AMC Update Tuesday 10/26/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/26/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Zach and Kendall’s house) Greenlee tells Kendall that she can’t allow Ryan to go to prison for killing David. Kendall thinks its because Greenlee is still in love with Ryan but Greenlee won’t admit that to Kendall. Greenlee knows that Ryan is only pretending to be in love with her but she doesn’t know how much longer she can resist Ryan’s pretend advances towards her.

(Courthouse) Liza gets dizzy and almost falls but Damon catches her and he wonders if she needs to go back to the hospital. Liza reminds Damon that she was never in the hospital and Tad saw Liza almost fall over so Damon tells Tad that Liza was just showing him the heal of her shoe which he needs to take to get fixed and she lost her balance. Jack looks a little tired and sad and Erica wonders if Greenlee is still mad at him for his plan to keep her from going to prison. Jack understand why Greenlee is mad and hopes that she will soon forgive him but Erica thinks that Greenlee should be grateful to him for working so hard to keep her out of prison.

(Zach and Kendall’s house) Zach offers his help to Greenlee but she tells him that she has already caused enough trouble for Kendall so she can get herself out of her own mess. Zach is confident that Greenlee will be okay and he leaves the ladies alone so they can finish their talk. Kendall thinks that Greenlee should tell Ryan the truth about how she feels about him so that everything can be out in the open but Greenlee thinks it wouldn’t do any good since Ryan has moved on with his life.

(Ryan’s place) Madison arrives wanting to know where she stands with Ryan and Ryan apologizes to Madison for not being available to her but he promises once the trial is over they will make vacation plans. Ryan gets a call from jack telling him to go to court since he is the first witness so he asks Madison not to go to court with him today and heads to the courthouse.

(Zach and Kendall’s house) Kendall wants to go to court and support Greenlee today Greenlee tells her that she needs to talk to Zach and persuade him to stay in Pine valley for all their sakes because his friends and family miss him very much. Greenlee heads to court and Zach tells Kendall he is happy to be back home but Kendall gives him a look like she doesn’t believe him. Kendall asks Zach about the problem with the casinos and he says he will handle it. Kendall wants to help but Zach gets angry and tells Kendall that she can’t fix everything and Kendall guesses that Zach is still mad about her helping Greenlee and tells back that he has a problem too that he always feels like has he needs to fix things on his own Zach tells Kendall that these people that stole from him are very dangerous and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Kendall reminds Zach they are married and they are a team they should handle problems together. Zach tells Kendall that when he sells the Casinos he wants to help poor people in other countries get medical care. Zach also wants to invest more money in the Miranda center. Zach yells that Kendall is right she is surprised they kiss and make up and decide to go play cowboys with the boys. Kendall goes upstairs to get their cowboy hats and Zach leaves a note at the top of the stairs and heads out the door.

(Krystal’s) Colby invites Asher to the mall to get Halloween costumes but he tells her no because that is they day his mother died and he doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Colby remembers that Asher told her that his mom died giving birth to him so she wants to throw him a party. Asher tells Colby that he has never celebrated his birthday because Halloween has always been a day to remember and honor his mother. Ashe tells Colby that he may feel more like celebrating next year because things in his life will soon change.

(Courthouse) Jack tells Erica to help Caleb today and not be in court because he needs people in court that support Greenlee and she isn’t always good at hiding the fact she doesn’t like Greenlee. Erica is hurt because she may not like Greenlee but she wants to support Jack. Jack tells Erica that she will help him by helping Caleb get Cortlandt Electronics back from JR. Erica gives Jack a hug and a kiss and wishes him good luck before she leaves the courthouse. Liza asks Tad if he knew about Nick Pearson and why he didn’t tell her about him. Tad tells Liza he didn’t tell her anything because he doesn’t think she is concerned that the truth come out she jut wants to convict someone of David’s murder. Greenlee arrives in court and remembers the conversation she had with Jack when she looks at Ryan. Ryan and Greenlee share a look, which Madison sees and tells Ryan she knows this is an act but she wishes he wasn’t such a good actor.

(Wildwind) Erica doesn’t believe what JR told her about Caleb not caring about family and he thinks JR knows something about Caleb so she asks Caleb once again if she has something to tell her so she doesn’t get surprised by JR. Caleb says nothing and Erica thinks that JR knows something about Sonia. Caleb gets distracted and tells Erica he has to go and promises to finish their conversation later.

(Confusion) Damon sees and hears a drunken Nick Pearson bragging to a female bartender that he was the star witness of the Hayward murder trial and he can’t wait to see Ryan get what is coming to him.

(Courthouse) Ryan tells Greenlee that he isn’t trying to be a hero he just wants the truth to come out about who killed David. Ryan tells Greenlee it is possible he killed David so he doesn’t want her to go to jail since she is innocent. Ryan is called to the stand and he tells Jack that he and Greenlee have always has a strong connection and he tells Jack and the court about when he and Greenlee met and later on in their relationship married without being in love. Ryan continues and explains that they fell in love after they got married. Ryan explains that he had to help Greenlee get out of her marriage because he couldn’t let David hurt her. Ryan also tells the court about his fight with David and that he doesn’t remember anything that happened after the fight. Ryan tells the court he felt empty and lost when Greenlee married David but he knew that someday they would find their way back to each other. Jack asks Ryan about how he felt when Greenlee returned to town and he said he felt like he had a second chance with Greenlee and he was deeply hurt when she married David. Ryan tells Jack that he felt like he had to help Greenlee get away from David even though she didn’t want his help. Liza objects because Ryan isn’t on trial but Jack points out the she also thought it was important to bring up Greenlee’s relationship with Ryan when she presented her side of the case. The judge agrees with Jack and then takes a recess for lunch. Damon tells Liza about seeing and hearing Nick Pearson at Confusion and what Pearson said seems suspicious to Liza so she decides to go investigate. Ryan apologizes to Madison for what she heard him say and she tells him that there is no need to apologize because he told the truth. Ryan tells Madison that he didn’t realize his feelings until he was on the stand recalling his relationship with Greenlee. Madison tells Ryan that it is clear that their relationship is over because he still loves Greenlee.

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