaving it up to them to speak to their respective teams and explain to them that while she's been distracted, that changes today. Greenlee states as of today she's back, in charge, and ready to make major changes. Kendall walks in and asks if getting rid of her is one of those changes.

Jake suggests to Amanda that they have breakfast for dinner. Amanda tells him she's glad that Cara is on the next plane out but doesn't think they should pretend that he didn't find out what he did. Jake doesn't think it matters. Amanda says he's now finding out that what he thought all along isn't true. Jake says it doesn't matter because she still walked out of the relationship because she wanted out of the marriage. Amanda asks if he would've chased after her if he knew the truth. Jake wants to drop it and have dinner with his wife before he has to go back to the hospital. Amanda doesn't want him to bury this. Jake tells her they need to have a beautiful and magical Christmas. Amanda says it will be.

Angie is with Opal and Tad at the hospital. Angie says there's too many patients and not enough doctors. Griffin walks in and greets Opal. Opal is excited to see him. Griffin makes sure she's just here for a checkup. Cara comes in with Griffin. Tad asks if she's leaving and she says she doesn't want to be here. Griffin introduces Cara to Angie. Opal asks Tad if Griffin and Cara are married and Tad explains they are brother and sister and it's a long story. Cara tells him that Griffin was just doing her a favor. Tad tells her he didn't do Jake any favors. Angie suggests they get over the past and she needs to consult with Griffin. Angie and Griffin step out and Cara tells Tad his hand looks better. Opal says some wounds heal faster than others. Tad informs Opal that Cara stitched him up. Opal asks if she missed out on them forgiving her for what she did with Jake. Tad tells Cara they were here for a checkup on Opal. Opal notes that angels don't run in their family. Cara asks if she can check out getting her a pill refill. Tad tells Opal that Cara is a good doctor so she can trust her. Cara asks if Griffin prescribed her these and figures she's suffering some side effects. Cara says that's typical of calcium channel blocker. Tad asks for an alternative. Cara suggests that she use a beta blocker instead and writes it down for her to check with her regular doctor. Opal thanks her. Angie and Griffin come back in. Cara is glad that Griffin is back. Griffin says not for long as he has to go check on patients. Cara notices Angie is short on staff. Angie says they are temporarily. Cara wants a job but anywhere but here.

Ryan tells Bianca that Kendall told him to leave Greenlee at home at Christmas. Bianca asks if he agrees. Ryan says he didn't have a choice and tells her that Kendall is only tolerating him for Spike. Ryan says Kendall is having walls up. Bianca agrees and says Kendall is holding her at arms length. Bianca says she didn't always think Greenlee was a great friend to Kendall but she needs to forgive her and Ryan too. Ryan tells Bianca that David's hand moved. Bianca thinks it would at least be good for Erica's case. Ryan gets up to leave and tells Bianca that he told Greenlee he would stop by the meeting at Fusion. They hug and Bianca tells him it will get better. Bianca tells him that Kendall and Greenlee have a bond that no one can break.

Greenlee tells Kendall that no one is taking her role away from her. Kendall says she is being excluded. Greenlee says she just lost her husband so she didn't need to be here. Greenlee tells her if she wants to be in the meeting, then be her guest. Kendall asks if she's a guest now. Greenlee apologizes and didn't want to make things worse for her. Kendall thinks Greenlee threw her out of her own company. Greenlee denies doing that. Kendall says Greenlee doesn't want her here. Greenlee agrees and says ever since her accident, she hasn't been herself and they have a company to run so they can't have decisions made by someone who's.... Kendall asks if she was going to say someone who is unbalanced. Greenlee tells her she doesn't want to do this here. Kendall asks if she's going to take advantage of her grieving. Greenlee tells her not to go there. Madison intervenes and tells Greenlee that she shouldn't be doing this to Kendall. Greenlee tells Madison it's not her business. Kendall thinks she shouldn't have come here and wants to prove to Greenlee that she's not useless. Madison asks what Greenlee said. Greenlee tells her it's not her business. Madison says no one can question the great Greenlee. Greenlee asks when she's going to get out of her life.

Angie is telling Cara about being understaffed and Jake walks up. Jake notices Cara and says she didn't leave. Cara says she wanted to so trust her. Jake says he doesn't trust her.

Griffin runs into Kendall at the hospital and says she looks stressed out. Kendall says she came here looking for him. Griffin asks what she needs. Kendall says a change between them.

Randi tries to get in between Madison and Greenlee. Greenlee says Madison quit fusion to avoid her and she still wants Ryan but here she is sticking her nose in her business. Madison calls Greenlee unbelievable and leaves. Madison runs into Ryan. Ryan asks if she's okay. Madison says she's fine and runs off. Ryan asks Greenlee what the hell that was all about.

Kendall asks Griffin if he's doing everything that Zach wanted. Zach says he's trying to. Kendall says he's not expanding the Miranda Center globally but only here. Kendall says she wants in more than she is. Griffin tells her they are fine. Kendall says she wants to honor Zach's memory by honoring the details and show what was important to him is important to her. Griffin tells her they are trying to help large groups of people. Kendall wants to help and says she's more than capable of this. Kendall tells him she's ready so they are going to be joined by the hip. Griffin doesn't think so because this is bigger than Kendall trying to prove herself to other people. He says he sees what the loss has done to her and reminds her of walking in on her trying to off David. Kendall says that has nothing to with it. Griffin tells her that Zach had a vision and he has a mission because lives are at stake. Griffin offers Kendall a ride home. Kendall tells him not to do that because what was Zach's is hers and Griffin will now answer to her.

Ryan asks Greenlee if he needs to be concerned. Greenlee says Madison's upset and tells him somehow Kendall found out about the meeting and she lost her cool and then Madison came to her defense. Madison comes back and tells her it won't happen again because she's not welcome here anymore. Greenlee tells Ryan that everything she said to Kendall made things worse. Ryan says he's sorry. Greenlee thinks every time she sees Kendall, she's getting further away. Greenlee tells Randi to postpone the meeting. Ryan tells her he'll get the car, they can go home and try to make sense of this. Ryan kisses her and leaves. Greenlee looks at a Fusion picture of her and Kendall and looks sad. Randi comes back and asks Greenlee how Tuesday sounds. Greenlee says it's perfect and hopes they won't be interrupted by former employees. Another girl says poor Madison. Greenlee says she doesn't want to hear that and the girl tells Greenlee that she just heard Madison throwing up in the bathroom. Greenlee's confused.

Cara explains to Jake that she can't get on the plane. Amanda comes up and asks if Cara's staying here. Cara tells them they can call the plane if they don't believe her and apologizes if this will make things awkward. Jake says it won't be but is confused why Cara was talking about short staff here. Angie says she was talking about it. Cara tells her she was just tagging along with her brother. Jake says the shortage of doctors is the only thing making him uncomfortable so he suggests just hiring Cara. Angie asks Cara about it and Cara says if Jake doesn't have a problem with it then she'd be stupid to turn down work. Jake says he doesn't care what she does because it's not his problem. Angie wants to know if it becomes a problem and takes Cara to a room they need to get to. Tad and Opal walk up and Tad tells Jake that sometimes he really surprises him.

Cara and Angie continue walking and run into Griffin. Griffin says they look like they are on a mission. Cara explains to him that she'll be joining the hospital and Griffin stops them.

Kendall returns home and Madison was wondering where she was. She asks how she is. Kendall says she's better now and tells her that Greenlee just gets under her skin because she thinks she can't handle herself. Kendall thanks Madison for coming to her defense. Madison tells her the boys are back and watching TV. Kendall stops Madison from leaving and asks if she needs a job. Madison says she does and Kendall suggests Madison hanging out with the boys on a more permanent basis. Madison asks if it's a job offer and Kendall guesses that it is. Madison doesn't think she could do that. Kendall asks why not and then realizes that she'd be taking care of Ryan's child and that's probably the last thing she'd want to do.

Ryan and Greenlee come back home and Ryan hands Greenlee a letter to cheer her up. Greenlee looks at it and it's social services. She opens the letter and says it's finally happening, they found an advocate for David. Ryan thinks it's a relief. Greenlee says she was starting to think it'd never happen. Ryan tells her to embrace it. She says she's finally officially free of David. Ryan asks how it feels. She wants to go see David and say goodbye. Greenlee exits. Ryan grabs his jacket and follows after her.

Griffin asks Angie if he can have a moment with his sister. Angie tells Cara to meet her if she's still taking the job. Cara insists she is. Griffin tells her it's a bad idea. Cara agrees but she knows how to take care of herself. Cara says she'll work different shifts than Jake. Griffin says he liked it better when he could boss her around.

Jake asks Amanda why he feels like everyone's looking at him and thinks it's because he just gave Angie permission to hire his ex wife without even asking his current wife. Tad suggests he stop digging himself in a further hole. Amanda says Cara can work wherever she wants. Tad and Opal agree and Tad says they are all okay with it. Amanda asks Jake if he remembers their vows. She tells him I love you and every day I'm struck by how much I admire you. Jake kisses her and Amanda tells him she'll see him at home. Jake leaves the room and turns the corner but stops when he sees Cara and Griffin.

Cara is in a room at the hospital and Amanda walks in and congratulates her. Cara hopes she's not uncomfortable. Amanda tells her she's fine and thinks they should make the most of her time here. Cara questions they and Amanda thinks they can turn things around after getting off on the wrong foot. Amanda suggests a girls night and Cara agrees to it. Amanda exits the room and slowly walks away.

Tad tells Jake to spill it, the real reason that he insisted that Angie hire Cara. Jake says he just thought it'd be better if Cara were here. Tad asks as opposed to what. Jake tells him some place less safe. Tad says he makes it sound like he wants to keep an eye on her in which case he's very lucky that Amanda is still his wife. Tad exits and Griffin walks in. Griffin tells Jake he could've said no and Angie wouldn't have hired her. Jake asks if he thinks he has a hidden agenda. Jake tells Griffin he was a very happy man before he met his sister. Griffin asks what about when he's working alongside her. Jake tells him not to worry.

Madison tells Kendall she appreciates the offer but things with Ryan complicates things and thinks she should keep her distance. Kendall asks what she'll do for money. Madison thinks she'll take a trip to some place far from Pine Valley and figure things out.

Ryan and Greenlee walk in the hospital and arrive to David's room. They enter. Greenlee says she should be happy about this but doesn't trust it. Ryan says there's gotta be some way to find out who his new advocate is. Greenlee checks his chart. Liza walks in and asks what Greenlee is doing because she has no right to that chart or the patient. Greenlee says that's up to the advocate. Liza informs them that she is David's new advocate.

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