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All My Children Update Monday 10/18/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Courthouse) Ryan and Greenlee pull away from their kiss and both wonder why it happened Ryan tells Greenlee that she wasn’t listening to him so he was trying to make her understand but Jackson interrupts telling Greenlee that the trial is about to start again. Greenlee takes her place at the defense table and Jack asks her what is going on with her and Ryan and she doesn’t understand what just happened between them. Greenlee is curious to know what Jack and Ryan are hiding and Jack tells Greenlee it is just business.

(Police Station) Annie yells at JR that it is over between her and Scott and she is getting another divorce because she was trying to make Scott be a person that he can’t be and JR asks if she was trying to make Scott be like him but she avoids the question. Annie tells JR that she is moving out of the Chandler Mansion although she doesn’t know how because all of her and Scott’s assets are frozen. JR offers to help Annie but she refuses to accept any help from him and tells him she is going to move out of the mansion before she loses what little self-respect she has left. JR calls Scott a loser and a coward who ended up in jail because he did what he always does which is what he thinks is the right thing. Annie tells JR that Scott is a good man and if he hadn’t tried so hard to impress her they would have been happy together.

(Krystal’s) Erica arrives to make sure that Marissa intends to go for the jugular in her custody battle for AJ. Krystal knows that Erica and Caleb intend to use whatever comes out at the custody trial to try and get Cortlandt Electronics away from JR. Krystal wonders why Erica isn’t in court supporting Jack right now and Erica wants to know who concerns her most Caleb or Jack. Krystal asks the same question of Erica, which leaves Erica speechless.

(Courthouse) Kendall is called to testify and as she is asked to swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth she remembers when Greenlee told her that she found the bottle of digitalis in Ryan’s jacket pocket. Liza asks Kendall about her friendship with Greenlee and Kendall say that they have known each other a long time and are very close friends. Liza asks Kendall if she knew of a strain in Greenlee and David’s marriage and Kendall responds that every married couples has times of strain in their marriage. Liza gets permission from the judge to treat Kendall as a hostile witness. Liza gets Kendall to admit that she destroyed the evidence that David was using to blackmail Greenlee. Kendall adds that the evidence was fake and the judge strikes the last remark from the record. Jack cross examines Kendall and she tells him that she doesn’t believe that Greenlee caused Erica’s plane crash or killed David because Greenlee loved David and when Greenlee loves some she Keeps loving them no matter how badly that person treats her.

(Krystal’s) JR arrives and asks Krystal if he can see AJ to tell him about Scott before she can give him and answer AJ comes out of the kitchen and hugs JR and tells him how much he misses him. JR explains to AJ that Scott did a bad thing and he has to go away for a while to fix his mistake. AJ is sad because Scott was teaching him how to do the scissors for soccer and JR tells AJ he can teach him that so he shouldn’t worry about it. AJ wants to go home and wants Marissa to go home with him but JR explains that mommy Marissa won’t be able to live at home with them anymore. JR also tells AJ that he made promise to his mommy in heaven that he would make sure he was safe and happy and he is going to do everything he can to keep that promise. AJ gives JR a hug before he goes back to the kitchen. Krystal tells JR that he is a good man and he pleads with Krystal to talk to Marissa so that he can be allowed to see AJ. Krystal reminds JR of the court order and that she can’t do anything to fight it. JR tells Krystal that he could just take AJ and she couldn’t do anything to stop him but she reminds him that she could call the police and they would enforce the court order. JR tells Krystal that he could take AJ to the mansion and lock it up so nobody could take AJ from him. Krystal thinks that if JR does that he would be showing the judge that he isn’t fit to raise AJ and then Marissa would get custody of AJ.

(Chandler mansion) Annie tells Emma that Scott had to go away fir a while to fix a mistake he made so she won’t see him for a while. Annie cries a little as she tells Emma that they will have to find a new place to live and Emma tells her she loves it at the mansi0on and doesn’t want to leave.

(Courthouse) Liza calls Erica to the stand and Erica tells Liza she has a businesslike relationship with Greenlee and she doesn’t like her. Liza asks Erica if she thinks Greenlee caused her plane crash and Erica tells the court she thinks David caused her plane crash not Greenlee. Liza wants Erica to testify to Greenlee’s character and Erica describes Greenlee as selfish, manipulative and self absorbed but also says Greenlee has a warm decent and loving side just like her father and if Jack believes that Greenlee didn’t kill David then the jury should believe him.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie is frustrated when he lawyer tells her that since she combined her money with Scott’s money her assets have all been frozen which means that she is broke. Annie tells the lawyer that she and Emma won’t have a home soon because she is moving out but the lawyer says he can’t do anything to help her. JR arrives just as Annie is telling the lawyer to get out of the house. JR wonders if Annie is okay and she tells him that she is upset because she had to tell Emma about Scott. JR tells Annie he also feels badly because he had to tell AJ about Scott and AJ is having a hard time dealing with his divorce from Marissa. JR offers to help Annie but she survived on her own before the Chandlers and she will do it again. JR tells Annie he cares about what happens to her and Emma but Annie doesn’t believe him and heads upstairs because she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore.

(Wildwind) Bianca tells Kendall she paid the babysitter extra money to make some cookies f0r the kids and that brought peace to the third world war that happened earlier. Kendall tells Bianca what happened in court and they both eat cookies and seem to feel better. Bianca and Kendall watch their children play and wonder what life would have been like if they would have grown up together. Kendall tells Bianca they still would have been as close as they are now and they wish that Zach and Reese would come home so that the kids could grow up with family around them. Spike laughs and Kendall takes a picture because when they were on the boat Spike just played by himself never laughed and refused to do his therapy.

(Courthouse) Jack cross-examines Erica and she tells him that although she never understood why Greenlee married David she could tell that Greenlee loved David and they had a strong bond. Erica also tells Jack that she didn’t know that David was blackmailing Greenlee and makes it a point to mention that there isn’t a person in pine valley who didn’t want to kill David. Liza makes an objection and then Erica steps down because Liza doesn’t want to ask any more questions. Jack congratulates Erica on her wonderful testimony and Liza warns Jack that this battle is just starting. Greenlee tells Ryan that she is worried about both of them and Ryan tells her not to worry about him because he will be fine. Greenlee wants to talk to Ryan about the kiss but Ryan just apologizes to Greenlee because the kiss was a mistake and then leaves the courthouse.

(ConFusion) Annie orders a drink and then a group of young college football players invite her to sit with them and she says okay. Annie starts to get very drunk and the bartender takes the keys that Annie left at the bar and then takes her cell phone and presses the home key.

(Chandler Mansion) JR is talking to someone on the phone and telling the person on the other end to hang Scott out to dry before the company stock drops any lower. JR gets a call from the conFusion bartender asking him to come pick up Annie and take her home because she is very drunk and could get into trouble.

(Courthouse) Jack asks Ryan about the surprise witness and Ryan tells jack that tad is keeping the witness safe and Greenlee should be free once the witness testifies that he heard him say “someone would die tonight” Erica arrives and wonders what they are talking about and Jack tells her its just business.

(ConFusion) JR arrives in time to see Annie climb on top of the table and tell the bartender she needs another round of drinks for her friends.

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