AMC Update Thursday 12/16/10

All My Children Update Thursday 12/16/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall opens the closet and puts a box on a shelf. While doing that, she takes down another box. She takes it out and sits down with it. Kendall opens the box and inside is a picture of Zach. She says we saw the Red Wings win last night after Reverend Torres gave them tickets. She says she wishes Zach could've seen Spike's face and the way he lit up. Spike comes down to Kendall and Kendall says she thinks he and Ian need to eat. Spike suggests ice cream. Kendall agrees and he cheers. Kendall tells Spike to go get Ian while she makes a phone call. She puts the picture back in the box.

Amanda is at Krystal's. Tad walks up to her and says he's not so sure Krystal would appreciate frustrated customers. Amanda asks him why Cara would sit there staring at a picture of Jake and Trevor and pretend to not know who she was. Tad doesn't know and Amanda wants to know why Cara didn't just say she was Jake's ex wife. She thinks Cara and Griffin are both hiding something and asks Tad to help her find the real reason why Cara is in Pine Valley.

Griffin joins Angie at ConFusion. Angie recognizes him immediately and Griffin asks how she knew it was him. Angie says he has a very distinctive cologne. Angie notes that the female patients aren't complaining about him joining the hospital. Griffin says he's used to just doing surgeries and getting out. Angie wants to offer him a more permanent spot at the hospital so that they can take advantage of his talents. Griffin says he's sure some doctors wouldn't want that. Angie says Jake is a professional and whatever happened before is over and has nothing to do with Jake's life now.

Jake walks to the front desk at the hospital and puts some papers down. Jake knocks over an invitation to his and Amanda's party and Cara comes by and picks it up.

Frankie and Randi arrive at ConFusion to see Madison. Randi says Frankie wanted to know how Ryan took the news. Madison says she didn't tell him because Greenlee showed up and that made her realize that her pregnancy is none of Ryan's business.

Ryan and Greenlee are eating together at Krystal's. Ryan tells her that Kendall will soon realize she needs her best friend. Greenlee asks how he knows how to always say the right things to make her feel better. They kiss and Kendall walks in with Spike and Ian. Spike runs to Ryan and hugs him. Ryan asks what he's doing there. Kendall says they're making an ice cream run and should get a table. Ryan and Greenlee suggest they join them. Kendall says she isn't sure how long she's saying cause she has a conference call. Greenlee's phone rings and she answers saying she's no longer handling being David's advocate. Greenlee ends up saying fine she'll be there and hangs up. She says it's about David's treatment and they haven't gotten the papers processed yet so she has to go to the hospital. Greenlee says she could stay for awhile but Kendall insists she should go. Kendall takes Spike and Ian to get ice cream as Greenlee leaves. Ryan looks surprised that Kendall is acting this way and approaches her. Kendall says she thought he left with Greenlee. Ryan says she can handle that situation so he wants to hang out with Kendall so they can talk.

Madison tells Frankie and Randi that Ryan is not in her life, he doesn't want to be so she doesn't want him to. She says she doesn't even know how to feel about being pregnant and says she's alone and not able to pay her bills. Frankie assures she's not alone. She thanks him but says she'll have to make whatever decision on her own.

Griffin tells Angie that he didn't know what to make of the hospital since he got punched on his first day. He tells her that she runs a great place but it's not his thing because once he's done with his work on the Miranda Center he's out. She asks where he goes next. Griffin says he'll let the rest of the world fight it out. Angie notes she's heard stories about him and the lives he's saved and asks if he ever takes a break. He says he's brave. Angie tells him it's admirable but saving one person at a time is too. Angie has to get back to the hospital. Griffin starts to get up but Angie assures him that she has the place down pat and knows her way to her car. Griffin stops her and tells her he'd be happy to scrub in for some surgeries. Angie says she would like that and exits. Griffin turns the corner and runs into Tad. Griffin asks how Opal is and Tad says she's still singing his praises. Tad asks about him and Angie and Griffin tells him he just turned down a full-time job because he has to get back out there. Tad asks what it is that makes them want to keep going out there like Jake did. Tad says whatever happens over there really got in Jake's blood and he had a hard time giving it up. Griffin says this is Jake's home. Tad asks where Griffin's home is. He says all over, first Mexico then came to the states when he was a kid and now he goes when he has to go. Tad asks about the rest of his family. Griffin says what about them. Tad apologizes and say it's force of habit to be a little overly protective. Tad wonders if when Griffin does take off, if he'll take Cara with him.

Jake asks Cara if she needs something. She wants an answer so she came to find him. Jake says she never was one to shy away from a challenge. Cara hopes he will come back to Doctors without Borders or else he could walk away and never speak to her again. Jake says walking away isn't his style because he knows what it does to someone. Cara says she never meant to hurt him but that's not why she's here, they need him in the field and it could even be temporary. She says Jake could give the burnt out doctors a much needed break. Jake tells her to stop with the pitch. Cara says it's obvious that Jake is happy here with a new purpose and what they had together is probably not even on his radar anymore. Jake says that's not true.

Tad tells Griffin that he, Jake, and Cara show the same dedication and it must be hard for people to excel in critical situations but he and Cara showed up at the same time so you gotta wonder. Griffin says if he thinks he has some hidden agenda, he's wasting his time. Griffin says he's all about good will. Tad says the fact that he shows up at the same time at the same hotel with adjacent rooms as Cara is weird. Griffin wants to know what difference it makes and says he won't be there long. Tad asks if he'll go back to Mexico. Griffin says if they need him there. Tad says he's been there and Griffin doubts he's been near Juarez. Griffin tells him that drugs run in the streets in Juarez and he'd end up with much more than a taped up hand. Tad says he can see why he'd want to save them. Griffin thinks Tad's trying to bribe him to get Cara out and he believes Cara won't stay in one place long.

Jake tells Cara he has been thinking about them a lot lately and has had all these memories lately. Cara asks him if he still likes his coffee with 5 packets. Jake says he's been trying to and she finishes cut down because he said that their whole marriage. Jake says Cara is just trying to recruit him. Cara tells him that there isn't a doctor who can do what he did and not just his skill, but the way he is with people and his passion. Jake says he loved every minute of what they experienced in the field and his favorite part was seeing people's faces that never saw a doctor and taking away their pain. Jake thinks it was probably his most joyful and satisfying experience that he ever had in his life. Cara tells him he could go back. Jake says when he came here after that, he felt lost and that his life was meaningless without all those people needing him and without Cara but then he found his passion. Cara sees that this is a good place with good people. Jake says he found his passion in Amanda, they needed each other and he helped her out of a situation and they fought like hell to be together and now have a beautiful child. Jake says his life probably fails in comparison to Cara's but to him it's just as important. Cara tells him she's happy for him and that's all she ever wanted. Jake brushes it off and Cara assures him it's the truth.

Madison tells Frankie and Randi that she's just trying to protect herself and doesn't wanna get between Ryan and Greenlee. She says she spent most her life giving in to what guys want and this time she won't let that happen.

Ryan tells Kendall that he's sure she wants to make sure the boys have a nice Christmas. Kendall agrees and Ryan suggests letting them help her put something together, putting up the tree and stockings or something. Kendall agrees and tells him as long as he doesn't bring Greenlee.

Greenlee asks Frankie about David and he's said there's been some unusual readings on the monitor. They go to David's room. Frankie says since Greenlee entered, his heartbeat elevated. She asks if he's still in a coma. Frankie says he is but something is definitely going on.

Ryan thinks Kendall is pushing away the person she needs the most. Kendall believes Greenlee can't help her. Ryan says Greenlee is torturing herself. Kendall thinks she looked happy when she walked in. Ryan says they're happy together but Greenlee misses her. Kendall says she knows it may be wrong, irrational and maybe selfish to exclude her but every time she sees Greenlee, she realizes she'll never see her husband again or hold his hand, spend a vacation or holiday with him. Ryan tells her that he was there too when Zach's plane went down and asks if she feels that way about him. Kendall says they share a son but if they didn't, she wouldn't want to spend a second with him.

Greenlee asks about David's heart rate. Frankie says it could be an involuntary response and that it's possible he could be waking up too. Greenlee asks what's next. Frankie says they're always to alert the next of kin when anything happens. Frankie gets a page and has to go check on another patient. He leaves and Greenlee asks David if he's there and if he can hear her. Greenlee tells him she just came from seeing Kendall and she can barely look at her. Greenlee says she's doing everything she can to put him behind her but she can't because of what happened to Zach means she'll never be free of David. Greenlee asks David if that's what he wants and if he's trying to tell her that she'll never be free. Greenlee steps back and David's hand moves. Greenlee runs out of the room and calls for Dr. Hubbard to hurry.

Tad is on his laptop at ConFusion, looking something up. Tad is intrigued by something he sees on it and says that can't be right... or can it?

Jake asks Cara what she's doing. She apologizes and wishes him nothing but happiness and gets that he doesn't want the job. Jake says if there's ever another job offer, pick up the phone instead of just showing up or talking to his wife. Cara argues that she didn't do that. Jake asks if Doctors without Borders is so desperate that they can't make house calls. They argue more and Jake asks if she was so miserable in their marriage that she had to take off with Griffin .Jake asks how long she knew Griffin for and if she knew him before she knew Jake. Tad walks in and says long before. Tad says that she knew Griffin since the day she came home from the hospital. Tad reveals that Griffin is not Cara's lover, he's her brother!

Jake asks if that's true. Tad says it is, he looked at Griffins' wallet and found a picture of two small kids with names on it so he looked up the Castillo name out of Juarez. Jake is confused and Tad says Cara changed her name to Finn. Jake asks if that wasn't her name when he met her. Cara says she couldn't tell anyone the truth. She wipes away tears and says when she met Jake, she was wearing Dr. Finn's ID and he convinced her to take a chance and her family didn't want her to take chances. Cara said she wanted more and Jake showed her something more. Tad asks Jake if he needs a minute. Tad exits. Cara steps forward and Jake quickly jolts back. He says he doesn't even know who he was married to and asks if there was anything she told him that was true.

Ryan apologizes to Kendall that they are causing her so much discomfort. Ryan says he's tempted to say that if Greenlee can't come to their Christmas then he won't come either. Kendall says it's up to him. Ryan is trying hard to be respectful but they want to be part of her life and thinks that Zach would want that too. Kendall tells him not to say that because she has reminders every day of what Zach would want. Kendall says they'll discuss the holidays later because she has things to do. Ryan tells her to take care of herself. Kendall calls Spike over to say bye to Ryan. Ryan picks him up and tells him to take care of his mom for him.

Greenlee and Frankie are back in David's room and she told him that his finger moved. Frankie says medically there's been no changed. Greenlee thinks that David heard what she was saying. Frankie tells her to watch what she says in case he does wake up. Frankie exits again. Greenlee tells David to be a better person. She says if he wakes up from this, be a better person. Greenlee walks out of the room and David's fingers move again.

Kendall is on the phone now at Krystal's, talking about Zach. Spike tries to get her attention and she accidentally spills her drink. Kendall tells the person on the phone that they should do this in person since her babysitter will be there any minute. Spike asks Kendall if she's going to go away now too. Kendall is confused and asks why he'd say that. She remembers that the night before Zach left, his water knocked over and asks Spike if that's what he's thinking of. She tells Spike that if Zach could be there with them, he would. She says she'll make another phone call and then get her some more ice cream.

Cara tells Jake that she should go. Jake agrees and yells that she's good at walking away. Cara asks if he wants the truth. She says she was young when they got married and wasn't ready so she called his brother to bail her out so she could get away and meet people to experience life but she didn't want to hurt Jake, she wanted it to be clean. Jake says they were married and he loved her. Cara says he needed a good reason to break up with her. Jake asks if she pretended to be in love with someone so he wouldn't go after her. Cara says he wanted the truth. Jake says if that's the truth, what is she doing here. Cara says she didn't realize what Jake found here, he has everything, a gorgeous wife and a child like he wanted all along. Jake says it is what he wanted. Cara says it was a big mistake coming here. She tells him to look at her and says she's sorry. Cara exits.

Ryan returns home and is on his computer when Greenlee comes home. Ryan asks about the hospital. She says David's heart rate was up and his finger moved. Greenlee doesn't think it was an involuntary response because his finger moved after she railed him about Zach. Ryan wants to go call Jake but Greenlee has had enough talking about David. She would rather David wake up so maybe Kendall would take things out on him instead. Ryan tells her that Kendall said earlier that she doesn't want him to bring Greenlee to Christmas and that the only reason she's tolerating him is because of Spike.

Kendall is telling someone on the phone to just quit. Madison comes in as Kendall tells Spike that she can't depend on anyone anymore.

Jake walks on to Tad. Jake says there was nothing more to say. Tad asks what was said and Jake tells him that she thought she needed a clean break. Jake asks what he's supposed to do when things flip flop and things aren't the way he thought they were anymore. Tad doesn't know but says what matters is who he is now and what he has now, the end result. Jake says his marriage ending means it wasn't meant to be. Tad tells him that now he knows she didn't leave him for another guy. Jake says things are working out for him.

Griffin comes to Cara at ConFusion and she's been drinking. He asks how long she's been drinking and she claims half a drink. Cara agrees that coming here was a big mistake. Griffin says it must be something big because she never admits when he's right. Cara tells him that Jake knows. Griffin asks how and Cara tells him that Tad went through his wallet and did some digging. Griffin asks what Cara told Jake about why she left him. Cara says she told him she wanted out of the marriage. Griffin says wow as Cara says she wants to get out of here. Griffin tells her he knows this isn't easy for her and wishes he could go with her because he doesn't like thinking about her being alone. Cara says she's fine but Griffin doesn't think so. Cara tells him he doesn't need to treat her like a little girl anymore. Griffin says as her older brother, it's his job. She says she's tired of being protected and being treated like she's a glass doll. She tells him that Jake didn't treat her like that and would never. Griffin hugs her. Cara's phone rings and she answers. She tells the person that's impossible and she filled out the necessary paperwork. Griffin asks what it is. Cara says there's some kind of problem with her paperwork for DWB and some kind of immigration issue. Griffin says that means she can't leave tonight.

Amanda joins Jake at the hospital and asks if he's ok. He says he's good. She says he could've fooled her. Jake says thank God for her and kisses her.

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