AMC Update Tuesday 10/19/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/19/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(ConFusion) Annie is about to start dancing on the table when JR arrives and orders her to get down from there she refuses and starts to cry and tells JR that she had her life under control and was happy until she got involved with him. Annie tells JR that now she doesn’t have anybody that cares about her and JR tells her that Emma cares about her and he cares about her too. Annie thinks Emma is the only one who cares about her because she doesn’t think JR cares about anyone. Annie wants to keep on partying with the guys and one of the guys tries to stop JR from taking Annie with him so JR punches him and takes Annie’s hand and leaves ConFusion.

(Jesse and Angie’s house) Angie tells Jesse that she has had a nice lunch and she must go back to work but Jesse wants her to take the rest of the day off. Jesse and Angie argue for a few minutes until Angie persuades Jesse take drive her to the hospital.

(Krystal’s ) Brot is surprised when Natalia tells him she invited Frankie and Randi so they coud have double date. Brot is hurt that Natalia didn’t want to be alone with him but since there is nothing he can do he goes along with it. Randi tells Brot and Natalia about the campaign for Fusion’s new perfume I Do that is supposed to make it easier for a man to propose to a woman just by giving her the perfume. Randi is excited because she gets to dress in a wedding dress for the campaign and sort of have a wedding without the pressure. Brot thinks the perfume is a great idea since men are always nervous about proposing to a woman. Natalia thinks the perfume is a terrible idea and thinks that Fusion should put out a companion perfume called I don’t but she has a daydream about taking her wedding pictures and calling her groom when the photographer is ready for him. Brot is hurt that Natalia is so unromantic and heads back to the police station. Natalia follows him because she wants to find out why he acted so strangely.

(Hospital) Angie shows Jesse a new machine called SVEN that allows a blind person to take a blood pressure reading. Angie puts the blood pressure cuff on Jesse and Sven tells her his blood pressure. Angie worries that Jesse’s blood pressure is high and starts talking to him about his need to reduce his stress. Jesse tells Angie that he is fine and she doesn’t need to worry about him she should just worry about herself and the baby. Bianca interrupts the discussion and asks Angie to talk to a lady that has been to the Miranda center but has left several times and then Bianca takes Angie’s arm to guide her to the room where Betty is but a very nervous Betty bumps into Angie while she is trying to leave the hospital. Betty is very scared and doesn’t want to admit that her husband hits her and Angie assures her that she is safe and she can talk to her and Bianca. Betty admits that her husband hits her but she is scared to leave him because if he finds out she has tried to leave again he will kill her. Angie tells Betty that she understands being scared because she is afraid every day now that she is blind but she gets up every day and somehow finds the strength to face the day. Betty tells Angie that she has strength because she has a family but she is alone and Angie tells Betty not to be afraid because now she has her and Bianca to help her. Betty decides to go to the Miranda center with Bianca and have faith that she will be okay.

(Krystal’s) Damon tells Colby that he heard about Scott on the news and knows she must be feeling badly about it. Colby wonders what is going on and Damon tells her that Scott admitted that he stole the nanotech idea from Palmer and is in jail. Colby starts to cry and refuses to believe that Scott would do such a thing. Colby wants to go down to the police station but Damon refuses to let her drive while she is upset. Damon can’t leave the restaurant so Asher offers to drive Colby to the police station.

(Police Station) Jesse tells Colby she can’t see Scott because he has already been transferred to state prison. Colby cries because her family is a mess and she thought that Scott could fix it since he is Uncle Stuart’s son. Colby explains to Asher that her Uncle was the best man she ever knew and since he died the family has gone from bad to worse. Asher advises Colby to be strong because she is better then her family and what they do isn’t her fault. Asher tells Colby that she was just born into a messy family. Colby decides to go try and fix her messy family.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie thinks JR brought her to his room to have his way with her and she says that she never wants to be with him again. JR tells Annie to take off her clothes and when she won’t do it he puts her in the shower and turns on the cold water and tells her to stay in there until she is sober.

(Police Station) Brot tells Natalia that he has to study for the detective exam and he doesn’t have time to waste. Bro tells Natalia that he is tired of her always pulling away from him and Natalia reminds him that if the department finds out about their relationship they could both get transferred but Brot tells Natalia that nobody in the department would know because all they ever do is fight with each other. Brot tells Natalia that he is going to concentrate on becoming the best detective in the department.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby is upset that JR didn’t tell her about Scott and thinks that JR set Scott up so that he could have Annie all by himself. JR tells Colby that Scott did this by himself and he tried to control it but the situation got out of control. JR tells Colby that they both need to accept who they are and fight for their legacy. JR reminds Colby that she and AJ are the only family he has left. Colby is about to tell JR that she will stand with him when Annie comes downstairs. Colby gets angry and says that she was right about everything and before she stomps out of the house she tells JR and Annie that they disgust her.

(Krystal’s) Randi tells Frankie she feels like she has a second chance in life and is excited about her modeling career. Randi wonders if Frankie can handle an ambitious wife and he says he can handle it but the expression on his face says he isn’t happy. Frankie gets called to the hospital and leaves and then Randi leaves for her photo shoot. Colby arrives crying and tells Asher what happened with JR and he holds her while she cries then when she pulls away Asher strokes her face. Damon sees the moment between Colby and Asher and doesn’t look happy he rushes to her side and then she tells him the whole story she just told Asher. Damon isn’t happy that Colby remembers and decides to follow the advice that Asher gave her earlier at the police station. Damon gets someone to cover his shift and he and Colby leave the restaurant so they can talk.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie wants to leave but JR tells her that she should stay there tonight until she is fully sober. Annie doesn’t want to stay in the house because she would be too close to JR. JR tells Annie she can stay in the gatehouse until tomorrow. Annie tells JR that she doesn’t need him to take care of her and he thinks that tonight she does need him to take care of her. Annie thanks JR for helping her and they walk to the gatehouse together.

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