AMC Update Monday 12/6/10

All My Children Update Monday 12/6/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Yacht Club) Annie remembers her night with JR in Washington D.C. and wonders why JR doesn’t hurry up and get there so she can see him again.

(Hospital) JR talks to a comatose David and since he knows Marissa is watching from the hallway he tells David that he hates him but he knows how much Marissa and AJ love and need him so he should fight to live for their sake. JR tells David that he doesn’t want to be like him and end up alone he wants to become a better man so that his son can be proud of him. Marissa walks in the room and JR leaves but Marissa follows him into the hallway to tell him she heard what he said to David. JR tells her he meant every word and he would like AJ to have a good Christmas with both his parents so that AJ knows that even though his parents aren’t together they still love him very much. JR also wants to figure out a way to work out a custody agreement without going to court. JR invites Marissa to Krystal’s restaurant later for coffee so they can work out the details of Christmas. Marissa agrees to the invitation and tells JR that it is nice to see the man she fell in love with again and she is glad he is trying to change. Once Marissa leaves JR smiles because he knows Marissa fell for his charm again.

(Kendall’s house) Grenlee wants to help Kendall and even though she doesn’t know how to cook anything but eggs she offers to make eggs for Kendall since she didn’t eat anything on the plane home from California. Kendall refuses anymore help from Greenlee because she says she needs to stand on her own two feet and become a single mother. Greenlee leaves Kendall alone like she asked and takes Kendall’s advice and heads to the hospital to se David.

(Wildwind) Caleb tells Asher he took care of the speeding ticket so now he doesn’t have to worry about it. Asher tells him he didn’t need his help but since he already took care of it he thanks Caleb. Caleb gets a call but before he leaves he tells Asher to stay and fix Bianca’s computer.

(Courthouse) Erica tells Liza that she won’t be bullied by her just because she has always been jealous of her success since she fired her from WRCW. Liza tells Erica that she isn’t jealous of her she is just doing her job. Erica tells Liza she hasn’t done her job very well since she almost sent Greenlee to prison for Killing a man who was alive. Erica makes it clear to Liza that she isn’t Greenlee and she will fight her with everything she has and Liza responds that she is ready for the fight and wouldn’t expect anything less from her. Erica warns Liza that she will call the Mayor to the witness stand and prove that she and the Mayor were conspiring to put anyone in prison for David’s murder just because she and the Mayor were friends with David. Liza wonders if Erica is threatening her and Erica denies the allegation but tells Liza if she dares to come after her she will soon be lucky to find a job flipping burgers in the hospital cafeteria. Caleb arrives and tells Liza that she should forget about this conversation or he will bring her up on charges of prosecutorial misconduct. Liza tells Caleb Jack arrives and Caleb tells him that Erica almost got in trouble for threatning Liza and Jack just shakes head and wonders how Erica could do such a thing. Caleb agrees to be Erica’s lawyer again but only if she does everything that he and Jack tell her to do. Erica doesn’t make any promises but she is glad to have Caleb and Jack helping her with her legal troubles.

(Kendall’s place) Bianca arrives and wonders how Kendall is doing after her trip to California and wonders if she needs to talk cry or scream. Kendall tells Bianca that she did all of that in California and she doesn’t want to do that anymore because she needs to be strong for the sake of the boys. Bianca tells Kendall she isn’t alone but Kendall is afraid if she continues to lean on people she may never be the single mother her boys need her to be. Bianca asks Kendall about the memorial service and Kendall tells her that she already said good-bye to Zach in California and she doesn’t need a service. Bianca tells her that the people who loved Zach need a way to say good-bye to him. Bianca explains that there is a new Minister at the church Reverend Torres who seems really nice. Bianca tells Kendall she wouldn’t have to do a thing and offers to plan the service. Bianca tells Kendall she could talk to Reverend Torres and then decide if she wants him to do the service. Kendall agrees j8ust to get Bianca to stop talking about the memorial service.

Jack and Erica arrive to visit Kendall and Erica gives Kendall a hug and wonders how she is doing. Kendall wants to talk about the case but Erica tells her not to worry about her legal troubles she should jut concentrate on the boys and dealing with the loss of Zach. Kendall is tired of being sad and tells Jack and Erica they should plan their wedding because a tragedy could happen to separate them just like she lost Zach. Erica promises Kendall she and Jack won’t wait to get married they just have to clear up her legal troubles.

(Wildwind) Caleb tells Marissa they have a lot of work to do for Erica’s case and she tells him she is ready for the work. Marissa tells Caleb that she accepted an invitation from JR to have coffee so they can discuss Christmas plans with AJ. Marisa tells Caleb what she heard JR say to David and that she really thinks he wants to change. Marissa also tells Caleb that JR wants to work out a custody agreement without going to court. Caleb tells Marissa to keep her guard up because JR always has something up his sleeve.

(Yacht Club) JR arrives and he and Annie start to make love but Annie stops when JR tells her it has to be quick because he has to meet Marissa for coffee. Annie is jealous until JR tells her he is just using his charm on Marisa to get her to agree to joint custody so that she will finally let them be together like a normal couple. Annie agrees to let JR push Marissa’s buttons after he assures her that he loves her and he doesn’t love Marissa anymore. JR and Annie make love and then JR heads to meet Marissa for coffee. Greenlee tells Jack she wants to divorce David but when Jack talks about getting an advocate to make David’s medical decisions for him she says she wants to hold off on getting an advocate for David.

(Ryan’s place) Greenlee tells Ryan that she thought she made a breakthrough with Kendall in California but then she shut down again. Ryan tells Greenlee she has to give Kendall some time to grieve. Greenlee and Ryan kiss and Grenlee tells Ryan that Jack has already started working on her divorce from David.

(Hospital) Greenlee wonders how David could look so peaceful when he caused Kendall and everyone so much pain. Liza sees Greenlee and apologizes to her for the trial.

(Krystal’s) JR tells Marisa that he wants to give AJ a special Christmas with both his parents and Marissa agrees and after they have finished opening Christmas presents they can sit and talk about custody arrangements.

(Confusion) Erica and Jack decide that Kendall is right and after her case is over they will plan their wedding. Jack and Erica almost kiss but Caleb interrupts them and says that Liza is going to press charges against her and things will only gets worse if David dies.

(Hospital) Grenlee passes by David’s room and sees Kendall at David’s bedside and Kendall remembers throwing flowers in the ocean and saying good-bye to Zach . Kendall tells David that he belongs in hell for leaving her boys without a father and causing her family so much pain. Kendall grabs a pillow and moves closer to David’s bed.

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