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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/23/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Courtroom) David tells Greenlee he is there for her because he couldn’t bear to have her go to jail for his death because he is alive. Jackson asks the judge to vacate Greenlee’s sentence because David is alive. The judge wants to talk to David before she does anything about Greenlee's sentence. David asks the judge if he can talk to Greenlee alone but she tells him that if he doesn’t approach the bench right now she will hold hi in contempt of court. David tells the judge he is ready to tell her everything the first thing the judge asks for is identification so David shows her his driver’s license and his birth certificate which he got out of his safe deposit box.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall wonders how she is going to live without Zach Bianca arrives in Kendall’s room sits beside her as she cries and tells her that each person grieves in their own way. Kendall cries for a while as Bianca holds her and then she asks Bianca to leave her alone for a while.

(Courtroom) The judge orders the handcuffs be taken off Greenlee as David is sworn in to testify. Krystal leaves to call Marissa and tell her that David is alive. David tells Greenlee that he didn’t have anything to do with Zach’s death and he offers Greenlee his sympathies since he knows that Zach meant a lot to Greenlee. David begins his testimony by explaining that his original plan was to fake his own death using an herbal drug, which makes him seem dead in order to frame Ryan for his murder. David wanted to keep Ryan away from Greenlee by any means possible and he thought this way he could live peacefully in hiding knowing that if he couldn’t have Greenlee Ryan was in jail and couldn’t be with her either. Jack asks the judge if he can question David and she grants him permission to question David.

(Krystal’s) Krystal tells Marissa that David faked his death and she wonders how David could be so despicable as to put her through so much pain when he knew how much she suffered when her adoptive parents died. Marissa rushes to the courtroom to confront David because she needs to see him.

(Courtroom) David testifies that he was losing Greenlee and if he couldn’t have her he didn’t want Ryan to be with her either. David tells the court he provoked Ryan’s anger by telling Greenlee she had to leave with him the night of Caleb’s party. David knew that Ryan would rush to protect Greenlee and when Ryan came to the hotel room they fought and he hit Ryan in the face and knocked him unconscious and then he messed up the room to make it look like a bigger fight then it was and then he went downstairs to the party and fell over the railing for everyone to see and it felt like a knife to his heart to hear Greenlee cry over his body. Liza reminds David of his Fifth Amendment rights but David wants to continue his testimony. David explains that Greenlee was never supposed to be the on convicted for his murder and he admits to hiring Nick Pearson to put the digitalis in Ryan’s jacket pocket. David felt out of control when he read that Greenlee was on trial for his murder so he ordered Nick to finish what he started and set Greenlee free and blame Ryan for the murder but Nick just kept talking and didn’t do what he was supposed to do.

Marissa arrives in the courtroom in the middle of David’s testimony and slaps him in the face for putting her through so much pain David testifies that he went to his funeral and watched Marissa talk to AJ about his death and all he wanted to do was comfort them but he had to continue with his plan. Marissa tells David that he was dead to her already and he should stay that way. Marissa then leaves the courtroom and David tells everyone that they all must be happy to have their favorite punching bag back in Pine Valley. David tells Greenlee that what hurt him the most was when she came to the morgue to see his body and even though he could hear the pain in her voice from his loss she still mentioned Ryan. Greenlee tells David that she wasn’t leaving him for Ryan because he had moved on with his life she was leaving him for her sake because he was suffocating her with his kind of love. Greenlee tells David that his plan pushed her and Ryan back together and she thanks him for that then David tells Ryan that this is all his fault for taking Greenlee away from him. Ryan thinks he should have killed David when he had the chance.

(Kendall’s place) Bianca quickly shuts her laptop when Kendall comes downstairs but Kendall tells her that she wants no more secrets between them. Bianca tells Kendall that David is alive and Kendall rushes to the courthouse to confront David.

(Courtroom) Kendall arrives and tells David that Zach’s death is his fault because Zach was helping his friend get clear of the false charges that he created for her. Kendall tells David that Zach will never be with his boys again and she hopes that the guilt of that knowledge will eat him alive for as long as he lives. Jack asks the judge if she has heard enough evidence and the judge vacates Greenlee’s sentence. David is arrested on numerous charges and Ryan tells David that he should be glad to be going to jail because that is the only way he will be safe from him. Greenlee rushes out of the courtroom to catch up with Kendall and tell her that she knows that an apology won’t take away the pin she is feeling but she wants to apologize anyway.

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