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Written by Eva
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(Hospital) Kendall moves closer to David’s bed and she cries and asks Zach what she should do then Griffin arrives and takes the pillow away from Kendall and she falls backward against Griffin and sobs that it isn’t fair that David is alive and Zach is dead. Kendall continues to sob as Griffin holds her hands so she can’t grab the pillow again. Kendall screams for Griffin to let her go but he continues to hold her until he is sure that she is calm.

(Ryan’s place) Ryan tells Greenlee he is glad that she has moved in with him but Greenlee still feels guilty about feeling happy when Kendall is so sad. Ryan tells Greenlee they have to give Kendall time to heal and be there for her when she needs them. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is going to take Emma to the hospital to visit Madison. Greenlee wants to go with Ryan because she wants to check on David’s condition. Ryan doesn’t like the idea of Greenlee being alone in David’s room and Greenlee promises Ryan she will be careful. Ryan and Greenlee kiss and try to enjoy that they are finally together after such a long time.

(Hospital) Frankie and Randi check on Madison and Frankie is upset that Madison got hurt because she was trying to warn Ryan about David. Frankie advises Madison to stop trying to be friends with Ryan because that will only make their breakup more painful. Madison tells Frankie that Ryan is a good guy and she can’t understand why Frankie dislikes Ryan so much. Randi explains to Madison that Frankie is just upset that this happened to her because she was trying to help Ryan.

(Krystal’s) Jake wants to go visit Joe and Ruth in Florida for Christmas and Amanda tells Jake that she wood love to but she can’t go because she is volunteering at the Miranda center for Christmas. Griffin arrives to pick up a take out order and tells Amanda he is happy that she will be working with him at the Miranda center over Christmas. Once Griffin is gone Jake can’t help but think that Griffin persuaded Amanda to volunteer at the Miranda center. Amanda admits that Griffin suggested the idea but she wanted to volunteer at the center. Jake admits to Amanda that he doesn’t trust Griffin to be around her because he is afraid that Griffin will take her away from him just like he took Cara away from him. Amanda tells Jake that he can trust her even if he doesn’t trust Griffin because she loves him and nothing can ever come between them. Jake apologizes to Amanda and tells her he does trust her and he has to learn to handle being married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Bianca arrives and invites Jake and Amanda to Zach’s memorial service Jake and Amanda tell Bianca that they will arrive before the service is supposed to start so they can help her with anything she needs to get done.

Once Bianca is gone Amanda wants Jake to talk about his time in Africa and his relationship with Cara. Jake apologizes for not wanting to talk about it earlier but he has put it in the past. Amanda assures Jake that their relationship is solid now and she can handle hearing about Cara. Jake tells Amanda that being in Africa was tough because he saw a lot of death and Cara helped him through that as well as helping him be happy about the lives they saved. Jake tells Amanda that he loved Cara a lot, and it hurt very much when she left him he says that he felt like his insides had been ripped out of him and seeing Griffin just brought back all that pain.


(Hospital) Griffin tells Kendall he will have to report this incident but she asks him not to say anything because she doesn’t even know what she was doing and why she was holding a pillow in her hand. Griffin tells Kendall that he understands her grief and that she blames David for the death of her husband but she can’t play God with David’s life. Griffin reminds Kendall that if she would have killed David she would have left her boys without a mother and Erica could have faced murder charges if David died. Kendall explains to Griffin that ever since David came to town he has done nothing but play God with the lives of everyone in town. Kendall wonders if Griffin has ever grieved over someone he loved. Griffin tells Kendall he has only experienced the death of his patients but he has never loved someone who has died and left him. Kendall tells Griffin that until he has lost someone who was his soul mate and feels like part of him has been ripped out he has no right to lecture her about grief. Greenlee arrives and wonders what is going on but Griffin tells her Kendall was just asking him about David’s condition. A nervous Kendall quickly leaves the room and Griffin follows her into the hallway and tells her to go home to her boys and heal he also advises she seek some grief counseling. Griffin warns Kendall that if he ever sees her near David’s room he will call the police. Kendall promises never to go near David’s room again and then she leaves to go check on the boys.

(Hospital) Ryan and Emma arrive to visit Madison and Frankie can’t hide the fact that he is not happy that Ryan is there to visit Madison. Frankie tells Ryan he can’t give him a report on Madison’s condition because he isn’t her doctor he is just visiting as a friend. Ryan puts Emma in bed with Madison so that they can read a book together an then follows Frankie to the hallway to tell him he understands why he doesn’t like him. Ryan explains to Frankie he never intended to hurt Madison and he was just bringing Emma to visit Madison because they are friends. Emma asks Madison why Ryan doesn’t love her anymore and Madison explain to Emma that Ryan doesn’t love her in the same way he always loved Greenlee because there are different ways to show love. Madison tells Emma that they can still see each other and she will always be in her life because they are friends.

(Krystal's) Bianca talks to Reverend Torres the new minister at the church and tells her that Zach was a dependable, loving person who loved Kendall and his friends very much and was always there to help his friends when they needed him. Bianca tells Reverend Torres that Kendall is having a hard time dealing with her grief and she hopes that he can persuade her to have a memorial service for Zach. Reverend Torres wonders if Bianca has anyone to help her get through this loss and she tells him about her wife Reese who is in Paris finishing an important building project. Bianca is surprised when Reverend Torres isn’t shocked that she is gay. Bianca tells the Reverend that if Kendall isn’t home he should let himself in with the spare key since it is too cold to wait outside. The Reverend leaves and Bianca gets a call from Reese and Bianca tells her she misses her very much.

(Hospital) Greenlee asks Griffin about David’s condition and he tells her there is no change. Greenlee wonders what happened with Kendall but Griffin doesn’t tell her anything and just advises that Greenlee make sure Kendall gets some grief counseling. Madison tells Ryan she can’t be a friend with him because it hurts too much so he shouldn’t see her anymore. Madison asks Ryan to explain things to Emma. Ryan understands and he tells her he will explain things to Emma once Ryan leaves Madison cries because it hurt to give up even Ryan’s friendship.

(Kendall’s place) Reverend Torres explains to Kendall that Bianca told him where she kept the spare key and told him to let himself in to talk to her about a memorial service. Kendall tells the Reverend that now isn’t a good time and Reverend Torres tells her that he could come back later but he finds its best to deal with things right away rather then putting it off for later. Kendall tells the Reverend that she doesn’t know how to live without Zach and today she almost did something so horrible she can’t even put it into words. The Reverend tells Kendall to keep Zach with her in her heart so that he can live through her and she will find that Zach will guide her in what she should do. The Reverend tells her that he is helping to build a school downtown and she is welcome to come and volunteer because using a hammer is cathartic. Kendall feels so comfortable with the Reverend she asks him to perform Zach’s memorial service. Bianca arrives shortly after the Reverend has left and Kendall thanks her for suggesting the memorial service. Kendall tells Bianca that she felt comfortable with the Reverend because she felt like he knew Zach. Kendall tells Bianca she will never be okay again but she will do her best to have as normal a life as possible for the sake of her boys.

(Hospital) Griffin sees Jake and Amanda kissing and quickly calls Cara to tell her not to get Jake involved in one of her Doctors Without Borders, because he is happy with his wife and baby. Frankie tells Madison that they ran a blood test to make sure that she didn’t have an infection from the bullet and the tests show that she is pregnant.

While Greenlee visits David, she notices that the nurses aren't taking care of his appearance very well and promises to get him better care. Ryan is disturbed when he passes the room and sees Greenlee stroking David's hair.

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