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Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Erica tells Jack that he is a brilliant lawyer and he will be brilliant in the courtroom today. Jack is a little nervous and says Greenlee’s life is in his hands. Caleb shows up at Erica’s announced. As Jack is leaving, Caleb wishes Jack well with court today. Caleb asks Erica when she is getting married. Caleb says the stuff is about to hit the fan and he needs to know that Erica will be around. Erica says he wedding will only take one day and with the honeymoon she will be available. Caleb says she wasn’t there last summer. Erica says she tweeted and wonders if Caleb followed. Caleb dismisses what she says about tweeting. He tells her that he was there when Scott confessed to stealing Palmer’s company. Erica wants to know why she was not contacted immediately. She says with the time that has lapsed the Chandler lawyers have probably gotten to Scott and encouraged him to change his story.

Annie reads the paper with headlines reading, “Not So Great Scott Chandler.” Amanda comes to the Chandler mansion to console Annie. Annie says when she dropped Emma off this morning all the other mothers looked at her as if she were trash and she was married to a criminal. Annie says she will have to tell Emma that there is no more marriage, no more home. Annie wonders how she will tell Emma that she has managed to ruin things again. Annie says she will sit Emma down after school and have a talk with her. Amanda says she can understand how Annie feels. Amanda says with all the nightmare choices she has made in men and having a mentally ill mother she knows how Annie feels. Annie says, “Let’s face it now I’m the nightmare choice.” Annie says she has not always been mentally stable. Amanda says that Annie can change her life and that even though they go through hell they always keep it together for their children. Annie wonders why she didn’t appreciate her marriage. She doesn’t know why she pushed Scott to compete with JR. Annie says Scott hates her.

Damon spills coffee on Liza’s suit. The mayor walks in and comments, “Sloppy, not what I want to see in my D.A.” The mayor reminds Liza that she has court in an hour. The mayor expects Liza to win this case and reminds Liza that David is the only reason she has the job of District Attorney. Damon lectures Liza about coffee and lack of sleep. Liza says she is under pressure and that she needs Damon to get to her office and get a black suit, more coffee, and take the soiled suit to the drycleaners. When Damon returns Liza thanks him and says he has done everything right and everything is in order. Damon is appreciative to Liza for appreciating him.

Greenlee dreams that Ryan is going to take her on a honeymoon, while asleep in Kendall’s living room. The dream gets progressively worse when Greenlee sees Ryan being locked up for murdering David. Kendall is there when Greenlee wakes up from the nightmare. Greenlee says she is confused about what to wear to her trial. She says Jack wants her to look like she is in mourning. Greenlee says she loved and hated David at the same time, yet she didn’t want him dead.

Ryan tells Jack that it turns out that he may have killed David after all. Ryan tells Jack that a guy named Nick Pearson saw him leaving David’s room and saying someone is going to die tonight. Ryan says he is not sure why he said it. Ryan says he never saw this guy. The only person Ryan remembers seeing is Kendall coming to get him. Ryan says the guy has been low key because he was the hotel with a woman who was not his wife. Ryan says Jack needs to put this guy on the stand. Jack tells Ryan that Nick’s testimony will implicate him. Ryan says he is okay with being implicated if it means Greenlee goes free. Ryan says he will worry about himself if incriminated. Ryan says he is not worried because he knows a good lawyer.

Opal visits Scott in jail. Opal is disappointed that Scott pretended to be Palmer’s friend and then stole Palmer’s company. Opal says that Palmer spent his last days with Scott thinking that he was spending time with a friend. Scott apologizes and says what he did was horrible. Scott tells Opal the last days were spent discussing business and a trip. Scott said that Palmer wanted to visit all the most beautiful places in life with the woman he loved most in life. Opal compliments Caleb on his new look. She is excited that he and Erica will be working together to get the company back. Opal says she is glad that they have Caleb but sorry they lost Pete.

Caleb meets Opal at Krystal’s. Caleb and Opal discuss Scott. Caleb says he is sorry that Opal lost Pete. Caleb says initially he didn’t want to come to Pine Valley and thought it was a cruel joke. Caleb says he is gearing up for the job that Pete thought Caleb was capable of doing. Caleb says he is in it for the long haul.

Ryan heads over to the Chandler mansion. He tells Annie that she needs to be there for Emma. Ryan tells Annie that she should be prepared for whatever happens regarding Greenlee’s trial. Annie tells Ryan that Emma will need him to be around since Scott is in jail. Annie is furious and says Scott is insane for agreeing to let Jack to make it look like Ryan killed David. Annie wants to know if Ryan is willing to let Emma grow up without her dad for Greenlee. Annie says all she cares about is Emma. Ryan wants Annie to be strong and tell Emma that he is in court on business for the next couple of day.

Erica sees Scott in jail. She says she almost died bringing Palmer’s will back to Pine Valley and she can’t believe Scott showed up at the reading of the will acting concerned. Erica doesn’t believe Scott did it and that he is taking the blame for JR. Erica says that JR has been hovering around Annie and making trouble in his marriage. Erica says if she were in Scott’s situation she would do everything to make JR pay. Scott says no one pushes him around anymore not even Erica Kane. Scott says he is sorry for what he has done. Erica says she and Caleb are available to assist Scott. Scott says he is taking responsibility for his actions. Scott says the only reason Caleb and Erica are there for him is because they want to take JR down.

Greenlee suggest to Ryan to go home and be anywhere but in the courtroom.

Greenlee’s trial for the murder of her husband, David Hayward begins. Liza tells Greenlee it is not too late to take a plea. Jack says he will not take a plea.

Erica goes to the Chandler mansion and tells Annie that Scott wants to see her. Erica says Scott has done the first thing in trying to right things and has made repentance for his sins. Erica tells Annie to serve JR up and she owes JR nothing. Annie says she has to go see her husband.

Liza says Greenlee Smythe Hayward is a spoiled rich girl who gets whatever she wants. Liza tells the jury, “David Hayward nursed her back to help and was at her side for a year. Once she was well she no longer wanted to be with David so she gave him a lethal dose of Digitalis. She may be rich, have money but she doesn’t have the right to get away with murder.”

Erica goes to Wildwind to see Caleb. Erica says she’s heard that Caleb had a good visit with Opal earlier. Erica says she visited with Scott today and that she added fuel to the fire. Caleb says knowing Erica he believed she added fuel to the fire.

Jack tells the jury that Greenlee had a terrible motorcycle accident that left her paralyzed and David brought her back from the brink of death. Jack says David nursed Greenlee back to health and Greenlee loved David. Jack says that is more than he can say for the other people who were at the party the night David was killed. When court takes a recess, Ryan tells Jack that Jack did well with the opening argument. Jack hopes the jury will think so. Ryan says he will take a hit for Greenlee and if need be he will confess to murdering David.

Annie thanks Scott for allowing her to visit. She says she has been so worried about him. Scott says he knows what he has to do. Scott says he has to say goodbye.

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