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All My Children Update Friday 12/10/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is picking up boxes that Greenlee is moving in and is surprised that she has over 3 boxes of shoes. They sit on the couch and Ryan tells her he wishes they could've done this as soon as she got back. They kiss. Greenlee sees a key on the table and asks if it's her new key, Ryan tells her it was Madison's old key.

Madison is at Fusion and Frankie comes up to her and asks what she's doing. She says tequila shots and asks if he wants to join. He says she just got out of the hospital and is pregnant. Madison says she is going crazy trying to figure out what to do.

Jake and Amanda have coffee at the hospital. Amanda insists it will be fun to help Greenlee move in to Ryan's. Amanda wonders if it will all fit in their car. She says she'll go get stuff ready for them and they kiss. Griffin enters and says he has to take off for a little while and asks if everyone's been alerted on the glitch in David's heart monitor. Jake says yes and there's no problem. Griffin exits and Amanda tells Jake that was very civilized. Jake calls Griffin a good doctor and says he saved Hayward's life but he doesn't have to like the guy. Amanda thinks it's great that Jake can move on. Jake says he thinks Griffin thinks he's a doctor that can save the world and doesn't know what Cara was thinking. Jake apologizes for saying that and Amanda says it's ok.

Cara is looking at her phone at Krystal's.

Jake tells Amanda that he doesn't think it'll be an easy move for Ryan and Greenlee and he doesn't think it should be just them helping but Zach and Kendall should've been too. Amanda kisses him.

Kendall is helping the boys with paper crafts. Spike asks about Christmas cookies and Kendall says they'll talk about the holidays later. Kendall tells Ian he's so silly just like his dad. The doorbell rings, Kendall answers and it's Griffin. Kendall asks what he wants. Griffin asks how she is. Kendall says he just wants to make sure that she doesn't try to kill David again. Griffin enters and Kendall tells him she had to put Ian to sleep. Griffin says if he thought she was going to do something dangerous, he would have kept her in the hospital in 72 hour hold. Kendall asks if he means like a crazy person. Griffin says no but someone with overwhelming grief but he didn't because he trusted her. Griffin tells her she can call it a lapse of judgment and asks if he was wrong. Kendall says he wasn't and Spike says hi to Griffin, asking who he is. Griffin tells Spike he is Dr. Castillo, a friend of his mom. Kendall suggests Spike goes to finish drawing his picture. Kendall asks Griffin why he's really here. Griffin tells her they have unfinished business involving Zach.

Madison and Frankie sit down and she apologizes for snapping at him. She thinks maybe she's hormonal. Madison tells him she hasn't told Ryan yet. Frankie asks if she's protecting him. She says she's trying to protect herself. Frankie wonders if she's afraid he won't step up. Madison is sure he would and he'd put his whole life on hold to be there for her. Frankie asks what she wants, cause that's what he cares about not Ryan, just what will make her happy. Madison says she spent most of her life being told how to live it and now she has no one to help her make this decision. Madison says until she knows what she's going to say to Ryan when he asks what she's going to do, she can't tell him.

Greenlee tells Ryan she thinks that Madison knew they weren't finished with each other. Ryan tells Greenlee that Madison told him not to come back to see her. Greenlee asks if he feels guilty. Ryan says they are all going to move on even Madison and Kendall. A knock on the door is heard and Jake yells for someone to help him. Greenlee opens the door and Jake has 3 big boxes held. Ryan notes that's the sign of a real friend. Jake mentions that Amanda is on her way as he brings the boxes in. Greenlee appreciates him being there for them and Jake says they would be there for him too. Jake says he's happy for them.

Madison tells Frankie that it's important that she take some charge of her life. Frankie gets it but it's not just her baby, it's Ryan's too. Madison knows but if she tells him while confused she'll cry and want to lean on him. Frankie tells her to think it over and get it clear in her mind because she owes that to herself. Madison thanks him and says she needed to hear that. Frankie tells her she is tough and survived a bullet so she shouldn't push herself at work.

Kendall asks Griffin for a little attention. She says she's listening to what he has to say about Zach and then he can leave. Griffin says he came to Pine Valley to expand Miranda Centers around the globe. He says Zach advanced him a significant amount of money to get it rolling and they were going to go over the details but didn't get the chance. Kendall tells him to talk to Bianca. Griffin says he has but Zach wanted him to make sure that everything runs fine and then move on to the next center. Kendall assures him they can handle this in the family. Griffin reminds her they have children and obligations and never had experience in 3rd world countries. Kendall reminds him that she has ran her own business for years and has never had an issue with multi-tasking. She tells him to return the money to her and she will take care of it with Bianca. Griffin says Zach would have done that if he wanted. Kendall asks if it's about the money and if he spent it already.

Krystal greets Cara at Krystal's and pours her a drink. She asks if she's new and staying around. Cara tells her she's just passing through. Cara makes a call on her phone to Griffin and gets his voicemail. She tells him she's in Pine Valley and not to hunt down Jake but to see him. Cara leaves a message for him to meet her at Krystal's. Amanda walks in and orders four coffees to go. Krystal asks where Jake is because he seems to work around the clock. Amanda says it's a perk of being married to one of the most handsome doctors in the world. Cara hears this and looks curiously at Amanda. Amanda thanks Krystal and invites Krystal, Tad and the kids to a gathering and looks in her purse for an invitation. Amanda drops the invitation and Cara helps her pick it up. Cara tells her she has a beautiful family. Amanda says their son looks like his father and asks Cara if she has kids. Cara says she does not. Amanda tells her not to wait too long because it beats everything. Krystal asks Cara if she wants more coffee but she declines. Amanda exits and Krystal takes the invitation.

Jake says it's because of him and Amanda that this whole happy ever after thing is happening. Jake reminds them when he and Amanda tried to get them back together when they renewed their vows. Greenlee wishes they would have then. Jake says it's because of him, this is happening and says he's hungry. Ryan asks her if he can trust him alone with her. Greenlee tells him he can go get some sandwiches. Ryan exits and Greenlee looks at a picture of her and Kendall. She tells Jake about it, how it was after a crazy day at Fusion. Jake asks how they are now and Greenlee tells him Kendall doesn't want to see her. Jake suggests she go see her now. Jake hands Greenlee her coat and purse and tells her to go see her and he'll take care of the boxes. Jake hugs her and she leaves.

Griffin tells Kendall if she thinks he's in this for the money, she knows nothing about him. He says the money Zach gave him is in a trust fund. He knows it's not easy for her to talk about Zach. Kendall says maybe he shouldn't have come over at all then. Griffin says Zach put him on a mission to help women who have been abused, he wanted to make a difference and he does too. Kendall tells him that she will visit with Bianca and is sure they can figure it out. Griffin goes to leave but Kendall stops him. She says she wants to hear more about Zach, anything not just about the Miranda Center but anything at all. Griffin asks if she's sure she wants to hear it from him. Kendall says she is. Griffin tells her that Zach was very excited about his new life in Pine Valley, selling the casinos and putting all the work into the Miranda Centers. He thought about his family and struck him as a man who had a big decision in his life and was ready to go in with it. Kendall asks if Zach sounded happy and Griffin says he did. Kendall thanks him. Griffin tells her to call him when her and Bianca decide on what to do. Griffin leaves.

Frankie tells Madison to call him if she needs anything. She thanks him. He tells her to take care and leaves. Ryan arrives and asks the front desk if his order is ready. He turns around and sees Madison. Ryan asks how she's feeling. She says fine, good. Ryan says he still can't believe how it happened. Madison seems confused but Ryan reminds her how she got shot and asks what she thought he was talking about. Madison says nothing and asks how he is doing. He says he's good and ok. She asks about he and Greenlee and the worker brings Ryan his order noting that Greenlee ordered a few more things and has a group helping. Madison realizes Greenlee is moving in and says it must be easier for them. Ryan asks how her shoulder is feeling and wants to drop her off so she don't have to drive. Madison says no repeatedly and asks why Ryan has to be so wonderful.

Amanda arrives at Ryan's where Jake is. They talk about pictures and Jake explains Greenlee went to see Kendall. Jake shows her a picture of Ryan and Greenlee. Amanda says they are all where they are supposed to be now. Jake says he guesses they can survive anything, even other marriages.

Griffin comes to Krystal's and greets Cara. They hug and Griffin tells her she looks great. They sit down at a table. Griffin asks if she's just going to help herself. Cara says she had to see him. Griffin tells her she promised she'd stay away from Jake. Cara says she hasn't even seen him. Griffin is worried about her. Cara tells him not worry. Griffin asks what she expects to get out of this. She says nothing. Griffin tells her some relationships aren't meant to be and when they break, they break forever.

Greenlee comes to Kendall's house and asks if she can come in. Kendall says the boys are taking a nap so she was going to as well. Greenlee tells her that she never naps and walks in. Greenlee suggests she knows Kendall better than anyone and tells her that she's moving in with Ryan. Greenlee invites Kendall and the boys to come over. Kendall says since Greenlee's happy everyone else must be too. She warns Greenlee not to talk about her about Zach and she's not going to their place. Greenlee says the offer still stands. Kendall says she'll turn it down and not to invite her into any future weddings either. Greenlee lets her know that she will wait and there won't be a wedding until Kendall can be her matron of honor. Kendall tells her there will never be a wedding then.

Amanda tells Jake that this will be their first real Christmas together, with no David hanging over them, just them and Trevor. She tells Jake she met this really pretty girl at Krystal's and she saw their family photo. Amanda says she went on and on about how great it is and she thinks the woman looked sad. Jake is surprised she didn't invite her to their party. Amanda says she thought about it but she was too cute. Jake gets a page and has to go to the hospital. Amanda says she has to go too for work on the Miranda Center with Griffin. Jake says that's great and he doesn't have any veins bulging out of his head. They prepare to leave and Amanda says Ryan and Greenlee are really going to make it this time. Jake remarks that some times couples just need a second chance.

Cara tells Griffin that she meant that she was done with Jake but then she saw Amanda and their family picture. Griffin asks if she told Amanda who she was or if she talked about Jake. She didn't and Griffin calls her unpredictable. Cara says it was clear that Jake moved on and so has she. Cara says her program at Doctors Without Borders is important and meaningful about saving lives. Griffin asks if she has no regrets. Cara asks why think about regrets. Griffin says everything he did was for her and she always came first. Cara thanks him. Griffin says she's probably tired from her trip and tells her to finish her coffee then go to the hotel and get some rest. She asks if he will join her and he says he will after he finishes business.

Ryan tells Madison that he didn't mean to upset her. Madison says Ryan acts like he always has to take care of everyone and sometimes has to choose and he chose Greenlee. Ryan tells her he cares about her. Madison stops him and says she doesn't want to hear him say he just wants to be friends because they can't be after all that they have shared. Ryan understands and Madison asks him to leave. Ryan exits.

Greenlee tells Kendall if she's trying to hurt her, it's working. Kendall says she doesn't know what hurt is. Greenlee tells her she won by being more hurt. Kendall says it isn't a competition, it's life preservation and Greenlee being in her life is hurting her. Greenlee insists they have always been there for each other and she can't imagine life without her. Kendall tells her to start and that she can't focus or think about anything. Kendall tells Greenlee to be happy in her life but stay out of hers. Kendall tells her to go and not come back. Greenlee reluctantly leaves.

Griffin is on the phone and it's with Bianca. Griffin says no worries and he will reach out about expanding. Amanda arrives and sits next to him. Griffin tells Bianca that putting Amanda in charge of staff was great and hangs up. Amanda says she's a sucker for this time of year and thinks it must have been tough for Griffin working overseas at this time. Griffin says it's kind of hard when everything's moving so fast so you work harder. Amanda asks if you fall in love harder but Griffin isn't going there. Griffin suggests she let go of what happened with Jake before as it was a long time ago. Amanda says she only has half an hour. Griffin says he has to go soon too. Amanda asks if he has a date but Griffin says he's still not going there.

Krystal asks if Cara needs anything else but Cara says she has to get going and leaves.

Ryan returns home to find Greenlee and asks where everyone went. She doesn't know here Jake and Amanda went but she had been to hell and back. She explains that Kendall told her to leave and never come back. She says Kendall wants no part of her or us. Ryan thinks she will come around. Greenlee says then the hospital called as another decision has to be made about David for someone to be made his legal advocate. She asks how his day was. Ryan tells her he ran into Madison. Greenlee thinks the town is too small. Ryan says when he told her that Greenlee was moving in, she looked like a truck hit her.

Reverend Torres is at Kendall's and she asks if Bianca sent him over. He said he just wanted to check in after the memorial. Kendall asks if its' make sure Kendall didn't lose it day. Ricky says that's not the case. Kendall says it's just regular old being hurt. Ricky tells her that saying goodbye is hard but so is getting back to normal. She tells him that he did an amazing job at the memorial, it was perfect but she's not really a religious person. Reverend Torres says he's not offended. She asks if he doesn't expect her at church on Sunday. Ricky says it's her call and tells her that a couple gave him a gift and it was flyers tickets that happened to be playing the Red Wings, who were Zach's favorite team. Ricky suggests Kendall and Ryan take Spike to the game. Kendall calls it very generous. Ricky says if it was basketball, that'd be more his speed. Kendall thanks him. Ricky says he'll call her next week and see how the game went. Spike comes down looking sad. Kendall asks what the problem is. Spike tells her that he had a bad dream that daddy Zach was calling him but he couldn't find him. Kendall hugs him and says she misses him a lot too. Kendall thinks she found a way that they can feel closer to him. Kendall sits on the couch and Spike falls asleep on her. Reverend Torres smiles and leaves. Kendall gets up and opens the closet. She grabs an old jacket of Zach's and covers Spike with it as a blanket.

Greenlee and Ryan light the fireplace in their home and kiss. Greenlee picks up the picture of her and Ryan with Kendall and Zach and looks sad. Ryan hugs her.

Griffin asks if Amanda has any questions. She says not about the Miranda Center. Griffin says she's tough and gets up to get the check. Amanda thinks he doesn't want to be late for his date. Amanda looks at a paper Griffin had and sees a picture of Griffin with Cara. Amanda asks him if that's Cara when he comes back. Griffin nods so Amanda says she just saw her at Krystal's and that he said she was an ocean away. Amanda demands to know why Jake's ex wife is in Pine Valley.

At the hospital. Jake continues working but stops when Cara arrives. Jake is stunned as Cara walks up and says "Hi, it's been a long time."

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