AMC Update Monday 10/25/10

All My Children Update Monday 10/25/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Zach and Kendall’s house) Kendall won’t allow Zach to leave until he tells her what has him so worried and why he has to leave so soon after he returned home. Kendall tells Zach that if he wants to leave he will have to get through her first to get to the door. Kendall thinks that Zach is still upset with her about getting too involved with Ryan and Greenlee. But after some coaxing from Kendall Zach admits that he has to protect her and the boys from some threats made against the family. Zach explains to Kendall that he wanted to sell the casinos and give the money to the Miranda center and come home from good but then he found out that his less the trustworthy business partners had stolen money from him and they threatened his family if he sold the casinos. Spike and Ian come in and Kendall and Zach play with them for a while and Zach promises to keep Kendall and the boys safe and Kendall and Zach promise each other they will handle their problems together.

(Krystal’s) Caleb arrives ad orders black coffee and strawberry rhubarb pie and tells Krystal that he can’t understand why people have a holiday to honor death. Krystal wonders why Caleb doesn’t like Halloween but he doesn’t say anything but remembers Sonya screaming his name. Caleb sees Asher and tells him to stay away from his house and then leaves the restaurant. Asher orders black coffee from Krystal and she tells him that Caleb also likes black coffee.

(Chandler Mansion) JR promises Asher that he will get Caleb and make him pay for everything he has done to both of them. Asher opens the door to Erica on his way out and tells him that she wants to take him to lunch. JR refuses the invitation and Erica asks JR to give Cortlandt Electronics back to Caleb before things between he and Caleb get any uglier. Erica explains to JR that making sure that Palmer’s legacy lives on is important to her because Palmer trusted her to run the company with Caleb. JR tells Erica that Caleb not only wants to take the company but AJ as well and nobody is going to take his son from him. Caleb arrives to give JR some more bad news about his custody case and he doesn’t want to call a truce either. JR tells Erica to be careful of Caleb because he is a man who has hurt a lot of people and he doesn’t think family is important.

(Krystal’s) Annie apologizes to Krystal because she never intended to hurt Marissa but Krystal doesn’t think the apology is sincere so she leaves to get Emma a chocolate milkshake Annie tries to explain to Emma that the mansion won’t be their home anymore but they will always be together no matter where they live. Emma is upset when Ryan doesn’t answer his cell phone and when Annie looks on the Internet to find out information about the trial she is shocked by what she learns. Emma wants to go to the mansion to pick up her dress up clothes and toys so Annie agrees to take her to the mansion after she finishes her milkshake.

(Courthouse) Greenlee tells Ryan that he can’t give up his freedom to save her because she won’t be free if he is in jail for David’s murder. Greenlee tells Ryan that if she hadn’t been so set on making him suffer because he moved on with his life while she was in a comma for a year none of this would be happening now. Greenlee tells Ryan that she accepts that he has moved on with his life without her and all she wants is for this to be over so that she can finally say what she wants for herself. Madison arrives and Greenlee tells him what Ryan is doing and about Nick Pearson too. Greenlee asks Madison to try and talk some sense into Ryan but Ryan admits to Madison that it is very possible that he killed Ryan and doesn’t remember it so he can’t allow Greenlee to go to jail because she is innocent. Madison volunteers to fill Annie in on the news because she needs to get out of the courthouse for a while. Greenlee tells jack that she is still upset with him for putting Nick Pearson on the stand without telling her. Jackson tells Greenlee he had to crate reasonable doubt and Ryan was the most likely suspect. Jack tells Greenlee that Nick Pearson is a credible witness and she has to accept the fact that Ryan could have killed David. Greenlee refuses to accept it but Jack tells her that since Nick Pearson’s testimony is the only evidence against Ryan. Greenlee remembers that she found the vial of digitalis in the pocket of Ryan’s jacket.

(Wildwind) Erica asks Caleb if there is something she should know about him that could hurt them in the battle to get Cortlandt back. Caleb tells Erica she already knows more then most people and then goes inside the house.

(Chandler Mansion) JR finds Annie there picking up Emma’s things and he tells her that he misses AJ and he feels sure that Caleb will turn AJ against him. Annie tells him that she is worried about Emma because they don’t have a house to live in and JR suggests that they stay in the beach cottage until they can find a permanent place to live. Annie accepts the offer and promises not to tell anyone so that Marissa wont use it against him in court. Madison arrives and tells Annie the latest news about the case. Annie advises Madison to persuade Ryan to let Greenlee go to jail or she will lose him to Greenlee. Annie also tells Madison that Emma can’t afford to lose her father so if she does this she will be happy with Ryan and Emma will have her father. Asher arrives and tells JR that the accident that killed his mother was on Halloween.

(Courthouse) Jackson thinks that Greenlee’s judgment is clouded because sheiks in love with Ryan and Greenlee admit that she does love Ryan and it was her fault that David died so she can’t let Ryan lose his life too. Greenlee is unaware that Ryan heard her conversation with Jack.

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