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Kendall asks Greenlee what she's doing here. Greenlee says they wouldn't let her leave the court house and had to see if she's ok. Greenlee apologizes about Zach. She tells Kendall to tell her what to do and she'll do it. Kendall says if she wants to help, bring her husband back.

At the courthouse, Ryan says he's glad David's ride to the station is taking a long time cause he's not done with him.

Jack wants Liza to prosecute David for the fraud he committed. Jack says somebody has to stop this and him.

Ryan tells David he must feel good he let an innocent man die. David tells him to stay away. David says all he cared about was his wife, from the moment he found Greenlee in the river, his goal was to keep her safe from Ryan. David says he's not done.

Greenlee tells Kendall if she could bring Zach back, she would. Greenlee says she hates that this happened but Kendall will get through this. Kendall asks how or when and tells Greenlee to go, Kendall says her being here is not helping. Greenlee calls it worse than anything she could imagine and whatever Kendall needs, she's there.

Jesse tells Jack that everyone knows David is the Mayor's golden boy. Liza says David used her and she'll do what she needs to do. Jack tells her to take care of it or he will.

Ryan tells David it's over and he lost, his plan backfired. Ryan says because of David he's with Greenlee now and David will be with inmates soon. David says Ryan caused Greenlee more pain than anyone. David tells him he's the one that stood by her when no one else would. Ryan reminds him he's forgetting the lies and blackmail but now can never hurt Greenlee again. Jesse lets him know the ride is here and Ryan tells him to have fun in jail. Ryan tells Jack that Greenlee went to be with Kendall while Bianca says Kendall will need them all since Zach is dead because David pretended to be.

Kendall says she's angry and would still have a husband if he didn't have to help Greenlee, he'd be home making the boys laugh, kissing her goodnight and making place cards for her. Kendall tries to hold back her tears and tells Greenlee that Zach can't love her anymore. Greenlee asks if she's told the boys yet and Kendall says she can't even say the words. Kendall asks how she's supposed to tell her sons when all she wants to do is curl up on the floor and never give up. Kendall asks why this happened and Greenlee says to blame her because Zach got on the plane to help her. Kendall doesn't want to do this. Greenlee calls Kendall her best friend and if she needs to blame her, go ahead.

Marissa comes back to the court room and finds Krystal. Marissa says she was looking for her and figured David would be locked up now. David comes over in handcuffs. Marissa starts to walk away but David wants to talk to her about AJ. David says he's been following her struggles closely from a far. David says JR used every dirty trick to take AJ from her. Krystal says he would know. David tells her she can still have AJ if she wants. Marissa tells him to say what he has to say. David knows he let her down but says he can help her now.

Kendall asks Greenlee what she wants from her. Greenlee wants to know how she's feeling. Kendall asks if she wants her to yell and blame her for Zach being gone. Greenlee says no and she was lucky enough to call Zach a friend and can't even begin to imagine Kendall's pain but to help her she needs to know so they can help. Greenlee says her and Ryan are there for her, whatever she needs. Greenlee says they love her and Spike will need his dad. Greenlee suggests they could move in for awhile to help her. Kendall is surprised and asks if her and Ryan are together now. Greenlee says it's new but yes they are. Kendall questions when this happened. Greenlee says it happened in California, waiting for Zach. Greenlee says it isn't important because it's not about them but her. Kendall yells at Greenlee not to touch her as Ryan and Bianca walk in with Jack.

David asks Marissa for a chance because he just wants to see AJ where he belongs with his mother. Marissa says thanks for the reminder because while he was dead, she almost forgot that she came from him, where plans and schemes and breaking rules is part of every day life. Marissa asks if he knows how much it terrifies her to think she's capable of bringing people to tears and have selfish instincts inside of her. Marissa says she has limits unlike David and wants to set an example for AJ to earn his respect. She wants to make sure AJ never looks at her the way she looked at David in the court.

Jesse brings David into the station and Brot says you gotta be kidding me. David sarcastically acts surprised to no welcome. Jesse tells Brot to book him. David says he has a right to a phone call but Jesse tells him no one would pick up. Brot books David and they take his fingerprints and his mugshot.

Kendall tells them that she doesn't want any ideas to make her feel better or their sympathy. Jack asks what's happening. Greenlee says they were just talking. Kendall says they're done and wants them all to leave. Bianca asks what's wrong. Kendall says her best friend wants to help her and says she'll get through the pain. Kendall asks then what. Kendall says Greenlee gets to be with her soulmate but she's lost hers. Jack says if there's anything they can do. Kendall tells him to stop and wants the day to be over, she tells them all to go. Kendall tells Bianca she needs to be alone. Bianca tells her to call her and she'll be there. Kendall looks out the window while everyone leaves.

Krystal and Marissa head to Krystal's. Marissa asks why he can still get to her like he does. Krystal says because he's David. Krystal tells her she's an honest lawyer and a damn good one, she says Marissa broke away from JR with class and integrity while David does nothing but hurt and lie and manipulate. Krystal calls Marissa ten times the person David will ever be. Marissa says she must get that from Krystal.

Greenlee and Ryan are talking about wanting to help Kendall. Ryan says Kendall is tough and resilient. Greenlee says it's not about surviving, Zach was Kendall's everything and taught her that love could last. Greenlee says Kendall losing Zach would be like her losing Ryan. Greenlee says Kendall had a right to be angry because it's all been about saving her and now she's free without a scratch and has Ryan. Greenlee says Kendall shouldn't have to pay for her mistake. Ryan tells her it's David's mistake but Greenlee says it all started with her because she married him. Ryan says blaming herself won't help Kendall. Greenlee tells him Kendall is looking for answers but Ryan says there are no answers. Ryan says he knows they want to fix it but all they can do right now is support their friend.

Kendall looks at a photo of Zach when the phone rings. She answers and it's Opal. Opal asks how she's holding up. Kendall says it's one day at a time and asks if she can do anything for her. Opal says she has Ian and Spike with her. Kendall asks where her mom is and Opal says Erica is fielding calls from the police in California. Kendall says she could've done that and tells Opal to bring the kids home. Kendall hangs up and looks at the photo more when the doorbell rings. Kendall answers the door and it's Griffin. Griffin says he hopes he's not interrupting but he's here for Zach to talk about Miranda Center business because he wasn't answering calls. Kendall says Zach's not here, he's dead.

Brot has David sign papers and says it must have been a wild day in court. David says it had its moments. Brot asks how the moment was for him.

Greenlee and Ryan arrive at the station and Greenlee wants to make a statement. Jesse says it's going to take a long time to process him and hours before he's in a cell. Greenlee says David can't do any damage here. David tells Greenlee he was moved by what she said at his grave. Greenlee says he means John Doe's grave which should've been him. Greenlee tells him her feelings were real cause he saved her life, she was grateful and still is. David says he'll always love her. Greenlee doesn't believe him. David can't believe she's questioning his devotion to her. David says he came back for her despite knowing what would happen. David says Greenlee should understand him cause he will always understand her. Greenlee can't believe that David thinks he can still win her back.

Griffin is shocked and apologizes. Kendall tells him he can read all about it in the papers. Kendall says that's the first time she's said he's dead instead of gone or lost. Griffin asks if he can call anyone for her. Kendall says no she just made everyone leave because she can't stand to see their sad faces and watch them scramble for something to say. Griffin says that Zach told him about their kids and that he loved them. He asks if Kendall's told the kids but she hasn't. She says only Spike can really understand as much as someone at his age can. Griffin says he has to break the kind of news to all kinds of people and she'd be survived how resilient kids are. Kendall says that's not true, that's just something people tell themselves to make them feel better about messing up their kids lives. Griffin says he didn't want to interfere, just offering support. Kendall says it's one thing to break that news to a stranger but her children wrapping their heads around a loss like this will never be done. Kendall says she won't be able to make sense of it to them because none of it does. Griffin apologizes again and says if there's anything he can do before leaving. Opal brings the kids home to Kendall as Kendall struggles with the thought of having to tell the kids about Zach.

Greenlee tells David they are done and he's delusional if he thinks otherwise. She tells him to think what he has done, letting his daughter think she lost a parent and his grandson. David says it was all for her, to protect her from Ryan. She says Ryan would never hurt her. David says she barely had the will to live because of Ryan. She says Ryan never hurt her intentionally but David lied to her a million times including threatening and blackmailing her. Greenlee says because of David's sick obsession, Zach is dead. Greenlee tells him that two boys have to grow up without a father now and tells David he should know how that is. David tells her not to play head games with him. Greenlee says she feels sorry for him because he'll be in jail with nothing but time to think about what he's done but he won't change a bit. Greenlee leaves him and goes back to Ryan and they leave the station. Liza gets up and goes to see David. Liza says they have charges to go over. David says all he's guilty of is loving his wife.

Krystal arrives at the station and tells Jack she thought she'd find him here. Jack asks about Marissa. Krystal says she had another run in with David then needed some time to herself so she wanted to check on Jack. Krystal tells him he did his job and it's time to let it go. Jack says he'll never let it go until he knows he can't hurt his daughter again.

Liza tells David she defended him cause she thought his memory deserved better. She tells him she ended up in the hospital dehydrated. David tells her she did amazing in the court and if it went according to plan, she would've convicted Ryan and that would be justice served. Liza asks if he really believes convicting an innocent man is justice. David tells her Ryan is not innocent. Liza says this has been a plan all along and this is why he pulled strings with the mayor to get her the DA Job. David says it helps to have friends in high places and Liza calls him a son of a bitch.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive home. Ryan tells her things will get better. Greenlee says only he could make her believe that. Ryan says he loves her and Greenlee loves him too. Jack calls and asks Ryan about Greenlee. He says she's hanging in and asks about Erica. Jack lets him know that Erica is dealing with police and will go visit Kendall. Jack tells Ryan that he doesn't trust David and doesn't believe for a minute that he's finished with Greenlee. He tells Ryan to keep his eyes on Greenlee.

Kendall tells Opal she wishes they could shield the boys forever. Opal asks if she should stick around but Kendall says Spike would sense that something was wrong. She wants things to feel normal for them as long as they can. She doesn't want them to feel broken because Spike's looking forward to his Thanksgiving pageant and she wants to let him have that before it crashes down. Opal and Kendall hug and Opal says she's there if she needs her. Kendall wipes her tears and sits next to Spike. She wakes him up and he asks where daddy Zach is. Kendall says he's not here right now. Spike wants him to see his costume. Kendall says he already did and loved it. Kendall tells him she has a feeling Zach knows that Spike's gonna do great and is so proud of him.

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