AMC Update Friday 12/3/10

All My Children Update Friday 12/3/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Still in Washington, D.C., Annie and JR made love and Annie says she can't believe that they are waking up together for the first time. JR says she's smiling. Annie tells him she's happy because there's no guilt, broken vows, just happy. JR says he's glad they didn't fight that and they agree it was perfect. JR says he dreamed about this. Annie asks what happened in the dream, and JR kisses her.

Colby comes home to the mansion and asks for JR. She finds a note left that he's in DC for work. Asher walks in without a shirt and says it looks like it's just them.

Caleb comes down the stairs at home and Bianca asks what this letter is and asks if he's deserting Erica. Caleb says Jack asked him to stand in for him and he got her off. Bianca says she could still get charged with attempted murder so she doesn't understand because Erica is in trouble and Caleb has no problem walking away. Caleb says Jack will be reinstated and Erica won't need him anymore.

Liza is giving an interview and says she wouldn't call prosecuting Greenlee a mistake. The interviewer asks about people thinking Liza is in over her head as DA. Liza says she is more than able to take care of the job and she says she will take care of the Hayward shooting no matter the victim, justice will be served. Erica is watching Liza tell the reporter and Jack pulls her away. Erica asks what he's doing and Jack says he's saving her. Erica asks if he heard what Liza is saying. Jack says he did but Erica letting her have it would have been a bad idea. Erica says the only bad idea is Liza is defending David again by making him sound like an innocent victim. Jack says picking a fight with her in front of media would not be good because she's about to decide whether or not she's going to press charges. Erica says she saved Ryan's life. Liza walks over to them and says she's only heard Erica and Ryan's stories. Jack says it was a private conversation and Liza reminds him that his license is suspended. Erica suggests Liza drop it. Liza asks if the murder charge will get in the way of her holiday plans or what. Erica says her only plan is to spend time with Kendall. Liza says they should discuss this case. Jack asks what there is to discuss since David went after Ryan with a weapon. Erica exclaims that David was about to push Ryan off the edge and asks if she should've waited till he killed Ryan. Liza says she could've gave a warning but instead shot an unarmed man.

Bianca tells Caleb he's bailing on Erica. Caleb says he did what he set out to do. She asks what if it goes to trial. Caleb says she'll have Jack. Bianca says if Jack can't, she wants him. Marissa comes in and says she's noticed how busy Caleb has become since coming to Pine Valley and the girls joke that he's starting to like it. Caleb says he just likes the burgers at Krystal's and them. Marissa and Bianca joke around with Caleb about them breaking him down and liking Pine Valley. Caleb looks to the picture of Palmer and says it's all your fault. Bianca asks if Caleb has talked to Asher yet. Caleb says no and asks why. Bianca reminds him they were talking about Pine Valley and his reasons to stay.

Asher tells Colby he didn't mean to startle her. Colby asks why he is sweating. He says he just got finished working out in the east wing. Colby says she's not sure she's even been in there before. Asher suggests she check it out tomorrow morning. Colby makes up that she has a neck problem. Asher offers to help but Colby tells him they need to set ground rules. Asher asks if it's about the kiss but Colby pretends to have forgotten about it. Colby says she just doesn't want things to get weird between them. Asher says if they're friends, why should things get weird. Colby says Asher and Damon are friends and she and Damon are boyfriend and girlfriend, so if she's going to work out at the gym or eat dinner it will be with Damon. Colby says JR inviting him to live there is fine but this is a very big house and there's no reason for them to be around each other all the time. Asher says she's the boss and leaves.

JR tells Annie that he knew there was no way he could sleep in another room while being so close to her. JR says he's lucky to be alive and doesn't want to take any of it for granted so he had to be with her and show her how he felt. They kiss again and Annie tells him that he makes her believe it's real and like it never has to end. JR assures her that it doesn't have to end and they kiss. They continue to kiss until the phone rings. JR answers it and it's AJ. JR asks if everything is okay. AJ says he misses him and wonders when he's coming home. JR says soon and apologizes for not tucking him in last night. AJ says he had a bad dream about David. JR tells him it was just a dream and promises to bring him home a gift. Annie starts to get up and JR asks where she was going. Annie says she has to get ready. JR tells her that AJ just had a dream. Annie says they have a huge meeting and have to get ready.

Asher comes down the stairs and high fives AJ. AJ tells him that his dad's bringing him a rocket ship. Asher tells AJ he will teach him how to play blackjack and AJ runs up the stairs. Asher takes a seat on the steps and has a flashback to the first time he met Colby, their kiss and Colby being at his hospital bed. Asher smiles and heads back into the living room where he walks in on Damon and Colby kissing. Asher looks disappointed.

Caleb tells Bianca his kid needs someone to hate and he's ok with that. Bianca thinks he should talk to him. Caleb says he doesn't want to talk. Bianca suggests telling him what Adam Chandler did to him. Caleb declines. Bianca says she doesn't know the full story but the way he talks about Sonia, she knows he loved her and thinks he could present the story in a good way to Asher. Bianca says she didn't mean to upset him but thinks that Asher is starting to see that the story isn't so simple. Caleb asks why she thinks that. Bianca says after Asher found out about Caleb, he didn't leave and wonders why that is. Bianca tells him to say goodbye to Marissa for her and exits. Marissa comes back off the phone and Caleb asks who it was. Marissa says it was the contact at the SEC because JR went to DC to lobby with the big wigs. Caleb guesses he didn't go alone.

Erica asks Liza who would call this vigilante justice. Liza says she took the law into her hands. Erica says she saved a man's life and went on human instinct. Liza says the jury might not see it that way. Erica wonders if she already has her on trial. Liza says unless David wakes up, she has no proof. Liza says she's not one of Erica's minions and can't be swatted away. Jack tells Erica not to let her get to her cause she's just trying to soften her up. Erica tells him that she just imagined this would all be over when Ryan got the proof. Jack reminds her they planned on getting married after Greenlee's trial. Erica says now they can't even focus on their wedding at all. Jack asks if she wants to postpone it but Erica doesn't and wants this to all go away. Jack tells her they can go see Caleb now and check out their options. Erica says she wants to clear her head first. Jack asks where she's going to go. Erica says somewhere peaceful where she can concentrate on how beautiful their wedding is going to be and they hug. Erica heads to the roof where she shot David.

JR and Annie return from the meeting. Annie says they definitely have a shot. JR goes to kiss her but Annie reminds him that his son needs him. JR says he called him and he's fine. Annie says they'll need to get home. Annie says last night and this morning was incredible but pretending they are a real couple is a fantasy. She says she was in the moment earlier and that they have to play by the rules until JR's custody battle is over. JR reluctantly agrees and leaves to go pack. JR stops in the door way and Annie asks what's wrong. JR says everything and not being together is giving up. JR says he doesn't wanna give her up.

Marissa tells Caleb that JR is with Annie of course and says they went on business. She can't believe JR took her to Washington DC and reminds Caleb that's where they were when he first cheated on him. Caleb says he has no shame. Marissa says when she first met JR, he was thoughtful, gentle, caring, a whole other person but now it's hard to believe he's the same man. Marissa asks if he minds if she takes a few hours off to visit David and see how he's doing. She says she'll go from one disastrous relationship to another and doesn't know why she feels the need to go see him. Caleb tells her to take as much time as she needs. Marissa tells Caleb that she's been let down by a lot of men in her life but not all of them. She smiles and exits.

Asher says he didn't know Damon would be here and asks what's up. Damon says he stopped to see his girl while picking up papers for Liza. Damon asks if Asher wants Colby. Asher is confused but Damon said he heard him call her name. Asher says he was just going to ask about her neck problem and he has to get going as Damon kisses Colby again. Asher leaves and Colby says she doesn't wanna talk about Asher but them because she misses him. Damon says all this overtime will lead to a nice dinner for them. Colby suggests breakfast in bed. Damon says he has to continue working and get Liza's papers. Colby suggests he call in sick but he insists that Liza needs him today. Colby tells him maybe he should think about what she needs.

Caleb finds Erica on the roof and calls her Dorothy. Erica asks what he's doing here. Caleb tells her that he came to say goodbye. Erica questions goodbye. Caleb says yeah for the case, he filled in for Jackson and did his job. Erica says she doesn't understand because Liza is hell bent on putting her on trial. Caleb says it sounds like she's making personal. Erica agrees and thinks Liza is desperate and clinging to ambition. Caleb tells her to show her. Erica is confused. Caleb tells her to show him where she was standing when it happened. Erica thought he was saying goodbye to this case. Caleb says if she wants him to go after Liza he needs every detail of what happened, where she was standing and they were. Erica says she didn't come here for this. Caleb asks if she wants him to stop Liza, she does and he insists she show him. Erica stands where she was and Caleb asks where they were. Erica tells him they were fighting where he was standing and the gun was at her feet so she shot David before he could push Ryan over the edge. He asks where David went down. She shows him and Caleb goes over where she was. Erica tells him that she didn't think but just knew she couldn't let David kill Ryan. He asks if she aimed or just shot. Erica doesn't know she just shot, it happened so fast and none of this has anything to do with Liza. Caleb shouts that it has everything to do with Liza and what's going on in her head and he needs to know if he's going to defend her. Erica says she doesn't need a defense because it should be over already but a DA like Liza has been publicly humiliated and needs to win one, she thinks maybe they should just give it to her by agreeing to a minor charge without jail time cause she needs to be with her daughter. Caleb asks if she's just going to give up. Erica says she's just trying to get her life back because she needs to focus on her life and plan her wedding. Caleb wishes her good luck. Erica asks where he's going. Caleb says if she wants someone to roll over for her, get a dog.

Bianca finds Asher at Krystal's. Asher is surprised that she's still talking to him after finding out who he really is. Bianca asks if he's talked to Caleb lately. Asher says he just wanted to find out why he did what he did. Bianca tells him he's not such a scary guy. Asher asks her if she's his agent or a spy and says he doesn't want to talk about this. Bianca suggests they talk about computers because her network is frozen so she's begging him to come back and fix it. Asher says plenty of people could do that. Bianca tells him that he knows her system and the wires that Miranda likes to mess with. She'll make sure Caleb isn't there. Asher wants to finish his food but Bianca promises to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Asher lets her know that she should make that call first.

Damon says things were just chill and he has two jobs and took time off to see her. Colby yells that it was just five minutes and she never sees him. Damon says he's right here. She yells that he's always leaving or not showing up at all. Damon tells her she knew what he was taking on with the job with Liza. Colby doesn't trust Liza. Damon asks if Colby thinks Liza's trying to keep him away from her. Colby says it seems like it to her. Damon promises he'll try and find more time for them, he's just trying hard at work and with her. Colby apologizes for going off on him, she just feels like things are different with his job and clothes. Damon says it all means nothing without her. Colby tells Damon to go before he's late for work. Damon asks if she's sure and she smiles and nods. Damon says he'll call her as soon as he's done and kisses her. Damon goes to leave and stops to say he likes that she misses him. Colby fights back tears as he leaves.

JR tells Annie they can have a normal life together. Annie tells him to slow down. JR says he can't convince Caleb but can work on Marissa. JR reminds Annie that he used to be friends with Marissa and they were in love. JR says Marissa has seen him at his best and will remember that. Annie reminds him that Marissa wants nothing to do with him. JR says he'll prove to Marissa that he's the man she fell in love with so she'll drop the custody battle and then he can be with Annie. Annie says that's what they want but Marissa wants AJ. JR says she just wants AJ to be happy and thinks she doesn't have a choice but to take her away from him. JR tells her he thinks he can convince her for joint custody. JR says he's talking about a real future with Annie and asks her if she wants that. She says yes and they kiss again.

Asher and Bianca arrive and Asher remarks it's freezing out there. Bianca suggests a coat. Asher says he came in the summer and wasn't expecting it to be so cold. Asher says he's got a job and living in a mansion so he couldn't ask for better. Asher starts to work on her computer and tells her that her memory is overloaded. He asks if she downloaded more pictures. She confesses a few hundred. Asher reminds her to put it on an external hard drive. Asher says he will take care of it in a few minutes. Bianca goes to make him a sandwich. Asher looks back at the picture of Palmer.

Jack confronts Liza and she asks where Erica is. Jack wants to keep it between them and asks why she's doing this. Liza says it's her duty to go after whomever did it. Jack says they both know what happened on the roof. Jack says if she charges Erica, it'll guarantee that Mayor Blanco and David are pulling her strings. Jack says Liza could be a major player but people can't think she's a hack. Jack lets her know that people will never forget what decision she makes.

Erica asks if Caleb is turning his back on her. Caleb says not to ask a pit bull to be a poodle. Erica says she doesn't want to put her family through another trial because Kendall needs to find a way to live normally. Caleb says she needs to think about herself but Erica doesn't think it's that simple. Caleb says if Erica gives up now, Liza will get all the power. Erica just wants to move on with there lives. Caleb asks about Erica's life and reputation. Erica says Kendall is more important because she doesn't care about a misdemeanor. Caleb asks what if it's not a misdemeanor. Erica says she is and always will be a fighter but she knows how to pick her battles. Caleb suggests she might not be up for this one. Erica insists she is not a quitter and Caleb tells her to prove it.

As Asher is working on the computer, Caleb returns home. Asher thinks it's Bianca but sees it's Caleb. Caleb asks if something is wrong with the computer. Asher says he was doing a favor for Bianca but will finish it another time. Caleb stops him from leaving and tells him he can forget about the speeding ticket he got the other night because he took care of it.

Annie is with Emma. Annie asks how school was and she tells her about making dioramas. Emma notices Annie is laughing a lot and asks if she's happy. Annie says it's more like hopeful. Emma thinks that is good.

Marissa arrives at the hospital and asks an officer if he's not allowing people into David's room. He says he's just there in case he wakes up and tells Marissa it must be tough since she's his daughter. Marissa tells him he has no idea. Behind the officer's back, J.R. sneaks into David's room.

Damon asks Liza at the courthouse if she's really going to charge Erica. Erica walks up and says that's the big question. Liza asks Damon to excuse them. Erica says she doesn't have her attorney because she would like to keep their lawyers out of this. Liza reminds her she's the DA. Erica says they can talk woman to woman, mother to mother. Liza asks if it's about the case. Erica says it's about her life and family and how much she'll lose if this case is brought against her. Erica says more importantly it's what Liza stands to lose or more precisely, what she will take from Liza.

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