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All My Children Update Wednesday 12/1/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jake takes a seat next to Greenlee in the hospital waiting room. She asks how David is doing in surgery. Jake says critical but stable and he has major complications. Greenlee says it doesn't feel real. Jake tells her it is and he's alive and that she's not safe here. Greenlee asks what he can do to her and Jake reminds her that he got away from prison to attack Ryan.

Bianca asks Kendall how she is. Kendall says she still can't sleep in their bed, she had a dream about Zach and didn't want to wake up. She asks where the boys are. Bianca says they are at school and the others are with Sandra. Kendall asks Bianca what's going on and Bianca explains to her that David was shot. Kendall wonders how David escaped and Bianca assumes he paid off a guard. Kendall asks if he's dead but Bianca tells her he's in the hospital and Erica shot him.

Erica and Jack are talking at the station and Erica can't believe that Kendall is going to have to wake up to this. Jack goes to talk to Jesse and Ryan is there as well. Jesse says they need the facts. Jack says Erica told him repeatedly. Ryan tells the story again to Jesse. Ryan says Erica probably saved his life. Ryan tells Jack he'll do whatever he can to help Erica but is going to the hospital to check on Madison. Jack goes back to Erica with Jesse. Jesse asks Erica if she gave any type of warning or if she just shot him. Jack tells her not to answer and yells at Jesse that she's done. Erica says that's enough and to let her go so she can be with her daughter. Erica demands Jesse either let her go or arrest her. Jesse tells Erica that she is under arrest.

Ryan is at Madison's bedside in the hospital. Madison wakes up and says she loves waking up next to Ryan. Madison then says it was the drugs talking, she didn't mean it. Ryan says it's ok and that he brought some flowers. She thanks him and he asks how she's doing. Madison says her arm is killing her and asks Ryan what happened. He tells her she was shot. Madison asks by who. Ryan says the man who almost died.

Jake and Greenlee are walking in the hospital and Jake thinks she should get a restraining order and get away from David. Greenlee assures him she needs to see him. She goes into his room and asks out loud why David. She says she has seen the good in him, he saved her life and has an incredible gift. She says he has so much potential but he chooses to cause so much pain to so many people. She knows she hurt him and will always be sorry but wonders how he could do it.

Bianca explains to Kendall that Erica thought David was going to kill Ryan so she picked up the gun. Kendall asks if Spike knows. Bianca says no, Ryan didn't tell him without talking to Kendall first. Bianca says the details will come out today. Kendall says she's going to the station to make sure Erica's ok. Bianca says Jack is with her but Kendall insists they can both go and assures Bianca that she is up for this.

Caleb arrives at the hospital and asks Griffin if he's working on David. Griffin says yes and that he's hanging on. He asks if Caleb's a friend. Caleb says he just wants to know his condition. Griffin says he's stable and Caleb leaves. Griffin sarcastically says that it was nice talking to him too as Caleb left without a word.

Erica yells at Jesse that he's wasting time that she could be with her daughters. Erica says arrest her and she'll bail herself out. Jack says Jesse can't do this and explains again that Erica was saving Ryan. Jesse says if there was no history but David almost killed Erica in the plane crash and the man that hates David the most is backing the story. Jesse says he needs to cover his bases and can't just take Jack's word. Liza enters and Jack says he's busy right now. Liza says she needs to talk to him now in private. Liza says she got a faxed copy of the letter and is sorry. Jack has no idea and Liza thought he would have received a letter too. Liza informs him that the court is suspending Jack's license after his assault on David. Jack says he barely touched him but he knew he wasn't done with Greenlee and he was right. Liza says he had no business being in the room with David and assaulted him while in custody. Liza says Jack was still in probation. Jack says he has to get back to Erica, his client. Liza reminds him he can't without a license. Jack is in disbelief.

Jack goes back to Erica and she asks if everything's alright. He tells her he has some legal business to take care of now and asks Jesse if he's really going through with this. Jesse reminds him it's his job. Jack wants him to assure that Erica is treated with the most utmost respect. Jesse says he'll process her himself. Jack asks Erica if she'll be ok. She says of course because she has Jack on her side. They hug and then Jack exits while Kendall arrives.

Ryan explains the shooting to Madison that she was the unlucky person that got hit by the stray bullet. Madison says a few inches later she would've been toast. Ryan says he can't believe Madison took a bullet and still looks at the bright side. She says she's an optimist and tells Ryan she knew it was him. She said she was on her way home to watch the Thanksgiving parade she had recorded. She drove past Ryan's and saw David slip inside. She thought it was a mistake but she turned around and pull over. She went towards the building and heard a loud pop and then felt intense burning in her arm then the rest is a blur. Ryan seems surprised that she was coming to warn him. Madison says she knows how dangerous David is. Ryan says after all that's happened, she still almost got killed trying to help him.

Greenlee tells the unconscious David that he will be behind bars. She wishes he could start over and be a better man but knows it's impossible. Greenlee says everyone would be better off if he died. Griffin hears her from the doorway and asks if she really believes that.

Jack arrives at Caleb's and tells him that Erica has been arrested for attempted murder. Caleb is shocked and says that will never stick. Jack lets him know that he can't help her so she needs Caleb to.

Ryan apologizes to Madison. Madison says she will be fine. Jake comes in and asks how they are doing. Ryan tells her he'll be back to check on her. Jake says her numbers look great and that he'll check her blood pressure and heart.

Greenlee tells Griffin that she was having a private conversation. Griffin says not as private as she thinks because studies show that most coma patients can hear around them. Griffin introduces himself to Greenlee. She asks if she can leave and he says after he checks on her husband. Greenlee says not to call him that. Griffin says his surgery was pretty hardcore. Greenlee asks if he wants a medal. Griffin says they might not have been a match made in heaven but she's still David's closest relative so if anything comes up it will be her decision. Greenlee says she doesn't want to be responsible for him or anything to do with him again. Griffin says according to law that's not an option. Griffin heads to the front desk where Jake comes up as well. Jake says it's a shame because David didn't deserve to live and that saving him was a waste of time. Griffin says he thought doctors didn't choose.

Erica tells Kendall that she shouldn't be here as she arrives with Bianca. Erica lets them know she's under arrest and Kendall thinks that's insane and wants to talk to Jesse. Erica assures her she will be fine and she will get through this. Erica tells her to just take care of the boys.

Jack tells Caleb he shouldn't have let David get to him. Caleb understands that he lost it. Jack says the board wasn't so understanding and suspended him. Caleb asks if he wants to sit down. They sit and Jack says David was so smug talking about his daughter. Jack says he shouldn't have roughed him up and it was a mistake but he'd do it again tomorrow. Caleb says he would've put his head through the wall. Jack says while he's sidelined he needs someone to represent Erica and wants him to do it because she needs someone she trusts. Caleb is hesitant and Jack asks if he wants him to beg or what. Jack says Caleb saved Erica's life and no one will forget that so if this goes south, he's the one they want there.

Jack returns to Erica at the station with Caleb. Erica asks why Caleb is there. Jack informs her he's been prevented temporarily from representing her. Erica doesn't understand and Jack tells her it will clear itself up but not in time for her so Caleb has agreed to represent her. Erica asks if that's true. Caleb jokes that he never represented such a celebrity. Erica says she needs to be with Kendall. Caleb assures her he will light the DA up. Caleb exits and Erica thanks Jack, letting him know he has a lifetime to defend her. Erica says these charges against her are so flimsy. Jack wanted to make sure she was in the best hands possible. They hug and Erica says she always will be. Erica says she doesn't understand why Caleb. Jack says that one time Caleb told him a lawyer should be as passionate about keeping the client out of jail as the client.

Amanda approaches Griffin at Krystal's and asks what he's drinking. He tells her it's an energy drink. She says it looks like mud. He says it works. She says she figures he needs his energy for saving David. She wonders what it was like being pressured to work on his mentor. Griffin says he would've been more pressured if he knew everyone was rooting against him. Griffin tells her that Jake wished David died. Amanda reminds him that he stole Jake's wife. Griffin says to be clear he's out of the wife stealing. Amanda says it's good because he couldn't if he tried. Amanda asks about his name, Griffin Castillo. Griffin says she is right that his last name is Hispanic and his mother named her after a doctor named Griffin, an American working on their village that saved his mother's life. Amanda says Griffin must have been destined to be a doctor like Jake. Amanda says she feels Jake and their son were meant to be in her life. Griffin tells her to let Cara go.

Jake asks Madison about her pain. She says she can deal with her arm but nothing in an IV could help her other pain. Jake calls it a cardiac fracture. Madison asks if there's anything to help it. Jake says only time heals the heart. Jake says it may be lame but it works. Madison asks if she'll just wake up one day and it's all gone.

Ryan returns to Greenlee and hugs her. Greenlee says she doesn't want to let him out of her sight. Greenlee tells Ryan not to get on any more roofs with David. Ryan begins to say if the roof is between him and Greenlee. Greenlee says she couldn't have lost him today and they kiss. Greenlee surprises herself by saying thank God for Erica and that today Erica Kane was her hero. Ryan and Greenlee kiss again as Kendall turns the corner and sees them and looks sad.

Marissa brings papers to Caleb and says sorry for taking so long. Caleb asks how she's doing. She says conflicted, confused and hurt but not surprised cause she felt that way since meeting David. Caleb asks if she met him late. She says yes they lost so many years together and wonders if anything would've changed. Marissa can't believe that David wanted to help keep her son.

Amanda wants an explanation from Griffin. Griffin says when he was in training every surgery evaluation meant the world to him. Griffin says for his biggest test he studied everything he could. Griffin says he woke up one morning that his electricity was off, his car wouldn't start and he got a letter from the dean that there was a problem. Griffin says Dr. Hayward did this to him because he wanted to see if he could operate while his life was falling apart. Amanda says she would say it's cruel but it's David. Griffin says it was the greatest thing ever done for him. Griffin says there's always a way. Griffin tells her that David let him know it was all in his heart. Amanda says she just wants to know if Cara, but Griffin cuts her off and says he has to back to the hospital.

Jake tells Madison that he's been where she is and it sucked no question. Jake says when his wife walked out on him he was lost and didn't know where he was. Jake says after some time, he met Amanda and figured things out. Jake promises her the same thing will happen for her. Jake says she's lucky since it wasn't such a bad breakup. Madison tells him she didn't realize that. Jake says at least her and Ryan can be friends. Madison just wants to go home.

Ryan looks up from kissing Greenlee and sees Kendall. Greenlee turns around and they approach to ask Kendall how she is. Kendall says she's great. Greenlee tells her that she was telling Ryan how grateful she was for Erica. Kendall says there's a lot of saving going around lately. Ryan asks how Erica is and Kendall lets him know that she was arrested. Ryan is shocked and Greenlee asks how this could happen. Kendall says for Greenlee to tell her.

Jake meets Amanda at Krystal's. She asks him how it was working with Griffin in the OR. He says fine and wonders why she asked. She says just wondering.

Outside, Griffin calls Cara. He says it's good to hear her voice as well.

Madison smells the flowers in her hospital bed and cries.

In the court, the judge announces we are hear for the bail hearing in the case of Commonwealth vs. Erica Kane. Caleb stands and tells the judge that Erica is a lot of things but not a runner. He says she has never run from anything or anyone in her life while David Hayward is a born runner. He escaped police and prison to approach Ryan Lavery. Caleb says that David produced the gun and it fell to the ground and if Erica had not appeared, Ryan Lavery would not be with us today. Caleb tells the judge that Erica displayed spontaneous courage and to accuse her of a crime is a crime in itself. Caleb says Erica is not a runner, she's here and not going anywhere. Caleb gives a full request to release Erica. Liza stands and says they have no problem with that. Erica is released pending further judicial action. Erica thanks Caleb and says he did a wonderful job. Jack agrees.

Kendall asks Greenlee how David is and she tells him he's still unconscious. Ryan says he needs to check on Erica and asks if Kendall is here for a checkup. Kendall says she needs to see David. Ryan says that's not a good idea but Greenlee tells him to go ahead and check on Erica. Ryan exits and Greenlee tells Kendall that David is critical and doctors aren't expecting him to wake up. Kendall walks on to David's room and stops in the doorway.

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