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All My Children Update Wednesday 12/15/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee comes down the stairs and tells Ryan that she has to get to the hospital and is surprised to see he has the Christmas tree up and decorated along with gifts. She thinks he must have been up at the crack of dawn. Ryan says it was worth it to see the smile on her face and wants to make up for every day they missed.

Angie bumps into Madison at the hospital. Madison apologizes for being a klutz but Angie insists it was her fault as being pregnant can make her off balance. Madison has a flashback to telling Randi she is pregnant. Angie asks if she's ok and if something is wrong.

Tad is eating at Krystal's. Krystal asks if Tad is really investigating his own brother. Tad says he's investigating Cara. Krystal thought she was just passing through. Tad says he's doing a little scratching for Jake. She asks how Jake feels about it. Tad says Jake would rather focus on his family so if he finds something he'll tell him but if not he'll let him enjoy the holiday. Krystal tells Tad that he should enjoy the holiday. Tad goes to leave to continue his investigation and Marissa enters with AJ. Tad greets them on his way out. AJ asks Krystal to help decorate the Christmas tree and Krystal sends him to get ready in his room. Krystal tells Marissa it's great to see AJ happy. Marissa says it's great that JR organized this day for them but it's weird. Krystal says she's going through a custody battle and divorce so it's not the best time to go out for Christmas carols. Marissa tells her that she wants to believe JR is doing it for AJ but she's afraid to trust him. Krystal thinks she should be.

Annie wakes up with JR next to her. She asks why he's smiling and he asks if she likes their small tree he brought. She says it's cute. JR asks her what she thinks about a box he pulls out. Annie asks what it is. JR says he wanted to wait for Christmas and it's something he wanted to give her for a very long time. Annie opens the box and inside is a ring box. Annie looks at him surprised.

Marissa tells Krystal that she was completely skeptical but the more they discussed it, she had more memories from last year, memories of JR's chemo and their wedding and if he'd live for their first anniversary. She says she thinks it's coming back to JR because she saw the man that she fell in love with. Krystal says she knows how hard it is to let go and how tempting it can be to have it back. Marissa assures her she doesn't want to get back with JR but they're trying to make a nice Christmas for their son. Krystal warns her to be careful and protect herself and AJ because she doesn't want her to get hurt. Marissa says she'll have her eyes open and Krystal in her corner. Krystal says always and they hug.

JR tells Annie he wanted to wait but it was time to go big and celebrate everything they had. JR urges her to open it. Annie opens the box and it is earrings. Annie says they're beautiful but looks a little disappointed. JR asks if she likes them. She says she does and JR asks what's wrong. Annie claims she doesn't usually wear jewelry like this. JR tells her he has to go see AJ but he'll be back. Annie asks if he loves her in her earrings. JR says she looks great in everything and kisses her. JR exits the room and Annie's smile fades. She rolls her eyes and sighs, mocking the way JR says he loves her in everything or in nothing instead of just I love you. JR leaves the area and Tad arrives.

Greenlee opens up a first present from Ryan. It's tickets to the circus and Ryan reminds her it's her childhood dream and calls her the Green Butterfly. Greenlee opens the next and it's a picture of her and Kendall. Greenlee asks what this is since Kendall hates her. Ryan says she doesn't and their best friends so he will talk to Kendall and try to fix things. Ryan says if it's meant to be, it's meant to be and they are his inspiration. Ryan and Greenlee kiss.

Angie asks how Madison's gunshot wound is and asks why Madison isn't answering. Madison wants to hear about Angie and her baby. Angie says the baby's great and she's never been better or bigger. Madison says she looks great. Angie tells her there's only a few months to go. Madison asks if Jesse's over the moon. Angie says he's really excited and Madison asks if he always felt that way. Madison's curious how they felt when they first found out about the baby. Angie says they were surprised, thrilled, but scared too because a new baby is a tremendous challenge especially with two working parents and not necessarily in the best age bracket with one blind. Madison says it is a lot. Angie says it's a challenge but they will rise to it because the harder it gets, they'll never forget they are lucky to be blessed with this child. Angie puts Madison's hand on her stomach and she feels the baby kick. Madison looks sad and tells her she has to run because her doctor's waiting. After Madison leaves, Angie wonders what is wrong with her.

JR is packing things at the mansion and Tad walks in. JR says he can't talk now cause he's meeting Marissa and AJ because they're picking up a Christmas tree for AJ and he has a small gift for Marissa too. JR tells Tad that Marissa got him through his dark days last year and wants to make sure she knows he hasn't forgotten her. Tad asks if they are in a better place. JR says they are in a great place, they're talking and making sure AJ is happy. Tad asks about Annie. JR says they just work together. Tad asks if JR and Annie at the yacht club was just business. JR wonders if Tad is spying on him. Tad says he was there for other business and says it wasn't hard to tell they were together. JR tells him he's not a little boy anymore but they were meeting a client at his hotel room. Tad remembers when JR was AJ's age and his father with Dixie. Tad tells JR to stop messing with Marissa. JR asks how he's doing that by shopping for a Christmas tree and wants to know what he's doing wrong. Tad tells him to make sure Annie's out of the picture. JR says she is but he doesn't know if she'll be out of his life later on but he'd do nothing to hurt his family. JR's phone ring and it's Marissa. JR tells her he's on his way. JR tells Tad they're going to have a great time and if he doesn't believe him, he can come along. Tad asks which car they're taking.

Annie is in their hotel room and dreams about coming in with JR from a new year's party after having a great time. JR tells Annie how proud he was to have her on his arm. JR tells Annie to sit down for a present because he saved the best for last. JR tells Annie he sees a girl who can do anything when he looks at her and that they are a perfect match in every way. Annie dreams that JR tells her he loved her and proposes. Annie's dream ends and she says "Yes, JR I'll marry you" out loud. Annie takes of her earrings and looks upset after and she exits the room.

Greenlee arrives at the hospital and asks Angie where David is. She tells her that Dr. Castillo took him for tests. Angie walks with Greenlee and says Greenlee's been by to visit regularly. Greenlee reminds her that she's unfortunately his next of kin. Angie asks why she thinks she keeps coming back. Greenlee says she's afraid of what he might do if he wakes up. Angie tells Greenlee that she's come around and that's what counts. Greenlee doesn't think Kendall will see it that way and will never be able to make up for her mistakes. Angie says it's better to just move on. Greenlee asks if Angie hates David. Angie says personal feelings aside, it's her job to ensure that David has the best possible care because he's sick and in need of medical attention so they will give that to him. Greenlee says she's done and out as she filled out the papers to no longer be attached to David. Angie says they will find someone else and wants Greenlee not to worry because he's in good hands.

Ryan opens the door and Madison is there. Madison says it was a bad idea and apologizes for just showing up. Ryan asks what's going on. Madison says she has a decision to make and she doesn't want to involve him but can't keep it from him. Ryan wants her to tell him and asks what it has to do with him.

Angie sits down in the hospital for a checkup with a woman to help blind women having children. Angie tells the lady how she found her. The lady asks if Angie's husband will be joining us but she says no he's out on work. She asks Angie if she's ready to have a baby. She admits she is not as she's been smiling thinking about it but lately as its' getting closer she gets scared. She says she's terribly afraid of not being able to care for her own baby.

JR and Tad are carrying the Christmas tree they got as Krystal and Marissa follow. They laugh about holding it and JR tells Marissa to choose where to put it. They joke around and JR and Tad bring it into the living room where the kids laugh and cheer. JR tells a story about Palmer and gives Marissa an ornament. She says it's like the one she gave him last year. JR calls it a sign of friendship and tells Marissa she gave him so much more. Marissa says to excuse her and exits. Everyone leaves to continue decorating so Annie comes in from the back door. Annie sees the ornament that JR gave Marissa and picks it up. She looks at it and Tad comes back in behind her. Tad asks Annie if anyone's ever told her to touch things that don't belong to her.

Ryan invites Madison in and gives her a drink. She compliments their tree and acknowledges the gifts for Greenlee. Madison says she heard it might snow. Ryan suggests they sit down and says Madison's obviously upset and he'd like to help. She doesn't want him to help, she doesn't want him to have to take this on. Ryan needs to know what this decision is. Ryan says she can tell him whatever it is. Greenlee comes back in, interrupting them before Madison can tell Ryan.

Tad says he thought he saw someone out there and asks what Annie's doing. She came to see JR to go over a press release. Tad informs her he's busy with his family. Annie says work can wait and she'll just leave. Tad tells her next time to use the front door. Tad leaves and Annie again picks up the ornament that JR gave Marissa. Annie drops it, shattering it on the floor.

Angie continues speaking with the woman at the hospital. Angie says she doesn't know how she'll get through it without being able to see her doctor, her baby, or her husband. The woman asks if Angie talked to Jesse about this. Angie says she hasn't because she doesn't want him to worry and wants him to think she can do all of this.

Greenlee asks Ryan what's going on. Ryan says Madison wanted to talk to him about something. Madison says she's quitting Fusion. She loves it but it's time to give it up. Greenlee questions if she came here to tell Ryan that. Madison starts to leave, Ryan tries to stop her but she exits anyways. Ryan's phone rings and it's Cambias. Ryan answer and heads up the stairs. Greenlee goes outside and after Madison. Greenlee apologizes to Madison for her breakup with Ryan being painful but tells her that she needs to stop coming around here. Greenlee doesn't believe she came here to quit Fusion. Madison says to leave her alone. Greenlee says she can't because Madison won't leave Ryan alone. Greenlee says Madison wanted Ryan to leave her alone then she comes home and she's here. Greenlee apologizes for everything Madison has gone through. Greenlee tells her that holding on to something that's over can be dangerous and tells her to move on with her life. Madison says coming her was a mistake and it won't happen again.

Angie asks what if she can't tell what's wrong with her baby. The woman tells her that Angie's family will help her and she's not worried about Angie because she's running the hospital just fine. Angie says she doesn't want help and wants to be able to do this herself so her child doesn't think she's helpless. Angie thinks she'll have no idea if her child is about to fall. She remembers how active Frankie was, climbing on everything and getting into cabinets. Angie wants to know who will baby proof her.

JR and Marissa come back to the living room. JR asks Marissa where she went. Marissa says she just needed air and to think. She asks who JR is, saying one day she's threatening to take her son away and the next he's inviting them to Christmas. JR says he's the same person, just in a different look. JR says her father is in a coma and Zach's dead. JR tells her that he has so many regrets and the biggest is hurting her. JR knows that she isn't sure if he's truthful and doesn't blame her because he put her through hell but he hopes one day she can trust him. Tad and Krystal come back in with AJ, Kathy and Jenny. AJ finds the broken ornament and shows it to Marissa. JR says he'll get her another one. AJ offers her another one and tells her he loves her so much. Tad asks JR to talk to him for a second because it's important. They step out of the room. Tad tells JR that Annie was here. JR thinks she was here for work. Tad doesn't believe her. JR says that's not his problem. Tad tells him that JR says he's dedicated to working with Marissa but he can't do that with Annie peeking through his windows. Krystal interrupts and tells JR that AJ is looking for him. She asks Tad if there's some tension. Tad says he's just looking out for Marissa. Krystal says that's funny because she is too.

Annie returns to their room at the yacht club with tears on her face. She angrily slaps the small Christmas tree over.

Angie continues that she hates not being able to rely on herself and be in control. The lady tells Angie that she'll hear everything. Angie says she can't wait as she has so much to learn and really thinks it is possible. Angie talks to her baby and tells it that she thinks it's in pretty good hands.

Madison is back at confusion and Steve the bartender says he'll get her a tonic. She says to get her sparkling water instead. Madison says to herself that she has to figure it out and stay away from Ryan.

Greenlee comes back in and Ryan comes down from the stairs. Ryan thinks Madison is going through a tough time. Greenlee says Madison loves him and she needs to separate herself from him. Ryan says she has no way to pay the rent without her job at Fusion. Greenlee says she'll find another job and fall in love again once she distances herself from Ryan. Greenlee informs Ryan that she filled out the papers to be done with David so she's no longer his advocate. Greenlee says it'll take her years to catch up with all of Ryan's gifts so he'll start now. Greenlee locks the door and tells Ryan that he's completely hers until Emma gets home. Ryan and Greenlee kiss.

JR returns to Annie at their room. She asks how it goes and if they got a tree. JR says she thinks she knows the answer to that because Tad saw her. Annie says she had a question about a press release and just went there without thinking. Annie apologizes hoping she didn't mess anything up. JR says everything's working out, Marissa is starting to trust him and she'll drop the custody battle so he and Annie can be a real couple. Annie says sometimes it feels like he's slipping away but he's her world. JR says he won't leave her and they will have it all. Annie believes they will have a long happy future and once they are really together she'll have everything she ever dreamed of. They hug and Annie has a serious look on her face.

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