AMC Update Thursday 12/9/10

All My Children Update Thursday 12/9/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and Jake are at the hospital. Tad jokes there are no bruises on Jake's hand. Jake says the day is still young but reminds Tad he just hit Griffin because he took off with his wife. Jake says he's cool now. Tad asks what changed. Jake lets him know that he told Amanda everything, the whole story and he feels like since Griffin came, he got over his past. Tad asks if Jake told his wife all about how his ex wife broke his heart. Jake says Amanda now feels like the one who put his heart back together and his marriage has never been more solid.

Griffin is working out doing pull ups when he gets a phone call. He sits down and answers and it's Cara. She asks why he's out of breath. He tells her she shouldn't be calling him at the hospital so he'll call her later. Griffin hangs up and resumes working out by lifting weights. Amanda walks by and stops to look in the doorway.

Natalia and Brot are at the station. They talk as Brot says his place is having renovations and says he's never slept well in hotel rooms. Natalia suggests he stay with her and walks off while Brot looks surprised.

Annie is hanging a mistletoe in the Chandler mansion and JR walks in asking what she's doing. JR kisses her and Annie says she wanted to give him a christmas surprise. JR asks if they're alone and Annie tells him they are. Annie tells him to open her robe and he does with Annie wrapped like a gift with a dress on. JR likes it and they kiss but the doorbell rings. JR says it's probably Marissa so he has to get it because he doesn't want to put her off. Annie looks offended by this. Annie asks why Marissa is early. JR says they'll finish later and sends Annie outside while Marissa enters. She apologizes for being early but JR says it gives them more time for their family Christmas to be planned.

Amanda walks in to the hospital gym and greets Griffin. She asks what he's doing and he says he's just doing a morning workout. Jake and Tad walk by and see Amanda and Griffin in the gym. Tad explains they are just talking and wants to calm Jake down. Jake shouts hi honey and Amanda comes out and kisses Jake. Tad asks if he should leave. Amanda says no but Jake says he does and they continue kissing. Amanda asks if he wants to save it until they are alone tonight but Jake says he can't help it when he sees her. Amanda surprises him with his favorite coffee. Jake says he loves her and asks what's up. She says she just stumbled by and asked if you're allowed to workout in the hospital. Jake says if the physical therapy room isn't being used, might as well. Amanda tells him she has to go for a meeting and asks if it's ok that she is working there with Griffin. Jake reminds her she has nothing to worry about with his ex.

Brot asks Natalia if he heard her right about asking him to stay with her. Natalia says he didn't think.. Brot says he didn't know what to think. Natalia explains she meant he could sleep on the sofa in the living room. Brot thanks her but says he wouldn't want to put her out. Natalia says she does stay up all night reading anyways. Jesse walks up and says he read Brot's write up on the David shooting and asks what he was thinking letting Ryan leave the scene. Natalia says she would have done the same thing. Jesse gets mad at them and says Natalia is off the case and tells Brot that he can't afford to let things like this happen. Jesse sends them both to an abandoned warehouse stakeout as a case instead. They are reluctant but Jesse tells them to go now.

Jake's on the phone at the hospital asking how much a gym membership costs. Tad walks up and Jake says he'll call back. Tad says no blood or bruises so that's excellent. Jake says he's not that type and Amanda can talk to whoever she wants. Jake asks if he's here to support him. Tad says he is cause Jake has a terrific life with a wife and kid and shouldn't sweat the bigger, younger Griffin. Jake says he'll treat it like an old wound, open it up, clean it and sew it back shut. Tad asks how he intends to do that and Jake says he doesn't know yet.

A nurse brings Griffin a form to fill out for Jesse and says they just want every little detail of his life. Griffin laughs and remarks every dirty little secret.

Amanda arrives at Krystal's and spots Annie. She asks if Annie is here with anyone, Annie says she's not. Amanda says she was here to meet someone from the Miranda center but she cancelled so she'll sit with Annie. Amanda says to come take her coat off. Annie embarassingly shows Amanda what she has on under her coat and says she was surprising JR but didn't get to finish because of Marissa. Annie tells Amanda that her and JR are together for real this time sort of. Amanda asks if she's sure she wants this. Annie says yes and they just got back from DC. Annie explains to her that they can't be together in public cause of the whole custody battle. Annie says they aren't together right now because of Marissa and JR is talking to her. Annie thinks this is really it this time. Amanda says she feels like Annie has said this before. Annie says she and JR get each other and she can be herself. Amanda says if she's happy then she is happy for her and asks if she's ok with the secrecy. Annie says it's kind of sexy and it's fine for now. Amanda tells her the custody battle over AJ could drag on. Annie tells her that JR is trying to fix this with Marissa by winning her over with his charm so Marissa can't know they are together for awhile. Amanda hopes it's enough for Annie. Annie tells her as long as she ends up with JR, it's more than enough. Amanda says alright while she looks oddly at Annie looking at her phone. Annie notes that JR said he would call when he's through so it should just be a couple minutes as she watches her phone.

JR and Marissa talk. JR asks if something's wrong. Marissa says she agreed to come to talk about how they divide AJ's time on Christmas because family holidays are a whole other thing. JR says he guesses he just got a little nostalgic and wanted to show her something. He holds up a christmas ornament and asks if she remembers it. Marissa says how could she forget, she helped AJ make it. JR says he took it everywhere when he was sick for good luck. JR says it's hard to believe something so fragile survived and that he survived. JR says he only survived because of Marissa.

Brot is looking through binoculars. Natalia says there is nothing to see because the dealers left, Jesse was just punishing them like 8 year olds. Brot says he didn't ask for her help. Natalia says next time he'll be on his own. Brot says he didn't say he didn't appreciate it. Natalia asks what's up with him and her had with the whole macho thing. Brot offers her his coat and Natalia says she doesn't want it. They drop it over the balcony and end up close to each other but Natalia tells him to get off of her.

Jake has a flashback to his time with Cara. It's the first time he met her. Cara is his nurse and Jake asks if he strikes her as a crybaby. Cara says he'd be surprised how many doctors can't take needles. Jake says he's not one of them. Cara asks if he's one that thinks doctors should leave all the work for nurses. Jake says he isn't and Cara asks if it's his first time in DWB. Jake says it's his second and Cara tells him she just finished her residency as she didn't want to take a regular job with regular hours. Jake says she must not be a regular type of girl. Cara says not to waste his time flirting as she is here to work. Jake's flashback ends and he continues putting papers on the desk.

Amanda explains the story to Annie that Griffin stole Cara from Jake. Annie asks about Griffin. Amanda admits he is hot and some would say very. Annie asks if he just showed up here. Amanda says that is what he said and part of the reason she's volunteering at the Miranda Center is to try and get the full story to protect Jake. Annie thinks she means protect Jake and herself. Amanda asks if JR said he would call. Annie says yes but she wants him to take as much time as he needs in convincing Marissa. Annie tells her she has a few things to do and wishes her luck, then exits. The waiter asks if Amanda needs anything else but she does not. Griffin arrives and takes a seat at a table. Amanda notices him and gets up to sit with him. Amanda says she just can't get away from him. Griffin says he could say the same about her and tells her he's just finishing out his paperwork so he can officially treat patients at the hospital. Amanda asks if he's staying and he says not permanently but might as well put himself to good use. Griffin receives a call and says he is treating Dr. Hayward as he gets up from the table and walks away. While he's gone, Amanda looks at the papers he was filling out. Griffin comes back and Amanda says she thought he said he didn't keep in touch with Cara and asks why she's his emergency contact.

JR asks if Marissa remembers when Tad got the scrawny Charlie brown Christmas tree. She does and reminds him that he got their own Christmas tree so they could decorate it. JR says he was always thinking it would be his last Christmas but he had a family that he loved and that loved him back. JR says he meant what he said that he only survived cause she was by his side. He says she barely knew him but stayed by his side and will never forget it. Marissa says she loved him and thought he loved her too. JR tells her that he did. Marissa changes the subject and asks how they split AJ's time on Christmas. JR tells her she can have any part of the day she'd like. She asks if he means that. JR says he was hoping that all 3 of them could have time together for AJ. He promises to be on his best behavior. Marissa is unsure if she can trust him and says she's unsure why she's here when they have a court date. JR suggests having dinner. Marissa says she was so angry at him and hates that she let him do what he did. Marissa says AJ would love it and JR asks if this means she'll spend Christmas with them. Marissa says it would be good for AJ. JR thanks her and hugs her. Annie walks in and is surprised to see them hugging.

Brot comes back from looking for his coat but didn't find it. Natalia apologizes and Brot says someone probably stole it in this neighborhood and blames Natalia for losing the only coat he owned. Brot says he's tired of playing games with her and asks if this is who she really is, one minute she's kissing him then she's beating him up, he doesn't want any part of it. Natalia says no one asked him to be a part of it. Brot says she's right and thought they had something good but now he's tired of trying to make sense of what she does or don't do. Brot says he's been through enough hell in his life that he doesn't need a woman who doesn't know what she wants. Natalia shouts that she's scared and every time they get close she panics like her world is spinning out of control. Brot notices she's shivering. She says that's the panic. Brot tells her to look at him and tells her he'll never hurt her and then they kiss.

Jake has another flashback to Cara. This time Jake is bringing her a coffee and calls it a peace offering between them. Jake mentions this is to a clean slate and they both drink. Cara asks what it's like over there. Jake says based on his last stint he wouldn't make any predictions but if he had to describe it, it's like living a full year every single day, moment to moment and crisis to crisis but you feel alive. Cara asks if they eventually collapse. Jake says most do but you get done what gets done. Jake says he feels like he was meant to do it. Cara says it's living an unpredictable life and helping people who really need you. Jake tells her that he could get her application moved to the top of the list but if she's happy in her tent, he won't. Cara says she's interested and Jake tells her he will see what he can do about that. He introduces himself as Jake. The flashback ends and Jake places his coffee in his trash can.

Griffin tells Amanda so what if he sees Cara it's not like they are married. Amanda says he said something different before. Griffin tells her he didn't want to rub it in anyone's face. Amanda wonders if he's afraid Jake was going to punch him again. Griffin says he wasn't afraid but wants Jake to stay away from him. Amanda asks if he means staying away from Cara too.

JR sees Annie and asks if she's supposed to be at the office working. Annie says she needed to discuss something with him and needs him to sign some papers that can't wait. Marissa's phone rings and she says she has to take this. She steps out and says she was hoping this person would call today and that she'd see them soon. JR asks if it was an old friend. Marissa says she'll talk about Christmas later but has to go and exits.

Brot asks what's wrong now with Natalia. Natalia says Zach and Brot says he wasn't expecting to hear that but asks what about him. Natalia says it's a perfect example of what can happen when you get too close to someone, they can be gone in a split second as it happened to Kendall and her mom and wants to know what if it happens to her. Brot says it won't be just because you're close to someone. Brot tells her you can't predict how life's going to come out. Brot says he had it all planned out after his wreck, how he would live in a certain place, who with and how life would be but he ended up in a coma with all his plans gone. Natalia says he made it out though. Brot says it wasn't how he thought though, everything changed, the way he lived life and looked at life. He says everything is different because he doesn't focus on the future but today and right now. Brot tells her right now he's with this unbelievable bright and beautiful woman, who even though she tries not to show it, he knows she likes him a lot. Natalia smiles and admits she does. Brot kisses her again.

Griffin returns to the hospital and says he got a page about David Hayward. Amanda follows him and says he's not getting out of it this easy. Griffin says it's weird that she followed him and has nothing more to tell. She doesn't believe him. Griffin says it's better to leave it alone. Griffin tells her that she has a great family that everyone wishes they had. Amanda wants the truth. Griffin says Cara is not here, not even close and an ocean away. Jake walks up and asks if Griffin got the page about Hayward because he sent it. Jake says the irregularity in the heart seems to be lowering in monitoring the patient. Jake asks how Amanda's meeting was. She says it got canceled and Jake calls it a honor to see her twice in one day. Amanda asks if his break is coming up and asks if he has time. Jake says he's got to do something that he should've done when Griffin first arrived. Jake walks past her and back to Griffin. Jake says he should've done this sooner and extends his hand, saying welcome to Pine Valley Hospital.

Brot and Natalia laugh after kissing. Natalia says she's laughing about how they collided earlier like an NFL linebacker but if that didn't happen then they wouldn't be doing this. She goes to kiss him again but gets a phone call. She answers and its' Jesse, she tells him there's nothing to report. Jesse apologizes for earlier. Natalia is surprised and Jesse says to put it on speaker so Brot can hear him too. Jesse says he know he came down hard earlier and gets snarky. Jesse says he's pulling them off the stakeout and to get back at the station. Brot says it sounds like they can head back to the station. Natalia asks if he wants to go. Brot suggests staying there until their replacements show up and they kiss some more.

Annie asks JR where he's going. JR says nowhere. Annie says he wants to know who called Marissa because she seemed happy to hear from whoever it was. Annie says that would be great for them if Marissa was happy with someone else. JR asks why she showed up because he said he'd call.

Marissa is on the phone again and it's with Scott. Marissa explains she was with JR and didn't want him to know. She tells Scott she'll see him soon and promises to help him.

Jake tells Griffin he's done a lot of thinking about Cara and as far as he's concerned, it's all in the past. Griffin says it's good to know. Jake says he did him a favor because he found where he's supposed to be now and wants to thank him. Jake asks Amanda if she's alright. She says she's fine and says the reason she came back to the hospital was to give him a kiss and she does so.

Meanwhile at Krystal's, Cara has arrived in Pine Valley.

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