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All My Children Update Friday 10/15/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Annie asks Scott if the reason he wanted to see her was to say goodbye. She wonders if he is saying goodbye to them. Her question is soon answered when Scott’s lawyer comes to drop off some documents. Scott tells Annie that he has his own lawyer who will be handling some things for him including his divorce.

Marissa walks in on JR telling someone on the phone that his son is okay. Marissa says their son is safe since he is not in the house. JR says if Marissa thinks that the Chandler mansion is not safe then maybe she shouldn’t be there.

Liza calls Jake as her first witness. She asks Jake if he is glad that David is dead. Jake says he wasn’t a fan of David. Jake gives an account of how he tried to revive David at the party but David was already dead. Liza interrogates Jake about Greenlee’s behavior when everyone realized David was dead. Liza wants to know when Greenlee arrived at the hospital. Jake says it wasn’t right away. Liza asks Jake if Greenlee gave an explanation about where she had been or whom she had been with.

In the hallway of the courthouse, Ryan tells Tad that Liza did a good job of making Greenlee look guilty during opening arguments. Tad says the witness is a pain in the ass and has him on a DVD run that is not exactly family entertainment. Ryan says they need the witness to take the stand since the witness heard Ryan say someone was going to die tonight 30 minutes before David was murdered. Tad says that this is incriminating evidence that could get Ryan the chair. Ryan says let’s hope that it doesn’t.

Kendall sees Tad and Ryan having a heated conversation. Kendall questions Ryan about his conversation with Tad. Ryan lies and says that they were talking about casino business. Kendall doesn’t buy it. Kendall is worried about Ryan confessing to a crime he didn’t commit to save Greenlee. Ryan says isn’t this why they are there at the courthouse. Ryan asks Kendall not to mention him confessing. Kendall says she feels stuck in the middle regarding who she would like to see in jail.

Scott tells Annie it is time for all the lies to stop. He says that he and Annie should have never happened. Scott says he needs a fresh start. Scott tells Annie she needs to think about what is next for her and Annie. Scott says she needs to go home, pack and run from the Chandlers.

Marissa questions JR about Scott’s confession. She wants to know if JR had anything to do with Scott’s theft. JR says Scott isn’t the nice guy everyone thinks he is and Scott is exactly where he needs to be—in jail. JR says he is upset with Marissa for taking his son away from him. Marissa says it is a temporary order. JR says Marissa stole his son. JR says Caleb doesn’t care about Marissa or AJ. JR tells Marissa that Caleb is only about destroying JR, the Chandlers, and taking the company away. JR tells Marissa that he misses AJ. Marissa says AJ misses him as well. Marissa says that JR is about controlling everyone and everything around him. She says JR can’t stand to lose and right now he is losing everything. Marissa says that she fears one day she will come to the Chandler mansion and the gates will be closed and she won’t be able to see her son. JR says he would never do that. JR says he is all about family. Marissa says if JR is so high on family will JR help Scott. JR wants to know if Caleb has sent him over to the mansion to poke around. Marissa talks about the trouble Chandler is in. JR tells her not to be happy about that because that is AJ inheritance.

Tad overhears the conversation as Marissa leaves. Tad says this is no way to get Marissa back. JR says his marriage is over and he’s not trying to get Marissa back. Tad asks JR if his marriage is over because he has slept with Annie again. JR says he did sleep with Annie. Tad figures out that Scott confessed when he realized his marriage to Annie was over. Tad asks if JR and Annie are an item. JR says he is too busy battling for his son and his company. Tad says that he and Dixie did a lot of battling and asks if JR remembers what that felt like. Tad says Marissa is simply trying to protect AJ and is not after vengeance. Tad says JR needs to prove to Marissa that JR is willing to work out a peaceful arrangement. Tad reminds JR that JR is not Adam.

Annie tells Scott she loves him and never meant to hurt him. Scott says if this is true she will leave the house. Annie says she will leave.

Kendall tells Ryan that she is sick of keeping secrets and that she wants to get everything in the open and let the chips fall where they may. Ryan asks what is Greenlee not being honest with him about. Ryan wants to know if Greenlee has a plan to keep Ryan from being implicated. Kendall tries to cover up for the slip that came out of her mouth and says she is just frustrated with her failing marriage and being nervous about having to take the stand. Ryan says if his mess with Greenlee is hurting Kendall’s marriage then she just needs to go save her marriage, go to her kids, and Fusion.

Jake says he was against Greenlee getting married to David. Jake says sometimes people get love and gratitude mixed up. Liza says to Jake, “You don’t think Greenlee ever loved David do you?” Jack objects to Liza’s line of questioning. Liza withdraws the question and says no further questions. Jack questions Jake about David blackmailed Amanda to have a relationship with him. Jack asks Jake if David forced him Jake to hide his child. Jake says David did. Jack says that the night before Jake was to renew his vows; Jake was arrested for brawling with David. Jake said he hated David and wanted David dead. Liza cross examines Jake and asks if Jake was gone from the party long enough to kill David. Jake says he doesn’t know but he didn’t kill David.

Greenlee tries to leave the courtroom to talk to Ryan during a recess. Kendall stops Greenlee and tells her this will not look good to the jury. Greenlee says she has seen Ryan and her father talking and wants to talk to Ryan and not let Ryan make a mistake.

Marissa visits Scott in jail and tells Scott he is such a good person. Scott says he is working on being a man that his father would be proud of. Marissa says she will visit and send care packages. Scott says he is sorry that Marissa got caught up in all of this. They laugh and say they never belonged in the Chandler house. Scott says in another lifetime they would have met each other in a small time. Marissa says she is a lawyer now and if he needs anything let her know. Scott tells Marissa to keep AJ far from the Chandler household. JR walks in and tells Scott that Marissa does not her advice.

While at the jail, Annie calls to inquire about her financial situation and learns that the bank accounts have been frozen. Annie calls someone for a loan but is being denied a loan.

While on the court stand, Jesse tells Liza that Ryan Lavery came forward and said he committed the crime yet he couldn’t remember anything. Greenlee has flashbacks of her and Ryan. Jesse says that Ryan was released because it seemed that David’s death was a suicide. Jesse says that he found suicidal letters in David’s room. Jesse says that the police later found the letters had been forged by Greenlee. Jesse says that a vial of Digitalis, the drug that killed David was found in Greenlee’s glove compartment. Liza asks Jesse if he thinks suicide is a possible cause of death for David. Jesse says no because David enjoyed torturing people too much. Jack introduces the interview documents and has Jesse to identify them. Jesse says the police didn’t interview all the possible suspects since Ryan came forward first and then when Digitalis was found in David’s system, Greenlee was arrested. Jesse says the police department is not infallible and it is possible the police made a rush judgment in arresting Greenlee.

When Marissa leaves, JR asks Scott if Scott is trying to drag Marissa down with him. Scott says he is trying to keep JR from dragging Marissa into the ground. JR wants to know if Scott has implicated JR in this scandal. Scott says his official statement is he acted alone. Scott says he was naïve when he came back to town. Scott says he was going to show the family how to do business with integrity. Scott says he is looking forward to prison so he can meet a better class of people. JR says Scott can tell himself whatever he wants to make himself feel good. JR says while Scott is locked away JR will get his son back. Scott warns JR if he tries to get Annie he will lose his son and Caleb will use this against him.

Scott is transferred from jail to prison. JR and Annie come face to face but say nothing as Scott is escorted past them.

When the judge gives a 5 minute recess, Greenlee leaves the courtroom. Greenlee confronts Ryan and tells him she will not allow him to take the fall for her. Ryan says he is doing what needs to be done. Greenlee says she will not Ryan make a false confession for her. Ryan says, "End of discussion," to Greenlee and kisses her.

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