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All My Children Update Thursday 12/2/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall stands in the doorway to David's hospital room looking at him. Greenlee walks up behind Kendall. Kendall asked if Greenlee stayed there all night and asks why she still cares about David. Kendall believes Greenlee still cares about David even though he's the reason Zach died and he almost killed Ryan. Kendall asks what it will take to get Greenlee to understand what David really is. Greenlee says she realizes now. Kendall says it's after they all tried to make her understand after she pushed and pushed. Kendall walks off.

JR is reading the paper and Annie walks in. Annie says Erica always keeps things interesting. JR asks if anyone saw her come in and asked if she could have a change of clothes. JR tells her they'll buy something on the way. Annie is confused and asks if she's going somewhere. JR says she's going to DC with him tonight.

Ryan joins Greenlee at the hospital. She asks about Erica. Ryan tells her that Caleb and Jack got her out on bail. He asks about Kendall and Greenlee says she's so angry but doesn't blame her. Ryan tells Greenlee he doesn't owe David anything and she doesn't need to be here. Greenlee says she's still his wife so she would have to make any legal decisions so his life could be in her hands.

Kendall goes home and stops at the door and has a flashback to Zach carrying her in. Kendall opens the door and looks sad again. Bianca comes up behind her and startles her. Bianca says she just came from the courthouse and Erica's out on bail. Bianca says she's sure they'll find a way to keep her from being charged. Kendall continues to look onward with a sad expression. Bianca says she knows nothing will make it easier for her but she might can take a little comfort knowing that everyone who knows her is there for her and she's not alone. Bianca hopes maybe that will help. Bianca tells her that she knows it's the last thing she wants to hear but some people care about her, love Zach, and are looking for a way to honor and remember him with Kendall and the boys. Bianca says she was thinking about planning a memorial service. Kendall declines and remarks there will be no memorial service.

Frankie is checking on David while Ryan and Greenlee remain outside his room. Ryan tells Greenlee to stop torturing herself about David and let someone else decide what happens to him. Greenlee says she's not saying he doesn't deserve this. Ryan calls David a miserable bastard and says Greenlee has got to be done with him.

Frankie talks to David that he must have one hell of a will to take this bullet but it must be because his heart is made of stone. David is having various dreams about his times with Greenlee. Flashbacks of David and Greenlee being together are shown.

Ryan tells Greenlee she should be trying to help Kendall instead. She said it kills her to know she caused this. Ryan says Kendall needs them, Greenlee especially, now more than ever.

Bianca tells Kendall she needs closure. Kendall says she needs her husband. Bianca says she can't bring her husband back so she'll have to say goodbye. Kendall doesn't want to while everyone stares at her. Bianca says everyone wants to help her move on. Kendall tells her it won't help listening to everyone talk about how great her husband was. Bianca thinks it will give her a chance to express her feelings. Kendall tells her to back off and let her do things her own way. Kendall's phone rings, she checks it and says it's a telemarketer and puts the phone back in her purse. While she's looking in her purse, she pulls out a box. She opens it and picks up a shell that Zach picked up on the beach. Kendall says she told him she didn't wanna leave there and if they stayed they would still be there together.

Annie asks if something changed with the custody battle with Marissa because if she finds out that JR took her to DC, she'll fight harder to get AJ. JR says it's just business, trying to stop Caleb from taking Cortlandt to combat what Erica did in DC. Annie says she'll have to take Emma to Ryan's. JR assures Annie that she'll tell Ryan that it's just business. Annie says she'll meet him in half an hour. JR thanks her and promises that she won't regret it. Annie exits and JR answers the phone. The phone is asking if Scott Chandler will accept the charges, JR says he won't accept and hangs up, leaving in a hurry.

Bianca answers the phone and tells whomever that Kendall is unavailable and asks what it's in regard to. She says she will tell Kendall. Bianca hangs up and Kendall asks if it was for Zach. Bianca says it was the California state police and they're assisting in the investigation of the plane crash. Kendall asks what they said. Bianca says they found something from the wreckage, Zach's overnight bag. There's a knock on the door and Bianca answers it, it's Greenlee. Bianca says it's not a good time but Greenlee walks in anyways to tell Kendall that she's not leaving. Kendall asks what Greenlee wants from her, she shouldn't come by without calling. Greenlee says she's going to help her through this no matter how much Kendall tells her to leave. Greenlee says Kendall was always there for her no matter what and she loves her for that just like she loved Zach and that's why she will stick by her now whether she likes it or not.

David continues to dream about Greenlee. He dreams about the day he saw Ryan and Greenlee in the park and their relationship ending.

Annie arrives at Ryan's with Emma. Annie says she hopes it's not a bad time but Ryan tells her it's fine and tells Emma to go see Spike. Annie gives her a hug and says she'll miss her so much. Emma says it will just be one night. Annie tells her she'll still miss her and for her to be good for her daddy. Annie tells Ryan she heard that Erica is out on bail. Ryan says she definitely won't go to prison. Annie says it sounds like David came close to taking him out and he must be shaken up. Annie apologizes for leaving. Ryan asks about her trip to DC. She says it's company business for Chandler. Ryan wonders if this means JR trusts her since he let her stay in the company. Annie says she guesses it does mean that. Annie tells Ryan to let her know if he needs anything. Ryan wishes her a good trip and she leaves. Emma comes back down with Spike. Ryan says he was wondering when Spike would wake up. Ryan sits down with Spike and Emma and asks if Spike had a good nap. Emma says Spike had a dream about Zach. Spike tells Ryan that daddy Zach is with the angels. Ryan agrees that he is because he was being a good man. Like a superhero, Emma adds. Spike asks who will do that now and Emma lets him know Ryan will.

Kendall admits she's glad Greenlee is here and informs her they just got a phone call that Zach's bag was recovered. Greenlee apologizes. Kendall says she doesn't want to wait for them to send it, she wants to go to the island where it happened now. Bianca says that's not a good idea. Kendall says she wants to go now. Bianca offers to go with her but Kendall says she needs to stay with Erica and the boys. Kendall wants to go with Greenlee because she knows where it happened and she wants to go now. Greenlee begins to make the phone call to make a flight. Bianca asks if her if she's sure about this and says she could go with her instead. Kendall assures her that she doesn't want Greenlee, she needs her.

JR and Annie arrive in DC, JR says by the time they're finished the FCC Will think Caleb is an axe murderer. JR tells Annie that the room they are in will be hers while he will be across the hall. Annie acknowledges that it's the same room that they made love in DC.

Greenlee and Kendall make it to the island in California. Kendall asks if Greenlee is remembering and tells her to tell her about the last time she saw Zach and don't leave anything out. Greenlee begins to explain and the flashback to Zach bringing them to the island is shown. Kendall asks where exactly Zach was and Kendall kneels down at that spot. Kendall cries and Greenlee asks if she's ok. Kendall tells Greenlee to take her to the beach now.

Ryan goes back into David's hospital room and wonders out loud what David is made of that keeps him breathing and what allows him to cause so many people so much pain. Ryan asks why David gets to live while so many good people don't and doesn't even know why he's asking. Ryan says he had to talk to his kids about Zach and his daughter said that Zach's gone and now he's the only one left to take care of the bad guys. Ryan says since David's definitely a bad guy, they'll spend a lot of time together if he wakes up. Ryan says he could probably take care of it right now if he pulled the plug but that would make him just like David. Ryan says if David had a shred of humanity in his heart, he would love for him to just give up.

Kendall and Greenlee head to the beach. Kendall asks her where. Greenlee points out to the ocean and they hug.

JR tells Annie that he hopes she knows getting the room wasn't personal because nothing on this trip is, just strictly business. Annie says she knows. JR tells her he took the liberty of setting up the meeting with Sanders so they need to be at the top of their game. JR tells Annie that he's counting on her because AJ and Chandler are his priorities right now. Annie wants to get to work and says Caleb won't know what hit him and they'll do what they came here to do.

Ryan continues talking to David, saying that David claimed to love Greenlee but when you love someone purely, you give whatever they want with no sense of self. Ryan says what Greenlee needs right now is to be done with David so if he ever pulls out of this, which Ryan believes he will, he needs to walk away and never look back. Ryan tells David that he saved her once, so save her again by letting her go.

Greenlee brings the California police to Kendall at the island. They apologize for her loss and give Kendall the bag that they pulled from the water. Greenlee and the officers exit to give Kendall time alone with the bag. Kendall sits down with it and cries as she opens it. Kendall pulls out a shirt and hugs it, crying into it. Kendall continues looking through the contents and takes out a smaller bag inside. She opens it and finds the letter she wrote him that read "You asked me what I want. I'll tell you. I want you. Always, only you" Kendall cries after reading it.

JR lets Annie know that they have to make it clear that the buying of Cortlandt had nothing to do with Scott's theft of the Nanotech project. Annie receives an e-mail about divorce papers from Scott. JR says that's probably why he got that call from Scott earlier. Annie is surprised to hear he called. JR says he knows she would have gotten upset talking to him. Annie says she was devastated losing Scott but isn't lost anymore. She says she may not have the life she dreamed of but she has a lot. JR says when her divorce is final, she'll be free to have whatever life she wants. Annie asks if it's horrible that she's really excited about that. JR says not at all because it is really exciting.

Frankie joins Ryan in David's room. Ryan tells him not to worry because he's still alive. Frankie says he wasn't worried. Ryan asks if David's going to make it but Frankie says he can't make that prediction yet. He says it's weird trying to save a man that caused so much trouble in his family's lives and if he does make it, he'll cause more. Ryan says the worst part is what he makes them to do to themselves. Ryan says David makes them want him dead and then makes them feel guilty. Ryan and Frankie agree that they can't let that happen.

Greenlee comes back to Kendall. Kendall says all she has left is her note to him and it means nothing cause he's gone. Greenlee says it does mean something. Kendall tells her that he came to save her because of what David did. Greenlee says she knows. Kendall says that's not the only reason. Greenlee doesn't understand. Kendall says he came to save her because she asked him to. Kendall says Zach was angry that she kept trying to help Ryan and Greenlee, that he hated that she kept getting involved because they were finally safe. Kendall says when she got Ryan's message, she asked Zach to go for her because he loved her and would do anything with her. Kendall sent him and told him to do it. She says she sent him on the plane and now it's on the bottom of the ocean. Kendall cries out that her love is on the bottom of the ocean and all she has left is a bag and a note. Greenlee says she has a lot more. Kendall says she's right, she has pain, emptiness, and anger. Anger at David, Ryan, Greenlee and mostly herself. Greenlee says it's not Kendall's fault. Kendall cries out that it's all because of her own fault and Zach is dead because of her. Kendall cries and Greenlee hugs her. Greenlee assures Kendall it isn't her fault because no one made Zach do anything. She says to blame David or her but not herself. Kendall says she needs to say goodbye.

JR suggests Annie gets to bed for the big meeting tomorrow. Annie says JR will be great. JR says they will be great and it means a lot. JR says he'll be back bright and early to get her. Annie tells him she'll be ready and tells JR to sleep tight. JR says you too and leaves Annie's room. Annie sighs as JR leans against Annie's door. Annie begins to undress while looking at the door. JR hesitates then knocks on the door. Annie answers and asks if he forgot something. JR walks in and shuts the door. JR and Annie kiss and she takes him off his jacket. They continue to kiss onto the bed.

Ryan continues watching David. David has more dreams, this time about returning at the court and arguing with Greenlee about how Ryan should've been in jail. He lastly dreams about the fight with Ryan and the shot from Erica. After this, David seemingly awakes. David pulls the tube out of his mouth and sits up. David warns Ryan that he's not through with him. But it turns out that it was just Ryan imagining it. Ryan tells the still-unconscious David that he promises him and Greenlee will get through this.

At the beach, Kendall brings flowers towards the ocean. Kendall says "Always, only you. I love you Zach." Kendall kisses the flowers and tosses them into the ocean.

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