AMC Update Monday 11/22/10

All My Children Update Monday 11/22/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Courthouse) Jack worries that the verdict will be guilty and even tells Greenlee he wishes that she had stayed hidden. Jack wants Greenlee to stay focused and he promises her he will never stop fighting until she is cleared of the charges. Greenlee tells Jack not to worry that it isn’t his fault and thanks him for putting together a great defense. Greenlee doesn’t care about the verdict all she can think about is how Kendall is going to handle the news of Zach’s death.

(Hospital) Jake tells Greenlee he doesn’t want to talk about Caroline or Griffin because that is part of his past. Jake tells Amanda that she helped him heal from the pain Caroline caused him and he doesn’t want to think about the past because he is happy with her and Trevor. Jake only wants to think about going to watch the sunset with her and having the romantic date that they planned. Jesse tells Tad that Zach died when his plane exploded and crashed into the water on his way to pick up Greenlee and Ryan from the island off the coast of California. Jake and Amanda arrive and Jesse tells them the news and they decide to go to the courthouse and support Greenlee Amanda tells Jake she is grateful that he didn’t take the job with doctors without borders that was offered to him because she couldn’t bear it if he was in a dangerous place. Jake is grateful to Zach for sending Aiden to rescue him when rebel forces kidnapped him in Africa.

(Courthouse) Jack asks Liza to ask the judge to postpone the verdict so he can have time to find evidence that was lost. Liza refuses to do it because the Mayor is pressuring her to get a conviction in the case. Jack explains that Ryan had a video in which Nick Pearson admitted that David killed himself and hired him to frame Ryan for the murder. Jack explains that the video got ruined when Ryan dove into the water to try and rescue Zach after his plane exploded in mid air and crashed into the water. Jack explains that Zach died and Liza cries and feels a little unstable on her feet but she pulls herself together enough to tell Jack she can’t postpone the reading of the verdict. Liza cries and tells Tad that she fell in love with Zach despite the fact that she knew his heart belonged to Kendall. Tad tells Liza he understands because he has fallen in love like that too even though he knew the woman was in love with someone else.

(Kendall’s place) Ryan and Erica struggle to find the words to tell Kendall the news but Spike arrives and runs into Ryan’s arms. Spike tells Ryan and Erica about the Thanksgiving play and then Erica tells Spike to go up to his room and draw pictures with Ian. Ryan and Erica tell Kendall about Zach’s death and all she keeps repeating is “ no Zach can’t be dead” over and over. Ryan tells Kendall that he dove into the water to rescue Zach but he couldn’t find him anywhere. Kendall yells at Ryan that Zach was going there to pick him and Greenlee up but they left Zach there. Kendall wants to talk to the Coast Guard but Ryan tells him that the coast guard has switched from rescue to recovery. Kendall is in shock and starts calling Zach’s cell phone telling Erica and Ryan that Zach will return her call.

(Courthouse) Bianca arrives and Jack and Greenlee tell her how Zach died and she rushes to be with Kendall. Bianca arrives and Erica tells her that Kendall is in shock and all they can do is stick close to her both Bianca and Erica advise Ryan to go to court and be with Greenlee. Erica and Bianca sob in each others arms as they wonder how best to help Kendall.

(Courthouse) The jury walks in the courtroom ready to give their verdict in the trail.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall comes downstairs and wonders why Erica hasn’t left and Erica tells her that she isn’t going to leave her alone. Kendall sees Bianca crying and then she is out of her shock and runs into Bianca’s arms sobbing loudly. Erica also runs to hug Kendall and all three women hold each other as they cry. Kendall tells Erica and Bianca she doesn’t know how she will tell the boys but Erica tells Kendall she doesn’t have to do anything right now.

(Courthouse) The jury finds Greenlee guilty of murder in the first degree and Jack wants to poll the jury but the judge denies his request. The judge takes a brief recess and then she will be ready to sentence Greenlee. The judge tells Greenlee not leave the courtroom at all. Liza remembers the day that she met Zach and tries her best to hold back tears.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall goes up to her room while Bianca and Erica remember the last time that they saw Zach and Kendall they were happily making plans for the holidays. Erica and Bianca start making plans for a memorial service and calling people to tell them the news. Kendall looks at pictures of Zach and calls his cell phone just to here him say leave a message.

(Courthouse) Tad asks Amanda how Jake is handling the whole Griffin Caroline issue and she tells him that Jake is ignoring the entire situation. The judge returns and sentences Greenlee to life in prison for David’s murder. Jack promises to appeal and Ryan tells Greenlee to be strong because he will find the evidence to set her free. Greenlee is handcuffed and is walking out of the courtroom when David walks in the courtroom and everyone in the room looks at each other as if wondering if what they are seeing is real.

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