AMC Update Tuesday 11/16/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/16/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Island) Greenlee stops Ryan from making love to her because she doesn’t feel she could make love to him while her future is uncertain she feels they should wait until she is cleared of the charges against her.

(Jack and Erica’s place) Krystal arrives with food for Jack since she knows that he hasn’t eaten all day. Jack tells Krystal that Ryan and Greenlee are searching for Nick Pearson because Nick is the only one that can prove that David killed himself and intended to Frame Ryan for his murder. Jack worries that Greenlee won’t be back in court by the time that the verdict is read and if the verdict is guilty he may never see his daughter again. Jack feels like he let Greenlee down and maybe it would have been better if another lawyer had been in charge of her case. Krystal tells Jack he did an outstanding job on Greenlee’s case and assures Jack that nobody could have defended Greenlee better.

(Hospital) Amanda calls a tow truck to help get Jake’s car out of a huge pothole in the parking lot. Frankie arrives and wonders if Jake is going to take a job with Doctors without borders. Jake and Amanda both tell Frankie that Jake has decided not to take the job because he is happy in Pine Valley. Amanda is texting as she walks and accidentally bumps into a handsome stranger who flirts with her she tells the man she is married and he offers to fix Jake’s car.

(Island) Greenlee tells Ryan that she can’t handle getting close to him only to lose him again if she has to go to jail. Ryan decides to recite the wedding vows he would have said to Greenlee if they had married on Valentine’s Day. Ryan Vows to Greenlee that they will never be apart again no matter what life throws at them because he can’t live without his green butterfly. Greenlee vows to Ryan that she will be a strong, supportive wife to him and that she will always protect him. Ryan and Greenlee exchange makeshift rings and then make love.

(Hospital) Jake tells Frankie that his ex wife Cara offered him the job and he has no intention of taking it because he intends to live in the present not the past.

(Krystal’s ) Liza tells tad that she suspects Ryan helped Greenlee jump bail because the police tracked them to California. Tad tells Liza that she can’t be sure that Ryan and Greenlee left town. Opal arrives and tells Liza that she doesn’t care if she puts innocent people in Jail all she cares about is winning a case. Opal; tells Liza that she should be more concerned about Colby then ruining the lives of innocent people. Liza doesn’t think that Opal should be giving her advice on how to be a mother because she was a terrible mother to Jenny. Opal gets upset that Liza mentioned Jenny’s name and after Liza leaves she starts to have chest pains. Tad doesn’t like the look of Opal and decides to take her to the hospital even though she doesn’t want to go to the hospital.

(Hospital) Amanda wants to pay the stranger but he doesn’t want to get paid he just fixes cars because he loves to fix cars. Amanda wonders if the stranger flirts with all married women and he tells her he only flirts with women who look like her. Amanda tells the stranger her husband is a doctor at the hospital and he will be very grateful his car is fixed.

(Jack and Erica’s place) Liza arrives to tell Jack that she knows that Greenlee skipped bail and she hopes that she will be back in time for the verdict from the jury. Krystal tells Liza to leave because Jack is under too much pressure to handle any more pressure from her right now. Liza gets a call informing her that the jury has made their decision and the verdict will be read tomorrow. Liza tells Jack the news and she reminds him again that Greenlee better be in court when the verdict is read or Greenlee will be in big trouble. Once Liza leaves Jack starts to panic and ramble on about what will happen if Greenlee isn’t in court tomorrow. Krystal holds him tightly to calm him down and Jack tells Krystal how much he appreciates her being there with him. Jack calls Kendall to see if she can let Greenlee know she needs to come home right away but Kendall tells Jack she has lost contact with Greenlee.

(Hospital) Tad arrives with Opal who is short of breath and having chest pains the stranger makes Opal sit down and puts her hand in ice and that regulates her heart rate. Tad is impressed and then the mysterious doctor gets Opal into an exam room and puts her on monitors and orders tests for her. Frankie arrives and tells Tad that the doctor’s name is Griffin Castillo a very famous cardiologist whom Frankie only knows by reputation. Griffin tells Tad that he just stopped by the hospital to visit a former instructor of his Dr. David Hayward. Frankie tells Griffin that David passed away and Griffin is stunned by the news. Amanda is annoyed at Griffin because he didn’t tell her he was a doctor and let her assume he was a mechanic. Griffin tells Amanda that he does fix hearts so he didn’t lie to her when he told her he liked to fix things.

(Island) Greenlee wants to talk about the trial and the possible verdict but Ryan tells her not to think about that now because they should enjoy being together. Greenlee tells Ryan she doesn’t want to forget her marriage to David because it reminds her not to take him (Ryan ) for granted again.

(Jack and Erica’s place) Jack is impressed by how Krystal talked to Liza earlier and thanks her for being such a good friend to him.

(Island) Greenlee finds a rock on the beach that looks exactly like the rock that was in the engagement ring that Ryan gave to her and she thinks that is a good sign. Ryan tells Greenlee they will find Nick Pearson tomorrow and this whole ordeal will be over soon.

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