AMC Update Monday 11/29/10

All My Children Update Monday 11/29/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Kendall’s house) Kendall dreams have a family Thanksgiving and wonders why Zach hasn’t arrived with the pies yet. Kendall calls Zach’s name several times and he doesn’t answer Bianca knocks and Kendall’s bedroom door and opens the door to check on her.

(Fusion) Jack is proud of Erica because she offered to let Spike’s school use Fusion for the Thanksgiving play since the school had a power outage. Erica feels nervous about today and hopes that she can fulfill Kendall’s wish of giving the boys a happy Thanksgiving before Kendall tells them about Zach’s death. Jack assures Erica that everything will be okay and Kendall will get through this with the support of her family.

(Krystal’s restaurant) Krystal apologizes to her friends and family for not having made a turkey but they had all planned to go to Kendall and Zach’s for Thanksgiving. Krystal explains that she tried everything possible to get a turkey but all the stores were closed because of Thanksgiving. Amanda suggests that they al eat hamburgers because after all what you eat isn’t important what is important is being with family and friends. Tad refuses to eat hamburgers on Thanksgiving and promises everyone that they will all return to the restaurant and have turkey once Spike’s play is over. Ryan arrives with Emma to get a pie and Emma wishes that they were going to Kendall’s for Thanksgiving and tells Ryan that Zach’s favorite pie flavor was chocolate. Ryan tells Emma he wishes that they were going to Kendall’s too but they can’t go this year. Emma sees Madison and gives her a big hug and invites her to spend Thanksgiving with them and go see the play. Madison tells Emma she can’t go and then Ryan tells Emma to go get a pie once Emma is gone Ryan tells Madison he didn’t intend to hurt her and he knows she will find a great guy. Madison tells Ryan that she hopes he will be happy with Greenlee and waves goodbye to Emma before she leaves the restaurant.

(Police Station) Greenlee tells David that she is disgusted with herself because if she hadn’t gotten involved with him Zach would still be alive but instead he is dead because of him. David tells Greenlee that Zach’s accident wasn’t his fault but Greenlee tells him that he never takes the blame for anything but she hopes that he will enjoy his time in prison because he is finally where he belongs. Liza sends Damon home to have Thanksgiving with his family while she finishes making sure that David is transferred to prison. Damon tells Liza that she shouldn’t spend Thanksgiving alone but Liza assures Damon that she will be fine eating her turkey sandwich and tells him to go home and relax and enjoy himself. Liza is upset with David because he thought they were friends and he ended up using her just like he uses everyone in his life. David tells Liza he recommended her for the job of D.A. because he truly thought she would make a good DA and he thanks her for her hard work on his case. Liza gives David half of her turkey sandwich and wishes him a happy Thanksgiving.

(Fusion) Jack is upset with Greenlee when she tells him that she went to see David in jail because David could have hurt her. Greenlee explains to Jack that she had to make sure that David would be transferred to prison today and she feels better now that she gave him a piece of her mind. Jack leaves to take care of some errands and Greenlee asks Erica if she thinks Zach’s accident was her fault. Erica tells her that the accident was her fault because she only cared about herself like always she acted without thinking of other people.

(Police Station) Jack arrives to see David in jail and punches him in the face Liza stops Jack from hitting David and David tells Jack that he may be seeing him in jail soon. Liza tells the police to escort David to the van and puts an end to the verbal and physical fight.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Bianca that she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep Zach’s death from Spike because she thinks he senses something is wrong. Kendall also worries that she won’t find the words to tell Spike that Zach is dead. Bianca assures Kendall that nobody will tell Spike about Zach until after the Thanksgiving play. Kendall goes to get the video camera and starts to sob because Zach made sure to charge the video camera battery because he knew that she would forget to do it. Kendall sobs as she tells Bianca that she always had to charge Zach’s cell phone because he would always forget to do it. Spike runs in and Kendall quickly wipes her tears as she tells Spike he looks great in his Indian chief costume. Spike asks Kendall where daddy Zach is and she tells him that Daddy Zach is very proud of him.

(Fusion) Ryan arrives with Greenlee and Emma for the play and then Kendall arrives with the boys. Greenlee wants to go talk to Kendall but Ryan tells Greenlee she needs to give Kendall time to grieve. Ryan also reminds Greenlee that Kendall told them that they are a reminder of what she lost and she didn’t want to see them right now. Spike tells the audience that he is Thankful for Mommy, Daddy, brother, sister and daddy Zach who loved Thanksgiving. Kendall goes in the office to cry because she noticed Spike looking for Zach in the audience. Erica follows and Kendall admits to Erica that she doesn’t have the strength to tell the boys Zach is dead. Erica tells Kendall she will find her strength and reminds her that she Bianca, and the spirit of her grandmother Mona will be there to help her. Kendall wipes her tears and goes back to the play and when it’s over she tells the boys it’s time to go home and have a family meeting. Ryan, and Greenlee tell Spike he was the best in the whole play and Ryan tells Emma she did her lines like a pro.

(Ryan’s place) Ryan tells Emma that Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for everything not just a time to eat a lot of food. Ryan asks jack to stay with Greenlee and he goes outside to call and make sure David is on his way to prison. Ryan hangs up the phone looks up at the sky and thanks Zach for being there for Spike this past year and promises him that he will be there for Kendall and the boys. Ryan promises Zach that he will make sure the boys never forget him and that they have everything they need because he owes him that much for being a dad to Spike and dying to try and save Greenlee from jail. David tells Ryan that was a great speech and when Ryan turns around David explains to him that he paid the van driver to let him go. David points a gun at Ryan and tells him that he intends to kill him and kidnap Greenlee. Ryan and David fight and struggle for control of the gun.

(Yacht Club) Tad and Jake steal one of the many-cooked turkeys that the club makes every Thanksgiving even though Jake really doesn’t want to do it.

(Krystal’s) Tad and Jake arrive with the turkey and tells Jesse they stole it so he tells them to go to yacht club tomorrow and pay for the turkey. Tad tells everyone that Zach’s death has made him realize how grateful he is for his friends and family.

(Roof) David and Ryan continue to fight for the gun David pushes Ryan to the edge of the roof and then as they struggle a shot is fired into the street. David then grabs Ryan’s neck and Ryan grabs David’s neck and then a shot rings out and David falls to the ground. Ryan asks the person who fired the shot to come out and Erica comes out from behind the shadows.

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