AMC Update Friday 11/19/10

All My Children Update Friday 11/19/10


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Greenlee are together on the beach looking at the sky. Zach has died in the plane crash and Greenlee wishes it was all just a bad dream. Greenlee mentions having to go home and Ryan informs her that the evidence on the camera was destroyed when he jumped into the water in hopes of saving Zach. They lost Pearson's confession and now Greenlee could be convicted if they return home.

Erica returns from Washington and Jack tells her that Greenlee found the evidence but now he can't get a hold of her. He was unable to postpone the rendering of the verdict, so he'll need to be in court soon.

Amanda wants to talk more about Griffin, but Jake refuses and insists he has to work and will see her later tonight.

Bianca introduces Kendall to Griffin at the hospital. Griffin asks why Kendall is mopping the floor. Kendall gets dizzy again like yesterday and agrees to take a break and let Griffin check her out.

Ryan and Greenlee argue about Zach's death. Greenlee blames herself and wants to go back to tell Kendall, but Ryan doesn't want her to turn herself in. Greenlee says she's going back no matter what. Ryan says they will go back and tell Kendall, together. Ryan and Greenlee continue to discuss coping with Zach's death. Ryan assures her he will do whatever he can to make sure Greenlee is free. Ryan and Greenlee make their exit from the island.

Jack tells Erica how much he needs the evidence from Greenlee. Jack tells her about losing it and ripping up the picture of David in the courtroom in front of Krystal. Erica says he should have called her and insists she will always be there for him. Erica believes Ryan and Greenlee will get home in time. He asks about her meeting and she thinks she made a big impression on the S.E.C. guy, but would've rather been there for him. Erica insists she and Caleb will get Cortlandt Electronics back. Jack is proud of her. Erica tells him she wants to get married now. She says Jack will get Greenlee's charges dropped, and then they can get married before Thanksgiving.

Bianca and Kendall explain Kendall's mopping because she tried too hard to help a friend. Griffin gets a phone call and exits. Kendall tells Bianca she's healthy and fine, it just feels weird without Zach. Kendall tells Bianca that Zach is supposed to come home today, but she hasn't heard from him. Kendall and Bianca both believe their marriages are fine. Kendall returns home and talks to Spike who says he misses Daddy Zach.

Tad tells Griffin to keep his distance from Jake. Griffin says he's just here to do a job. Tad asks him about Cara, Jake's ex wife. Griffin says there's no story and says he has to go check on Opal. As Griffin walks away, Jake walks up to Tad. Tad talks to him, but Jake's distracted and says he doesn't really want to talk. Tad tells Jake to meet him at Krystal's later.

Griffin runs into Amanda who apologizes for Jake punching him. Amanda thinks it's a big coincidence that Jake and Griffin have run into each other again after both working with Doctors Without Borders. Amanda offers to take Griffin to lunch to make up for Jake punching him. Griffin agrees.

Tad and Jake are at Krystal's. Tad asks what he's gonna do if Griffin sticks around, Jake says nothing and that he doesn't care about Cara. Tad calls him a liar. Jake explains to him that he has Amanda now and what he had with Cara can't touch that. He says the punch just came from bad memories. Jake tells the story to Tad that he and Cara were married, happy, and working together every day then she left with no explanation.

Griffin and Amanda are having lunch. Amanda asks if Griffin knew Jake's ex wife. He says yes and Amanda realizes he's the guy that broke up their marriage. Griffin says he and Cara had a moment and they split amicably. Griffin tells her he has no clue who contacted Jake about the job with DWB. Jake walks in and informs Amanda that Greenlee's having her verdict read. Amanda goes to make a call so Jake can talk to Griffin. Griffin points out that Jake didn't tell Amanda it was Cara that contacted him. Jake says he isn't taking the job so it doesn't matter because he's happy where he is. Griffin says he's going back to the Miranda Center and warns Jake that next time, he'll hit him back. Amanda comes back and Jake asks why she didn't mention she was having lunch with Griffin. Amanda says Jake didn't tell her that he was the guy Cara left him for. They argue briefly but end up saying they love each other. Amanda says she just wants Jake to tell her everything.

Jackson and Erica are waiting in the court when Ryan and Greenlee arrive. Ryan tells Jack that Greenlee turned herself in. Jack asks about Zach. Ryan explains to them that Zach died in a plane crash. Erica is horrified to hear of the plane crash. Erica cries and worries about Kendall. Greenlee apologizes but Erica is upset. Greenlee has to go get processed so Ryan agrees to go with Erica to tell Kendall the bad news. Greenlee informs Jack that Ryan lost the evidence when he went in the water to look for Zach.

Kendall tries to call Zach again and leaves a message. Kendall takes a nap and has a dream that Zach wakes her up. In the dream, Zach tells Kendall she will have the kids to remind her of him. They kiss and Kendall is shown sleeping again as she says "Always, only you." She awakes to a knock at the door. She jumps up thinking it's Zach, but it's Erica and Ryan looking very grim. She tells them she was hoping it was Zach as they prepare to give her the news.

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