AMC Update Monday 11/15/10

All My Children Update Monday 11/15/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(California) Zach arrives to rescue Greenlee and Ryan just before the police arrive after them. Ryan doesn’t want Zach’s help because he thinks Kendall asked him to help them. Zach explains that he wanted to come help them because they are his friends too and a private jet is waiting to take them to find Nick Pearson Zach hears the police and Ryan and Greenlee hide behind some boxes and when the police arrive Zach explains that he was chasing after his wife who left him for another man. One of the policemen is understanding because he is going through the same situation and advises Zach to let go of his wife because she isn’t worth it. Once the policeman leave Ryan and Greenlee come out of their hiding place and Zach, Ryan and Greenlee head to the plane which will take them to the island where they think Pearson is hidden.

(Wildwind) Caleb sees Asher looking at the picture of Palmer and Asher explains that Opal brought him because she thinks he is a lot like Palmer. Caleb asks Asher to stay and talk a little while Asher doesn’t want too at first but then he remembers the words in Palmer’s letter telling him that he and Caleb are both lost and its time they found each other. Caleb notices that Asher has pain in his knee and after some coaxing Asher tells Caleb that he injured his knee when he was younger and went up the mountain searching for him after some kids at school made fun of him for not having a dad. Caleb wonders what side of the mountain Asher tried to climb and Asher tells Caleb he tried to climb the Eastern side but fell and some hikers found him and took him to the hospital. Caleb tells Asher he is a tough kid because there are some professional climbers who can’t climb the eastern side of the mountain.

(Chandler Enterprises) Annie tells JR that she has been telling the press that Caleb is a bad father who gave Asher up for adoption because he didn’t want him. Annie also tells JR that Caleb killed Asher’s mother but she made sure to make JR look like father of the year compared to Caleb.

(Zach and Kendall’s place) Kendall and Bianca have some long overdue sister time in which Kendall admits that she feels very lonely with Zach gone even though he has only been gone one day. Bianca wonders where Zach is and Kendall tells her Zach is doing her a favor. Bianca tells Kendall that Erica told her that she (Erica) helped Ryan and Greenlee escape and it doesn’t take Bianca long to figure out that Zach is helping Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall confirms that Ryan and Greenlee were in trouble and Zach went to help them. Bianca thinks that Kendall is lucky that Zach loves her so much that he would do anything for her sake.

(Chandler Enterprises) Annie decides to work in another office because it could hurt the custody case if she and JR are seen together. Annie gathers her things and JR grabs her and gives her a kiss just before Colby walks in the door and sees them together.

(Wildwind) Asher tells Caleb that his adoptive parents didn’t give him any information about him so he did his own research in the school library and found out about the mine explosion that killed his mother. Asher also tells Caleb he discovered that his marriage to his mother wasn’t going well so he wonders if Caleb killed Sonia because he wanted to get rid of her. Caleb remains silent and Asher screams that he has the right to know how and why his mother died.

(Chandler Enterprises) Annie apologizes to Colby for what she saw but Colby ignores her and instead she and JR talk about how badly they feel about Asher’s situation. Colby and JR both feel they are the only two people who understand Asher and they must protect him because they are his only family. Colby tells Annie that she is a bigger threat to JR then anyone or anything else so it her job to make sure that she doesn’t hurt JR like she hurt Adam and Scott. Colby thinks that Annie is like poison to JR and is very dangerous for him. Annie tries to make Colby understand that it is possible to love two people at the same time and uses Colby’s relationship with Damon and Asher as an example. Colby yells at Annie telling her to stop making trouble in her relationship with Asher. Annie catches Colby’s slip of the tongue and Colby quickly corrects herself telling Annie she meant to say Damon. Colby yells at Annie to stay out of her business and away from her family then she storms out of the office.

(Wildwind) JR arrives to pick up Asher and Asher remembers all the hate he feels for Caleb and tells him that he doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. JR tells Caleb that Asher is his family and he will do whatever it takes to protect him. JR helps Asher to the car because his knee popped out again. Caleb looks at Palmer’s picture and wonders how he will be a good father to Asher if Asher doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

(Zach and Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Bianca that Zach is her soul mate and explains that she and Zach are a part of each other and she feels like a part of her is missing when he is away from her. Bianca tells Kendall that she is in love with Reese but Reese isn’t her soul mate because she only feels what Kendall described about her and Erica.

(Island) Greenlee, Ryan, and Zach arrive on the island where they think Nick Pearson is hiding and Zach drops the note from Kendall and Greenlee picks up the note and gives it to him. Zach reads the note in which Kendall tells him that all she wants in life is he and then he goes to hide the plane so the police can’t track it. Ryan and Greenlee kiss and hope this ordeal will soon be over for them as well as Zach and Kendall. Ryan wants Colby to stay there and rest her ankle while he searches the rest of the island for Pearson.

(Zach and Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Bianca that she wants to plan a special pre thanksgiving celebration on the boat before the sale of the boat is final. Zach calls and tells Kendall that he read her note and Greenlee and Ryan are safe and they will all be home soon with the evidence they need to clear Greenlee of the charges against her. Zach tells Kendall he will always only love her and she says the same to him and tells him about her pre thanksgiving plans. Zach doesn’t want to go on the boat but instead spend Thanksgiving home with the family.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby is surprised when she arrives home to find Asher who tells her JR invited him to move into the mansion.

(Chandler Enterprises) Annie tells JR about her fight with Colby and tells him that Colby is right she will hurt him just like she hurt Scott and Adam. JR kisses Annie and tells her that she makes him happy she doesn’t hurt him. Annie tells JR that she doesn’t want to be the reason he loses Custody of AJ.

(Island) Ryan returns and tells Greenlee that he didn’t find Pearson but he will look again tomorrow. Ryan kisses Grenlee and they start to make love on the beach by the fire.

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