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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/30/10


Written by Eva
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(Roof) Ryan wonders if Erica knows what she has done and Erica asks Ryan if David is dead yet.

(Ryan’s place) Greenlee asks jack to go check on Ryan who is probably on the roof because he likes to go up there when he wants to think or get some fresh air.

(Roof) Jack arrives and takes the gun away from Erica who seems to be in shock Jack checks to see if Erica is okay and she tells him she is fine. Jack asks Ryan id David is alive and Ryan tells him that David’s pulse is weak and he has lost a lot of blood. Jack wonders what happened and Erica nervously tells Jack that she saw David chocking Ryan and it was clear that he wanted to push him off the roof so she saw the gun on the ground, picked it up and shot David. Erica tells jack she did what had to be done because she couldn’t bear it if the boys lost another parent since they have had so much tragedy in their lives already. Jack calls the police to report the crime and get an ambulance for David.

(Ryan’s place) Emma asks Greenlee why Ryan is taking so long and since Greenlee is getting worried too she goes to check on Ryan and leaves Emma with Opal who brought over a pumpkin mousse pie.

(Wildwind) Bianca tells Caleb that Kendall is doing as well as can be expected given the circumstances and that she and Erica are worried about how the boys will handle Zach’s death. Caleb tells Bianca not to worry because Kendall will be fine since she has her and Erica for support. Bianca tells Caleb that this tragedy has made her realize how important family is and that Thanksgiving is a family holiday. Bianca wonders why Caleb didn’t try to spend Thanksgiving with Asher and Caleb tells her the kid hates him. Caleb explains to Bianca that he can’t bear to destroy Asher’s memories of his mother by telling her that Sonia was unfaithful to him with Adam. Caleb tells Bianca that Adam was responsible for the explosion but he is willing to be the one Asher hates so that he doesn’t get hurt by the truth. Bianca thinks Caleb should tell Asher the truth because he is old enough to understand what happened.

(Chandler Mansion) JR and Colby laugh about how much food the kitchen staff made because they forgot that it is just the two of them and AJ in the house now. JR sees Asher and apologizes because had he known he stayed in the house today he would have invited him to their Thanksgiving feast. Asher tells him its okay because he never really celebrated Thanksgiving anyway.

(Roof) Greenlee arrives and Ryan explains what happened and how Erica saved Ryan’s life so Greenlee thanks Erica for saving Ryan’s life. Ryan explains to Greenlee and jack that David bribed the van driver to let him go and he intended to kidnap Greenlee and take her with him. The paramedics arrive to take David to the hospital while Brot tries to take a statement from Erica but Jack tells him it would be best to take a statement at the police station. Greenlee tells Ryan to go talk to Emma while she goes to the hospital with David. Jack offers Ryan his shirt to change since Emma can’t see him with blood on his shirt.

(Chandler Mansion) JR tells Colby his Thanksgiving has been more peaceful without Adam while Colby admits to missing her dad. Colby has a date with Damon but JR wants her to stay and share a piece of pie with him and Asher while they tell each other what they are Thankful for so she agrees to stay for a little while. JR tells them that he is thankful for AJ the best son in the world and for Colby and Asher who both make the mansion feel like home. Colby says she is thankful that JR is healthy and that she has a wonderful nephew. Asher says he is thankful to have them in his life since nobody has ever treated him so well.

(Ryan’s place) Ryan tells Emma that a man got hurt and he had to make sure that the man got to the hospital. Ryan assures Emma that the man will be okay. Ryan asks Emma to pack her things so she can go be with Annie and Opal agrees to take Emma to see Annie. Ryan tells Opal that Erica is at the police station and that David’s condition is touch and goes right now.

(Chandler Mansion) Opal arrives looking for Annie and JR tells her that she isn’t home but he thinks he knows where to find her and he will take Emma to see Annie. Opal tells JR that Erica shot David since David escaped and was trying to hurt Ryan. Opal advises JR to keep AJ away from the TV since he shouldn’t find out about his grandfather on the news. JR tells Asher and Colby he has to go out for a while and tells Colby to stay and have some pie with Asher. Colby wonders why Asher was curious to learn about Adam and he admits that Caleb told him Adam was involved in the death of his mother. Colby tells Asher that what Caleb told him could be true since Adam is much like JR in that they do anything they have to do to gain power and control over people and things. Asher decides to go for a drive to think and Colby follows him.

(Hospital) Jake and Angie joke that it has been a slow night and Jesse brings Angie a piece of pumpkin pie. David is brought in Jake reports the gunshot wound and Jesse is called to the station. Jake examines David and tells Angie he will need a cardiac surgeon but no one is available and Jake wants to operate but Angie tells him she will call Griffin and Jake will assist him in the operation. Jake agrees and doesn’t like that Angie is always right.

(Police Station) Erica tells Jesse that she shot David so that he wouldn’t through Ryan over the roof so the shooting was justified. Jesse gets a call from the hospital telling him that David is in surgery and Jesse decides that he needs more information before he decides if the shooting is justified.

(Ryan place) Ryan calls to check on David’s condition and then the doorbell rings and Madison faints in Ryan’s arms. Ryan checks Madison and discovers that she has a gunshot wound. Ryan figures out that Madison got hit with the bullet that was fired when he and David were struggling for the gun. Ryan rushes Madison to the hospital.

(Hospital) Ryan arrives with Madison in his arms and screams for a doctor. Jake examines Madison and tells Ryan that he is going to give Madison antibiotics and pain medicine but she will be fine because the bullet exited her body. Jake then leaves to assist Griffin because Greenlee has given consent to David’s surgery. Ryan explains to Greenlee that a stray bullet that was fired during he and David’s struggle for the gun hurt Madison. Greenlee tells Ryan that David needs blood and Ryan offers to donate blood so that David can live to pay for all of his crimes.

(Valley Inn) JR brings Emma to Annie who is sad until Emma arrives. JR sends Emma and AJ to pick out which pie they would like to eat while he tells Annie what happened to David. JR wants to sit down with Annie and the kids and talk and have a piece of pie together. Annie doesn’t think that it is a good idea but JR persuades her it will be okay just for today.

(Police station) Erica calls Bianca to tell her everything but she reminds her she shouldn’t tell Kendall. Bianca arrives with Caleb and Erica tells them both she is okay. Erica insists that Caleb take Bianca home. Caleb tells Erica to hang in there and kisses her on the cheek while Jack watches with a jealous look on his face. On their way out of the police station Caleb runs into Asher who was stopped for speeding. Caleb offers to help Asher but Asher refuses any help from him telling Caleb he can take care of himself. Erica gives her statement to Jesse but Jack can tell Erica is distracted so he asks Jesse if Erica can take a break. Jesse leaves to check on David’s condition. Jack tells Erica that they didn’t have much of a Thanksgiving and Erica tells Jack she is thankful that her kids are safe and that is enough of a Thanksgiving for her.

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